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Chapter 67 Steward Lin

Seeing that he was so kind and polite to himself, Lin Feng boldly said straight, 'I don't know if I can get a horse. I'm so happy to catch up with my master and family. If Lin is lucky to survive, he will repay you in the future.'

Fang Youwei looked at the people around him and saw that they all nodded without comment. He replied to Lin Feng, 'steward Lin, you don't have to do this. You can choose one of these horses, but I think your master's house should have left a few days in advance?'

seeing the other party nodding, Fang Youwei said again: 'then don't rush on the way. At this moment, steward Lin might as well follow us back to the other courtyard to repair it. We're going to leave soon, and we're ready.

I'll prepare some dry food and water belts for you to use on the road. It's no good not to eat or drink all the way.'

hearing the speech, Lin Feng gratefully bowed to them again, 'thank you, heroes, thank you.'

then Fang Youwei and a group of people first searched the silver brought by the bodies of the Vietnamese people, and then moved to one side to bury them on the spot. Then they returned to the other courtyard together.

Lin Feng was not afraid that they would kill him. After all, he had said before that these grains and things were discarded by them, and the other party could take them at will. There was no reason to kill him at all.

the party returned to the other courtyard. Fang Yunping heard Fang Youwei's introduction and immediately hugged Lin Feng: 'forgive me, steward Lin, it's us who don't ask ourselves to break the rules, but on the way to escape from famine, we really lack food and clothing and don't care about face.'

Lin Feng hurriedly saluted, 'don't worry, clan leader Fang. These are things we can't take away or give up. Even if you don't take them, it will be cheaper for those foreigners. It's better to let you take them away than to fall into the hands of the enemy.'

seeing this, Fang Yunping smiled and said, 'we are ready to go. It's really difficult to set up a pot and cook for another meal. We can only prepare more dry food and water for steward Lin so that you can get it on the road later.'

Lin Feng hugged his fist and bowed, 'this is excellent. Thank you, clan leader Fang.'

when they exchanged greetings, Fang Youwei had brought enough dry food for about ten days and three bamboo tubes of water.

the good news is hidden behind the crowd and is quietly asking Xiaoling, 'Xiaoling, don't you want to go to your master?'

Xiao Ling, standing on Jiayin's arm, shook her head and said in her brain, 'I'm not going. They all want to sell me. Although the servant stole me out, if the master still likes me, he won't let me take me away. And I don't like being locked in a cage. I like to fly around freely with you.'

Jiayin nodded and said, 'did this steward Lin treat you before?'

Xiao Ling nodded, 'it's good. When the master doesn't come, he often takes me out in the yard and catches insects for me.'

Jiayin looked at steward Lin and then looked at the bamboo tube in Fang Youwei's hand. After thinking about it, he replaced the water in the three bamboo tubes with the spiritual water in the space. These water can strengthen his body and ensure that he can find his master's family members safely all the way, even if it is the kindness he used to take care of Xiaoling.

steward Lin thanked them seriously again, then carried the dry food and water with him, said goodbye to them and rode down the mountain.

after steward Lin left, they were already going to leave, but now there are five more strong horses, so they had to repack things, put those scattered things into baskets, and sacks containing grain. These weights were tied to the horse for the horse to carry.

only some bedding and dry food were pushed on the cart, and too young children and old people who struggled to walk also sat on the cart.

there are children who want to ride on horses, but the adults don't want to. After all, they haven't ridden a horse. What if they fall down at that time?

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