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Chapter 434 Yuntian Sect disciple (subscription required)

After seeing Jiayin's appearance, the woman stopped struggling. Her expression changed a few times, and then she was surprised: 'Taoist friend, I have seen you. Do you know Elder Martial Sister Yao Qing? We should have been in Yuntian Sect. We are also disciples of Yuntian Sect. We are not bad people. Please let me go.'

As soon as Jiayin looks at her, she knows that she wants to establish a relationship with herself.

Also, the other party must not know the fact that they have discovered that they are evil. In addition, the other party has indeed seen themselves. It is normal to want to climb a relationship.

And after seeing their own force, they dare not act rashly.

If you don't have enough force, it is estimated that the other party will not behave like this. You will stop yourself at the first time, and maybe kill others.

Jiayin is not afraid of what they do. She directly releases her hand around her neck, pretends not to know each other, and says, 'Are you disciples of Yuntian Sect? Look at the clothes on your body. It's really the disciple clothes of Yuntian Sect. Which peak do you belong to? How did you get here?'

The two men had a rest for a while, and had sat up slowly. But they were still in pain and had no strength at all. They looked at Jiayin in fear and did not speak.

The woman touched her neck, coughed twice, cleared her throat, smiled a little and said, 'We are disciples of the instrument peak of Yuntian Sect. We worship under Elder Yang, and are the same peak as Elder Martial Sister Yao Qing.

We don't know how we got here. We were originally here to take part in the test of Ziyuan Secret Land. Unexpectedly, when we entered the Secret Land, it was spread here. We don't know where this is in Ziyuan Secret Land? '

She didn't lie. They really don't know where it is. They thought it might still be in the purple source secret realm. It should be for those monks who have evil spirit or are not allowed to enter.

Those with high cultivation level are excluded and cannot enter directly. Thinking of this, they looked at Jiayin twice.

Is the other party also a magic cultivator with magic skills? It is also lurking in the Yuntian Sect or other sects, but I don't know it.

Although there is some connection between them, it is all the matter of the master's level. These little disciples have no authority, and they don't know where the magicians are distributed.

First, they are not qualified to know because of their low cultivation and low status. Second, they are afraid of being caught, tortured or soul-searching.

Jiayin has been observing their expressions, and also looked at their luck in passing. She also knows that she may not know anything from them.

Before, she thought that if she couldn't find anything, she would search their souls and kill them, but after looking at their breath, she gave up the idea.

It also occurred to me that the disciples with low accomplishments, like this, are probably newcomers, and should not know too much. If she is a senior magician, she will not tell her disciples some secrets.

However, it is not without harvest. At least we know their hidden sect and who their master is. When we go out, we can find their master directly. We should know more there.

Of course, it's still a cliche. In case of a fish in the net, don't underestimate these minions. Sometimes the minions know a lot by accident and can also play a key role.

Jiayin asked directly, 'What's your name? When did you get here? Did you find anything?'

The woman quickly replied, 'My name is Ye Hongying. They are my two younger martial brothers, Fang Qing and Xiao Lin. I don't know what to call friends.'

Jiayin thought for a moment and then replied, 'My name is Fang Cui. I'm a casual Xiu.'

She is not going to tell her real name to the other party, nor make friends, because she is afraid of bearing the consequences. Now she does not kill them, but just wants to set a trap.

But if these three people kill themselves and want to sneak attack them when they are not prepared, they will be abolished even if they don't kill them before they go out.

There is no need to tell them their real names. What should they do if they curse themselves? Although they are not afraid of it, they are also very responsive.

When you do good deeds, you must leave your real name, and you can get the golden light of merit and virtue. When you do bad deeds, oh, it can't be said that you do bad things, and eliminating evil cultivation is also regarded as doing harm for the people

Well, Jiayin can't think of it any more. In the real sense, these three people are not bad people. She didn't see blood in them, which means they didn't carry human life on them. So she didn't search them and kill them at the first time.

I think that if the other party is interested in killing themselves, it is not too late to kill them again. Although the right way and evil cultivation are irreconcilable, but if there is no causal evil cultivation, it is not possible to kill them at will.

The right way is different from the evil way. There are good and evil. Just like there are many innocent people in the right way, there are not necessarily good people in the evil way.

For example, the Zhenyuan Venerable, who gave his own space and spirit beasts, would be good in the cultivation of magic if he did what Yue Mingqi said. He might even have some merit and virtue.

Of course, if, as I had guessed before, it was the other party who was suppressed, not only still alive, but also to a very high level, but also the disaster of Langhuan, that would be another matter.

The three people were strangely silent for a while. Although they didn't know Jiayin's real name, they always felt that the name didn't match the person in front of them. The name was too casual. It was like the name given to their daughter by ordinary people who hadn't read books.

That is to say, Fang Cui's name is not pleasant, but it is too common to match the temperament and appearance of the person in front of him.

However, they dare not say anything else. After all, they are far from each other's opponents, especially Ye Hongying. I don't know what kind of skill this person is practicing. Is it physical training? Otherwise, how can that body be like steel.

Although there is no aura here, I can't use my skills, but I also know some kung fu, and I can't hurt the other party at all. I even hit several times and hurt my hand.

Looking at the night pearl that Jiayin put on her hand, and at the bulging satchel on her body, she swallowed unconsciously.

If they didn't break in here by mistake, they would have thought that the other party was well prepared. Let's see how complete the equipment is.

The storage bag can't be used here. People bring in the things they want to use directly with a satchel. It can't be said that they didn't prepare them in advance.

