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Chapter 122 The third prince borrowed the lotus to return the flesh (two in one, please collect! Please read!)

It's not strange that a cloud comes from the sky.

it is not surprising that two Taoists come out of the clouds.

it is not surprising that the two people walk into the camp hand in hand.

as we all know, good friends want to go together.

well, that's right...

but Dr. Shen is looking at this familiar person with a critical eye, and he can't help but show a little doubt.

according to theory, this Taiyi immortal should tell Nezha to build a temple and receive incense from the world.

after three years, Nezha became his Shinto with the power of incense and fire. Nezha can be resurrected again. Why are you here at Chentang pass.

did you come to kill me?

Shen Xin thought but shook his head.

but now the Taiyi immortal has no intention to kill people.

is that because of Nezha?

this time, Shen Xin guessed right.

the Taiyi immortal looked at his direction and snorted coldly, then turned his head.

the enemy of seizing the disciples is mortal. In addition to the Qianyuan mountain incident, immortal Taiyi certainly cannot give Shen Xin a good face.

on the contrary, Li Jing, who is standing between them, is somewhat confused.

however, he didn't think much. After all, Dr. Shen could never have any grudges with a monk of Jinxian level. He hurried forward to salute him and said:

'real man, God. This is Dr. Shen, the adoptive father of Nezha, and a good official who serves the country and the people.'

Li Jing is very familiar with them because they have one thing in common: they are both masters of their sons.

we are also people of the same path.

in the face of Li Jing's introduction, Shen Xin shook his head. He didn't need to pay attention to such arrogant people as immortal Taiyi. He just casually said:

'General Li, don't introduce me. We have known each other for a long time. Thanks to the blessing of immortal, I almost died in Qianyuan mountain.'

Yes, it's almost.

it's a pity.

Shen Xin sighed.

Shen Xin's casual words startled Li Jing, and his color changed instantly.

what's the matter?

what happened?

how can I not know this!

Li Jing thought for a long time, but he didn't think of any grudges between them?

besides, doctor Shen is so kind. How can a modest gentleman offend immortal Taiyi? There must be a misunderstanding.

Li Jing thought of it decisively.

'all misunderstandings should be misunderstandings. The real person is a golden immortal who has won the Tao. He will never be difficult to others.

Dr. Shen is a modest gentleman, and it is impossible to offend the real person.'

it's good that Li Jing didn't say that. When he said that Taiyi's face turned pig liver, the whole camp became colder.

Li Jing, I feel that you are connoting me!

and he Shen Xin can be a modest gentleman?

I, immortal Taiyi, was the first to disagree!

in fact, Li Jing, as a staunch fan, is on Dr. Shen's side.

at present, he is also saying this for Shen Xinhao. He is afraid that he will offend such powerful Jinxian and wants to mediate.

but now it seems that it is somewhat counterproductive.

in the end, I had to stop quickly and wanted to speak, but I opened my mouth and held it back for fear that the scene would become uncontrollable.

in front of him, immortal Taiyi just stared at Shen Xin, but he did not get angry. Instead, he said in a subtle way:

'General Li, I dare to come here today because of Nezha. I have a way to save Nezha.'


the words of immortal Taiyi instantly aroused Li Jing's hope. He always felt that he owed a lot to Nezha.

especially after being educated by Dr. Shen, he felt ashamed that he did not do a good job as a father..

now Taiyi immortal said that he could save Nezha. Li Jing was of course excited. He hurriedly dispersed the generals in the tent and shouted:

'please save my son Nezha's life.'

then he fell to the ground and could not stand.

immortal Taiyi picked up Li Jing and released Nezha's soul. He spoke in a complicated way.

'there are ways to save Nezha, but the price is very high. I'm afraid someone won't do it.'

after that, immortal Taiyi looks at Shen Xin.

what Taiyi immortal said was very serious. Everyone in the audience kept silent.

because they don't know how much the price is. What if it endangers Dr. Shen's life.

