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Chapter 83 wood cutter

When they walked into the mountain forest, they found that the mountain forest was actually lush, and it was about to enter winter. The leaves of some trees did not fall, and there were many green ones.

unlike the mountains and forests over there, there is basically no green in winter.

after a careful look, I found that there were many pines and cypresses in the mountain. And the pine towers on those pine trees are still hanging on the trees, and many of them have fallen off the ground.

someone picked up a pine tower and knocked it on his hand, knocking out several pine nuts. He immediately said happily, 'there are pine nuts in it! We can pick up some for children as snacks, or we can sell money in the town!'

when they heard the speech, they found a flat place and stopped. Just as the sun was about to set, they simply rested here.

most people go around to see if there are any prey, and pick up pine pagodas on the tree and on the ground. Some pine nuts fall on the ground, which is not easy to pick up, but there are basically those in the tree.

while taking a basket, a group of people knock pine nuts into it, and soon they can fill a basket.

an old man set up a pot and prepared to fry those pine nuts as snacks for the children. It's just that those pine pagodas burned under the pot are easier to light than firewood. They burn for a long time.

everyone suddenly thought, 'let's pick up more pine pagodas and burn them as firewood. When we get out of the mountain and into the town, it may be difficult to pick up firewood. I heard that people in the city buy firewood.'

another humanitarian: 'yes, yes, anyway, there are carriages and gunny bags now. Those gunny bags that are empty after eating the grain just fit these pine pagodas, which can be used in case there is no firewood.'

they found that these pine pagodas burn like charcoal, and they can burn for a long time after they are red.

everyone thought it was a good idea. After the pine nuts were taken out, the pine tower was directly put into the gunny bag.

it's busy here, and those slightly older children secretly touched the cart with the machete.

they have been watching their uncles, fathers and brothers practice knife skills these days. They have long been greedy and want to learn from them.

before, it was all empty handed gestures. Now that adults have gone to the woods, they secretly touched the cart that put those Vietnamese machetes.

two teenagers stole two knives from the inside and compared them there. The children couldn't hold them. They could only look at them enviously and applaud them from time to time.

when the adults come back and find it, they are so scared that they hurry up to check it. Fortunately, I didn't hurt them. Those knives are all open-ended and sharp!

Fang Yili, who knows carpentry, said to Fang Yunping: 'Uncle patriarch, since the children like it, it's better to let them learn together. Then Youxing Youwang and I will make some wooden knives for them. They won't hurt themselves if they don't carry it so heavily.'

Fang Youwei also said, 'yes, uncle, look at these models. This Sabre technique can become our Fang family's family martial arts in the future. We are old and it is hard to practice. If children start learning from childhood, their martial arts will be higher in the future.'

as soon as Fang Yunping saw that they were practicing knives, he actually had this idea. Hearing the words, he nodded and said, 'I also have this idea. Just when there is no shortage of wood in the woods, it is beneficial for you to rest, get them a wooden knife alone, and let them practice with them later.'

those children immediately shouted happily when they heard the patriarch's words. 'Great! We can also learn martial arts!'

Jiayin looked at their excitement and blinked puzzled. What's exciting about practicing martial arts? Those actions are repeated every day.

but when Fang Li made the first wooden knife, the older boy played with it for a while, and Jiayin's eyes lit up.

is this OK? This wooden knife looks exactly like that iron knife. It looks more exquisite and seems to be fun!

Jiayin came to Fang Li's side and saw them cut the cut wood strips into a wooden knife.

she picked up a piece of wood, stole the knife next to it, and also tried to cut it.

Fang Li turned around and saw the fat little girl holding his knife in her forehand. As soon as she was about to stop it, she saw her skillfully cut the wood in her hand into a shape that was one size smaller than his, but the shape was exactly the same, even the arc of the knife handle was the same!

Fang Yili was surprised. He didn't expect that such a young child could do so well and grasp it so accurately...

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.