In fact, they really misunderstood that the bag on Jiayin's body was bulging. It was not the thing just put in, but the habit of carrying.

Just like the storage bag on her waist, it is an object that covers her taking things from inside to outside.

This satchel is a habit that was formed in Dayanchao, and the storage bag in the waist is a habit that was formed after coming here. Later, it was also too lazy to change. Anyway, it is neither heavy nor heavy on the body.

In fact, the satchel is just a small cotton pad, which was put when the bamboo was in the bag before, so it was uncomfortable to stay in the bag, so it looked puffy outside.

The man Xiu Xiao Lin recovered a little and stood up carefully with his hands on the stone wall, but he was far away from Jiayin and didn't dare to get too close.

When he stood firm, he said, 'Taoist friend Fang, I don't know how you got here? We have been here for some time. We have not reached the end of the passage, and we haven't found the exit. We just feel that the passage is getting narrower and narrower, and we don't know whether it is blocked in front.'

They are not like Jiayin. They are holding the luminous pearl in their hands, so they are walking much faster. They have been groping forward a little. They have been walking for more than ten days, and have just arrived here.

Fang Qing also said, 'Yes, I don't know if you have met anyone else, Taoist Friend Fang? I don't know where it is.'

He rubbed his chest and stood up.

The little girl looked small, but she shot so hard. He almost lost his breath after just hitting him. It took so long to recover, but she was still weak and could only stand firm by holding the stone wall.

Jiayin shook her head and said, 'You are the first friars I have met. I have never met before. I was in a valley of beasts in Ziyuan Secret Land and was looking for Lingzhi in the woods there. I didn't know how I stepped into this place.

Fortunately, it was night when I came in. I was lighting up with the night pearl, otherwise it would be really troublesome. There was no psychic power in it, and the storage bag could not be opened. '

All three looked at her with envy.

That's really lucky. When they came in, they didn't have any preparation. It can be said that they were empty-handed. Only Xiao Lin held the communication jade card in his hand. Or because they were reporting to the senior brother before they came in, they were ready to enter the secret place. Who knows they came here.

Jiayin pretended to be curious and asked, 'Where did you come from? This should be an array of Ziyuan Secret Realm. When I first entered Ziyuan Secret Realm, the first array had a place without spirit.

It's just that it's on a mountain, not in this tunnel. I don't know if it's under that mountain. If so, the exit should be somewhere else, right? '

The three men looked at each other, and Hongying followed Jiayin's words: 'How did you get out of the place where there was no spirit before?'

Fang Qing nodded hard, 'Yes, we are right here as soon as we come in. It may be the underground of the place without spirit. Let's go ahead and see if we can go out. If we can't, let's go back.

After we came in, we went straight in this direction, and never came to the end. I don't know if it was the reverse direction. '

Jiayin can't say, of course, that she went out along the tunnel dug by the King Kong Chuanshan beast. Otherwise, how did this tunnel come from?

Then he said, 'I was just walking around. Maybe I hit the node of the array and went out without paying attention.'

The three men looked disappointed and thought that the other party had some magic weapon to break the battle, but there was no way to say anything. I had to chat with Jiayin for a while, wondering how to get out.

After waiting for a while, Xiao Lin and Fang Qing regained some strength, and the four of them did not stop and continued to walk in that direction.

Jiayin walks ahead with the Night Pearl, and she is not afraid of what they are doing behind her. Anyway, she has seen it before. They have no decent weapons except a messenger jade charm. It's just silly to want to attack her secretly.

And although there are some stones on the ground in this passage, they are all the size of nail caps. It is not easy to find a stone to hit her.

Although we continue to walk along the passage, this time we have lighting tools, and the speed is much faster.

The two men had just been beaten and still had some pain, which did not affect their speed. They also wanted to hurry out.

I have been in this ghost place for more than ten days. I have already stayed enough.

Three people fall behind Jiayin, but they have been making eye contact.

However, as Jiayin said, it is useless to communicate for half a day. They really have no way to take Jiayin. They have no weapons in their hands and don't talk. The other party is likely to be a physical trainer.

They don't know where the other side's weakness is, and even if they want to do something, they dare not, so they can only follow along.

And in such a place, since the other party doesn't know their identity and wants to take their lives, they don't have to work hard.

It's better to find the exit together and talk about other things after going out.

They walked together for about three days, but the channel was not narrowing, it was always the same as before.

Jiayin also put a lot of words from them, knowing the name of their master, how many brothers and sisters they have in total, and their cultivation level.

The main reason is that there is no aura here, and we can't see their specific accomplishments. We can only roughly know that it should be within the Golden Elixir.

Their master is Yang Yumin, the elder of the instrument peak of the Yuntian Sect. The cultivation should be between the birth of the baby and the birth of the body, because if it is above the birth of the body and reaches the stage of deification, it should be the Supreme Elder of the sect.

Of course, it doesn't rule out the other party's hidden accomplishments.

After all, there is still a difference between magic cultivation and orthodox cultivation. As for how the other party hides his identity, he also has an idea now.

She knew some clues from Qin Ming before. It is estimated that Master Qin Yuan is suspicious. It is the Supreme Elder. It is related to magic cultivation. It should be very simple to cover the elders of other peaks.

It is also possible that Yang Yumin is the downline developed by him. If all the elders of Yuntian Sect are evil, there may not be many in the sect.

It seems that the Cloud and Sky Sect needs to be explored carefully. How can I feel that it has become a branch of the Demon Sect.

Jiayin walked forward, thinking wildly, but of course she did not relax her vigilance.

(End of this chapter)

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