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Chapter 79 The origin of the knife manual

The good news replied, 'yes, it's all the action of stretching out my hands and feet. I just tried it, and my arm stretched out and pulled back. I'm tired. By the way, father, I collected a lot of bright crystals in the cellar of this bandit's nest before, but they look good! Although they don't shine by themselves like those in my life space, they are also very beautiful, especially the yellow ones.'

With that, Jiayin took out a gold brick from the box, pinched it with his small hand, and said, 'it's still soft. You can change the shape with a pinch!'

Ao Zhan stroked his forehead and replied helplessly, 'it's jewelry, which is worn by rich people. The yellow and soft one is gold, which can also be used as money. You can exchange a lot of things for food and drink.'

Jiayin's eyes lit up, 'it's so easy to use! Then you can use these for food. Uncle Youwei, they don't have to farm!

It's hard for them to dig sweet potatoes and have to carry them back. I heard from them that it's harder to plant sweet potatoes. They have to dig the soil to plant them, and they have to weed and water them every day'

Ao Zhan shook his head and said, 'that gold can buy food, but not everyone likes to sit at home and wait for death. They still like to have fields to grow, so that they can feel secure. Even if they have no money, they can still feed themselves with their own hands.

Also, Jiayin, you can't steal other people's things casually. Forget the gold, silver and jewelry of these bandits. If they are owned by others and good people, you can't move them casually, otherwise you will become a thief. '

Jiayin frowned and said, 'what if it's a bad person? If I meet a bad person again, can I put his things away?'

Ao Zhan thought for a moment and replied, 'if you are still like this murderous bandit, this bad guy's stuff, you can put it away. No matter how much you collect, you can't use it. It's better to give it to someone in need. Others will thank you and you can get merit points.'

The good news should say, 'well, I'll give it to those who need it.'

Ao Zhan was afraid that she would mess around, and ordered a few words, 'give it to people who really need it. Don't give it to people when you see them. In that case, those people will be lazy and think that there is really something falling out of the sky. Then they will do nothing and wait for you to send it. If you don't send it, they will starve to death, and you will do evil!'

Jiayin wondered, 'then how can I tell which one is really in need?'

Ao Zhan patiently taught: 'For example, if you meet a starving person on the road, you can give him a piece of cake or a small amount of rubbing grain, and he will not starve to death. You are equivalent to saving his life. Or if someone is ill and can't afford medicine and looks down on the doctor, if you give him some money, he can cure his disease and save his life. And if you give someone who is dying of thirst, you can give him a sip of water. These are people in need.'

Jiayin nodded and said, 'father, I know. I will do as you say and give things to people in real need. Then I won't tell you. I'm going out. After a long time in the space, they will find me.'

Ao Zhan said, 'go out and take care of yourself.'

Jiayin took the knife spectrum out of the room and thought about giving it directly to Fang Youwei and others. After taking two steps, she thought again, no, how would she explain how this came?

Let the divine consciousness out and sweep the whole place again. There is no secret place that we have not looked for.

There is a deserted Dragon King temple not far away, because there will be some drought all year round. Even if it is not like the drought in the past two years, there was not much rain in the past, so everyone will worship the Dragon King for rain before and after planting every year. There will be a Dragon King Temple at a distance here.

The temple is not big, but a room with a statue made of clay. To be honest, that statue is really ugly!

Jiayin directly skipped the statue and looked around to see where there were books to collect.

Because there was no one to worship for a year or two, this place has been deserted, weeds have grown on the roof and around the house, and the windows have rotted.

Jiayin reluctantly looked at the clay statue and found that the wooden base below was hollow, of course, there was nothing in it. Jiayin's eyes turned and came up with a way.

When they set out later, they will definitely pass by the Dragon King temple. At that time, they can pretend to play inside and find this knife manual.

Everyone will definitely thank the Dragon King. Isn't thanking the Dragon King just thanking her and father?

Jiayin is happy that he can find such a good reason. He is indeed the smartest dragon cub!

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.