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Chapter 278 Lu Yu returned home, basketball is for five people! [Subscription required]

The Chinese men's basketball team won the championship!

Since entering the top eight, this Chinese men's basketball team has surprised fans again and again, from the top eight, the top four, the final to the final.

Many fans realized that without Lu Yu, the Chinese men's basketball team would not have won the championship this time.

The number of domestic Lu Yu fans has risen sharply, and Lu Yu's popularity has reached the first place in China's sports industry for a while.

Lu Yu didn't know, because he led the Chinese men's basketball team to win the championship, which led to the huge butterfly effect. Many parents who were originally willing to let their children go to college and thought that reading was the only way out for their children were also willing to let their children learn basketball.

Not necessarily for the sake of taking a professional line, but children always feel derailed in their favorite sports without basketball.

The coach and players of the Chinese team were interviewed after the game, and everyone was very happy. After the excited celebration of throwing Lu Yu into the air on the court, they became shy in front of the reporters.

The reporter asked Lu Yu: 'How do you feel now that you won the final championship and played well in the first World Championships?'

'I feel great, and my teammates are also excellent, especially Yao Ming. He has not played in an NBA game, so he can play like this. I am very optimistic about his future in the NBA.'

Lu Yu praised Yao Ming. He was also very excited to win the championship.

The reporter asked: 'Your shooting percentage is very high. Some people said that you came to play in the World Championships to reduce dimension. What do you think?'

'Is this a dimension reduction attack? I don't know. Let others evaluate it. There are many NBA level players participating in the World Championships. I am just a player who has just passed the NBA's new stage. After this summer, I will start my second professional season. I want to say only that I feel my teammates, they have played with confidence, I love them, and their hard training has been rewarded.'

The reporter asked, 'Will you take part in the following Asian Games?'

Lu Yu shook his head and smiled: 'It's too tired to play this kind of game. The schedule is even tighter than that of the NBA. I don't think I have so much energy to play in the Asian Games. I don't think Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi should play in the Asian Games either, because they still have a long NBA season to prepare for. If our players have a chance to play in the NBA, I think they should focus more on how to improve themselves in the summer to improve their performance in the NBA.'

Lu Yu's words aroused the approval of reporters.

Wang Zhizhi, Yao Ming and Bartel all looked at Lu Yu gratefully.

Some people always say these words, but Lu Yu shares a lot of pressure for them. Only Lu Yu has the strength and identity to say these words.

Lu Yu said from his heart that if Chinese basketball wants to improve, the only way to improve its strength is for players to go to a higher league.

Only when more Chinese players have the strength to play in the NBA, can Chinese basketball not only win the first place in the world this time, but also have more opportunities to win in the future.

You can't always rely on luck. Strength comes first.

Of course, it is another thing not to play when you have the strength to play in the NBA.

Like many European players, they are willing to play in Europe, perhaps because they do not want to leave their hometown, or because they are not used to the rules. Anyway, they have the strength to play in the NBA, but they did not. This is why European basketball is so strong.

When your country has so many powerful players, your country is a big basketball country!

Argentina left after winning the second place medal. They didn't want to see the Chinese team awarded the championship medal. It was a painful thing.

Lu Yu has won the MVP, and he deserves it no matter whether it is the average score per game, assists or the role he plays in the team.

In the selection of the best team, Lu Yu also became the best player in the shooting guard position without any question.

The best lineup for the center position is Yao Ming.

Nowitzki was selected as the power forward of the best team.

The position of small forward has given Pierce of the American men's basketball team a consolation prize. After all, the United States is the host.

The best point guard player was Dejan Bodiloga of Yugoslavia.

Deyang Bodiloga is 205cm tall. Some people say that he is a point guard, some people say that he is a shooting guard, and some people say that he is a small forward. His back to back solo under the basket, like Olajuwang, confuses the concept of 'position' on the basketball court.

In fact, he is a small forward who is nicknamed White Magician, but he filled in the point guard when signing up.

Therefore, the selection is based on the point guard.

When all the dust settled, Lu Yu did not go back to the hotel, but went directly to the restaurant to have supper with Lu Chaoyang and Jessica.

