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Chapter 53 Camping in the woods

In the mountains of Huaiyang County, the trees are basically locust, willow and poplar.

in addition to some small insects on the locust tree, snakes are rare. Even if there are, they are non-toxic cauliflower snakes. Most of those cauliflower snakes like to stay in places with water.

now that the good news of little dragon cubs is here, they will automatically avoid it.

the people have set up a campfire. The fresh wild animals on the road should be cooked first. They can't be put away. They can be stored for some time.

set up several large pots, and the women stewed yam, wild vegetables and wild animals into the pot. The men then caught dozens of fish and directly stewed a pot of fish soup.

there are many fish bones. Children can't pick them. Adults can just give them two bites of fish belly meat and drink some fish soup.

after dinner, we put away the stoves first. The fire was not extinguished and was reserved for the night watchman for heating and lighting.

Jiayin has just finished her meal and wants to eat. She wanders around the camp, releases her divine sense and sweeps around.

her divine consciousness now covers more areas than before. In the past, she could cover about a mile, but now she can cover three miles.

Jiayin sweeps the surrounding three miles. She finds nothing except the woods, pheasants and rabbits. She feels bored and goes back to Fang Youwei's shed.

although the people of the Fang family think that the six wild donkey kings can act as a deterrent to the beasts, they dare not take it lightly. At night, four people are arranged to be on duty. One person is an hour, and the four people are exactly four hours, and the day will be bright.

Jiayin couldn't sleep anyway, so she chatted with Liu.

he said to Liu in his mind, 'six, when you get out of the range of this mountain, do you not know how to go?'

Liu replied in his mind: 'yes, our ethnic group has been to the farthest place, that is, the place where we go one day further. If we go further, I have not been there.

but I heard them say that we should go south all the time. I still know the direction. It would be good to go south all the time.

as for looking for water, you are not there!'

Jiayin thinks so. Even if she is not familiar with the next six pairs of routes, she can know things three miles away in advance!

Liu bowed his head and ate two mouthfuls of green grass. He said to Jiayin, 'after a long walk, there is a village at the foot of the mountain. We passed by there before. The donkeys of the same clan were caught by the people in their village, but then they escaped back.

there are no powerful people in that village, so they can't tame it. However, the donkeys who ran back said that there are many fields in that village. They want to make it work.'

her eyes lit up when she heard the good news. She has been listening to old lady Yang and fangzhiyuan saying that they are farming. She has not seen what a field looks like!

after all, when I came here, I had no chance to see it except floating in the water or hiding in the mountains.

Jiayin said excitedly, 'then we can go and have a look at what the field looks like!'

six. I don't know what the fields look like. Aren't they just pieces of grass? It's just that people can eat the seeds growing on the grass.

Liu, who doesn't understand what little dragon cub thinks, keeps chewing the grass on the ground with his head down.

Jiayin feels that he and Liu have nothing to talk about. She has nothing to do. She changes the water in the bamboo tube of her family into the spiritual water in the space, and takes it with her to change the water of master Fang Yunsheng.

I haven't heard much from other adults. I have been learning to knit things from master fangyunsheng some time ago, so they have a good relationship now.

and fangzhigang and fangzhiqiang, the children who played well with her, also changed their water.

everything she likes has been changed into space.

during this period of time, these children, as well as the old man Fang Yunsheng, have basically never been ill, and their health has obviously improved a lot. They thought that the environment in the mountain depression was good and they were more nurturing, so their health would be better and better.

before, she fed him six or two spoonfuls of spirit honey and gave him a drink of spirit water. His body is stronger now. If he used to break the skull of a wolf with one hoof, he can now kick the tiger to death!

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.