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Chapter 97 Watch

When all the people who went to fetch water in the village came back, they all embarked on the journey again.

the motorcade walked in front, while the people in Fangjia village walked slowly behind. After all, they were more old and young on this side, and pushed the car, walking slowly. Gradually, the two sides opened some distance.

Jiayin asked Xiaoling to fly out to explore the way again. It was Jiayin who explored the way and asked Xiaoling to come back and describe it.

now that Xiao Lingxue is fine, he won't fly far as before. If he really goes around, he will be half dead when he flies back. Now he flies a distance first, finds a tree to stay, and then flies back when the time is almost over. Repeat what Jiayin told it. Even if the task is completed...

it's still very cold on the way this morning. Jiayin didn't ride six in front, mainly because old lady Yang and Li refused.

go ahead against the wind. What if you get cold at that time? So he detained her in the carriage and wrapped her in a quilt. Of course, Fang Zhiyuan's treatment is the same.

now everyone has put on thick clothes, which is also cold. His face and hands are a little red. It's not better until noon when the sun comes out.

I couldn't hold back the good news at that time. I directly ran out and sat next to Fang Youwei, looking at the scenery on the road.

although she can see the situation outside with her divine sense, it is different from looking with her eyes. She still prefers to blow outside.

Li Shi put her on a newly made cotton padded jacket. During this period of time, when they were on their way, Mrs. Li and Mrs. Yang would make cotton padded clothes for the family.

when you stop to have a rest, you have to help cook and set up a tent. There is no time at all. Besides, it's night when camping. The light is too dark to do needlework, which will hurt your eyes now.

we can only rush on the road. Although the shaking sewing needle is a little laborious, it is better than the light.

Jiayin used his divine sense to explore the front and then the rear. I walked a long way and didn't find anyone following me. I don't understand the meaning of that person drawing a mark there? After that, I explored occasionally and didn't pay much attention.

the motorcade in front of them is getting farther and farther away. After all, they are all young people, and there are five carriages, which walk much faster than a pile of old and weak women and children.

because the official road is wide, there are no bends, so you can still see it from a distance.

by the time it was getting dark, you could no longer see the shadow of the motorcade in front of you. Everyone stopped in a wasteland. Today, there are no mountains in this area, and wasteland and farmland are on both sides.

they found a place with no farmland on both sides to rest, which was thought to destroy others' fields.

Jiayin detected it with her divine sense. The team in front also found an open space and stopped to camp for a rest.

when eating, Jiayin has been paying attention to the team ahead. She is a little curious. What is that person doing? And the owner of the motorcade didn't catch the man. I think he also wants to know what his purpose is?

thinking about this, Jiayin's divine consciousness still sweeps away from time to time until he goes to bed at night. Until midnight, the man came out again!

this time, I pretended to be convenient, but this time it seemed to be pretending to go to the big size. Instead of standing by the tree, I found some weeds behind the trees and squatted there.

it is still not convenient, but a mark is carved on one of the trees, this time an arrow. Dig a small hole with a branch under the arrow and bury something.

Jiayin looked carefully. It was an oilpaper bag with a piece of paper on it, but she didn't know most of them...

she explored her divine sense to their camp, and there was a person in it looking at the direction of this person from a distance! When the man went back and entered the tent, after a while, the surveillance man gave a sign to a guard near the fire, and the guard went in the direction of the previous man.

when you get there in the dark, you use a torch to light a small torch. I searched there carefully and found the place where the man had been before along the footprints. Then I found the newly dug soil along the arrow, planed it with branches, planed out the oil paper package, and directly took it away in my arms.

Jiayin is a little annoyed that she can't read. Otherwise, she can take it away. First, see what's written in it. Now it has been taken away. It's always bad to steal it from others...

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.