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Chapter 467 Special department (subscription required)

As Jiang Yuan looked, he was amazed at how powerful these mortals are! How can we make such a powerful weapon.

What kind of neutron beam gun, qualitative missile and laser gun can easily destroy a warship!

When Jiayin saw that he didn't answer, she couldn't help looking at him. She was immediately attracted. She was surprised to see the battle process with him before she came back.

Pointing at the screen of the tablet computer, he asked Zhang Hua, 'Are these the weapons you use now?'

This power is comparable to that of a monk in the period of deification. It must be the peak of the period of deification!

Zhang Hua shook his head and nodded, 'This is a fabricated film, but our country has more powerful weapons, which can destroy an island at a time and make it unrecoverable for a hundred years.'

Jiayin frowns and looks at Jiang Yuan. It seems that the creativity of this mortal can't be underestimated.

It can't be blamed that we can share the three realms with heaven and earth. The potential of the human race is really infinite. How much do you prefer them.

After five thousand years of development, although there is no spiritual power to practice and have no chance to live forever, it can create so many things and develop many new energies with this short life span of several decades.

Such as planes flying in the sky, cars running on the ground, trains, and motor cars.

There are rockets and spaceships that can go beyond the planet, and now we know that there are weapons that can destroy an island!

After that, Zhang Hua showed them some documentaries, which were recorded images of real events.

It is common to fly around in the fairyland, but we also know that the ordinary people in Langhuan are not like this.

There are also mundane realms in Langhuan Realm. For the ordinary people in those four countries, life is very difficult. They usually work at sunrise and rest at sunset. They are always busy for food, clothing, housing and transportation every day, from morning to night, and they can only just have food and clothing.

The ordinary people in the outside world can create such magic weapons after they have no way to practice. That's right. In Jiangyuan's view, these spaceships that can go to outer space can be called magic weapons.

As a monk who is suppressed and still has the practice of crossing the plunder period, he can tear the space or move back and forth.

It is not difficult for him to get out of Langhuan. But if he gets out of the so-called planet and travels to outer space, to be honest, he can't do it.

There is no aura, and it can't bear him for too long, just like the difference between god and immortal.

God no longer needs external things to support and supply energy. He has been integrated with all things. Divine power can be said to be omnipresent.

It can also be said that it has been beyond the scope of the world, so it can come and go freely in various spaces.

Immortal can also, but in places like the void, he can't stand it for a long time, because he still needs to cultivate immortal qi. Before reaching the peak, he may fall back.

Just like now, no matter how high his magic is, he can't cast it.

The reason why Jiang Yuan dares to come out with Jiayin is that he is sure that he can go back again. The second reason is that he knows that Jiayin has refined two secret spaces. The aura in these two spaces can at least supply for hundreds of thousands of years.

There are also many spirit stones in his own space ring.

He had searched the outside world for a lot of excellent spirit stones and put them in it. After accumulating for so many years, he almost caught up with a small spirit pulse. It was really impossible to enter the space. Falling is impossible.

When they just came out, they only felt the thin aura and didn't care at first. After two hours here, they found that after they came out of the realm of Langhuan, the Heavenly Way suppressed them more.

The reason why they almost fell to the ground in a free fall before coming out is because of the power of the Heavenly Way to suppress them.

Although their accomplishments are still there, they are not as good as they were in Langhuan before.

Jiangyuan can at least show his accomplishments in the Mahayana period in Langhuan. It is no problem to throw all his strength into the air.

Jiayin, as the peak of deification, and with the identity of the dragon, is no different from the Mahayana period, but what they can do after coming out is probably only about the power of the Golden Elixir period.

That is to say, it's useless if you can't send out energy without energy.

It seems that this world has a strong sense of heaven and is also very exclusive.

The reason why they are not excluded is probably like Jiayin's guess. The other party still needs them, so it is still accommodating, otherwise it will be excluded at the first time.

It seems that there is not only a disaster in Langhuan, but also a problem in the outside world, otherwise they will be blown back at the first time they come out.

Jiayin took the time to look at the exchange desk in Jiezhu. It seems that it is effective to take Jiangyuan away from Langhuan.

Since the glory of merit and virtue has directly increased to more than 100000, the amount of money used to exchange materials has increased several times.

While listening to two old professors telling them about the history of the world from ancient times to the present, I heard neat footsteps coming from outside.

Soon there was a knock outside the door. Professor Zhang stood up and went to open the door. Jiayin stopped talking and looked at the direction of the door.

Zhang Hua opened the door and said two words at the door. Then he opened the door and let himself in.

Two men in dark blue hats and clothes came in.

Jiayin has just scanned with her mind and knows that there are more than a dozen people outside, standing on both sides of the corridor, with neat and straight posture. It is interesting to look at them without moving.

I looked at the two people who came in. One was in his twenties and the other was middle-aged. They were both serious.

Seeing that the other party did not release malice towards them, Jiayin nodded with a warm expression, while Jiang Yuan looked at the other party directly without action.

'Hello, two immortals. I'm Yang Ke, deputy director of the 725 Bureau of the National Special Department.'

'Hello, Fairy!'

The two men walked forward with a serious face, and put their hands on the side of their heads to compare and then put them down. I don't know what etiquette this is.

The two professors looked at each other and could see that the other side should have something to say to the two immortals alone, so they said hello to the other side and Jiayin and went outside together.

Close the door very carefully.

The middle-aged man Yang Ke walked to Jiayin and sat down opposite them. The young man stood behind him. He could see that the young man should be Yang Ke's guard.

