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Chapter 464 Change (subscription required)

Jiayin saw that the sea water here had stopped leaking out, so she decided to leave with Jiang Yuan and Yuan Yiyi and go to the transmission array in the sect to collect it first.

Let Yuan Yiyi go to Qingyun City to visit by herself. She and Jiang Yuan leave together.

According to Jiang Yuan, those materials are very difficult, and many of them were brought into the scene of Langhuan from outside.

After all, it is not big in this area. Many places have not been developed. If you want to use the materials in this area to set up a transmission array, it is not easy to gather one.

At that time, although the spirit of the outside world was scarce, there were still many good things before that, especially the inheritance of the big door.

In addition, Jiang Yuan was a Taoist priest of the head of Yuntian Sect before, so he can use many resources.

We all know that he is obsessed with Taoism, so as the leader of his Taoist priest, of course, we should fully support him. Anyway, it is not a bad thing.

Even if she doesn't have her own sect, she will go to other sects.

Those materials are of no use to other sects. After all, their array attainments are far inferior to those of Jiang Yuan. Even if they know that these materials are rare, they don't know what to do.

So all of them were exchanged by Yun Ying with other precious materials. That is why Jiang Yuan could set up so many transmission arrays. Otherwise, he could not do it.

The teleportation array is not cabbage, otherwise all the teleportation arrays in Langhuan are arranged by him.

If you want to collect the array, you have to go to other people's sect. It is impossible to run openly. Even if others have guessed, if you really put it in the open, it is not good for the Cloud and Sky Sect.

This gives other sects a reason. It is estimated that they will attack the Yuntian Sect together, and then he will harm his descendants.

Even if the feelings are not deep, they are also their own blood relatives, so we should protect them.

Otherwise, for thousands of years, he would not hide as a dead person, just for fear of involving his descendants.

First of all, they went to the forbidden area of the Ten Thousand Sword Clan. When they saw the location, Jiang Yuan sighed and said, 'I didn't expect that the Sword Tomb of Ten Thousand Sword Clan would also change its location. I thought that such an important opponent would not change.'

The whole mountain in front of us is gone. The front is directly open, so we will find it here and finally become a forbidden area.

The original Sword Tomb has been moved to the back mountain of the leader's main peak.

Jiang Yuan explored it with his divine sense and said to Jiayin, 'It's no wonder that the sword grave will move. It was the spirit veins that had degenerated. There were originally very dense spirit veins underground, but now there are few.

It seems that the aura in Lang Huan is also increasingly exhausted. My guess at that time should be correct. It is possible that the quantity of loot will really come. It is better to leave as soon as possible. '

Jiayin looked at him speechless, and couldn't help saying to him: 'It's not easy to meet the amount of loot. If it happens, it's useless to hide anywhere. The whole world will be affected.

This should only be the development direction of this big world, and it is estimated that the aura has recovered. Otherwise, how can we see so many monsters before?

Maybe it is the revival of the spiritual pulse on the other side, and the spiritual pulse on the other side will subside. It is just a cycle, isn't it? All things are positive and negative, but none of them is positive. '

After hearing this, Jiang Yuan also felt some truth.

These spiritual veins are naturally raised. Unless they are really cultivated to the level of Jinxian, you can take the spiritual veins of other worlds and bury them in your own world.

People in this world can only wait for the natural generation of spiritual pulse and have no ability to plunder other worlds, so it is normal for them to grow slowly.

With more and more friars, more and more Reiki is needed, and it is normal to not use enough.

He thought that this might be the reason for the outside world at that time. There were more and more spiritual vessels of monks who could not regenerate, and all wanted to own them.

At the beginning, when the aura is enough, it does not appear. Only when the aura is no longer generated can we find the problem.

Maybe Langhuan will also face this problem. Millennium changes can turn a spiritual land into a desert, or a common area into a spiritual land, which is not good.

There is a saying among ordinary people that 'thirty years of Hedong' and 'thirty years of Hexi' are the same.

