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Chapter 119 Meat dumplings hit Shen Xin... (two in one for collection! For reading!)

The sky is high and the clouds are light, the wind is light and the air is cool.

After the departure of the Dragon King of the four seas, the turbulent tide receded again, and the humid Chentang pass began to see the sun again.

Even the sky shows its proper color.

On the morning of a certain day, Chen Tang closed with warm care and ardent hope.

Taibai Jinxing and Li Changgeng, heads of Tianting diplomatic representatives, went to the gods and began a meeting with Dr. Shen. The two sides had a cordial conversation under friendly consultations.

Dr. Shen Xin, the protagonist of the meeting, made an important speech during the conversation.

That is, to refuse, to refuse Tianting's solicitation.

Dr. Shen is fighting to the death at this moment. He has not given up.

Because I still have a chance.

Although Tianting has shown great sincerity to solicit.

However, as long as I refuse without hesitation, do not give the Tianting a chance to regain face, and offend the Jade Emperor, I am afraid I will die.

So Dr. Shen had just finished thinking about it, and before he could speak, Taibai Jinxing seemed to have thought of it in advance. He gambled his death and nodded with a smile:

'Doctor Shen, if you don't think about it well, or don't want to be an official in heaven.

The Tianting will definitely investigate the tiger and Jiao incident and give an explanation to the innocent people. The Tianting will never allow those black sheep to appear. '

Then Taibai Jinxing paused and looked at Shen Xin warmly:

'At the same time, the great Tianzun is also patient. No matter when, the door of the Tianting will always be open to Dr. Shen.'

In a word, Tianting welcomes you.

Tianting also needs you.

And Taibai Jinxing says forever, which is very important.

After all, Tianting is Tianting, the orthodox Lord of the three realms, which is extremely weighty.

Although there is a shortage of talents nowadays, I have never valued a person so much.

After all, even the most ordinary heavenly soldier is at least a national civil servant.

You are an ordinary person who wants to become a God. You have no chance at all.

Although there were many people who belittled Tianting in the flood and famine, those who were qualified to say so were all Jinxian and Dalai.

This grand invitation is a great boon to ordinary people.

Taibai Jinxing was still smiling. Seeing doctor Shen's excitement, he could not say anything that would excite him.

Don't worry, there is a shortage of talents in Tianting. As long as Dr. Shen can come to Tianzun, he will make you a good official.

Li Jing understood Taibai Jinxing's words. He was extremely excited and could not help murmuring.

'Doctor Shen is saved!'

'Doctor Shen is saved!'

The people in Chentang pass also began to cry with joy after hearing the news. This is definitely a happy thing.

What Dr. Shen has done is even more admirable.

Countless soldiers and civilians are silently watching that figure at this moment, which really touched the world.

Even the majestic heavenly court made a compromise under Dr. Shen's just words. He was really speaking for the people and the people.



Fortunately, some people like Dr. Shen came forward to complain about injustice and seek justice.

In the just and unyielding doctor Shen, we can see the hope of Yin Shang and the hope of the people.

With him in the human race, he will not be bullied and treated as a mole.

Under the influence of doctor Shen's fearlessness of life and death, Nezha learned good and evil, learned to be a man, and learned to bear.

I'm no longer that naughty child who doesn't know right from wrong.

Dressed in a red robe and holding a sword, lady Shiji has found her hope in life and the direction of the future.

Li Jing also felt his own mistakes, and learned from doctor Shen that he would not yield to power for justice and that he could give everything for the people.

In short, a seed has been planted in the hearts of countless people. He gradually awakens the faith and persistence in the hearts of the people.

We didn't give up hope. There was Dr. Shen in the world. He seemed to be a guiding light shining on us.

As long as there is Dr. Shen, there is hope in the world.

Seeing the brilliant smiling faces of the people of chentangguan, the eyes of the golden armour general will be narrowed for every minute.

Finally, a touch of cold awn flashed out.

