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Chapter 12 If there is no accident, it should be an accident

Outside the city gate, Lao Huang has indeed arranged for the victims and walked out of the city with the moving team.

what Shen Xin doesn't know is that he has made too much noise today. The Wu men poem was written all over the city almost instantly.

the streets have been noisy for a long time. Many people hurried to the Meridian Gate while talking.

at a roadside stall, diners hold a bowl of salted bean flowers and send them to their mouths happily.

'have you heard that Lord Shen, who is in charge of the Tiantai, cursed the ministers and the foolish king in the imperial court. He is a model of our generation.'

'doctor Shen is really loyal and righteous, which is really the hope of my Shang Dynasty.'

a nearby person interrupted:

'brother, your news is out of date. It is said that Lord Shen just wrote an anti poem at the noon gate. I am afraid he is probably dead at the moment.'

'what! I don't believe Lord Shen will die. I want to see it with my own eyes!'

hearing this, the man couldn't sit still for a moment, and the newly arrived Douhua was no longer fragrant. He went straight there and ran to the noon gate.

the friend beside him sighed and shook his head, looked around for two times, Mo put the Douhua in front of him, smiled and took a breath.

next second, slap the table.


'shopkeeper, how can your bean curd be salty!'

'come on, change it for sweet!'

despite the panic of the store owner, what they said before surprised many people.

also fell into Lao Huang's ears.

at the moment of hearing these news, Lao Huang was stunned and thundered in his head! The noise was loud and the tears were falling.

he understood and finally understood why the young master wanted them to move, not because the young master was ill and crazy.

it's because the young master is protecting people's lives from being implicated.

we misunderstood the young master!

how brave it is to inscribe poems at the Meridian Gate! Young master is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of Yin Shang world. I'm afraid there are no other people in the world.

no, the young master is in trouble. How can we make a living? My old Huang is willing to die with the young master.

Lao Huang pushed aside the grain cart in front of him and shouted frantically, 'fellow villagers, the grain in front of us will be distributed by ourselves. I'm sorry we can't be here.'

Lao Huang then told the Shenfu people about the young master in tears. After hearing this, the people had no trace of any resentment against Shen Xin, and the rest were moved.

the young master asked us to move to save our lives. He is really a good man.

a man immediately worships Shen Xin.

'you guys, the Shen family is very kind to us. Without the protection of the master and the young master, we might have starved to death in the street.

' now the young master is in trouble, how can I leave the young master to live alone? '

' if you have the courage to go with me to the Meridian Gate to save the young master, if you have the courage, please run away. You are no longer a member of the Shen family. '

Lao Huang snapped at the grain cart and looked around.

people were still hesitant, but when they heard Lao Huang's words, they became angry and couldn't swallow them.

I'm afraid, it's impossible.

you can say I'm poor, you can say I'm stupid.

but you can't say I'm not good, you can't say I'm afraid, it's about dignity, and even a man can't bear it.

Lao Tzu is the most courageous, and many people immediately shouted.

'brothers, let me go!'

Lao Huang shouted when he saw the situation. The Shen family quickly threw down their food and ran frantically to the Meridian Gate.

for a moment, there was only food left on the ground at the gate, and there was no sound from the dying victims for a long time.

suddenly, the crowd shouted loudly.

'let's go too. I'd like to die with Dr. Shen.

Yes, without Dr. Shen, we would have starved to death.'

'only with Dr. Shen can we have hope!'