'Oh? What do I need to do?' Shen Xin was surprised.

Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun looked at it carefully.

immortal Taiyi said coldly:

'to resurrect Nezha, you need the strength of all living beings.'

the power of all living beings can also be said to be the belief of the people and the thinking of the people.

it can avoid all evils and communicate with the world.

it is necessary to know that those who can possess this power are all contemporary sages. Only when they are truly respected by the people and infected with all living beings can they be united.

it can be seen that it is extremely difficult to condense even a gold immortal like Taiyi.

immortal Taiyi sneered again when he saw that everyone was subdued:

'Shen Xin, are you willing to give up for Nezha? You need to know that the strength of all living beings is hard to come by. It's a great blessing to have a trace on you.'

'it can protect your life.'

oh? I see. Before Shen Xin spoke, Nezha stopped him.

'no! My adoptive father doesn't want it!'

although his soul is weak, he also knows how rare and important the power of all living beings in master's mouth is.

he didn't want his adoptive father to pay such a high price to save him, because it was not worth it, and even the power of all creatures might save his father's life at a critical time.

so Nezha hurriedly begged Taiyi immortal:

'master, I know you must have other ways. Nezha does not want the power of all living beings, nor does he want his adoptive father.'

Taiyi immortal heard Nezha's words, and his face turned black. The disciple deleted the number and received a new one. Is it right?

however, facing Nezha, he looked forward and sighed.

originally Taiyi immortal had paved the way for Nezha's death.

escape through death and become a Shinto by the power of incense. But now there is a slight change.

although the Shinto can gather the power of incense and fire for cultivation, it can also move mountains and seas to the deep.

but their own strength is also related to the incense. The more the incense is, the stronger their strength will be. If the temples can be spread all over the wasteland and make countless people believe, even the saints in that world can not bear you.

however, there is an obvious drawback in this way. It is extremely difficult to gather incense, but it is extremely easy to destroy it. Once the incense is lost, the strength of oneself will be greatly reduced.

what's more, the temple is also the death place of the people in the Shinto. If it is destroyed, the cultivation will be lost, and the spirit will be affected.

the incense in the temple is not as unrestrained as the immortal.

therefore, if it were not for helplessness, immortal Taiyi did not want Nezha to go this far.

however, after seeing Shen Xin, immortal Taiyi suddenly felt that things had changed.

so he came to Chentang pass and wanted to have a try.

because he felt that there would be something he wanted in Shen Xin's body, which could enable Nezha to condense his body again and achieve immortality.

is Shen Xin willing to give up? Is the strength of all living beings on him enough for Nezha to condense his body?

immortal Taiyi was not sure. Just as he was deep in thought, he suddenly heard Shen Xin's words:

'the power of all living beings, is that what you said?'

'but I only have a little.'

Shen Xin frowns. It seems that he really has the power of all beings.

and there is a trace.

because it was too little, he never paid attention to it, so he kept holding back and didn't release it.

if Nezha needs it today, he will not hide it.

'a little? Unfortunately, I'm afraid this is only enough for Nezha to stabilize the spirit.'

Taiyi didn't have much hope and didn't pay attention, but the next second he suddenly frowned.

Shen Xinmeng looked up and stepped forward, then a dazzling white light flashed over his head.


the white awn is getting more and more prosperous. It is like breaking the dark sunrise, like the light shining in chaos.

what is condensed in this light is not the strength of Shen Xin, but the strength of all living beings and the unyielding will of countless people.

the strong light shocked Taiyi immortal, Li Jing and the whole Chentang pass.

'are these enough? If not, I'm gone...'

Shen Xin's voice just fell, and the whole military camp was momentarily quiet.

'Damn it!'

'does this fucking cry a little in your mouth?'

congratulations on redefining a little bit of the concept.

damn it! Damn it! This kind of person is too annoying.

things that ordinary people can't have in their whole life seem to be wholesale here, and they are disgusted by the way they look.

damn it, now Taiyi immortal and Manjusri wish they could kill the little people in front of them.

at the same time, Huang Tianxiang and Nezha's eyes were shining, and they looked forward with reverence.