He lost so much face in Chentang pass today that it even affected the Jade Emperor's impression of him.

However, the Jinjia God has no way to kill him. At this moment, Shen Xin can't kill him. The imperial edict of heaven is here, and so is the Taibai Venus.

I don't have the advantage. It's my destiny.

'Shen Xin, Shen Xin, I remember you!'

The Jinjia God will slowly hide his murderous intention in his heart. Although Shen Xin is valued by the great God, he has never forgotten that the face he lost in Chentang pass today will be recovered one day.

'God general, today's matter is over. The emperor ordered me to return to heaven to restore my life.'

Taibai Jinxing smiles at Shen Xin and bows his hand to everyone to say goodbye. His purpose of coming here today has been completed.

As for Shen Xin, I believe there will be a day when he can figure it out.

Then he drove out of Chentang pass slowly with auspicious clouds.

Tianting is too disappointing. Can't we just be a little bit more?

How can we forget it.

You are angry, you are explosive. Shouldn't you do it for the sake of the face of heaven?

Dr. Shen was trying to catch up and ask for an explanation, but he suddenly felt that there seemed to be footsteps behind him.

There was even a hint of wind.


What happened?

At present, the Chentang pass has been sunny after the rain, and there is no wind. Besides, Li Jing is beside him, and there is no chance. Tianxiang is his adopted son, and it is impossible to kill him.

Is it because Shiji wants to cheat on himself!

Thinking of this, Shen Xin sighed, feeling a little bad, and hurriedly thought of countermeasures.

It suddenly occurred to me that the whole Chen Tang was most loyal to me,

As long as he blocks Shiji for a moment at the critical moment, he still has a chance.

Now Shen Xin has put all his hopes on Huang Tianxiang.

I quickly turned back and shouted behind me:

'Where is Tianxiang's son?'

Holding a stick in his hand, Huang Tianxiang immediately replied:

'The child is here.'

After that, in someone's astonished and unbelievable eyes, he did not hesitate to smash it. Poor doctor Shen failed to succeed.


Looking at the back of Taibai Venus leaving, Jinjia God will move in his heart.

I immediately felt a little strange.

No, no!

As a matter of fact, since it is the great God who sent his lower bound to ask Shen Xin to grant him an official, he has to work hard anyway.

Now, how can Shen Xin leave with a word of evasion? How can he return to heaven?

Jinjia God will vaguely feel that there is a problem.

Is there anything else

The golden armour God will immediately catch up in the direction of Taibai Venus.

Sure enough.

Taibai Jinxing is holding a dust brush, smiling and waiting for the arrival of Jinjia God general.

'It seems that the general is in a bad mood.'

Seeing the people in front of him, Jinjia God narrowed his eyes slightly.

He just stared at the Taibai Venus silently, without opening his mouth.

Because Jinjia God will know that the person in front of him will give him an explanation.

It's not that he trusts too much in Taibai Jinxing, but based on his understanding of the Jade Emperor.

Today's Shen Xin has made such a big impression on Tianting. It would be fine if he chose to join Tianting, but today's Shen Xin does not.

He did not believe that the man in heaven would really be so generous.

Sure enough, Taibai Jinxing suddenly sighed, with a trace of worry on her face:

'Now that the gods have been robbed and the slaughter is imminent, within the three realms of famine,

Both human beings and fairies are being robbed.

Dr. Shen is just a mortal, and he should be the king of the world'

The rest is too white. Venus didn't say it clearly, but it is self-evident.


Jinjia God General frowned. Sure enough, sure enough, things are not as simple as imagined.

He was waiting here, so he carefully probed:

'Does Venus mean to send him to the list?'

Taibai Jinxing: No, I didn't say anything.

He looked at the sky as if he had not heard:

Don't wrong me. I'm too white. Venus is not such a person.

The more white Venus behaves in this way, the more excited the Jinjia God general will be, and even a smile will be slowly outlined at the corners of his mouth.

