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Chapter 443 Enter the channel again (subscription required)

In this way, Jiayin has an understanding of the changes in the space of Guixu, and thinks that there will be no more changes in the space.

She was not ready to tell the four Supreme Elders about the existence of the Crystal Palace. It had been explored and she knew there was no clue.

Even if the elders of the Supreme Court used their divine sense to explore the water, they could not see it at all. When they went to collect the skeleton before, the Crystal Palace had not come back. Now the Crystal Palace has an isolation array, and they could not find it.

Jiayin thought, since the Crystal Palace appeared again, did the transmission array return to the pavilion?

She first looked at the heart of space in the Dantian. There was a crystal palace in it, but it could not be seen from the pavilion.

First, I poked out and looked at it with divine sense, but there was still no trace of transmitting the array. I was a little worried, so I went out and went into the pavilion to try, and it was really gone.

Is it really the same as she thought before that the array was controlled by someone and has been closed now?

She told her father about this, and Ao Zhan thought it should be.

'The array is different from the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace may be rejected because of the replacement of the master of space, and then back to the original position because of time.

The transmission array is still running, which means that someone can start and close it, so the person who lays the array should be able to control it remotely.

But Jiayin said to Ao Zhan that she had checked the entrance and exit of the array, and did not find the eye of the array. There was no such array in her inheritance, so she could only consult her father.

Ao Zhan has no impression. It should not be in the heritage of the dragon family, but there are many jade slips in the library of the Dragon Palace. You should be able to find relevant records.

While listening to his daughter's description, he explored his divine sense to the library. In the rows of jade slips, he soon found out about the array.

A profound voice said to Jiayin: 'The array you said should be a incomplete version of the fairyland array.

The eye of this array is not outside or near the transmission array, so you can't find it several times.

This transmission array is depicted on the space stone, just as the friars can tear the space when they arrive at Mahayana or cross the plunder, the space stone also has this function.

The transmission array is originally meant to penetrate the time and space constraints in a short time, and transmit people to another place in a flash. The array eye is set on the space stone, which can not only set several entrances and exits at the same time, but also is not easy to be cracked.

Now you can destroy the array as long as you find the space stone, otherwise the other party can close the array and start it at any time.

Even if you can sense the changes in the two spaces, once the transmission array is started, remove or put something in, you can't stop it in time.

And because there are many exports, you can't track them. The best way is to destroy them, so that they can be used once and for all. '

Jiayin said gloomily, 'Father, since these two spaces are already mine, can I not control the life and death of all the creatures in the space, but also all the places in the space?

Why do I have to be so frustrated when I have refined two spaces and still can't master them? '

Ao Zhan laughed and said, 'To master the life in the space, you must be stronger than the master of the original space.

Just like a great Luo Jinxian fell, his immortal sword fell into the hands of a golden immortal or a celestial immortal, and the immortal sword could not play the power of the great Luo Jinxian, and could only change with its master's cultivation.

The same is true of space. In your own life space, you can decide the life and death of life in the space, and you can also destroy everything in the space.

But how much space do you have? You want to use space to strangle your cousin, but you can't strangle him.

Because your cultivation is not enough, the stronger can enter your space and even break it.

If you enter the father's space, even if I pass the space to you, you can only use it and know what is inside. But it is impossible for you to change the whole space, because your accomplishments are not up to that level.

You are now like a small plane of the Heavenly Way entering the higher plane. You are more capable and know more than the aborigines in it, but you can't change the rules set by the Heavenly Way on the standard plane. You can only abide by them.

You can make some small changes to the space. If it affects the operation of the space, you will also be limited and unable to do it.

Like the Yue Mingqi you said, he became a wisp of ghost, not necessarily because he wanted to try to refine the Luan Bird space, and wanted to become a god-like existence in the space.

The result was not only unsuccessful, but also backfired by space. The restart time and time again left only a little bit of his soul. I'm afraid he would be scared to death if he tried again. '

Hearing this, Jiayin suddenly realized something.

I hadn't thought of going to Yue Mingqi before. Now I think it's really possible.

Some of what the man said before may be true, but some must be false.

For example, he was injured and then healed in the space. It is possible that he was injured at that time, or that he was recuperated in the space because of excessive energy consumption.

At that time, when he was nearing his birthday, he gave up the space and the contract spirit beast. It should be to leave a trial place for future generations and the sect, and let future generations remember him. He should have gained a lot of merits.

But with the passage of time, although the patriarchal clan was still in existence, the descendants gradually disappeared, and his thoughts probably changed.

He has lost his children and grandchildren, which means that everything he left is cheaper than others, and his descendants have not used it, so he must not feel angry.

However, it is not easy to think about the return of the contract after the contract has been cancelled for the things that have been offered.

In particular, the contract signed with him before the space is only a temporary contract, which can only be used as a portable cave, and can not be used in it.

Maybe he also wanted to refine the space later, and maybe even found the heart of space.

However, the refining process was not successful, but was backfired.

In the same sentence, the inheritance of divine beasts will generally only be left to the descendants who have their own blood, even if they are not very close. A little blood is stronger than irrelevant, which can be said to pay more attention to the existence of blood than human beings.

So Yue Mingqi may have died of a mistake in refining. At that time, he should have left the original spirit, that is, the spirit. He didn't think about taking it away, or maybe he just didn't meet the right person.

Later, he dared not try again and hid in the wutong. The spirit of the wutong before that might have been killed by him, so the space would constantly restart and try to exclude him.