Li Jing is secretly shocked. Doctor Shen is really a sage in the world.

with him, the people in this world will surely have new hope.

that's all. I'll help Dr. Shen calm down beichong even if I put all my efforts into it this time. I'm sure I'll save his life.

because he is the hope of the world.

if Dr. Shen knew what Li Jing was thinking at the moment, he would surely knock him down with one blow, and let him see what a fist like a casserole.

even immortal Taiyi and Manjusri looked at each other, showing their uneasiness.

this son is really a great disaster in Xiqi. We must not let him live long in the world. We should send him to the list early.

Dr. Shen really doesn't know that the little breath on him is so powerful in others' eyes.

because this thing is really useless to him.

of course, the lower your strength, the better. Otherwise, how can you be listed.

for the Versailles people in front of me, Taiyi doesn't want to say anything. It's better to do what he says. Just see how I put you on the list.

so he calmed down and prepared to help Nezha rebuild his body.

and Taiyi immortal is not willing to be outdone when he sees Shen Xin's powerful power.

in order to show his strength, slowly take out the five colored lotus from his sleeve. He needs to increase the size, and he needs to roll it inside.

lotus is a noble thing. It is not ordinary in the West or in Taoism.

all kinds of lotus magic weapons are incomparably powerful, such as the twelve Golden Lotus and green lotus.

immortal Taiyi slowly put the lotus leaf and lotus on the ground.

then, the flower is divided into three parts, and the lotus leaf stem is folded into three hundred bone nodes. The three lotus leaves are placed according to heaven, earth and people.

shape the body with lotus, shape the body with Qi and blood, and shape the soul with the mind of all living beings.

now Nezha's soul has entered.

Shen Xin didn't hesitate when he saw this. He slowly poured the mind of all living beings into Nezha's body.

after Nezha's soul entered the body, he began to feel the surroundings slowly.

as the power of all living beings in Shen Xin fell into his body, Nezha only felt something hot flowing in.

Nezha felt very comfortable at first, but behind him he felt that this force was too strong and he was going to expand.

quickly opened his mouth and shouted:

'adoptive father, no, no more.'


shouldn't the more the better?

Nezha, don't be afraid. There are many adoptive fathers here. You can persist.

with Shen Xin's insistence, Nezha lay flat, and his adoptive father's love could not bear it.

of course, immortal Taiyi seems to be holding his breath. His magic power is constantly playing out, and he forcibly injects his own magic power into Nezha's body.

then the Dharma uses the innate and nine turns of Qi to hold Nezha's soul. He exclaimed:

'Nezha is not a human being. When will he wait?'

there was only a sound, and a man jumped up. His face was as white as powder, his lips as red, his eyes were shining, and his body was 16 feet long. This was Nezha's new Lotus incarnation.

this incarnation is not only able to cultivate immortals and become Taoists, but also because of the power of all living beings and the protection of lotus flowers in Wulian pond, it is not afraid of demons and even poisons.

Nezha was so happy that he immediately bowed down to the three fathers in front of him.

'thank you for your father's help. Nezha has nothing to repay. Please accept my three respects.'

the people didn't refuse. After accepting Nezha's worship, Shen Xin lifted Nezha's solemn mouth and said:

'Nezha, you can't be so naughty and arrogant in the future. You should have more justice and kindness in your heart, and never learn from someone!'


who is someone?

immortal Taiyi: he called Shen Xin first!!


immortal Taiyi angrily walked to the outside of the tent and said:

'Nezha, now you have been reborn. Be a good student and come back to the mountain with me to cultivate. In the future, Fengming Qishan will help Zhou attack Zhou!'

immortal Taiyi was angry. He bited the words 'help Zhou to attack Zhou' very hard, obviously targeting someone.

facing the target, Shen Xin of course didn't care. Instead, he comforted Nezha:

'you don't have to worry about me. You and I are the masters of our own affairs. When we meet on the battlefield in the future, we don't have to be merciful to our father.'