Well, you are worthy of being your white Venus and your Jade Emperor.

It's really a good idea. Now it's the apocalypse, and the Apocalypse list will come out.

Everyone knows that the purpose of making the list of gods is to recruit people for Tianting. It's not too much for Tianting to appoint one of its own.

What's more, Shen Xin was still helping Yin Shang. It was fate.

This time, as long as he died in the battle of Fengshen, he would not escape the palm of heaven.

You don't want to join Tianting? Sorry, I can't help you. I'll just send you on the list.

When Jinjia heard the destination of Taibai Jinxing, he immediately knew it. He wanted to make a good arrangement and design to send Shen Xin to the list.


I must choose an ugly way to die for you.

Seeing the golden armour general, Taibai Jinxing said another thing with a smile.

'God general, before the great heaven sent me to the lower world, I had an oral instruction.

Princess Yaoji has committed the tiantiao. Although she is pressed under the peach mountain, she has a son and a daughter who are still alive.

Tianzun ordered you to arrest these two evildoers and bring them to justice in accordance with the law of heaven. '

After hearing this, the Jinjia God general immediately solemnly got up and bowed himself to salute. However, he raised his eyebrows as if he wanted to say something, but Taibai Jinxing interrupted him.

'As long as the result, regardless of life, I hope God will not mess things up as he does today.'

'Go quickly. Don't hesitate. The Great Buddha is quietly waiting for the news of the divine general.'


Jin Jia's divine general saluted with fists and did not dare to delay and hurried away.

Taibai Jinxing looks at the leaving figure and shakes the dust. Things have already hinted at this point. I hope Jinjia God will do better.

Shen Xin, my heaven is going to be settled.

When Chen Tang closes, doctor Shen wakes up leisurely in Shiji's arms.

The first thing he woke up was looking for someone.

Looking at the figure of Taibai Jinxing and others who had already disappeared, Dr. Shen was silly.

be gone! Let's go!

I still have a lot to say.

And his head is still a little dizzy.

You may, like, be attacked by someone?

Suddenly Dr Shen remembered the stick!

In an instant, I was furious.

What about the villain Huang Tianxiang? Where's my belt?

I'm going to beat him to death.

However, it is a pity that Huang Tianxiang should have known that he had done something wrong and had already disappeared.

Only Dr. Shen was left to sigh.

Huang Tianxiang, you villain!

And the golden armour God, you pig teammate, pig teammate!

It's not that I don't work hard, but that I'm too incompetent to my friends.

Doctor Shen sighed that if the golden armour general had been more decisive, the grass on my grave would have grown to three meters high.

It's not easy for me to move once, but you let me lose so thoroughly.

'Doctor Shen, you are safe. No one can kill you now.'

Shi Ji stabbed doctor Shen on the way.

Shen Xin: I regret saving you in Qianyuan mountain

One thought away.

I never thought there would be a retribution today.

How could he have lost his wits and saved Shiji, a woman who would bite the hand that feeds her.

Shen Xin carelessly looked at Nezha's smiling face and felt even more hurt.

He, he

It seems that Nezha himself, the adopted son, died successfully.

I don't understand. Nezha is dead. I'm not dead.

I'm even worse than my son in looking for death.

Doctor Shen held Nezha in his arms and began to feel heartache.

Li Jing, Shiji and others certainly do not know the cause of Dr. Shen's heartache.

Instead, he thought with unusual emotion that Dr. Shen was crying with joy and was pitying heaven and people.

All the people in the pass were saved, and doctor Shen was also saved. But he was still worried about the future of the people.

'Doctor Shen, Nezha's death is his atonement for what he did, so this is his final destination.'

'If it were not for you, Nezha would not have died so calmly, and the people of Chentang pass would not have been saved. I'm afraid that Jinjia God would have slaughtered Chentang pass long ago.

So everything today was saved by Dr. Shen's fearlessness. '

Li Jing comforted Dr. Shen silently. The result today is very good. Dr. Shen proved that people are not afraid of immortals with his fearlessness.