After figuring it out, Jiang Yuan no longer tangled, and began to dismantle the transmission array and take back all the materials for the array.

Although thousands of years have passed, these rare materials are still usable. They are received in storage bags and then put into space rings.

This is also the difference of his space ring. Like Jiayin's space, it can store storage bags. This superposition can store more things.

After finishing the array, he went to see the big stone with words with Jiayin.

The jade skeleton has been given by Jiayin to the Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, so there is no way to check whether it is mistaken for the true Yuan Zun.

Previously, I only guessed by the medicine field planted in the space ring, which was the former head of the Wanjian Sect.

So it's not certain whether the skeleton is true or not.

Although the one Jiayin later brought back from the Ice Bear Clan is more similar, the magic gas on it looks like that of Zhenyuan Zun.

She also took out the skeleton for Jiang Yuan to see, but he couldn't be sure after seeing it once.

The trace of practicing magic skills on the skeleton seems to be genuine, but how did the space ring reach another skeleton hand?

If so, the cultivation of the former leader of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect should have broken through the period of crossing the plunder. After that, there should be a lot of life expectancy. How could he die in the Ruins of Return?

I know that Jiang Yuan has never dealt with him, but he always thought the other side was closing the door.

But when the other party found out about the array he put in, he didn't notice it at all. After all, the array was always activated, but he never used it.

He didn't leave any divine sense in this array. Even if he was passive, he couldn't know it. Otherwise, Jiayin had moved his array several times, and he should have noticed it.

He thought at that time just for his own convenience, and really didn't put anything that could make him feel.

In addition to the fact that he had put down a bit of divine sense on the Yuntianzong side, he sensed it at the first time as soon as the array on the Yuntianzong side was opened that day.

I just didn't expect that I almost put my descendants in it.

He clearly set up a plan to absorb the spirit of the main peak, but he didn't know what was going on with the array. Instead, he absorbed the cultivation of the Cloud Leader and the Supreme Elder.

There is also the array that absorbs the cultivation of monsters in the back mountain, but those two arrays have been destroyed by the good news. You can't find out what went wrong if you want to check.

When Jiayin told him, Jiang Yuan was still muttering in his heart, wondering if this was the retribution of his many sins, and almost let himself die.

Of course, these Jiang Yuan didn't say anything to Jiayin. They were just glad that Jiayin had saved his great-grandson.

The array he set up at that time should be started when three sects and the Guixu secret realm are running at the same time, and the aura will be absorbed into the Demon Cultivation Array to start the Demon Attraction Array.

But because Jiayin has refined the secret place of Guixu and the changes of the spirit veins of the Wanjian Sect, Jiyang Sect still doesn't know what is going on.

In any case, the result is that only the Yuntian Sect has been harmed.

When they finished collecting the materials of Wanjian Sect, they went to Jiyang Sect at the next stop.

There is no need to collect it from Yuntianzong. Jiayin has searched it before, and there is basically nothing left.

Jiyang Zong also passed through the transmission array, so even if the exit position of the transmission array changed, they would not go to the wrong place.

It turned out to be in the water at the exit.

Jiayin looked at the source of the river without words, and could not open her mouth in the water, so she had to whisper to the other side: 'I said, Elder Jiang, the exit of the transmission array, the secret place of the return to the ruins is in the water, and the extremely cold place is also in the water. How come here or under the water? You really have a special love for the water.'

Jiang Yuan retorted, 'My exit was not arranged in the water at all. I put it in the pavilion and a valley in the Guixu Secret Land. The extremely cold place was also placed in the air and on the plain, and I never put it in the water.'

Jiang Yuan took her out of the water in a flash. After coming out, he knew that they were on a mountain top, and there was a lake on the top of the mountain!

I don't know when it sank here. There was a lot of water. I looked down and looked at it. It felt like water and sky were the same. It was very beautiful.

Jiayin stood at the edge of the mountain and looked down. She found that the scenery here was much better than that of Wanjian Sect and Yuntian Sect.

