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Chapter 5 Be 'rescued' (ask for a recommendation ticket)

While she was still thinking, she had been carried to the board and placed. After thinking about it, I saw three people sitting opposite, an old woman in her forties and fifties, a woman in her twenties and thirties, and a little boy in his seventies and eighties. They are now on a ten foot square wooden board, and on their head is a shed made of mats supported by four sticks, so that they can't be drenched in the rain.

old lady Yang looked at Bai Pang's little girl and touched her head, 'Little girl, is it cold? Why don't ah Nai ask her aunt to change you into dry clothes? Seeing that your clothes are soaked, the woman next to you quickly finds a set of little boy's clothes from the tarpaulin package and changes them for her.

The boy looked at the little sister curiously. The little sister was really good-looking. Her face was white and soft like a steamed stuffed bun. The good news of changing clothes looked at her with kindness from the three people, and gave them a sweet smile. Two dimples appeared on her face, which made their hearts sprout.

fangzhiyuan gently poked the dimple on her face and said, 'little sister, how old are you? My name is fangzhiyuan and my nickname is Dazhuang. I'm seven years old.' Then he smiled at her with a toothless smile.

Ao Jiayin looks at the little boy who is missing two front teeth and has a leaky tongue. He thinks he is very interesting and replies, 'my name is Ao Jiayin, who is 50 years old.'

several people were stunned. Was she wrong? I should be five years old. I said ten more words.

the local chronicles, which I have completed, said: 'I am two years older than you. In the future, you will call me brother Dazhuang. Cousin, they all call me brother Dazhuang. By the way, you say your surname is Ao? Why is there such a surname?'

'is that a mistake? It can't be Yao? I remember there is a member of the staff in our county whose surname is Yao,' said Li, Zhiyuan's mother. The little girl's white, fat and water spirit can't be raised by ordinary people.

Mrs. Yang shook her head. 'There are no little girls in Yao's family in the county, only three sons and two grandchildren.'

'Mom, how do you know so well?' Asked Fang Youwei, who pushed the plank behind. My mother hasn't been to the county. Why are you so clear about other people's families?

old lady Yang glanced at him. 'Your uncle will send charcoal to their house in winter. Have you forgotten?'

Fang Youwei suddenly realized that his uncle was a charcoal burner. In winter, he would send good charcoal to all the residences in the county. It's normal to know something about the government after so many years of dealings.

Ao Jiayin looked at their discussion with a confused face and didn't understand what they were talking about. She said she was 50 years old. The little boy said he was two years older than her, but he just said he was seven years old? Did you say less than ten? That's not right. 70 minus 50 equals 20. If he is two years older, it should be 50 plus 2. He should be 52!

Jiayin nods and praises her good arithmetic. Although she is still a cub, she has been studying for a month! Simple addition and subtraction she can!

touching his shriveled stomach, he said to the little brother he just met: 'brother, I'm hungry.'

she hasn't eaten for several days. Although the dragon people won't starve to death, their empty stomach is also very uncomfortable.

old lady Yang stops talking when she hears her cry of hunger, and takes out a miscellaneous flour cake from the bamboo basket beside her and hands it to her.

'good news, this is the only thing now. You can make do with your stomach first, and then we can make fire for food when we get to a safe place.'

Ao Jiayin reaches out her hand to take the pastry and looks at it curiously. 'What is this?'

seeing that she didn't know her, fangzhiyuan introduced her: 'this is a cake baked with sorghum flour and corn flour. It's delicious. Just drink more water, or you'll choke.'

because of the small population, his father is a hunter. His hunting skills are very good. His family's conditions are OK, and there is still food left. Unlike other families, they have begun to eat grass roots and bark.

he said it was delicious. Ao Jiayin took a bite of the cake and chewed it in her mouth. Well, there was no taste...

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.