There is no Lu Ji in Indiana. They can only eat in other restaurants. They originally wanted to have some western food, but Jessica said that today China won the championship in the men's basketball team and wanted to eat Chinese food with Lu Yu.

After a long search, the three finally found a Chinese restaurant that looked good.

The name of the dish is Chinese, but Lu Yu doesn't know the dish on it at all. Why is the salad sauce on the meat? Why does the spicy crawfish taste like black pepper?

Lu Yu doesn't know whether these Chinese dishes are going to do as the Romans do. Anyway, he frowns when watching Jessica eat. After all, Jessica has been used to eating in Luji for the past two years, and he is a little resistant to this unconventional Chinese food.

'I knew I would accompany you to eat western food.' Jessica pouted.

Lu Yu smiled. He decided to let Lao Lu hurry up and open Luji to the streets and alleys of the United States. Otherwise, it would be an insult to Chinese food for foreigners to eat this stuff.

Don't mention that in order to adapt to the taste of Americans, why do foreigners come to China to eat authentic Chinese food, and they will also give a thumbs up and say 'Wai Rui Goude'.

Delicious is delicious.

No matter where you open the hotel.

It is not impossible to make appropriate adjustments, but don't make any strange adjustments.

Originally, I just wanted to have dinner quietly, but now Lu Yu is too popular in the United States. People who can come to Chinese restaurants to eat are either Chinese or Chinese who come to watch the games in the United States.

Just after eating for a long time, Lu Yu was recognized and asked for his signature.

When more and more people know that Lu Yu is the one who eats here, Lu Yu's box is crowded with people very soon. Lu Yu can only eat at ease after signing his name one by one.

What Lu Yu didn't know was that one of the people was a paparazzi, and he took a picture of their family eating.

The next morning, Lu Yu was on the news.

In addition to the news that Lu Yu led the Chinese men's basketball team to win the championship, another hot topic is who is Lu Yu's girlfriend?

Fortunately, the paparazzi was so crowded that he shook his hands and took a photo of Mohu. Otherwise, people would really recognize Jessica.

However, it doesn't matter if it's not photographed clearly. It's enough for Lu Yu to recognize that she is a woman. He receives calls from Annie and Charlize one after another. Annie doesn't speak. Charlize pretends to be wronged for Annie. It seems that they have reached an alliance.

Then Scarlett Johnson called to ask Lu Yu when he would go to New York.

Lu Yu can only play dumb.

If you don't call early to invite Lu Yu to New York, and if you don't call late to invite her, how can Lu Yu not know what she is thinking.

Scarlett's boat on Luyu was the earliest, but even Scarlett felt Luyu was aloof from him.

She also knew that it was because she was famous before, but since she met Lu Yu, she was relieved. To tell the truth, Scarlett now regrets her previous bohemian.

Don't think it doesn't matter if you are young and make mistakes. People will always pay for their mistakes sooner or later.

Even Stewart, the little wrench, came to join the fun.

Lu Yu: 'I don't care if I fall in love!'

In any case, Lu Yu doesn't think it is appropriate to stay here for a long time. Originally, after the Chinese men's basketball team won the championship, he was ready to return to China. However, because he lives in the United States and plans to prepare for the next NBA season, Lu Yu didn't plan to return to China.

There is no Lu Yu, no Yao Ming and no Wang Zhizhi.

Yao Ming wants to solve the problems of housing, trainers and team running in in the Bay Area, while Wang Zhizhi is returning to the Mavericks to prepare for the summer training camp. Although he has won a stable contract and has not participated in the summer league and the trouble of running in for the team, who doesn't want to play better, especially when Lu Yu has become the core of the team, Wang Zhizhi wants to go further.

Bartel went to San Antonio. All players who play in the NBA have been approved by the Basketball Association and do not need to participate in the next Asian Games.

Since Yi Jianlian played in NCAA, it was still a long time before the season began, so he chose to return home to reunite with his family.

Who would have thought that Lu Yu chose to go back?

Lu Yu gave a reasonable explanation: 'First, I can use the time when I returned to China to increase my influence in China, and the brand I worked with is also happy to return to China. Second, my good friend Kobe Bryant is holding his second trip to China, and I'm just going to play the landlord's part.'

Kobe Bryant started to hold China Tour last year, but the brand he represents is Adidas.

