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Chapter 458 Snow ape found (subscription required)

After Xiongba left, Jiayin took out the array measuring instrument and measured it nearby.

The crystal on the top is glimmering again. This time it is clearer than the one just now. It should be due to the shorter time.

This result made Jiayin even more anxious. It shows that Jiang Yuan really came here just now. There is not a fixed transmission array here, but he just used a transmission array here to transmit Xiaoshan and White Tiger together with all the snow apes here.

The problem is that there is no way to know where they have been transmitted.

Jiayin spreads out her divine sense. At least make sure they are not in the extremely cold place, otherwise it would be disgusting to give her another black light.

Jiayin tries to explore her divine sense to the farthest place. This time she has been crossing the territory of the Snow Leopard family, covering the sea.

If Guangxiao Mountain and White Tiger are two, it may not be easy to find. There is still such a large group of snow apes. White Tiger said that the number of snow apes is quite large. It is not easy to hide if you want not to be found.

Unless they are sent to different places.

Make sure there is no place to see. I also focused on looking for it on the sea. After finding nothing, Jiayin went directly to the secret place of Yangguan through the broken boundary bead.

She has destroyed the transmission array in Guixu Secret Land. Now Guixu Secret Land belongs to her. If there is any movement in it, she can also sense it, so she is not afraid of Jiangyuan entering.

When she arrived near the Yangguan Secret Land, Jiayin took out the array measuring instrument to see if there was any array fluctuation outside.

If the exit of the transmission array is here, she can also find it.

The reason why she came here first is that there is a speculation that Jiangyuan will have forced the Yangguan secret place into a contract.

The reason for this speculation is that the dead Xuangui always felt that the cause of death of the Xuangui was related to Jiangyuan. It may be that it was inherited from the Yangguan Secret Land.

Why do you say that? Because the inheritance of the divine beast can only be accepted by its own blood descendants, and Jiangyuan must not be able to accept it.

If the tortoise is inherited, as its owner, it can be taken away from it.

Obviously, Jiangyuan has terminated the contract with the Mysterious Turtle and the Spiritual Beast, but the other side has both ways of cultivation. Maybe there is some secret method of the Devil World that can maintain the existence of another contract.

As the master of the spirit beast, after the spirit beast accepts the inheritance, he can share with the cultivation of the spirit beast, especially the master-servant contract.

The higher the cultivation of the spirit beast, the greater the assistance to the master.

But if it was just for cultivation, he would not let Xuangui die, and the death of Xuangui might reflect that he was using Xuangui to get the space of the sun.

It is impossible for him to refine the heart of space in the secret realm of Yangguan, but after the Xuangui accepts the inheritance, the space is like there is no soul in it.

With inheritance, the space will naturally exclude people who are not of the same kind. After the inheritance is accepted, the mysterious turtle will die again, which means that the space is truly unowned, and it will be much easier to refine it.

Of course, there is also a doubt. Since Xuangui died in his hand, why did he not absorb Xuangui's internal elixir?

It can also be absorbed by the cultivation of the internal elixir of the monster, but it's just a little troublesome to practice the elixir.

Unlike the same monster, as long as it is placed in the elixir field, it can slowly absorb and merge.

I don't know whether Jiang Yuan doesn't appreciate the little energy on Xuangui's inner pill, or whether Xuangui saved the inner pill in his last fight before he died.

She is not easy to enter the Yangguan secret realm now, because if the guess is right, Jiangyuan has refined it for her own use. When she enters it, the other party can trap her in it with an idea.

Of course, if you want to hang her, it is not easy. After all, she still has the boundary-breaking bead.

Once her dragon body appears, the space will not hurt her at all.

But now without the help of Xiaoshan, a semi-divine beast, she is not an opponent at all.

And that is the cultivation during the period of crossing the plunder. If you really want to start, it may affect many innocent people. This is not what Jiamusi said. Maybe it will take away her merit and virtue at that time.

Jiayin sees that there is no response to the array measuring instrument. It seems that there is no array outside, but inside.

At the same time, she also uses her divine sense to directly cover all the places that can be covered by Langhuan, and begins to feel the existence of Xiaoshan Mountain.

