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Chapter 6 Take in (ask for recommendation ticket)

Jiayin chews the pasta in her mouth. The taste is a little rough, but it's really not bad. The aftertaste is a little sweet.

old lady Yang looked at the puffs of her cheeks and asked with a smile, 'how about it? Can you swallow it? Will you choke? Let me give you some water to drink.' Then he took out a long thick bamboo tube and pulled out the plug on it.

the good news is strange. He took the bamboo tube and looked inside. This can hold water! It was the first time for her to see water filled with bamboo. It was very interesting. I took a sip of it. Well, the water is not good to drink. It's a little astringent. It's not as good as my own Lingquan water.

in her own internal space, her mother gave her a spiritual spring, which was refined by her mother with immortal tools. She has just started to practice. Drinking Lingquan will help her improve her accomplishments.

when she thought of this, she returned the bamboo tube to old lady Yang. She wanted to take out her own fairy jade cup and drink spirit spring water. As a result, there was nothing in her hands! I tried several times and couldn't get it out. Her eyes became red all of a sudden. The space in her body could not be used. How could this happen? What happened?

in fact, the world has no spirit of immortality. It belongs to a low-level plane. It suppresses her divine beast. Otherwise, with the divine power contained in her body, an unhappy person can subvert the whole world in an instant!

the reason why the Tao of heaven did not exclude her was that it only blocked her internal space. This is the consensus reached by the boundary breaking pearl with the Tao of heaven in all the world. It is forbidden to let other worlds, especially the high-order planes, enter the low-order planes to avoid the collapse of the planes.

seeing that her eyes were red and her tears would not fall off, Li quickly put her in his arms and patted her back. 'What's the matter? Is it choking?'

Jiayin shakes her head and replies with a crying voice: 'no, I didn't choke.' she is so depressed that she can't take out her glitter. She plays it every day before going to bed.

seeing that his younger sister was unhappy, Fang Zhiyuan took out a small Trojan horse from his coat pocket and handed it to her. 'Don't cry. This is for you to play with. Do you miss your mother? I asked my father to help you find your mother.'

the old lady also said, 'yes, we will help you find out the whereabouts of your family when we meet someone. Do you know your parents' names?' The old lady knows that even if she knows the name, it's hard to find it. The whole road is full of water. If she doesn't ask, she can only take a chance.

Jiayin looks at the old lady and fangzhiyuan, 'I can't find it. My parents are not in this world... I can't go back now, and Liang Jing can't take it out! Wow -' the more she thinks about it, the more sad she is, especially the latter makes her cry.

because she remembered her father's words, she could still go back when her merits and virtues were full. She lost her space in her body and wondered if she could find it again...

when old lady Yang and Li heard this, they thought to themselves, it seems that the child's parents are dead! It's a pity that she lost her parents at such a young age. It must have been her relatives who threw her into the water because they thought she was a drag. What a sin!

the two of them have already made up their minds for an ethical drama in which their parents have died and their relatives have seized property and their young girl has been abandoned. Li patted her on the back of her flesh. 'Oh, well, don't cry. You can follow us in the future. Although you are fleeing now, the drought has passed, and there is water. Wait for the water to subside, and we will come back. Your uncle will hunt and won't starve you.'

old madam Yang and fangyouwei have no problem with the good news of taking in Fang. They have always wanted a granddaughter (daughter) of Ruan Mian, but Li injured himself when he was born to Fang Zhiyuan, and the doctor said that they can't have any more. Now it's fate to find Jiayin. Since Jiayin has no family, it's better to stay at their home and be their daughter. They also get what they want.

fangzhiyuan is even more happy. He also has a sister. He is more beautiful and attractive than the two egg sister. See if he will show off to him in the future!

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.