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Chapter 47 Catch rabbits

The forest we came to today is different from the previous ones. There are many trees there, and the ground is also full of rubble.

the trees here are sparse, the ground is overgrown with weeds, and a lot of loess ground is exposed. Maybe this is the reason why the rabbits choose to dig holes here.

six takes you to a small soil slope full of weeds. It is really a 'small' soil slope, which is less than ten feet in size. It is densely covered with yellow and green weeds.

Liu stretches out his front hoof and lands on the earth slope a little lower. As soon as he pulls at the place where he is about to touch the ground, a dark hole appears.

there are so many weeds. If we hadn't picked them away, we wouldn't have seen such a hole here.

the experienced adult immediately said in surprise: 'this is a rabbit hole. Hurry to find it nearby and see if there are any other holes! There must be other exits for the three cunning rabbit holes.

let's block all these holes and leave two holes. Burn a handful of wet firewood in one hole and smoke it in. They will come out. When the time comes, use a basket to hold the hole, and the rabbit will directly run into the basket!'

it seems that it's not in vain to learn hunting with Fang Youwei these days. Isn't that useful.

a group of children spread out according to what adults said, holding small sticks to pick up weeds like 61.

after a while, someone shouted to find it. One hole was found behind the tree, and the other hole was far away from the soil slope. However, they sealed it with stones.

a total of fourorfive holes were found. We left two nearest ones, lit some withered branches with moisture, picked a few large leaves, and fanned the smoke toward the hole.

there are adults here who have fastened the basket to the hole. Everyone works in cooperation. People are staring at the other holes. Although they have been blocked, they are afraid that the rabbits will run out.

the smoke poured in very quickly. After a while, there was a movement at the hole of the basket, and several little rabbits came out crackling! Directly into the basket.

seeing that there are no rabbits running out of the hole, quickly set up the basket and cover it.

seeing all the small gray rabbits that are big enough to palm, one of them counted them and said: 'there are eight in total. It seems that they are a litter. They are just oneortwo months old. The big rabbits are not in the nest. Let's find out if there are any other holes nearby.'

then they sealed the two holes and opened the other holes. In the same operation, they put cigarettes in and held the basket. As a result, three little rabbits really came out. It seems that this is not a connected hole.

after that, Liu led us to find twoorthree nests and harvested twenty-eight rabbits.

everyone is still wondering why there is no big rabbit? All bunnies?

but after thinking for a long time, there is no answer, so I don't want to.

these rabbits can't be killed. They can only be taken back and raised before they grow up.

anyway, they will stay in the mountain depression for a period of time. They will not leave before it is cold.

later, they picked a lot of wild fruits and dug wild vegetables. There were few trees here, but there were many vines. Adults cut a lot of vines and prepared to go back and make baskets.

when I went back, I saw an adult carrying a basket with rabbits in front and a bundle of vines behind. Other adults also carried larger bundles of vines. The children's baskets were filled with wild vegetables and wild fruits.

I picked up a dozen wild eggs today. I picked them up outside the forest. There should be no pheasant activity in the forest here.

Jiayin not only scans the field of vision with his mind for eggs, wild rabbits, or other wild objects, but also scans for large stones suitable for making water tanks.

as a result, there were small gravels here, which were not as big as those on the edge of the stream. Finally, they gave up.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.