There is a contract between them. If it is outside Xiaoshan Mountain, she can feel its existence.

No, it seems that what I thought before was right. The other party should be in an independent space.

The most suspicious thing is here and Ziyuan Secret Place. There is a bit of entanglement here. You can't enter first, so go to Ziyuan Secret Place first.

Although Yue Mingqi is also suspicious, it is certain that it will not be used by Jiangyuan.

Jiayin immediately went to the Daliang Kingdom, near the entrance of Ziyuan Secret Realm, and directly used the power of the Breaking Pearl to enter the Secret Realm.

At the moment of entering, he released his divine sense and explored all the places he could reach.

This time it is with the force of breaking the boundary, so those enchantments can't be stopped at all, especially in the Beast Valley.

There is a transmission array exit there. In case Jiangyuan is familiar with the way, it is not necessary to come out directly from there.

The result really let Jiayin find the problem. I saw a group of snow apes gathering in a clearing in the Beast Valley!

Although Jiayin has never seen the appearance of snow apes and monsters before, she has seen common snow apes, which have been seen on the Snow Dragon Mountain in Dayan Dynasty before.

The snow ape looks basically the same, except that the monster is bigger, with a more human face and a more spiritual expression.

Seeing those snow apes, Jiayin confirmed that Jiangyuan must have brought them through the exit of the transmission array.

Jiayin looked at it carefully and didn't see Xiaoshan and White Tiger in the white pile. Did she really transmit them separately?

Quickly moved to the valley and said to the snow apes who seemed to be discussing things, 'Are you a family of snow apes?'

The snow apes looked at each other in unison. Seeing so many eyes at the same time, Jiayin felt uncomfortable for a moment.

At this time, a snow ape, like the leader, stood out and said to Jiayin, 'I am the head of the snow ape family. Who are you? Did you bring us here? What is your purpose? We have not formed a feud with you. If you can, please send us back.'

After listening to the other party's words and looking at the other party's performance, Jiayin knew that the other party should not have found Jiangyuan, and the confused message was sent.

She was a little disappointed. It seemed that she could not ask anything from them.

But even so, she still needs to explain that the other side of the province thinks she did the bad thing.

'I didn't bring you here. I also came after you. Before, my friends, two white tigers, disappeared after they went to your territory. I came after their breath.

She didn't say that she had found it by herself. She was afraid that the other party would misunderstand her.

The head of the snow ape clan, ape star, heard two white tigers and said hurriedly, 'Are you friends of two white tiger adults?'

Seeing Jiayin nodding, he added: 'At that time, we were entertaining two white tiger adults. Suddenly, one of them flew up in the air and fought with someone in the sky for a while.

Because we were wrapped up by the white tiger, we didn't see each other's appearance. Then we suddenly became dark and came here when we opened our eyes. '

As soon as Jiayin heard it, Xiaoshan must have found Jiangyuan at that time. When he was fighting with the other side, he passed on the message to himself. But he didn't expect Jiangyuan to move so fast, so he passed them on directly.

Jiayin is ready to leave here, but she still wants to go to the Yangguan Secret Land. It seems that only there is the most possible.

However, these snow apes should be settled before leaving. They don't seem to adapt to this place where birds sing and flowers smell like spring all the year round.

It is good to have high training and can still persist, but those snow apes with low training are too hot to work. They lie on the ground and spit out their tongues.

No way, their hair is too thick, like wearing a cotton-padded jacket in summer.

Jiayin wants to take them back to the extremely cold place, but if she uses the broken boundary bead, she can't take so many at one time. She can only take them in batches.

There are hundreds of snow apes, big and small. They look so dark and magnificent that they scare away all the other monsters in the Beast Valley, so they have a place to stay, otherwise they will be crowded together.

If it is sent back in batches, it should be divided into ten groups at least, but she doesn't have much time at all. She also needs to find them as soon as possible in order to avoid danger.

Looking at them again, he said to the Snow Ape patriarch, 'I can't send you back now, but I have a space, which is basically the same as the climate in the extremely cold place. I can let you enter there first, at least safer than here.

