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Chapter 50 Large water tank

The audience of the good news is going to get salt stones. Suddenly, they think of the pool on the rock wall. There are many large stones next to it.

if you think that you can collect things in the space where your divine consciousness covers, you might as well use your divine consciousness to explore whether the rocks above are suitable for water tanks.

first receive it in the space, then find a time to buckle it back, and take the water in early, or it will become spiritual water as soon as possible. But my father said that it would take more than ten days to put it in the water before there would be Reiki.

when she thought of it, she spread out her divine sense and went to the pond. She deliberately went to a place closer to the rock wall, so that she could get into the pond.

sure enough, a very suitable large rock was found near the pool. The stone is ten feet square. Although it is not too large, it is just right to put in the space. It is too big to put in the space.

the space of the boundary breaking bead is not very large. The main Golden Gate occupies a lot of positions. It is still in the middle, and the surrounding positions are cut.

of course, if the width is increased, it will not reach the top, but the water tanks can not be stacked together? So pick up a suitable size and put it inside.

just do it when you think about it. Jiayin received the stone into the space and put it in a corner. The stone just fills the corner.

of course, uneven places will be smoothed by Jiayin later.

Jiayin tried to use her divine sense to cut the stone into a stone jar, but failed. Her divine sense could not reach the same strength as her body and could not be transformed into a form.

thinking of this, Jiayin pretended to yawn, went back to the house and directly dodged into the space and began to pick up stones.

due to the large size of the stones this time, she dug them all by herself. The crushed stones dug out were first placed on the ground of the space, and then thrown to the edge of the pool.

it didn't stop until there was more than one foot left. I was afraid that too much water would break the stone jar.

she discovered this phenomenon by herself. She found that the impact of water is still very large, and can punch the whole big stone out of the gap. Therefore, she reserved more than one foot of thickness when pulling, so that it is not easy to collapse.

otherwise, it will be too much trouble to find a suitable stone later.

after that, clean the cylinder, that is, collect the water, put it in the cylinder, shake it around, and then get the water out.

the divine mind can still do this without any hands.

after cleaning, she directly collects water from the pool and puts it into the water tank. Because the stream is shallow, it may be too obvious to collect so much water at once. After all, many people are boiling salt and stone in the stream.

the salt stone should be boiled after filtering, and then dried. So Jiayin knows that we can't rain any more these days, otherwise the salt will not dry well.

Jiayin now knows a lot of common sense and finds that these mortals are really powerful. They invented these things.

unlike their dragon people, ordinary people will have inheritance directly, and their parents will practice directly without teaching themselves. Every human being has his own way.

so she decided to learn more about this knowledge, and she would study it with heart no matter whether she used it or not in the future.

the old ladies are cooking salt in the open space beside the stream. The old men are weaving baskets and baskets with vines. The rest of the frail women are weaving straw sandals and grass gardens.

these things can be used at ordinary times or on the road later.

make more straw sandals. You can change them at any time when they break down on the road, so you won't waste time.

the meadow is built on the top, which can protect from the sun and rain, and the cushion on the ground can prevent moisture and moisture. It is of many uses.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.