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Chapter 75 Clean the body

Fang Youwei arranged for ten people to go back to pick up the patriarch and the rest to clean up these bodies so as not to scare their old and weak women and children.

the thatched roof he lit before has been extinguished now, because it just rained yesterday, and the roof hasn't dried yet. After the hay was thrown on it, there was only black smoke left. They still poured two pots of water on it and poured it hard to prevent it from burning again.

I'm going to stay here tonight. The houses here are good, because those people were brought out to solve them before, and there is no damage in the house.

they found a lot of farm tools in a house. They should have been useless for a long time and have rusted. They tried it in their hands. Fortunately, the wooden handle is not rotten and can be used.

one person took a shovel or pick, walked to a low-lying wasteland not far from the village, and dug it up. Because it had rained before, the soil was very soft, and more than 20 people soon dug a big pit, threw those bodies into the pit, and buried a big earth bag.

I drew water from the well and cleaned the ground again. As for the blood on people's bodies and clothes, they can only change it after the luggage in the back comes. Now it's cold, we need to burn hot water, otherwise it's fatal to get cold.

those bandits occupy here because there is still water in the well here. I just don't know whether the people in the village escaped by themselves or were killed by these bandits.

after cleaning the ground, although you can still smell the bloody smell, it doesn't look as scary as before. You dig some soil from the side and drag it to cover it on the ground, so you can't see it without looking carefully.

it has been more than an hour since everyone came here. After all, ten people have to walk back and pick them up.

although it is said that Xiao Ling can fly back to report, the rest are old and weak women and children. Those carts can't be pushed over, so Fang Youwei asked ten people to go back and just pushed those carts back.

they have already passed this section of the road. Knowing that it is safe, there is no need to add more guards to go back with them. In this way, the division of labor on both sides happens not to delay.

the patriarch, these old people, had learned about the situation here from the people who went back, so they didn't ask these questions anymore, just about the women.

Fang Yunping asked again about their origins, the situation of these bandits, whether they went out and didn't come back, or other strongholds.

several women answered. Seeing that what they said was methodical, they really didn't seem to be in a gang with bandits. I didn't think it was good to tie them like this, so I let them go.

just for the sake of safety, they were locked in a room and were not treated badly. There were quilts and beds in the room. Then they cooked and gave them a copy.

because of the bandits, everyone hasn't eaten. Before, they were afraid of the fire to attract attention here, so they are hungry until now.

knowing that it is safe now, set up a big pot and make dinner with the firewood and food in the house.

after eating quickly, everyone will find a room to rest first, and then search here again tomorrow to find the bandits' belongings and food.

although those women said that the bandits didn't go out, they were all in the village, but in order to be on guard, Fang Yunping arranged ten people to watch the night.

Jiayin searched again with divine consciousness after arriving at the village. No one was found within a five mile radius. There were still a few villages, but they were all empty.

Jiayin knew before that they dug holes in the wasteland in the west of the village and buried the bodies. Then she found a pile of bodies that had been turned into bones in the ground not far from the pit.

that should be the villagers of the original village. Considering the evil spirit of the bandits before, the villagers must have died at their hands.

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