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Chapter 454 Conquered by delicious food (subscription required)

Xiong Ba and White Tiger have eaten with their paws before the good news comes out.

Their movements and speed are very skilled. When the fish is gnawed only the middle big bone, the fish's mouth is still open. It can be seen that the speed is so fast that the fish doesn't react.

The problem is that she doesn't want to eat like this!

Although she is a dragon, when she was in the Dragon Palace, she ate fish cooked, even raw, and was treated well, leaving only fish meat, not to mention fish head and fish tail, even fish bones were not seen.

Jiayin didn't know how to start.

A bear and a tiger were still puzzled when they saw that she did not move, especially the white tiger. It was strange to see that she did not move.

Xiong Ba also wondered: 'What's the matter, adults? But don't like the fish? I'll let the kids change.'

Jiayin shook her head and said, 'Don't bother. This is good. I'm just not used to living.'

A tiger and a bear are more strange. Isn't it normal to eat and live? The power of blood in living animal meat is more vigorous!

Jiayin swallowed and said, 'I have been in the territory of Renxiu for a long time, so my habits have changed. Now I am not used to eating live food.

I need to deal with the fish before I can eat it. You can also taste it. It tastes better when cooked. As long as the heat is well controlled, the strength of blood can also be preserved.

With that, he picked up the big fish in front of him, walked directly to the outside of the ice cave, took out a dagger, and began to rip his belly and pick his gills.

After finishing, sprinkle some spices on the fish. Because it is sea fish, it doesn't need salt.

This spice is the recipe that Jiayin took from Aunt Xu Hong.

When she was in Dayan Dynasty, she also bought a lot of spices and prepared them herself. But when she arrived here, she found that the spices with aura taste more delicious.

So I bought a lot of villages in both Green Cloud City and Green Cloud City, which is used.

Jiayin put the fish on the shelf and took out three more fire plates, but the fish was too big. A fire plate could only bake one third of the place.

The fire of the fire pan is easier to control than firewood, and it can be big or small. In a short time, the fish skin will be burnt yellow and crisp, and the rich fragrance will overflow.

A bear sprawled on the edge, staring at her every move.

Jiayin sliced a piece with a dagger and tasted it. Hmm, it was very good, so she gave them a piece to taste.

I was preparing to eat a lot, and felt the hotter eyes nearby, so I couldn't put my mouth down.

Jiayin glanced at their salivating expressions, sighed, and divided the fish into three parts. She gave them the head and the tail. She was in the middle.

As a result, she hasn't eaten a few mouthfuls, and the two goods have finished again!

She drooped her eyelids, chose to ignore the two expectant little eyes, and silently accelerated the speed of eating.

Until I put the last bite into my mouth, I raised my head and said to them, 'You just saw how I made it. You can also roast fish like me in the future.

Although it is easy to eat raw, the taste is not so good.

There is no need to be afraid of the energy loss in it. I think there is no less energy in it than you just tasted.

This is because the spirit fire plate can well lock the energy in the fish. It will not only be less, but also be better absorbed.

Seeing the two nodded and looked at her eagerly, Jiayin took out two storage bags and said, 'Come on, come on, there are three spirit fire pans and some spirit stones in it. As long as you put the spirit stone in it, you can use it. A fire pan will last for one hundred and eighty years.

In addition, this is the spice I just sprinkled. It can be sprinkled before and after roasting, not only fish, but also other meat.

I have only so much now. I'll bring you some more when I have time. '

There are also a lot of seasonings from the world, and half of them are bought in this world. They are useless when they come here. It is also a waste to keep them.

Although the taste is slightly unsatisfactory, it should be more than enough for these monsters who have not tasted it.

Looking at the two big claws that reach in front of her at the same time, Jiayin paused, directly homogenized the contents of the two storage bags, divided the contents into two parts, and handed them one storage bag per person.

One tiger and one bear then thanked the good news with satisfaction: 'Thank you very much, sir. You often come to play in the future. We still have many good things here.

It is a pity that when it is not mature, it will be possible to collect cloud crystals in a few years. The cloud crystals not only help to cultivate, but also can be placed in the hole to make it crystal beautiful.

