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Chapter 444 Jiaolong (subscription required)

Five people turned into the fork, and after walking for a short time, they saw a hole. Jiayin stretched out her hand to explore it, but there was no obstacle.

But there is no light outside the hole. I don't know where it is. Although it may be the bottom of the Guixu space, there was no light in the water before. When they went into the water, they all relied on Jiayin to use crystal stone for lighting.

However, if you can enter the water through this hole, you need at least one layer of film, otherwise the channel would have been flooded by water.

But Jiayin felt around and didn't touch the film.

Although they didn't feel it when they came in, they just went into the hole directly from the water.

The Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect asked, 'How about Ao, little friend? Is it going into the water of Guixu?'

Jiayin shook her head and said, 'I'm not sure. I can't feel the fluctuation of the array here. What's the situation outside? I still need to go out to see.

Wait for me here. I'll go out and have a look. I have a token. I can't go back to the secret place and walk again. If we are scattered, it will be difficult to find it. '

Although the four didn't want a little girl to take risks for them, if they went to another place where the cultivation was forbidden, they would not be able to help and would probably become a drag.

He nodded and said, 'We are waiting for Ao Xiaoyou here. If there is any danger, I hope you can leave at the first time.'

Jiayin nodded, turned and walked out of the cave.

After going out of the hole, she still didn't feel any spatial fluctuations, nor did she go into the water. Looking at the dark place in front of her and the platform about two feet under her feet, Jiayin drew a corner of her mouth.

Can't she turn a corner and come back to the entrance? But it's not like transmitting the array. Jiayin looks up and down, left and right, and then looks at the hole behind her.


Jiayin was startled by the four heads sticking out at the entrance of the cave, and the four elders who were lying at the entrance of the cave stood up and walked out in embarrassment.

The Elder of Jiyang Zong first said, 'It seems that this is an exit, but it is not the original underwater. This place looks dark and not deep in winter. It is very similar to the place where we just came in. It is probably in an isolation array?'

Five people stood together on a platform about two feet wide, which seemed a little crowded.

Jiayin gives way to the side. She looks at the darkness under her feet. She can't see anything and doesn't know what is underneath. Sometimes this kind of unknown makes people feel even worse.

'What is this?' said the Supreme Elder of Wuji Sect, pointing to a position on the stone wall.

'What is this pattern?'

Several people looked at the stone wall one after another, and saw a very inconspicuous pattern on the right side of the hole. If the Supreme Elder of Wuji Sect had not just stood there, he might not have found it.

I don't know what the pattern is carved with. It is not complicated, but it can be seen as a dragon.

To be correct, it should be a dragon, with two inconspicuous horns on its head and scales on its body, just like the green bamboo.

Who carved such a pattern here? What does it mean?

'Isn't it carved with a dagger or sword?' The Supreme Elder of Wuji Sect reached out and touched the pattern.

At first, we didn't think so. It was just an inconspicuous pattern on the stone wall. It didn't look like a mechanism.

As a result, when the fingers of the Supreme Elder of Wuji Sect smeared the pattern, the place where they stood suddenly fell down rapidly!

Because the cultivation was forbidden and there was no aura, they could not fly. The feeling of weightlessness made them unable to stand. Soon, the stone platform fell faster than they did, and their feet were off the ground.

Fortunately, the physical strength of the friars is not low. Even if they fall off the cliff, as long as they are not fatally injured, they are not too dangerous.

The falling time was about two hours. The situation that the stone platform was snapped in pieces did not appear in their imagination, but stopped steadily.

They were about one or two feet away from the stone platform. As soon as it stopped, they fell directly on the stone platform.

Jiayin sits on a butt pier directly, and the other four are also staggered. When they get up and tidy up their appearance, they hold up the crystal stone and look around, and find that there is another hole in front of them.

They walked forward a few steps, and found that the cave was dark and humid, and there was a faint smell of fishy smell coming from it.

The five people looked at each other and raised their vigilance.

Feeling around, they felt a little happy. It seemed that there was Reiki again. The restraint on the body was loose, and the commotion seemed to break.

Jiayin frowned. The smell in it was not aura, which made her feel uncomfortable. It was probably magic, and it was not the kind she had seen before. It was another kind of more powerful and dangerous magic!

Turning to the four elders, he said: 'Four elders, you must not use kung fu. There are some problems in it. It should not be aura here. I feel like magic.'

At the same time, the four people were stunned. They were trying to use martial arts to break the ban. Hearing this, they quickly stopped.

Fortunately, they didn't use the power directly at the first time. Now they feel that the prohibition doesn't seem to be aimed at them. It should be to protect them.

Without that prohibition, they will use their power as soon as they come in, and they will inhale the magic gas here at the first time. Once the magic gas enters the body, it is difficult to remove it.

Chao Jiayin looked at her gratefully. As soon as she wanted to say something thank you, she heard a painful hissing coming from the hole.

The voice is far away and a little erratic, but it can still make people feel the anger and despair.

The five people looked at the dark hole in front of them and hesitated a little. Would you like to go in and have a look?

Jiayin doesn't even dare to use her divine sense now. She is also afraid of the evil spirit entering her body. Her current cultivation is not high. If she is invaded by the evil spirit, she will be helpless.

They hesitated at the door for a long time, and the hissing came two or three times. I felt that the time interval between the screams seemed fixed, and it was not like they were found before they roared.

It should be torture or criminal law, or a break, so there is a fixed time interval.

Jiayin said to the four elders, 'Otherwise I will send you to the secret place of returning to the ruins. I will go and see if there is any danger. You can go back at the first time.'

If she is alone, she can return to the space at any time, or leave here with a broken bead.

The elders of the Supreme Court have no accomplishments now and have no strength to fight back against any danger.

