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Chapter 445 Open the mountain protection array (subscription required)

'Master Yun, what do you mean by the magic pool? Is it this water pool?'

Jiayin looks at the Supreme Elder of Yuntianzong and asks in doubt.

The other side nodded and said to her, 'It is said that the spirit beast Jiaolong, who guarded the secret place of Guixu, was once possessed.

The Master Jiang Yuan of our school specially designed an array to remove the evil spirit from the dragon, which drove the evil spirit out of the dragon seven or eight times before returning to the nature of the spirit beast, and then began to guard the Guixu Secret Land.

The array is called the magic pool. When the magic gas on the dragon accumulates to a certain extent and overflows again, it will come to wash the magic pool, and the magic gas on the dragon will be removed.

And now the appearance of this pool, and the dragon just came out of it, is probably here.

It just seems that the rumor is not credible. The dragon doesn't like to wash the evil spirit by himself. It is clearly imprisoned here.

It seems that the magic washing pool has been completely infected by the magic gas, and it is obviously unable to extract the magic gas from its body.

Look at the color of the pool water, and you can see how strong the magic is inside.

No wonder no one can find an exit to enter the Guixu Secret Land since thousands of years ago. It seems that the evil spirit on the dragon can't be washed away and is completely locked here.

No one guards the secret place of Guixu, so no one knows where the entrance is even if it is opened.

Moreover, looking at the situation in the secret realm, it is estimated that Jiaolong has not been opened since it was closed. It may be that the token to open the secret realm was put in the secret realm at that time. If you didn't accidentally break into the secret realm and get that token, we might not be able to enter. '

Jiayin was a little guilty and wanted to touch her nose, but she resisted.

The token was just fabricated by her. She can take them with her because she has refined the secret place of returning to the ruins.

However, it is also possible to speculate that the dragon was locked here by the array because there was too much magic in the body.

The magic washing pool was overwhelmed and could no longer remove the magic gas for the dragon. Finally, it should be the back hand left by Jiang Yuan in the array. As long as it could not extract the magic gas of the dragon, it would be trapped here, making it unable to leave.

Jiaolong should have been trapped here for thousands of years. That's why it is so desperate.

If it's a little bit, like the evil spirit on Robin Lee before, the good news can help to remove it. She really can't help such a strong, even the pool is dyed black.

When Robin Lee used to expel the evil spirit, she used one or two merits at most. She may not care. If so many demons are dispelled, I'm afraid that all merits in the world breaking pearl space will be exhausted.

Only in this way, it is impossible for them to kill Jiaolong. Even if the other party is trapped in the pool, their accomplishments are much higher than theirs. Jiayin can only guarantee that they will not be injured in the war with the other party. It is impossible to solve the other party.

However, the cultivation of the four Supreme Elders are all imprisoned. Once the magic qi is released, it will enter the body again, which may be faster than the death of Jiaolong.

Five people fell into silence and didn't know what to do.

Finally, the Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect said, 'Why don't we go back and report this to the leader first, and see if we can find four ancestors to go out of the mountain, so that we can still fight Jiaolong.

The dragon has completely fallen into the devil. If it is left unchecked, when it breaks free from the shackles under the magic washing pool, it may be the time for the death of the people in Langhuan. '

Other people have no objection, but they searched the hole before leaving to see if the original master Jiang who trapped the dragon left anything here to strengthen the array.

They walked around the cave and found nothing. The cave was black with evil gas. Even the stones were black.

There is no array pattern on it, and I don't know how Jiangyuan Zun made the array at that time. It may be under the water.

Jiaolong is in the water, so it is impossible for them to go into the water to find it. They can't go in without taking risks. Just standing by the water, that magic will be enough for them to drink a pot, let alone enter the bottom.

They are also afraid to move things in the cave. They are afraid that it would be counterproductive to release the dragon if they could move the array.

Simply take four people directly back to the Guixu Secret Place, and then go out of the Secret Place and return to the territory of Minghui Kingdom. The five people move together and return to the small yard outside the Ziyuan Secret Place.