Li Jing was very moved.

In his mind, Dr. Shen was a great hero who saved Chentang pass and spoke out for the people of the world.

Shen Xin: I

At this moment, Dr. Shen is a little desperate.

And now there are people more desperate and angry than him.

But in the golden light cave of Qianyuan mountain, immortal Taiyi and Manjusri Guangfa are quietly waiting for the news of Shen Xin's death.

Immortal Taiyi looks confident. He knows that Shen Xin will definitely die in the face of heaven and the Dragon King of the four seas.

What's more, he also blocked the Shiji and Shen Gongbao from the Chentang pass, so he was more casual, laughing and talking with Manjusri in the Qianyuan cave.

I don't know how long it took.

A soul drifted into the golden light cave.

This is Nezha. He is the incarnation of Lingzhu. He borrowed the blood essence, so he has a soul. He also received the instruction of the master before he went to Chentang pass.

Immortal Taiyi shook his head slightly when he saw this. He knew that the cause and effect of the Chentang pass was over, so he took Nezha's soul with him.

After that, he began to calculate what happened to Chen Tang.


Taiyi immortal was shocked. He found that he could not count on Shen Xin at the moment. He only felt the mystery was vague and everything about him was constantly changing.

'How can this be possible? I am a golden immortal. How can I not count the life and death of a mortal!

It's impossible! '

Immortal Taiyi did not believe in evil, but even if he tried countless times, the mystery was still hazy and he could not calculate anything.

I couldn't help feeling embarrassed.

Manjusri looked at his elder martial brother, a little strange.

It is not reasonable to say that I am not a mortal. How can I even calculate his life and death.

So he smiled at immortal Taiyi with disgust:

'Elder martial brother's divination skills, I'm afraid I'm not good at it. I hope you can help me.'

After saying that, Manjusri pinched his fingers with great confidence to calculate.

With my own calculating skills, I will definitely


A moment later.

Immortal Taiyi and Manjusri looked at each other at the same time, and gradually their faces were somewhat solemn.

Finally, it turned into silence.

Manjusri calmly glanced at the direction of Chentang pass and asked suspiciously:

'Elder martial brother, do you think it will...'

'Impossible!' Before Manjusri's words were finished, immortal Taiyi directly interrupted.

'It's impossible, unless this person's strength is stronger than ours, but you and I are Jinxian. Shen Xin is obviously a mortal.

I guess we can't count him. It's because the Apocalypse has been opened and the mystery of heaven has been disturbed by robbery. '

Manjusri hesitated for a moment and nodded, as if he could only explain it this way.

Because of the other result, they dare not think about it and refuse to believe it.

However, although they did not figure out the specific situation, they knew that Shen Xin was not dead. Now it was the turn of Taiyi to have a headache.

He didn't expect Shen Xin to be so difficult to deal with, but he didn't want to do it himself.

Suddenly, Manjusri Guangfa looked at the cuff of immortal Taiyi and asked:

'Elder martial brother, your disciple is very close to Shen Xin. Why don't you let him...'

Before Manjusri finished his words, he was sternly rejected by immortal Taiyi:


Although Taiyi immortal understood Manjusri's thoughts, he shook his head. I was afraid that meat dumplings would hit Shen Xin and never return.

I have only one apprentice.

Taiyi immortal seemed to know that Manjusri was making fun of him, and immediately retorted:

'Why don't you send your disciples?'

'Well, I'm afraid too.'

Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun also shook his head. He had already seen Nezha's story. Shen Xin seemed to have magic.

No matter who comes into contact with him, he seems to have changed.

I have only one precious apprentice, so I can't take any risks.

When they were angry with Shen Xin, they suddenly thought of one thing:

'It is said that elder martial brother Yuding has a new disciple?'

It seems that

They looked at each other for a moment, smiled at each other, and walked out of the cave hand in hand.

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