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Chapter 11 Everything goes well with the plan

Shen Xin has always been a decisive man.

How can a man hesitate when he is alive?

We should move forward bravely and break through all obstacles.

What's more, how can his crimes affect others? Shen Xin immediately refused the protection of King Wucheng.

'King Wucheng is very righteous, but don't let Shen Xin's case affect the whole Huang family.

The Huang family was born in a general's family. They have been greatly indebted to the emperor. Can they still remember the word loyalty and filial piety.

If you don't want to humiliate the reputation of the Huang family, you should leave now. I, Shen Xin, will take the responsibility alone. '

'Doctor Shen...'

Huangfeihu was still looking at the discipline proudly. After all, Shen Xin left a good impression on him, and he spent all his money to help the victims. What a great spirit!

So after receiving the request from Prime Minister Bigan, he came here without hesitation to save Shen Xin.

But at this moment, when Shen Xin mentioned the fame of the Huang family, he remembered that he had been educated by his family background. He obviously hesitated and thought to himself:

'I intercepted the holy intention at the Meridian Gate. If there is an unknown villain who doesn't know where to go, it may be difficult to wash the white!'

One side of the discipline was prompted by Shen Xin, and he immediately noticed the abnormal state of huangfeihu. A smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Now he has a way.

Then his eyes looked at Shen Xin again. It seemed that he was saying, Shen Xin, you must die today! No one can save you.

Looking at his confident face, Shen Xin breathed a sigh of relief.

The plan went well. I finally stabilized this time, waiting for the discipline to play, and then took myself away.

Finally, he became a saint on the list of gods and became excited when he wanted to.

Sure enough, after experiencing the prompt, he immediately became proud and shouted:

'Huang Feihu, you rebellious thief, you don't want to serve the country, but you want to rebel!'

You profess loyalty as a country. The family of Huang has been loyal for seven generations. They have enjoyed the grace of the country for 200 years, but now they are resisting the holy will. Why don't you, huangfeihu, also rebel? Want to take this opportunity to go against the song of the DPRK and vote for Xiqi? '

'Discipline, don't talk nonsense.' After hearing this, Huang Feihu was eager and shouted.

'You don't think about gold, you bow down, you are an official, you serve the country faithfully, and you will eventually become a wolf with ambition, and you will never rebel against the true colors of thieves!'

The words of discipline hit the heart of huangfeihu. He was silent and hesitated.

Even other ministers were silent at the moment.

Rebellious and rebellious, they wanted to persuade King Zhou and use loyalty to influence him, but they didn't want to go this far.

If you are beaten into a disorderly thief, your fame will be reduced to ashes, and you will have no face to see your ancestors in the future.

Seeing Huang Feihu's hesitation, Fengji suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. It was really great to scold others.

Even he didn't expect that his tongue skills had been improved so much in an instant that he could directly shut up the Wucheng king.

Have you been scolded and experienced?

Fengji suddenly saw the hateful face on the other side smiling at him. He was in a panic. He shook his head and put the idea out of his mind.

This idea is terrible. I will never be that kind of person!

Seeing huangfeihu hesitating, Shen Xin knew it was time for him to come out.

Busy righteousness and sternly blocked the ministers behind, saying:

'You are all pillars of the country. Do not abandon your innocence for the sake of a mortal.

Today, I Shen Xin wrote a poem about the Meridian Gate. It was done by myself and has nothing to do with you.

You should keep your useful body, clear away evil spirits and revitalize the Imperial Hall! '

Shen Xin paused and suddenly shouted loudly!

'I will die without regret!'

Such a sonorous and upright voice spread unhindered to everyone present. Huangfeihu seemed to say something with a ashamed face.

'Doctor Shen.'

Shen Xin interrupts again with a calm face, indicating that he doesn't have to blame himself. He can die alone.

In my heart, I prayed secretly. Hey, don't come here!

We don't know each other. Please give me up!

Then, in spite of the people's resistance, Shen Xin quickly walked to the encirclement of the imperial guards. Facing the cold sword, Shen Xin felt a sense of security when he came here.

It's not easy. I finally see hope!

Seeing that Shen Xin was so righteous, the others were ashamed. Unexpectedly, doctor Shen was thinking of everyone present for fear that they would be implicated,

'Lord Shen is not only unparalleled in loyalty and righteousness, but also a model in the world!' Bigan exclaimed.

Huangfeihu silently lowered his head and sighed: 'doctor Shen has paid too much for the Yin Shang world. We are ashamed to be inferior.'

The flattery of all the people in Si Tiantai who licked the dog and didn't want money followed, especially Guan Zhangyan, who dragged his cramped leg behind the prime minister Bigan and shouted loudly.

Just as everyone was feeling here, the noon gate suddenly opened, destroying the last hope in everyone's heart.

The Chamberlain came with a sword in his hand and shouted:

'Your Majesty has ordered to give the imperial sword to the Chinese doctor. If you see this sword, you will be like a king. If you block it, you will be complicit!

According to the doctor's discipline, immediately cut off Shen Xin's head and send it to the emperor! '

As soon as the words came out, the people were in an uproar. As the interior officer held his sword, the civil and military officers of the Manchu Dynasty all turned pale and gave way to the road and fell on their knees.

Bigan and huangfeihu, who stood in front of the ministers, were bloodless, and their fingers were pinched into flesh and blood.

Fengji respectfully took over the imperial sword, and his eyes were filled with moving tears. It turned out that his Majesty was still silently supporting him behind his back,

With this sword, I'm not afraid of anything. My momentum soared again.

He quickly took a step forward and raised his sword. He looked at huangfeihu and Bigan!

'Now the imperial sword is in hand. It's like your Majesty's presence. Huangfeihu doesn't want to step back soon!'

Their expressions changed a few times, but they still bowed to the ground to show their respect for the emperor. After all, they were still ministers of the Shang Dynasty, and had to obey the emperor's orders.

Bigan sighed helplessly. Now things are irreversible. The Emperor Zhou is represented by the imperial sword of the discipline. Shen Xin will die today!

He knelt to the imperial city with godless eyes. Your majesty, your majesty, you are wrong, really wrong!

'Doctor Shen can't kill him!'

Facing the desperate situation at present, Shen Xin was not happy for some reason.

I always feel like I have missed something, and I feel a little uneasy.

He glanced around carefully and thought silently.

At present, those who can save themselves are here.

The inferior relative cannot return to heaven,

Huangfeihu, the king of Wucheng, did not dare to take risks because of his family background and reputation.

Fei Zhongyou Hun, those two financial fans probably want to kill themselves now.

Suddenly, Shen Xin thought of a man, his cheap father Shen Liang. The Shen family is a rich Chaoge family. As the owner of the family, Shen Liang has made countless friends, even some friars and immortals.

He might have overturned his car if he had, but now Shen Liang has gone out to visit friends a few days ago and is unlikely to come back in a short time.

Who else can there be if another target is excluded?

Lao Huang? Impossible, impossible.

He has gone to Xiqi now. I saw him off myself. He can't come back. Moreover, he doesn't have the ability to save me.

After thinking about it for a while, Shen Xin didn't think he had any hope of survival.

Hoo, it's really stable this time.

Shen Xin breathed a sigh of relief and became arrogant. Then he met the discipline and was captured without resistance.

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