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Chapter 1 Be a loyal minister with an iron bone (for collection!)

Shang Dynasty, Chaoge.

The golden lights in the Xianqing hall are dim, and the treasure tents are flying around.

King Zhou was sitting on the throne, and his face was slightly angry. His highness, all the ministers were angry and wanted to try.

'Your Majesty, doctor Shen Xin made a false lie to confuse Saint Cong and shake up the people. This is a lie to disturb the country.'

'Your Majesty, Shen Xin has no real talent and learning. He is really a treacherous, cunning and villain. I suggest that he be removed from his post. The owl heads the public.'

'Minister, seconded!'

'I also seconded!'

'Grass!' (a plant.)

In the dark corner of the hall, shenxinmeng, the newly appointed doctor of prison situ Tian, clenched his fist, and then spit out the quintessence of Chinese culture from his mouth.

The sudden sound broke the noise in front of us. The courtiers of the Manchu Dynasty were speechless at the moment, and the scene was terrible.

But just for a moment, the hall like a jar of stagnant water was boiling again, even more violent than before.

However, Shen Xin, standing in the hall, was not afraid, but looked around provocatively.

Man Dynasty's civil and military affairs are a fart!

I, Shen Xin, have crossed!

As for why he is so crazy and has no other, Lao Tzu is the son of the way of heaven, that is to say, he is a saint.

The road is fifty, the sky is forty-nine, and one of them is gone.

Being a saint under the heaven, Shen Xin has now fully awakened and is about to complete the last test of the heaven.

Experienced the apotheosis disaster, and finally ascended the apotheosis list to achieve the holy throne.

Because the fate had not been revealed before, Shen Xin took this opportunity to cross over, understand himself and join the world.

Shen Xin only needs to do one thing about the God sealing disaster in front of him.

Body and death on the list.

As for the conditions for listing, Shen Xin has also studied that it is just that the powerful immortals were killed in the battle of gods, or that the generals of the Shang and Zhou dynasties have made war achievements. Moreover, it has a high reputation and is respected by people.

At present, as long as I choose one camp, boast and die with honor, is it not easy to make the last list?

So what he has to consider now is how to get on the list as soon as possible.

Shenxin was about to think, when he was interrupted.

'Do you know your sin for daring to believe, deluding the public with evil words, and daring to talk about the number of days?' Before Shen Xin could say anything, the Chinese doctor Feng Ji stood up and scolded with awe inspiring righteousness.

A few days ago, the superintendent of heaven wrote that Lutai was about to be completed. It was a miracle and auspicious sign from heaven to protect the merchants. In a word, it was very beautiful.

But unexpectedly, a white light fell from the sky that night. The fire burned for tens of miles and the earthquake collapsed.

As for Lutai, it happened that it was also affected.

Now, let's have a slap in the face.

Knowing that King Zhou must be held accountable, they all took Shen Xin as a scapegoat. Now, Shen Xin's former colleagues are the most violent ones.

As a Chinese doctor, Fengji didn't want him to have a chance to explain.

'Shen Xin is really unlucky. He met this kind of thing when he was just a senior official.'

'Doctor Feng has won your Majesty's attention recently. Now he has a great status.'

'Yes, I have offended him. It seems that Shen Xin is in trouble today.'

'We'll just watch.'

As the discipline became difficult, all the officials around talked about it.

Everyone's expression was full of indifference. They seemed to see the end of Shen Xin.

Shen Xin is just a newly appointed junior official, and the discipline is favored by King Zhou. The result is self-evident.

When memories continue to fuse, Shen Xin also understands the current situation.

He thought he had done something outrageous, and his feelings were calculated by others.

Is there any reason?

Shen Xin left the shift without hesitation. This kind of thing must not be used to. Unexpectedly, even future saints dare to calculate. Are you tired of living?

Shenxindao: 'I don't know!'


Everyone looked at Shen Xin strangely and frowned. This guy is really brave.

But you are the scapegoat. What are you shouting about?

At present, the situation is still so rampant.

Discipline was solemn. As a boss, he naturally wanted to maintain his dignity. Shen Xin jumped out and hit his gun.

'Shen Xin, you are making evil words and curses.'

'Who am I cursing?' Shen Xin rudely interrupted Feng Ji and said with disdain, 'I curse you for dying. Are you dead now?'

'I. grass.' Discipline suddenly felt that he had broken his defense.

However, Shen Xin seems to be right.

You said that I made a mistake in Lutai because of my evil words, but now I curse you. You are not dead. How can you say that the matter of Lutai has something to do with me.

'Don't quibble.' Feng Ji first saw the first uncertain King Zhou's heart and panicked for a few minutes, pointing to Shen Xin's bluster.

Shen Xin hit back again calmly: 'then go to hell?'

Seeing that he was unreasonable, the discipline was fierce and the inside was weak, and he shouted: 'bold and Shen Xin, do you want to learn from the old thief Du yuanmi and slander you face to face?'

Feng Ji's words are very insidious. He knows King Zhou's mind well. With his disgust for duyuanmian, no matter how Shen Xin refutes, he will never come to a good end this time.

Sure enough, hearing this, King Zhou's face became gloomy and bad.

Many ministers, looking at King Zhou secretly, were ready to move and wanted to beat Shen Xin, a drowning dog.

After a while, seeing that shenxinjiu didn't refute, Feng Ji became more and more happy. He thought you were a character. It seems that you are just so. I think you are scared to be stupid in the face of death.

