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Chapter 112 Dr. Shen: add a red eye special effect to me (please collect! Please subscribe!)

Doctor Shen sneered. He was not frightened by the golden armour general, but pointed to his chest and opened his mouth slowly.

'You ask me what Shen Xin is?'

He stepped forward slowly, shook his sleeve robe in his hand, stood proudly against the wind, and faced the golden armour.

'Now I'll tell you what Shen Xin is!

I'm Shen Xin to take care of the things you don't care about.

I'll do what you don't do in heaven! Shen Xin will kill the demon you don't kill. '

'A word!'

'Common people! Common people! It's the common people who return the damn things!'

'I will not hesitate to ask for the people's lives!'

'This is Shen Xin. Is it clear enough?'

Dr. Shen was furious, looking around at the golden armour generals, the Dragon Kings of the four seas, and the thousands of shrimp soldiers and crab generals. He pointed at them and shouted angrily.

Shen Xin's righteous and awe inspiring confession shocked everyone present.

It also touched everyone present.

When a man acts, he does not care whether he is right or wrong, whether he is right or wrong, whether he is right or wrong, whether he is successful or not, and whether he is immortal or not.

Dr. Shen deserves to be a great man.

In front of the big husband, the people around the world are so pathetic and ridiculous.

Similarly, these just words also plunged them into the abyss.

Jin Jia's face was gloomy, and the anger in his eyes could not be suppressed.

The Dragon Kings of the four seas all bowed their heads, and they were shocked by such a sharp Shen Xin.

Li Jing straightened his chest. Nezha held his finger tightly. Everyone's eyes fell on the figure.

But before all this was over, Dr. Shen started again.

His jet was not over yet, and his light was still shining.

'Today you can talk about my sin, but I can also ask you about the sin of heaven.

As a general of the West Sea and a God in heaven, that tiger Jiao dared to kill innocent people and harm the people.

You and the Dragon King of the four seas should at least be punished for not being able to supervise and control. '

Dr. Shen is really too bold!

At this moment, countless people are jumping with fear. Is he looking for death?

How dare you question the heaven court and talk about the sin of the heaven court!

As we all know, Tianting will not make mistakes, and only ordinary people will make mistakes.

Power is in the hands of a small number of people, which is an eternal truth.

Jinjia divine general: '

Dr. Shen's courage has been engraved in his bones, and he is even more afraid of death than anyone imagined.

'The Jade Emperor lives in heaven and loves face more than justice and righteousness. When did he investigate the sufferings of the people?

The three realms are all human eating demons. Do you know? '

'Isn't it just a life? Shen Xin has been fearless for a long time. Today, I will speak freely and talk about your crimes in heaven.'

'As the saying goes, since ancient times, no one has died. I believe that death is worth it!'

Dr. Shen then looked up to the sky and laughed.

Is death terrible?

It's not terrible!

Who has not died since ancient times?

Dr. Shen's remark here can be regarded as a prediction of his own fate.

What's more, at the moment, it really hit the pain point in the heaven. Dr. Shen doesn't believe that they still want to be punished this time.

Looking at Jin Jia's spirit general, his face turned red and he could not wait to explode.

Dr. Shen: quickly, add a red eye effect to me!

This time I'm going to die. No one can stop me!

Looking at Shen Xin's crazy eyes and his heroic figure, Jin Jia's heart is very sad.

As the judicial justice of the heavenly court, he still agrees with what Shen Xin said.

Today's Tianting is indeed not strictly managed and Demons gather. The jade emperor has never paid attention to all the people in the world. Perhaps the immortals have the idea of immortals.

However, Shen Xin's legal principle is the most heinous crime, and it is difficult to atone for his crime.

Not to mention how rampant he was.

Whether it is provoking the heavenly court or criticizing the Heavenly God, it is enough for him to believe and die countless times.

He did not dare to let Dr. Shen continue. The face of the heavenly court needs to be safeguarded by the God of justice.

In the Chentang pass, countless people who had already left slowly gathered back.

They could see and hear the horrible scene on the tower and the just and awe inspiring words of doctor Shen.

Therefore, in the face of demons and immortals, their bodies were trembling, but they still did not stop returning to Chentang pass.

He wants to live and die with Dr. Shen, and cannot let the hero shed blood and tears.

Everyone was filled with righteous indignation.

'Doctor Shen's figure is still so resolute and great.'

'Doctor Shen is the faith in my heart. He is the true God of heaven and the true sage of the human race!'

'Don't be afraid, Dr. Shen. There are thousands of soldiers and civilians in Chentang pass behind you!'

'We are not afraid of that immortal God. We are willing to live and die with Dr. Shen!'

Dr. Shen's fearlessness of life and death has touched countless people. Just as the saying goes, 'throw a peach at him and return it with a plum.' the people have ideas, and they also have good and evil in their hearts.

Then someone took out his sword and silently gathered behind Dr. Shen.

And those without swords picked up the branches around them.

Even if they didn't grab the branches, they resisted their livestock.

It can be considered as a weapon to swing it out.

They think of their own efforts to help Dr. Shen. Although the human race is very small, it can not be bullied by outsiders!

Not only doctor Shen saw the people who gradually gathered together, but also the golden armor God in the sky.

He is looking down at Chentang pass from above, but his heart is full of shock.

This group of people should be a group of ants in their eyes, which can be easily crushed to death.

But now they dare to hold weapons to face the irresistible danger!

The Jinjia God general was shocked, but there was a trace of anger. After all, mole ants are mole ants.

The heavenly court and the immortals govern the three realms, not the common people.

At this moment, Shen Xin and the people of chentangguan are completely challenging the authority of the gods.

Slowly, Jinjia God looks at Chentang pass with a fierce and bright eyes. He thinks of a good way to kill Shen Xin!

Don't you have a strong tongue? Let's take it seriously. I want to see if you are really as righteous as you said.

The golden armor God will speak coldly:

'Didn't Shen Xin say that he was willing to die for the people?

Today, we need to make a choice, whether to choose our own lives to live in the world, or to choose these ant people! '

If you confess your guilt, I will release them. If you do not die, all the people in Chentang will die because of you.

Choose between the life and death of Shen Xin and the life and death of the people. '

Jinjia God's indifferent voice resounded through the world. At this moment, he still chose to maintain the dignity of the heaven.

As the voice of the golden armour general fell, everyone was shocked and looked at the God in front of them. They felt unbelievable!

This is a sinister and vicious move,

Even incomparable villains.

If Shen Xin was truly righteous, he would choose to commit suicide and save the people.

In this way, Shen Xin will surely die.

If this Shen Xin is hypocritical and allows the people to die and remain indifferent, he will lose the faith of all the people and the protection of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, and it will be even easier to crush him to death.

So no matter how you choose, Shen Xin's final result is death.


Jinjia God shook his head.

Since ancient times, those who have achieved great things do not stick to small things.

Although this method is shameless, it is very useful, isn't it?

So he looked down at Chentang pass proudly and waited silently for Shen Xin's choice

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