Wait a moment. I seem to have one piece left unused. Let me show you. '

Say that, Xiong Ba touch! Touch! Touch! He ran into the hole, shaking his feet.

After a while, he ran out again and raised his paw to Jiayin with a flattering face.

Jiayin looked curiously, and saw a crystal stone the size of an adult's palm lying quietly on its pink fat meat cushion. In the outside light, it still shone with colorful light.

Jiayin's eyes are bright. This is beautiful!

Reach out and take it down. Look at it repeatedly. It looks good no matter which angle.

Xiong Ba, seeing Jiayin likes it, hurriedly said: 'This is for adults. If adults like it, they can wait for six years to come back, and the Yunjing can be picked again.

The cloud crystal grows in a valley between the icebergs, where there is a vine, which blooms once every 120 years, and will produce the cloud crystal after flowering.

Because there are many knots every time, and the canyon is very beautiful, like the stars falling down, so we call it Xingluo Canyon.

It will be another 120 years in another six years. When you come here, you can still see the scene of starlight all over the valley. '

Jiayin is a bit yearned for what she said. She can't wait to see it now. She likes shiny things best!

It's frustrating to think of waiting for six years. I wonder if the vine can be transplanted into the extremely cold space?

In this way, even if she leaves the world, she can see it.

When Jiayin and White Tiger left, they went to the canyon to have a look, and found that the vine was a whole tree. If it was transplanted, there would be no more here. Jiayin didn't do that immoral thing, so she left with a little regret.

Oh, by the way, Xiong Ba gave them ten sea fish and filled the empty storage bag that Jiayin took out.

As he walked back, White Tiger flew with Jiayin on his back and said, 'Don't be fooled by this guy. He looks honest and honest. He has the most heart in his heart...'

Suddenly, he thought of something and said, 'By the way, did you forget to ask him what they did together yesterday?'

Jiayin shook her head, then thought of herself sitting on the other side's back and rubbing the soft hair on its back. Then she said, 'Don't ask, I already know where they live, and there should be time for fishing. Fishing in the morning and distribution to each ice bear in the afternoon.

Didn't you find that when we went, those ice bears were fishing on the ice. In the afternoon, many ice bears gathered on the shore?

It should be the time to share the fish. You should have passed by at that time yesterday, right? '

The white tiger nodded. It was really true that it passed by at about that time yesterday. It was actually dividing the fish.

It seems that I know too little about the ice bear family. I haven't found it for so many years.

Then White Tiger asked Jiayin, 'Did you find anything? I see you put away that different skeleton. Do you know the owner of that skeleton?'

Jiayin shook her head again, 'I'm not sure. I may or may not know. I need to take it back and ask.'

The white tiger nodded thoughtfully. At this time, they had returned to the white tiger's cave. The white tiger stopped talking for a while, and then asked, 'Sir, why didn't the white tiger senior who was with you last time come?'

Jiayin was stunned and said, 'Do you want to see it? Is there anything to do with it?'

The white tiger shook his head and nodded, 'I want to ask the white tiger elder about some cultivation problems. Last time, the white tiger elder gave me some inspiration and let me break through a small realm, but now I am a bit stuck. If I am lucky to see the elder again, I would like to ask the elder to broadcast two more words, I should be able to go further.'

Jiayin nodded, and I went back to ask him. If he had nothing to do, he would come around. '

White tiger lay on the ground and saluted Jiayin, 'Thank you, sir.'

Jiayin waved her hand and said to the white tiger, 'I want to go to the Snow Wolf family first. If it is Xiaoshan, oh, if your white tiger elder comes, I will let it see you.'

Just now she directly asked Xiaoshan in the space of the broken boundary bead. Now she is in the extremely cold place, and asked the other party whether to come out and have a look. And the white tiger here asked him about it, and wanted to ask him about cultivation.

Xiaoshan has promised to leave without a good stroll last time. This time it's better to have fun.

Jiayin left the White Tiger's cave, found a place without monsters, and directly released Xiaoshan.