Can a small doctor turn the world upside down?

Huh? Grand Master duyuanmian, hearing this name, Shen Xin's eyes brightened obviously,

This is the case of living.

Duyuanmian, an old minister of the three dynasties, was in charge of the Tianjian. Because he was outspoken and loyal to his country, he was made public by King Zhou.

At the same time, he was also the first minister to be killed by King Zhou, and finally became a God.

At present, as a loyal minister of the Shang Dynasty, is it not normal for him to remonstrate frankly and scold crafty men?

Then he was dissatisfied with King Zhou's stupidity and said frankly again that he was accidentally killed by the stupidity king. Wouldn't that be it?

'Don't you just let King Zhou kill you? I don't think it's difficult.' Shen Xin smiled confidently.

First, scold the minister and King Zhou!

The second step is to be an unyielding loyal minister and die generously.

The third step is to be invincible directly.

I am Shen Xin. I have always been an honest man, loyal and courageous, and serve the country and the people.

Even if you risked your life, you can't let evil spirits rage and disturb the court.

So Shen Xin stood up and met the discipline fiercely, shouting and scolding in front of the crafty man.

'Well, don't talk too much, you cunning villain.

Since the prime minister Shang Rong's death Festival, rotten wood has become an official on the temple; Between the temples, animals eat bread.

As a result, people with a wolf heart and a dog's lung are fierce in the current Dynasty, and people with servile faces and knees are in charge of politics,

Now two of the four princes have turned against each other. Xiqi and Jichang are eyeing the enemy. Half of the world is caught in the flames of war, and the country of Shang and Tang has become a ruins of Qiu! '

Shen Xin laughed happily after scolding. He seemed to be one step closer to being on the list. He should make persistent efforts.

He raised his head and looked disdainfully at the people around him who were not satisfied, and greeted the angry glares of the courtiers in the full court,

As a sub prime minister, Bigan is standing under the jade steps with his hands tied. As a sub prime minister, he naturally knows that what Shen Xin said is true. Moreover, he was born in the royal family, and he was king Zhou's uncle. No one cared more about the Yin Shang world than him.

He looked at Shen Xin silently, and somehow there was a touch in his heart.

The next second, Shen Xin spoke again without waiting for the public to refute:

'At this time of national calamity, your ministers do not want to make progress. They will only greedily accuse ignorance, intrigue and frame loyal and good people,

There are all the princes and ministers in the Manchu Dynasty. It is inevitable that they will die! '

When Shen Xin said this, there was an uproar in the hall, which made many people present pale.


'Shen Xin, you will die!'

Countless courtiers started to scold Shen Xin. Previously, they only knew that Shen Xin's family had money, and they even bought the official position of doctor, but they didn't expect that Shen Xin was so reckless.

How dare you fire map cannon directly and attack indiscriminately.

It's just that you offended a discipline before, but now you've scolded all the ministers in the Manchu Dynasty. Do you want to die?

There was a trace of pity in the anger on the faces of the people.

Of course, many people want to stand up and point to Shen Xin's nose to refute.

Who the hell are you talking about?

However, when they bowed their heads and pondered carefully, there was no reason

Since the construction of the artillery, the Doctor Mei Bo has become a smoke, and the prime minister has died.

The civil and military officials were afraid, and each of them shrank back. This flattering villain naturally came to power. Now no one dares to speak out in the court.

This scolding not only opened a precedent, but also pierced their hearts. This move could not help but make more people fall into thinking.

Shen Xin saw that the anger of the Minister of the Manchu Dynasty was drawn out by himself, and his momentum was even more like a rainbow.

Yeah, that's what it should be. Are you angry?

I scolded you. Hate me now.

I'm going to be on the list of gods.

Feng Ji hears Shen Xin's fierce drinking, and he feels Peng in his heart! Peng! Jump, and see each other red eyes coming to their own, heart scolded.

Crazy, crazy.

This man is crazy.

He not only scolded the officials of the Manchu Dynasty, but also scolded King Zhou.

Feng Ji peeped at King Zhou in the temple, then stood in front of him with courage and said with gnashing teeth, 'you yellow haired thief, how dare you?'

Well, of course I dare. I will be invincible.

Shen Xin mercilessly interrupts Fengji.

'Shut up! Shameless old thief, you are such a cunning man. Don't you know that people all over the world are willing to eat your flesh raw? How dare you rap here.

Six hundred years of yin and Shang Dynasties, the whole world was defeated by you and others

You, discipline, are like a traitor. Your sins are deep. Heaven and earth can't stand it! '

The sound of breathing in the hall was heavy, and Shen Xin's voice echoed constantly.

After listening to the discipline, the momentum did not stop. The whole man fell to the ground in a panic, covering his chest with his hands and trembling:

'I, I, I.'

Shen Xin did not let him go. Mr. Lu Xun taught us not to let go a single wool when we died.

To offend one is to offend, and to offend a group is to offend, without any difference.

He is ready to directly offend everyone to death and strive for one step.

He really tried his best to get on the list of gods, then continued to pull up hatred and pointed to the discipline:

'You are such a flattering minister. You can only hide your head and covet food and clothing. How dare you deceive the public in front of me!

A white headed man? Grey bearded old thief? You live half a hundred years in vain. If you don't make any contribution in your life, you will only shake your lips and drum your tongue! A dog with a broken back dares to bark in front of me,

Shen Xin's voice soared.

'I have never seen such a brazen man!'

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