In fact, Jiayin can take them back here directly. However, the broken boundary bead is her secret, so she still turned around and came out again.

When the five people returned to the courtyard, the four elders of the Supreme Court summoned their leaders and told them about the situation they had encountered.

The leaders' reply is very uniform. They are asked to wait here. They will come after arranging the affairs of the sect.

Go to see the place where Jiaolong was trapped, especially the leader of Yuntian Sect. He is good at array. He is the blood of Jiangyuan Zun. He has some letters left by his great-grandfather. Maybe he can find a way to strengthen the array.

Jiayin knew that they had to be busy for a few days, so she didn't want to wait here. After talking to the four Supreme Elders, she ran to the station of Yuntianzong.

As soon as the Elder of Yuntian Sect heard that she was going to the residence of her family, he also followed her. He thought Jiayin had something to do, but found that the little girl was looking for friends.

So I went to communicate with the elders in charge of the station and asked them to respect Jiayin. Then I went back to the yard and waited for the news from the leader.

The four elders should also discuss what to do next.

Jiayin went directly to find Xu Jiaojiao and Yao Qing. When they meditated outside the resource secret, they were promoted to the Golden Elixir period and are still consolidating their accomplishments.

They didn't close the door. When they saw Jiayin coming back, they stopped practicing and talked with Jiayin.

They are mainly responsible for asking, and Jiayin is responsible for saying.

Jiayin only said what she had encountered in Ziyuan Mystery, but not all of it. Yue Mingqi, the extremely cold Mystery and the Guixu Mystery haven't said anything.

There are also four spirit beasts in the Millennium Massacre. I simply said that the spirit of the wutong told her.

It is estimated that everyone will soon know about this. The more confidential good news did not say that their accomplishments are low, and it is no good to know too much.

If Devil Xiu really has any plot, and the four major gates cannot be completely cleared, they may also be involved. So Jiayin mostly said some interesting things and gave them the gifts she found in the secret world.

Yao Qing was given some skills and materials for refining weapons, while Xu Jiaojiao was given some array books and plates.

These were all found in the storage bags collected from the Guixu Secret Place, and two dragon scales were taken out, one for each.

'I got this fruit by accident. It is said that the friars below the level of Huashen can reach a higher level after eating this fruit. It is also said that if they are refined into pills, the effect will be milder.

But I'm afraid it's hard to find such a senior alchemist, and there are not many fruits. Only three fruits can be produced once a thousand years. This time, I will give Linger one. It would be a pity if it is wasted. I suggest you take it directly. '

Yao Qing and Xu Jiaojiao were directly shocked by her big pen, and quickly refused: 'How can such a good thing be given to us? Just keep it for yourself, Jiayin. It's too expensive.'

Jiayin waved her hand nonchalantly and said, 'If I promised to bring you a gift, I will take it for you. You are welcome. This thing is useless to me. I have entered the apotheosis period. Eating it is just the function of ordinary fruit.'

They were shocked on the spot again, and Xu Jiaojiao, who found her voice after a while, said: 'Jiayin, you, you are all in the trance! Didn't you just enter the Golden Elixir before entering the Ziyuan Secret? Otherwise, you can't enter!'

Jiayin remembered that she had lied to them that she was in the Golden Elixir.

Eyeball turned and said, 'Yes, yes, I'm not lucky. I found many talent treasures in it and piled up my accomplishments!

Or can I give you all these precious fruits? It must be better than this.

Alas, eat quickly, or someone else will know about it and take it away. What should I do? '

There is no doubt between them. According to common sense, it is true. If such precious fruit can be sent out, it must be better.

However, Jiayin broke through the magic at a young age, and they were still surprised.

I don't have any bad ideas. I just think that the cultivation has grown too fast. It's reasonable to break through the first baby or the OBE period in such a short time.

The period of deification is separated by three great realms! A great realm has not lasted for a thousand and eight hundred years. How can it be so easy to build it.

In less than a month, Jiayin went from Jindan to Huashen, which was faster than riding through the cloud shuttle.