It may be due to its location in the west. The mountain here is higher and the temperature difference between the mountain and the mountain is greater. There is a thick cloud around the waist of the mountain. Looking down, there are floating soft clouds, which are shrouded in mist, as if you were in the clouds.

If it wasn't for Jiayin's good eyesight, she could not really see the scene at the foot of the mountain.

The Jiyang Sect was built differently from the other two sects. The main peak and main hall of the other two sects are built on the top of the mountain. There are long steps in front of the sects, which are used to test the minds and willpower of the entry-level disciples.

The gate of Jiyang Sect is at the foot of the mountain, in a valley where birds sing and flowers smell.

It is more like a college than a Xiuxian School.

There is no Xiuxian Clan high up, and three wooden halls have been built in a relatively flat valley at the foot of the mountain. Besides the main hall, there are also auxiliary halls.

Although they also have mountain peaks and caves, which are used for cultivation and closure. Except for the peak master, disciples will not be required to live on that mountain peak, but in the valley below.

In addition to the leader living behind the main hall and the elders living in the side hall, there are also a circle of small courtyards outside, which is the residence of the disciples.

Jiayin, where they are, is the highest peak right behind the valley.

Jiang Yuan said, 'The reason why I put the transmission array on this peak is that the spirit vein of Jiyang Sect is right below this mountain.

Jiyang Zongzong Gate was built in the valley because it was closer to the spiritual pulse and absorbed more aura. On the contrary, it was thinner on the mountain top.

However, once my array is opened, it is not easy to be found by the monks in the valley, because my transmission array is located in the mountain.

I just didn't know when such a big hole came out on the top of the mountain and turned into a lake. '

They walked a few steps forward and found that there was a two-Zhang-wide canal beside the pool, which led to the mountain side. Looking further, there was a high waterfall rushing down from the top of the mountain!

Jiayin thought at first that the water had been accumulated by years of rain. It didn't seem that there was a spring on the top of the mountain.

I don't know when it appeared, wait!

Spring eye? Jiayin thought for a moment and said to Jiang Yuan, 'Although your teleportation array has not been used for a long time, is it still in the open state?'

Otherwise, at that time, she would not be able to be transmitted to other places as soon as she entered directly.

Jiang Yuan nodded, 'Because I have an isolation array outside, few people can break through my isolation array and break into the transmission array, so the transmission array is always on.'

Jiayin guessed: 'If the array is always open, is there any possibility that the water in the Tianchi Lake on the top of the mountain is created by your transmission array?

This mountain is so high that there was no spring before. It is impossible to suddenly appear a spring. If there is a spring in the valley, it is normal. How can water go higher? '

Jiang Yuan thought it was possible, but where did the water come from?

'I didn't just tell you that the other outlets of your teleportation array are either at the bottom of the secret land of Guixu or at the bottom of the water in a very cold place. That's why I said you have a special liking for Shuiqing.'

Jiang Yuan cleared his throat awkwardly and said to himself, 'It seems that there are some problems with my position. Unexpectedly, after thousands of years of changes, all the outlets have gone into the water.'

Jiayin didn't bother to talk about him. She reached into the water and felt it was cool.

'If the water here really comes through the transmission array, it should not be in the Guixu Secret Land. I have destroyed the array, but the water here still hasn't subsided, which means there should be no connection.

It is likely to be in the extremely cold place. The question now is whether the water here will suddenly disappear if we remove this array directly.

Will the people of Jiyang Sect come to check? Of course, even if we can't find anything, this water may have appeared suddenly before, although it is estimated that it has been for thousands of years. '

Jiang Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked at Jiayin, 'Do you mean that the array is not accepted?'

Jiayin thought for a moment. This array is at the bottom of the water, and there is another layer of isolation array. If there is a large probability, others should not drill into the water to trigger the isolation array, and then trigger the transmission array through the isolation array.

The array should have no effect here.

'Well, let's not charge here. Even if someone's bad luck spreads to the extremely cold place, it should not be a big problem. The other party may not even get out of the isolation array there.'

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