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Chapter 59 Xiao Ling's magical singing

Hearing the old lady's praise, Xiao Ling immediately jumped down from Jiayin's head and stood on the edge of the cart and paced back and forth.

he said with a good accent: 'Xiao Ling is really good at singing opera. Xiao Ling sang two words to the old lady: I saw a beautiful lady ~

a sound of kicking and clattering came from a distance. All the people of the Fang family who were holding things in their hands were shocked by this loud and harsh sound, and everything fell to the ground...

old lady Yang:'...

fangzhiyuan: '...

Jiayin stared and said:' is the play so ugly? '

old lady Yang swallowed her saliva and said to Jiayin, 'the play is not bad, but Xiao Ling sings badly...'

the harsh sound of the broken Gong is simply! It's like the sound of two pieces of iron rubbing against each other, creaking and penetrating...

I don't know who taught it. It's said that starlings learn from their master's voice. Their master's singing is estimated to be hard to hear, so they learn 10% of it.

Xiao Ling still wants to sing. Several people hurriedly stopped him. The old lady coaxed him and said, 'Xiao Ling, singing takes a lot of noise. If you sing too much, you can't speak. Let's stop singing. Talk to me. Let's talk.'

the people nearby packed up the things that fell on the ground and surrounded them. They looked at the talking and singing bird and teased it to talk.

Jiayin pulls fangzhiyuan out of the crowd, walks to a corner where there is no one, and continues to sweep the yard with her divine sense, even the underground cellar.

however, except that the half room behind the cellar was filled with grain, there was nothing in the cellar except rotten radishes and cabbage.

I think so. This is just a separate hospital. How can we put too many things?

Jiayin couldn't help but let her divine sense out and swept to the collapsed houses at the foot of the mountain to see if there was anything else.

I found that there were still things planted in that field!

she doesn't know what it is, but looking at those underground lumps, she feels like yam, but it's not as long as yam. These are round.

she said to Liu Chuanyin, who was walking around, 'six, there is something in the field at the foot of the mountain. Take uncle a to see them.'

after six pauses, he goes directly to Fang Youwei, who is carrying food with others. He bites Fang Youwei's sleeve and pulls him out.

Fang Youwei hurriedly called the people nearby to change hands with him, and said to Liu, 'Liu, what's the matter? But you want to take me outside?'

he nodded at Liu, thinking that there should be something outside.

he patted Liu's head and asked him to wait a moment. Then he went to find fangyunping who arranged to carry grain.

when you enter the dark room, you see that Fang Yun is commanding the people and putting the grain in the pottery jar into the gunny bag.

Fang Youwei stepped forward and said, 'uncle two, Liu seems to have found something. I'll take someone to see it.'

fangyunping looked at him and said, 'take more people with you. If you have something to say, be careful.'

they all know the magic of six and take seriously the abnormality of six.

Fang Youwei nodded and retired. He found four strong laborers and followed six out of the yard. Jiayin and fangzhiyuan followed him.

fangzhiyuan tried to keep up with Jiayin and gasped: 'sister Jiayin, are we all right? Will we be beaten by our father?'

Jiayin put a little fat hand in disapproval, 'let's follow far away and don't let them find out. I just want to know what they are doing. Don't you want to know?'

Jiayin certainly knows what they are going to do. She just wants to run out and play. After all, her divine sense is not like what her eyes see. She is very curious about that field.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.