The four people shook their heads at the same time, and the Supreme Elder of the Yuntian Sect said, 'If we leave, let's leave together. Let's get things ready and come back. We can't open the storage bag here, and weapons can't be used.

When we go back to the Ruins, we can get ready first, and at least take out some defensible vestment arrays and take them with us. '

They are only wearing ordinary vests now, and senior ones are usually worn in dangerous situations.

If they don't go to a dangerous place, they will not wear it on their bodies. They will put it in the storage bag. Now the storage bag can't be opened, and there is no way to take it out.

Jiayin thought about it for a while. They would not leave. If they went together, they would not have a weapon. It would be better to be ready to come again.

And they don't have to go the same way again. They can go back to the secret place of Guixu through the broken boundary bead. The broken boundary bead will remember this position, and they can come directly again.

Pretend to take out the token, stand closer with the four people, and take them directly back to the Guixu space.

When I came in, I saw the hole in the array behind me. I opened my storage bag and took out things. I took out the magic weapon that can be activated directly with the spirit stone without aura.

Some even put two layers of vests on their bodies, and took out the array plates and conventional weapons.

The weapons of the four people are different. The Supreme Elder of Wanjian Sect and Wuji Sect use swords, the Elder of Jiyang Sect uses a brush, and the Supreme Elder of Yuntian Sect uses a flute.

The flute and the beautiful sound of Fuchen's mouth twitched. What role can they play without aura?

It is estimated that the two elders also found this problem. This is why they usually use these two things, so they took them out at the first time. Now they look at each other and smile awkwardly.

Put the thing back, and take out a big knife and a short sword. Both weapons flash cold and look sharp.

Tomorrow, the elder of Zhongyuntian took out an axe. It is not an axe used by ordinary people to cut trees and firewood, but a broad curved blade like a crescent moon.

The handles at the back are all metal, which can scare people.

When they saw the cross bag on Jiayin, they also made a temporary one.

I don't know what kind of cloth they have in the storage bag. It looks gorgeous. I guess they are going to make a vestment.

They took it out and didn't sew it. Instead, they tied a bundle directly on their body.

How many things did Jiayin take out symbolically? There is a spirit sword, a dagger and some excellent spirit stones.

After thinking about it, I took out the previous boat and put it in the satchel.

The elder eye of the Supreme Master of the Yuntian Sect brightened, 'I wonder if you have a flying spirit boat. Is this exquisite spirit boat a spirit treasure?'

Jiayin shook her head and said, 'No, it's just a top-grade magic weapon, but it's started with a spirit stone. It can also be used where there is no spirit. It's convenient.

It can also be used without aura, which has been tried before.

The four nodded, 'That would be great. If there were any problems, it would be quicker to escape.'

After that, they felt very embarrassed. Remembering the token that Jiayin can use to return directly to the secret place of destination, it is safer than running around with a spirit boat.

Jiayin also understood their embarrassment and said with a smile, 'Even if we don't have to run for our lives, we can fight with the ghost boat in case that the ghost howling guy is a big guy.'

As for why it is not to save the other party, of course, it is because the other party has been locked up in the place with deep evil spirit for a long time, and it is not necessarily a good thing to save it.

It is also possible to unleash a scourge that endangers human life. It is better to destroy the other party there directly.

The four elders thought the same as Jiayin, nodded and agreed with her. When they were ready, Jiayin took them into the previous isolation array.

They walked in directly. In fact, the good news was transmitted directly to the place where they had left by using the power of the broken boundary bead.

After entering, the four elders were shocked. They thought they would re-enter the previous hole, walk through the long passage, and experience the feeling of falling straight down again.

Unexpectedly, he came back here directly. The Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect said with a deep face: 'It seems that there is still a transmission array there. Unexpectedly, it can be directly transmitted here. It should be that we have left a breath here before, and then sent us here.'

Jiayin nodded ambiguously. It was very good. He had found an explanation himself, so she didn't have to think about other reasons.

They walked towards the cave with weapons in one hand and crystal stones in the other.

The deeper you go, the louder the sound from time to time, and the stronger the fishy smell. Jiayin directly held her breath.

But after holding it for a while, I couldn't help breathing again. I felt that the taste was stronger.

No way, Jiayin had to take a piece of cloth from her satchel and tie it behind her head to cover her mouth and nose.

The four elders looked at each other. Why didn't they expect to put a cloth in their bag?

However, it was also difficult for them. They opened the bag directly, tore off the extra part, and covered their mouth and nose in the same way as Jiayin.

The more you go inside, the stronger the taste. You can smell it even through the cloth towel, but it's much better than smelling it directly.

They walked for about an hour. At the end of the passage, there was a very spacious stone cave with a dark pool in the middle, bubbling and bubbling like a pot.

But there was no heat on the surface, and I didn't know what was stirring inside.

Jiayin raises the crystal stone and looks up. Fortunately, this time it is not the kind of dark that cannot see the top. The top of the cave is not very high, and there are even many stalactites.

The water dropped along the stalactites on the ground, forming small puddles. Of course, most of them still dropped into the pool.


A burst of water burst, followed by the hissing they heard before.

The five subconsciously stepped back and looked at the pool.

I saw a dark head in the middle of the pool and shouted loudly with his mouth open.

The five people hurriedly covered their ears. They heard much more sound in the hole than in the channel. Because of the reason in the hole, the sound was still echoing, and their heads were buzzing.

Jiayin looks carefully, and the black head is actually the head of a dragon! Only the part of the chin could be seen, and soon sank into the water again.

The Supreme Elder of Yuntianzong said, 'I didn't expect that Jiaolong was locked here. So it seems that this pool is the legendary devil washing pool...'

(End of this chapter)

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