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Chapter 69 The border

Because they didn't dare to make a fire to keep warm at night, for fear of being discovered by the Vietnamese, everyone huddled in the tent and the family huddled together to keep warm.

fortunately, I got more than 20 quilts in other hospitals. Although it is impossible to get one bed for each person, it is still possible for a family to have oneortwo beds. In addition, I have a full and hot dinner at night, so it is not particularly difficult for me now.

Jiayin and fangzhiyuan were squeezed in the middle by adults, and then surrounded by quilts, which were airtight.

in fact, the good news is not cold at all, but I'm used to being squeezed in the middle during this period of time. In addition, with Fang Zhiyuan's small stove nearby, it's quite comfortable to sleep.

everyone slept together, got up early the next day, washed and hurried off after breakfast.

after walking for a long time, they came to the edge of the mountain forest, but they didn't dare to go out directly. Xiao Ling flew out first to explore the road, and Fang Youwei took several people out to investigate around again.

the good news has also been swept with divine sense. There is no population around here at all. The only place where there are people is in the county town they came around, and they are not less than ten miles away from the county town.

Fang you divided them into two teams and explored the two directions of the path below. He didn't come back until half an hour later.

sure enough, after leaving the mountain, there is a large flat land. At a glance, there are mountains in the distance, but looking at the mountain in front of us, we all look at the mountain running dead horses, not to mention the mountain far away.

so they decided to follow Xiao Ling and Liu. Although they had never been out of the county, the animal's intuition was quite accurate.

another Xiaoling is flying high and looking into the distance from time to time. He will be informed in advance of anything.

everyone dared to go down the mountain. This time, they changed their formation. Unlike the mountain, because there were trees and shrubs, everyone walked a little scattered.

now on the flat road, Fang Yunping arranges young people who don't use carts to surround the cartmen, women, old people and children in the middle to form a protective circle, so as to walk slowly.

six opens the way in front. After all, its force value is obvious to all. Xiao Ling flies to the front to explore the way from time to time and comes back to describe what is there.

however, this time, Fang Yunping, the patriarch, is no longer behind. After all, he is also old, and everyone let him walk in the middle.

leave threeorfour people with good skills behind, in case there are pursuers behind or emergencies, and the front is not responsive.

I walked until it was almost dark, and I didn't encounter any situation, nor did I encounter a family.

although this land is the junction of the two cities, it is not like the big city in the customs. The more people there are at the junction, the more prosperous it is.

this Qiyang County is originally a border town, and then to the west is outside the pass. There is this large open space, which is also to separate this last checkpoint. Once Qiyang city is broken, it can also give the next county a buffer time.

it was dark and it was not suitable to hurry. The fangs directly found a flat place to camp.

no water source was found this time. This flat terrain is basically covered with weeds and loess. Unless you dig a well yourself, it is too difficult to find a ready-made water source.

fortunately, the bamboo tube was filled with water where there was water in the mountains before.

good news along the way in the afternoon. Depending on which one of them has less water, they will secretly help them fill some space water. Of course, they won't fill it up. It's too obvious. Just add a little to make them drink longer.

since we are short of water, we can't cook at night. Now we should save water, so we eat dry food at night.

because it is easy to attract the attention of people in the distance to make a lot of fires, so make do with a few small heaps of fires, bake the dry food with you, and use the water in your bamboo tube.

after eating, everyone had a rest early. It's still a night watch with ten people, in groups of two, every hour.

nothing happened all night, and it passed safely.

the next morning, everyone ate some dry food casually and set out.

Xiaoling flew out to the front and came back half an hour later. The place it went had already gone out of the divine sense range of Jiayin.

Jiayin didn't find anything here, but Xiao Ling said after coming back: 'there is a village ahead, no one.'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.