I don't know who shouted. A large number of displaced people became angry and gathered more and more. They began to gather spontaneously at the Meridian Gate.

outside the Meridian Gate, beside the city wall.

discipline was arrogant, held up his sword, and knelt all around.

only Shen Xinhe sets up a flock of chickens and stands proudly and independently.

having suffered from the previous losses, Feng Ji no longer dared to go forward and hide behind to command the imperial army.

but a moment later, he found that the imperial guards did not move, but turned behind them.

looking from a distance, I can see a huge crowd coming from the spacious main road. At a glance, it is full of people.

there are thousands of people in the team, and it seems that they are gathering more and more, so many that they cannot be counted.

we should know that nowadays, the Chaoge people are in dire straits, cruel officials are rampant, and the people are generally oppressed. As a result, victims and refugees emerge in endlessly, almost all over the city.

but it is very rare to gather them all.

the imperial guards' eyes are dignified to patrol many refugees. In the face of such a terrible crowd, it is impossible to pay too much attention.

especially now his majesty wants to punish Shen Xin. At this crucial moment, so many people are definitely not from the right place.

soon, without waiting for discipline to command the leader of the forbidden army, he stood up and shouted, 'the imperial city is an important place. No one is allowed to leave.'

while he was talking, he raised his hand, and the imperial guards beside him turned their knives to prepare for the unexpected crowd

as the weapons flashed, the group of refugees really stopped.

seeing this, the commander of the Imperial Guard breathed a sigh of relief.

at this time, he saw Lao Huang leading the Shen family out. He raised his arms and shouted:

'hold on, young master, here comes the servant!'

Shen Xin stared at Lao Huang incredulously.

if there is no accident at present, it should be an accident.

'my old Huang Sheng is from the Shen family, and death is the ghost of the Shen family. I also have a share of this poem today.

the old servant is willing to die with the young master!'

Shenxin: if you go, don't get hurt by me.

in spite of the obstacles, Lao Huang resolutely rushed through the crowd to the outside of the Meridian Gate Wall, picked up a broken stone and scratched his name on the wall.

after the carving, Lao Huang threw the stone at him and rushed proudly behind Shen Xin, giving him a firm look.

it looks smart and handsome. People are excited to see it.

Lao Huang didn't expect that his crazy behavior immediately infected countless victims.

everyone secretly sighed that the Shen family had such loyal servants, and doctor Shen was very human with his normal face and no fear.

the victims are also human. They know very well who saved them.

without Dr. Shen Xin's righteous act, I'm afraid most people here would not survive the next winter.

so doctor Shen, you can't die!

'we are willing to take responsibility for Lord Shen.'

'we also have a copy of this poem!'

the angry crowd rushed through the barrier of the imperial guards in an instant. They followed Shen Xin's example and engraved their names on the wall.

however, few of the victims can read. If they can't write, they use circle forks instead. Gradually, the whole city wall is covered with paint, and the names of countless people are listed on it.

one eye converged on Shen Xin's direction. His eyes were full of expectation, and all of them held their breath.

Shen Xin, standing in the encirclement of the imperial guards, is confused. He seems to be redundant.

Hey, big brothers of the imperial guards, pay attention to me.

as long as you kill me, they will withdraw.

shenxinmeng grabs an Imperial Guard's arm and sees that the other party impatiently throws him away, then silently hides to the side.

Shen Xin is not convinced of evil. He rushes into a forbidden army again, only to see that he steals a stone and finds an invisible corner to engrave his name quickly.

I am special. Shen Xin's mentality has collapsed.

now he wants to shout loudly and tell Fengji that there is a traitor among you...

but seeing the situation in front of him, Shen Xin has no choice but to close his eyes and forget about the destruction. He is tired!

just as Shen Xin closed his eyes, he suddenly felt that he could clearly perceive the emotions of all the people around him. As soon as the idea arose, it was out of control.

it is the emotion of the Chaoge people, who have the joy, gratitude and anger to look forward to the future.

Shen Xin is immersed in the ocean of emotion, and gradually sympathizes with his feelings. A belief rises from his heart.

Shen Xin, who was immersed in a strange atmosphere, did not find any danger around him.

Fengji approaches slowly with his imperial sword in his hand. He looks at Shen Xin and closes his eyes strangely. Suddenly, he finds that this is a great opportunity and rushes forward trembling.

he held the imperial sword high above his head and shouted:

'Shen Xin, the rebel, died!'

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