After sitting down, Yang Ke said, 'I haven't seen two immortals before. I think it should be that you have just joined the WTO. You two should have learned something from those two old professors. I won't say more. Please allow me to introduce our department.'

With the permission of Jiayin and Jiayin, he said again: 'Our special departments have existed since the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and have lasted for more than 1000 years.

At the beginning, it mainly deals with the affairs of ghosts and gods, and uses the affairs of ghosts and gods to harm or deceive people.

Since the development of science and technology 600 years ago, the number of ghosts and gods has gradually decreased.

Gradually, we changed to register and manage some monks walking outside, and let them deal with some unnatural phenomena that could not be explained scientifically.

There are also those who want to gain super power through evil ways, or those who want to live forever.

Of course, it is not to let the friars work in vain. They are paid to do these things. We will also provide them with accommodation and food and drink.

In addition to my deputy director and the person who is the director of the national military, the following departments are all monks.

Someone here has taken pictures of them before. I asked the people in the bureau at the first time, but they have never seen them.

In terms of their accomplishments, they are far superior to them, so I took a special plane from the capital to catch up.

I just want to take the liberty to ask, which immortal family are you from, or who is your master?

I don't mean anything else. Just for the stability of the country, we need to register for you two, or get your ID card for you two. It will be more convenient for you two to go out and walk in the future. '

Jiayin and Jiang Yuan looked at each other. They just saw the documentary and learned that if they want to walk in this world, they need to have identity certificates, otherwise they will be checked everywhere, which is very inconvenient.

It is said that there are cameras everywhere in the world. They are like the shadow stone, and they are real-time. They can monitor you from a distance, which is even more powerful than the shadow stone.

From a thousand miles away, you can see what you are doing, which is almost as good as her divine sense. It's scary to think about it.

Originally, they also thought that since the world is full of disasters, they should go to those places to save people and do some good things to see if they can find the root cause and help solve it, and the golden light of merit should be achieved.

As long as the number of golden lights is enough, she will send Jiang Yuan back. If there is enough left to return to the divine world, it is best. If there is not enough, she will continue to turn around.

As for not sending Jiang Yuan back or taking him back to her own world, Jiayin never thought about it.

The commitment of the cultivator is very serious, and it is not to make promises to others casually.

In that case, there would be less cause and effect.

Since she has promised the other party, no matter who the other party is, she will not easily destroy her promise.

And that's how lucky they are. Now that they are dozing, they really send pillows.

If they have an aboveboard identity, it will be much easier to walk in this world. After all, they can't be as eye-catching as today.

And they also learned that they thought that the world was full of spirit and monsters, which were all fake, and those were rice people, and their hair was dyed with dyes.

No wonder Jiayin. Although she had seen people with brown hair in Dayan Dynasty, it was not so outrageous after all.

The hair I saw before is really like the monster shape of the Langhuan realm. It is called a colorful hair.

I thought the one with five colors was pheasant essence. Now she knows, but she can't understand their ideas.

What's nice about these hair colors? Especially the green and blue ones look strange.

However, the world is not like what they had predicted before. The aura is exhausted and there is still thin aura.

This is still in the city. It is said that some remote mountains have more aura. Some Xiuxian Aristocratic Family are in those deep mountains.

Outsiders cannot enter at all because they have set up an array around them.

Speaking of this, Jiayin also took a special look at Jiangyuan. After all, this array is his specialty.

However, there are no monsters in this world. The only thing more is the essence of fox and weasel. They are not monsters, but spirits.

Most of them are in the form of dreams, promise benefits, let people help them do things, earn incense to cultivate, and cultivate into human shape is really not yet.

Obviously, Deputy Director Yang knows more than the two old professors. After all, he is a special department in charge of this.

So Jiayin and they heard him say some such things, and they also know a lot of secrets.

For example, many parts of the world are suffering from disasters, especially drought and earthquakes.

It is said that a person who is good at divination in the department said that there should be a drought in this situation.

But now the highest accomplishment of the department is the foundation period, and the highest accomplishment of the whole country is the ancestor of a reclusive family, which is the middle period of foundation construction.

The other party doesn't work in the department, but just has a name in the department. He is more than 500 years old this year.

If this is not advanced, the life span will be close at once.

It is impossible to ask him to leave the mountain. Even if he agrees, his family will not agree.

That's the treasure of the family.

In this way, this matter is very difficult, because these people who are walking outside have very low accomplishments. Even if the drought comes, they can't find it, and they are not rivals of each other at all.

Jiayin raised her eyebrows and said to Yang Ke, 'Is it the man who is good at divination who told you that it was the drought that caused the drought in many places?'

Yang Ke nodded, 'It is said that once the drought comes out, the earth will be thousands of miles away. Now the scope of drought is more than thousands of miles, which is basically global.

In addition to drought, earthquakes are also closely related.

It is said privately that the drought is still underground and sealed.

There are earthquakes and droughts in many places.

Jiayin rolled her eyes, which was not calculated at all. It's just speculation.

'Don't worry, there can't be a drought in this world. Do you know what level of drought is? Not to mention this world, even in the general cultivation world, there will not be a drought easily.

How did the drought and earthquake come about? I can help you to find out why. '

Yang Ke was relieved when he heard the words. He said so much before, in fact, he wanted to ask the other party to help.

As for whether it is a drought, it doesn't matter. The foundation building friars under him said that these two can fly in the air, and their accomplishments are at least above the golden pill.

Therefore, as long as they are willing to fight, even if there is a drought, they should have the power to fight.

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