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Chapter 8 Is the dragon the emperor's?

When Jiayin heard this, she lifted up the little wooden horse she had been holding in her hand and looked at it. It was cute. It was a bit like the Tianjing horse in her own space. It was given to her by her cousin Ao Jun, the third son of the West Sea Dragon King.

he said that he could become a horse that could run and fly, and could travel thousands of miles a day. However, he did not say that the premise was to inject soul into it, that is, the spirit of an instrument.

Jiayin is only coaxing her to play.

'can cousin carve dragons?' Jiayin asks fangzhiyuan.

fangzhiyuan nodded and shook his head, 'yes, but you can't carve it. Carving a dragon will kill your head! The dragon pattern can only be used by the emperor. We ordinary people can't have these.'

Jiayin frowned and said with a small mouth: 'I am not the emperor's. what is the dragon of the emperor's family? The dragon is from the sea and from the sky!'

fangzhiyuan was confused by what she said, 'of course you are not from the emperor's family. If you are from the emperor's family, you are a princess.'

Jiayin opened his eyes wide. Did he find his identity? This little brother is so smart. She is the princess of Beihai dragon palace!

then he asked: 'you said that the daughter of the emperor's family is also called a princess. Is the emperor also a dragon?'

fangzhiyuan nodded, 'of course it's a dragon. He's the real dragon. Isn't that a dragon?'

Jiayin nods. They are still a family. They can go to make friends when they have time.

the three adults listened to the children's words and did not stop them. Anyway, there were no outsiders here. What they said was not taboo. They all smiled and looked at them lovingly.

they have been marking the board for more than an hour, but they still haven't met the villagers coming out in front. Li Shi thinks something is wrong.

'Sir, are we going in the wrong direction? Why haven't we met people in Fangjia village for so long?'

at first, it must be true that there is only one way out of the village. After all, there are mountains on three sides. There is only one way out. But later, there are more fork roads and the water surface is wider. In addition, there is no sun in the rain. They do not know which direction to go. Just looking at the hillsides on both sides, I walked in the middle all the time, and the provincial wooden board ran aground. It's hard to tell which direction to go.

now the water is getting deeper and deeper. You can see from the draft of the pole that half of it can be inserted into the water now. At least it takes more than one person to do so. The pole is more than three people tall.

suddenly he saw a wooden basin floating nearby. It was an ordinary washbasin. Fang Youwei pulled it with a bamboo pole. Li reached out to pick it up. He saw that the wooden basin was intact and put it on the wood.

'it's still good. It's not damaged at all. It may have fallen from a passer-by.' Li Shi said.

Mrs. Yang shook her head and stretched out her finger to the right, 'not necessarily. Didn't you find the thatched roof over there? It should have floated out of the house.'

Li Shi looked in the direction of pozhi. Sure enough, he saw a looming thatched roof. Unexpectedly, there was a family here, and it had been flooded. Only a little of the thatched roof was exposed on the water.

looking at the situation, their own house on the side of the mountain is more or less bad.

it has been raining all the time. Although it is not as big or small as before, the water level has been rising all the time.

the old lady sighed, 'Alas, at the beginning, if only we could run up the mountain, at least we could find a cave to hide, make a fire and cook a meal.' this has been floating on the water and has not declined.

Fang Youwei shook his head. 'The mountain is too dangerous. It keeps raining and may slide at any time. Then we will all be buried below.'

Jiayin listened to them. When they finished, she asked curiously, 'isn't it good to rain? Doesn't it mean the drought has lasted for a long time? There will be water if it rains?'

'rain is not bad. It can't go on forever. Drought will make crops in the field useless, but even rain will make crops useless. There is no way to grow crops, because the land is flooded.' Mrs. Yang explained patiently to her.

Jiayin seems to know better than he knows. He knows that crops are food, but he doesn't know why it can't be done in case of drought or flood. Are the crops so delicate?

scratched his head and said, 'will it be all right after the rain stops?'

Mrs. Yang nodded, 'yes, when the rain stops, the sun will come out. The water on the ground will not rise again, but will be dried by the sun. When the water level slowly recedes, farmers can continue to farm.'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.