At the urging of Jiayin, the two men ate the fruit directly.

It's not that I don't want to share it with my family, but Jiayin said that this fruit can only be eaten in its entirety, and it will not be effective if it is eaten separately.

This is from Jiayin to them. If it is transferred to others, I'm afraid Jiayin will be unhappy.

After eating, they felt that the spiritual power in their bodies began to rise, and they felt as if they were going to explode, and a vortex of spiritual power rose around them.

Jiayin hurries to help them comb their meridians with spiritual power, and the two people sit in the aura vortex and directly settle down.

It's very safe in the station. Don't be afraid at all. Plus, Jiayin is nearby and a powerful guardian of the apotheosis period. They feel so safe.

Jiayin stayed with them for a day and a night. During the period, she led several elders who found something strange to her and asked why. Except for Yao Qing's master, Wuhan Wen, everyone left with envy.

Wuhan Wen was shocked. His apprentice has just reached the Golden Elixir. How many days has it been? It is still being consolidated, and it will soon enter the baby period!

When he came back to his senses and knew that it was Jiayin who brought them the natural materials and treasures, and then let them get promoted, that was also the envy.

Sure enough, luck is also a kind of strength. Look at my little apprentice's vision of making friends. It's really amazing!

With such good friends, he can't be too many!

However, envy returned to envy and helped the disciples protect the Dharma together. After a day and a night passed, the two men stabilized their cultivation before leaving.

I have also made up my mind that I can begin to teach Yao Qing a higher level of weapon refining method.

The level of the skill of making weapons is related to the cultivation. The golden pill period and the Yuanying period can learn completely different.

Yao Qing has a solid foundation, which is only inferior to his own cultivation level. When his cultivation level is high, he has a stronger ability to control the spiritual power, and is more precise when refining weapons. The furnace that can be controlled is also more advanced.

This is beyond the reach of lower friars.

Jiayin saw that they were all right and stayed for another day. She said to them and immediately moved to Yuntianzong.

She went to Jianglinger and gave her the gift. It was her first friend in the world. She valued it very much.

As a result, after arriving at the gate of Yuntianzong, she found that she couldn't get in. She looked at the open mountain protection array in the air, and Jiayin was stunned.

When will a sect door open? Only when a powerful enemy comes to commit a life-and-death attack.

Jiayin frowned. She moved directly from the station. There was no way in the middle, which was just a flash.

However, there was no warning or call for help from the other side of the station. There were only two possibilities. One was that the Yuntianzong wanted to save some strength and didn't tell the other side because he was afraid that the other side would come back and die together.

The second is that when the Cloud Heavenly Sect opened the mountain protection array, it was also cut off from the outside world by others.

Anyway, no matter what it is, now that the Mountain Guard Array is open, there is definitely an accident in the Cloud Sky Sect, and the situation is still very bad.

Jiayin quickly moved to a hidden place and took out the messenger jade charm to send a message to the Supreme Elder of Yuntianzong.

As soon as you connect, tell him the situation here and remind them to be careful. If the enemy has cut off their message, maybe someone will go there to deal with them.

The Supreme Elder was so anxious that he wanted to come back. But he also knew that Jiayin was right, and he would not help when he came back.

It's better to protect the young people over there and ask for help from the other three sects.

There are also many elite disciples in the camp, but only a few elders who are out of their orifices and in their infancy can't protect them at all.

He has the highest cultivation outside. If he leaves, once a powerful enemy comes to attack him, he may really be ruined by others.

She was worried and told Jiayin to leave the neighborhood of Yuntian Sect immediately. Be careful not to expose herself to danger. It is not good to implicate innocent people in the affairs of her own clan.

'If you can't, you will hide in the secret place of Guixu. It should be safer there. I will speak to the Supreme Elder of the other three sects and ask them for support.'

Jiayin thought for a moment, and then said, 'I have magic weapons on me. You can enter without destroying the array. If you don't enter me, go to see the situation first. Then I will come out and tell you, don't act rashly.'

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