It's just that he has some bottom cards. The space has not been successful, but has weakened his spirit. He should not be able to endure another restart. Only a few hundred years ago, while the Luan bird was injured, can he coax the Luan bird to accept the inheritance of the divine beast Qingluan.

The inner alchemy or blood essence of Qingluan and the heart of space should always be in his hands.

Of course, these are Jiayin's own guesses, but in the current situation, she thinks her guesses should be consistent.

Ao Zhan also agreed with his daughter's idea that both human beings and animals are selfish.

Except for his wife, the things of Ao Zhan can only be inherited by his daughter.

Of course, if his wife gave him another one, he would also give a share to the second, but it is impossible for outsiders to get his things.

If there is no descendant, he will also give it to his brothers, who is far and who is near is still clear.

The same is true for the monks. Yue Mingqi must have many descendants at that time. That's why he wanted to give things.

In addition to keeping a good reputation for himself, such things are also meritorious and beneficial to his later cultivation.

It can also benefit our descendants. There must be some privileges in the patriarchal clan. But I didn't expect that God would make a fool of people. It was only after the end of the day. Then I would put all my eggs in one basket.

If so, Yue Mingqi is less likely to be the person who laid these arrays.

One is that he is in a state of residual spirit and very weak. There is no objection to doing this. Another is that his array attainments are not very high.

And now that he has survived, of course, even if he is in the state of a ghost, at least he has not really died.

Therefore, the other three people may not really fall, for example, the person who is proficient in the array...... Jiang Yuan.

At this moment, the messenger jade in Jiayin's hand suddenly vibrated. She touched a decoration on the jade plate, and the voice of the Supreme Elder of Jiyang Zong came from the jade plate.

'Little friend Ao, we found a hole in a forest near the water at the foot of the mountain. There is a ban outside the hole. You can see it, but you can't get through it. Would you like to take the token to enter the secret place and try it?'

Jiayin said good, then said one more word to her father, and immediately passed away.

Looking at the hole in front of her, Jiayin raised her eyebrows.

The hole is very familiar!

Looking at the deep valley in front of the hole and the platform more than two feet wide, Jiayin scratched her head.

This is not the position she and Ye Hongying saw when they first went out of the tunnel, right?

If you think of this place as dark, it is really similar.

She stretched out her hand and touched the transparent prohibition, which was an isolation array.

If this isolation array can isolate aura, then they still can't feel aura after going out of the hole before, so we can find the reason.

This isolation array is useless. She can use the force of breaking the boundary bead to enter it, but she doesn't know if this is the entrance of another transmission array.

When you enter the hole, you don't know whether it is the original passage or it will be spread to other places.

Jiayin thought for a moment, and then said to the four elders, 'It looks like the place where I and the three magicians came out of the tunnel. But when they returned to the cave, they were sent to other places.

Are you sure you want to try it with me? I don't guarantee where I will be sent after entering. '

The four Supreme Elders nodded without hesitation: 'Of course, we should go in and have a look together. Little Ao, don't worry. We will be careful.'

Since they come together, they also know what the leader means. They are responsible for protecting the good news. How can they run away and leave everything to a little girl? '

Jiayin nodded, 'Well, please stay close to me, four seniors. After that, they use the force of breaking the boundary to cover the five people together and directly pass through the barrier.

As a result, the sky suddenly darkened after entering! I can't see five fingers.

Jiayin sighed in her heart, which was exactly what she thought.

You can see the inside from the outside, but you can't see the outside from the inside. Even if you probe with divine sense, you can't see the hole, you can only see it with the naked eye.

This array is really powerful.

Take out the crystal stone again. The elders of the Supreme Court also want to take out the weapons, but they find that the storage bag can't be opened again.

They all looked at the good news with some admiration.

Ao Xiaoyou really had the foresight to put things in the satchel in advance, even in the forbidden array.

At the same time, I was thinking that they had lived so many years longer than others, but they didn't know how to keep them out of danger.

After that, they must hang weapons on their bodies or hold them directly in their hands. They can save time and twice, and can't take anything out.

Five people stood on the platform outside the entrance of the cave. They first looked around and determined that divine awareness was still unavailable.

After that, Jiayin said that if you enter the tunnel, there will be a strange wind at the entrance of the cave. If it is not elsewhere, there will be no wind.

After thinking about it, Jiayin directly breaks the crystal stone in her hand into five pieces, one for each person. In case of separation, there is a light.

The five people walked carefully into the cave. The wind blew as soon as they entered the cave. After feeling the wind, the five people felt relieved, indicating that they did enter the tunnel.

Jiayin also breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she did not enter any strange places.

In other words, here is now a common hole, and the transmission array should also be turned off.

Jiayin looks at the traces of being seated on the ground not far away and confirms that this is the place where Ye Hongying and they waited for her before.

Five people walked slowly along the passage. Because it was narrow, they could only walk in two rows.

As Jiayin walked forward, she told them what she had encountered and where she had been when she passed through the passage.

Including the stone hall of Qiu Long, she also said that she just concealed the fact that she had obtained the internal pill and martial arts of Qiu Long before.

'The dragon may be a magic dragon, because there are many magic objects carved on the stone wall inside the stone hall, and some patterns symbolizing the magic world.'

The four Supreme Elders nodded, knowing that this was a good news to prepare them.

Because it can only accommodate two people, and the three people behind it are a little crowded, so we can only walk slowly.

When they came to a fork in the road, they stopped and looked at each other.

The Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect said to Jiayin, 'Is this the place where we came before?'

Jiayin nodded, 'Yes, it's the hole we came from the bottom of the water.'

It seems that the transmission array has not been started, and this channel can also lead to other places, much like a space-time tunnel.

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