When I finish my work and go to the extremely cold place, I will take you back. Now I have to hurry to find the white tigers. '

The snow ape thought for a while, and then discussed with the snow apes. Seeing that Jiayin didn't look like a bad guy, he nodded and agreed.

Jiayin directly received them into the extremely cold secret territory, and also left the Ziyuan secret territory.

The snow apes were stunned when they entered the extremely cold secret place. The familiar temperature made them feel relieved.

If it wasn't for the wrong scenery, they would have thought that they had returned directly to the extremely cold place.

Looking around, the scene is very different from that in extremely cold places. Although it is also a vast snowfield and thick snow, there are obviously many more peaks around.

Jiayin put them at the foot of a mountain in the extremely cold secret place. Behind the eye of the storm, there are no other monsters there.

Most of the monsters in the secret territory are on the plain, but there are few on the mountain, so it is safe to put them here.

After all, among a group of snow apes, there are many old, weak, sick and disabled, not all of them are young. If you encounter other monsters, even if they are of high level, they may not be well protected.

There are also many snow wolves, snow foxes and snow leopards in extremely cold and dense areas, and they will also fight in teams.

Jiayin left without going to Yue Mingqi, not hiding from him, not afraid of his discovery, but just in a hurry.

She came suddenly, and the other party may not find her. After all, Yue Mingqi is in a state of residual spirit. It is impossible to use his body power all the time. He is not the master of the space. It is very distracting to monitor the whole space.

Moreover, the heart of space should have been refined by the Luan Bird. It is estimated that it has not wakened up yet, and no one has communicated with him.

It would be nice if he could control the entrance and exit now.

What Jiayin doesn't know is that after she left, Yue Mingqi's soul also floated to the Beast Valley.

Yue Mingqi looked at the same valley and was puzzled. Just now, he clearly felt that there was some fluctuation in this direction. Why didn't he have anything?

Is it that guy Jiang Yuan came in and left?

He knew that there was a transmission channel of Jiangyuan. Even if he didn't know it before, the last time Jiayin came out, he also told him.

So he has been paying close attention to this area for a long time. He came here as soon as he found that there was a fluctuation. He didn't expect to find anything unusual.

Jiayin went out of the Ziyuan Secret Land and immediately moved to the entrance of the Yangguan Secret Land, where she met the last person who was practicing Yuan Xingyi.

Yuan Xiangyi was very excited when he saw Jiayin. He ran over directly and said to Jiayin with a smile, 'It's a coincidence to meet you again, Taoist Ao.

Now that I have passed the thunder disaster, it is time for me to go out of my body to cultivate. Do you want to enter the secret realm of Yangguan again?

I happened to go in with you, and I was going to the Wudao Terrace to feel something. '

Hearing this, Jiayin stopped him directly and said to him, 'There are some problems in the secret place of the Yangguan Pass. I want to explore it first. You'd better not enter. If you want to understand, you'd better go to other places first.'

Yuan Xingyi was stunned, though he didn't know what Jiayin meant when she said something wrong? Or the obedient stopped directly.

With a worried look, he said, 'Will Taoist Ao go in alone? Is there any danger? Why don't I go in together? My cultivation is not low now, and I should be able to help.'

Jiayin shook her head, 'I'm not sure yet, but the array inside is very powerful. I can't let you fall into danger. I'm sure I can get out of here, but I can't protect you. So you should try to stay away from here.'

He took out a piece of communication jade token and handed it to him: 'When I go in, if there is any big news, you can use this piece of communication jade token to contact the other party. This is the communication jade token of the leader of Yuntian Sect. This is the jurisdiction of Yuntian Sect. If there is anything, they should come soon.'

Jiayin is just in case. After all, if Xiaoshan and White Tiger are inside, Jiangyuan should also be inside, and they are likely to fight.

Once the fight starts, she and White Tiger will not talk about it first. It is very likely that there will be big trouble in Xiaoshan and Jiangyuan during the robbery, so it is better to take precautions.

I happened to meet Yuan Xingyi, who can not only help the other party avoid risks, but also help the contact person.

Otherwise, Jiayin will have to put the green bamboo outside. Someone will always come to help clean up the mess.

(End of this chapter)

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