Lu Yu doesn't know whether his presence will have an impact on Kobe. If Kobe does not have the Eagle County incident under his own influence, he will not terminate his contract with Adidas, and there will be no Kobe shoes in the future.

Hmm, isn't your Anta sneaker unique?

However, no one knows that Lu Yu's plan to return to China is to escape from this place and return to China for refuge.

Maybe Snoopy knows a little.

It's just a little bit.

Lu Yu flew back to the capital directly with the Chinese men's basketball team. The Chinese fans who met him at the airport surrounded the capital airport. The players kept waving to the fans. Coach Wang Fei spoke before he got off the plane. He can interact with the fans, but he should refrain from causing riots.

The Basketball Association also made corresponding arrangements. Director Xin personally came to welcome the Chinese men's basketball players back home. When he saw Lu Yu on the list of returned players, he was surprised, and then made the decision to pick up the opportunity.

Lu Yu is different from ordinary players. It is no longer a simple player to say that Lu Yu's industry in the United States is not the result of the system.

Lu Yu's current value has exceeded almost 99% of NBA players, and even the owners of a small penalty market have no money.

Tens of thousands of Chinese fans appeared at the airport to celebrate the victory of the Chinese men's basketball team and their return home. The atmosphere was very warm.

Never thought that the Chinese men's basketball team would win the championship one day.

The World Championships are all victories. The shock of the Chinese men's basketball team to Chinese fans is far greater than that of the year when the American Dream Team 1 won the Olympic championship. After all, the Dream Team 1 won the championship for Americans at that time, but this time the Chinese men's basketball team won the world championship for us.

Before getting on the bus, Lu Yu turned around and waved to the fans, enjoying the cheers and pursuit of fans all over the country. He has become a hero of Chinese basketball.

Director Xin specially held a press conference at Tsinghua University. The whole venue can accommodate nearly 10000 people. The coaches and players should come on stage to express their feelings and interact with the fans present.

During the speech, Lu Yu ranked last.

The host took the microphone and said passionately: 'The next player to come out is the core of the NBA Bulls, the leader of the Chinese men's basketball team, the MVP of this World Championships, the best line-up player, the king of scoring and assists - Lu Yu!'

The fans applauded together with great momentum. Lu Yu walked onto the stage and waved to the fans around him, feeling much more excited than when he won the championship in the United States.

The host asked, 'Lu Yu, many people say that you are the terminator of the American Dream Team. What do you think?'

Lu Yu thought for a moment with the microphone and smiled, Say aloud: 'I never feel that I am the terminator of a team. In addition, many of the players of the American Dream Team are not the top players I met in the NBA. I feel that winning the championship is not only our strength, but also our luck. We should have confidence, but also face up to the gap, so as to cultivate more excellent players. In this decade, there are more than six Chinese men's basketball players. I hope that in the next decade, the Chinese men's basketball team can cultivate More Luyu! '

The fans applauded warmly. His words were full of his expectations for Chinese basketball. In fact, it was the expectations of countless fans.

The Chinese men's basketball team met with the American men's basketball team, which is not so good. In the future, it will encounter more powerful teams, such as the Dream Team 8 in 2008.

The host asked, 'Do you think you are now the world's top point guard?'

In fact, there is no suspense about this problem. Lu Yu is indeed one of the best shooting guards in the world. Only Iverson and Kobe Bryant, who entered the NBA several years ago, can compare with him.

But Lu Yu can't sell melons and boast.

'I think it is natural for fans to judge whether it is a top point guard or not. I don't pay special attention to personal honor, but I pay more attention to whether my team can win.'

Lu Yu paused for a moment and then said, 'No matter what, I want to say the most about the Chinese men's basketball team's championship. Without you, I can't win these honors. Without you, I can't win the game alone.'

'In a word, basketball belongs to five people, and honor belongs to five people too. Come on, brothers, let's work together to win more championships!'

Basketball is for five people. This sentence moved all the men's basketball players and made all the fans feel new.

Especially the fans who are used to playing on the court alone will use this sentence when playing in the future. Don't you pass the ball? Don't you know that basketball belongs to five people?

Everyone applauded, and the atmosphere at the scene reached its peak today.

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