As soon as Xiaoshan came out, he asked, 'Boss, why did you come to the extremely cold place again? Did you find the trace of Jiangyuan?'

Jiayin told him what had happened in the past few days, 'I have been to the White Tiger and the Ice Bear Clan. I haven't found the trace of Jiangyuan yet, but I have found the skeleton of many friars. The year of death is similar to the year of returning to the market.

I suspect it has something to do with there. There is also a jade skeleton, which should be more than the Mahayana period. I guess it should be Zhenyuan Zun. I don't know if he died under Jiangyuan.

From the appearance of the skeleton, his cultivation should have gone a step further. If his cultivation increases, his longevity will also increase, so he should not die of the exhaustion of longevity, but must die in the hands of others. '

Xiaoshan nodded approvingly, 'In this way, only one of the four Mahayanas who lived in those days is Jiangyuan.'

Yue Mingqi doesn't count. He is only in the state of residual spirit, and there is not much time left.

Jiayin nodded, 'Now we can be sure that the millennium disaster is related to him, but we don't know if there is anyone behind him.

There are also some problems with the ancestors of the four major sectors.

Apart from Yue Wuji of Wuji Sect, who has been sitting in the snow mountain behind the sect door, the ancestors of the other three sects can't be contacted. Isn't it strange?

They can all be said to be the inside information of the sect. It's all right not to sit in the sect, but to travel around. They can't be contacted when they are practicing in the closed door. Isn't it useless if something happens? '

Xiaoshan looked at the good news and stopped talking.

Jiayin looked at its expression, frowned and said, 'If you have something to say, what is it like?'

Xiaoshan smiled and said, 'Those three ancestors I have heard from Luan Bird before, they are not the most gifted and powerful in the sect.

The main reason why they can live to the present and become the highest age and seniority in the sect is that they will hide.

Every time there are changes and events, they will not be able to contact. They will either travel or shut down, or they will be recuperating, or they will be hiding.

Unexpectedly, it really let them hide to the end. I heard that the three of them have a good personal relationship and are very congenial'

The good news was speechless for a while, but the truth was that. I don't know whether the elders of the leaders knew that their ancestors were such people.

I think I know. Otherwise, they will not be active when looking for someone. It is estimated that they are very clear about the virtue of their ancestors. It is better not to make a fool of themselves.

After that, Jiayin said to Xiaoshan, 'Now that you are out, you should go to the White Tiger. I think you are quite congenial to him. You can do whatever you want without guidance, but I promise him that if you come, I will let you see it.

Just after seeing it, you can also go around to see if there is anything different in other places.

I went to see Snow Wolf and Snow Fox. I had a good time last time. Now that I came in, I will take a look at them. Then we will meet at Snow Ape.

According to White Tiger, the snow ape family is the most intelligent among the monsters in the extremely cold place. Maybe they will know something, such as inheritance from their ancestors. '

Xiaoshan nodded, 'OK, let me go first. The boss will give me a message if he has something to do.'

After saying that, he dodged and left.

Jiayin also moved directly to the cave of Snow Wolf.

As soon as he appeared, he found a familiar wolf.

Before it made a sound, the snow wolf rushed over.

'Your honor, your honor, you are really back! The array you entered is the one that leads to the outside world?'

Wolf Xiaojiu rushed up, stopped in front of Jiayin, and began to jump around in front of her, talking while turning.

Jiayin stretched out her hand and pressed her body down, and brushed off the soft hair on her head, then said: 'That array is not an array to go outside. It is very dangerous inside. Please tell your elder brothers and sisters that you must not go there, otherwise you will not come out.'

She is ready to destroy all the exits of the transmission array found here, although it may not have much impact on Jiangyuan.

After all, with his current accomplishments, where he wants to go can completely tear space.

However, the technique of tearing space is not optional. It is different from teleportation, as long as it has spiritual power.

Every time you tear the space, you need to spend a lot of mental and spiritual power to operate the skill, and even use more to affect the spirit.

So many friars will not easily use this technique even if they have achieved that accomplishment. They usually have to run for their lives or use it in an emergency.

Otherwise, Jiangyuan would not have deployed so many transmission arrays.

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