'no! My adoptive father!' Nezha immediately turned pale and his eyes showed anxiety.

'don't refuse first. On the battlefield, there is no matter of life or death. As long as you have good intentions, people in mind, and justice, your adoptive father will be at ease.'

'but...' Nezha wanted to say something, but he was still interrupted by Shen Xin.

seeing his adoptive father's eyes so firm, Nezha felt that his adoptive father was really a sage.

I know your adoptive father is trying not to make Nezha difficult.

Yes, he really can't choose to be a master and an adoptive father, but now he knows.

don't worry, adoptive father, because Nezha is not the kind of person who knows how to repay his kindness.

my adoptive father will not suffer any damage on the battlefield in the future.

thinking of this, Nezha immediately knelt on the ground and carefully glanced at the master behind him.

rubbed and rubbed like a thief. After a while, he finally rubbed out an object the size of a bean.

put it in Shen Xin's hand secretly.

Shen Xin:??

what is it?

Oh, it is a lotus seed. Fortunately, it is not a strange object.

since it is the item of the adopted son, take it.

Shen Xin didn't care about it.

Nezha's small movements, how could Taiyi immortal not know? He stumbled and his face became darker when he left.

kept muttering.

'evil barrier! Evil barrier!'

looking aside, Manjusri Guangfa Tianzun smiled at the corner of his mouth and said in a low voice:

'elder martial brother, you have lost this time. Your colorful lotus seed is a person who can live and die. It's white bone. Originally you wanted to leave it to Nezha to protect his life, but now it has been sent out.'

'Alas, the apprentice is too old to stay.'

Manjusri's subtle expression once again gave Taiyi a critical blow.

then the black on his face increased by one degree again, and then quickly disappeared.

Manjusri slowly followed behind, smiling, and then he carelessly looked at Shen Xin.

suddenly couldn't laugh, and his eyes were momentarily solemn, revealing a sense of crisis.

he decided to hurry back to his house and tell his disciples to stay away from a bad man named Shen Xin!

at this moment, Nezha did not know the master's mood. After worshipping Li Jing, he was saying goodbye to Huang Tianxiang:

'brother, you should better protect your adoptive father. If there is anything you can't solve, come to me.

if anyone bullies you, you can tell me my name.'

Nezha reached out his hand and touched Huang Tianxiang's bald head. He looked like a big man and began to tell him.

then the next second, before Huang Tianxiang's long gun, he jumped out of the tent and shouted:

'Brother, accept your fate. You can't beat me now.' Nezha shook the heaven and earth circle and the mixed sky silk in his hand.

angry Huang Tianxiang, trembling in his hands, shouted angrily:

'Nezha, you're a brother, and you're cheating too much. I'll fight you alone. Dare you not use magic weapons!'

Nezha smiled and picked his finger:

'well, I'll fight you now. That's bullying you.'

'I'll wait for you for three years. After three years, you and I will compete to win or lose. The winner will be my brother and the loser will be my brother. How about that?'

Huang Tianxiang holds a long gun in his hand, his face flushed, and he clenched his teeth and promised:

'OK, just three years. After three years, I will beat you to call you brother!'

Nezha buttoned his nose with his finger and said with disdain:

'hum, everyone can brag.'

'speak well first, and never repent after losing!'

with that, he stretched out his hand.

Huang Tianxiang became more angry when he saw this, and at the same time he stretched out his hand and beat it out.


palms intersect.

'never repent!'

when Nezha left, doctor Shen was relieved. He was afraid that Nezha would save him accidentally.

however, he should have no chance. This trip to beichong is the day when Shen Xin was listed.

just as Shen Xin was thinking about the plan to be listed, a soldier's report came out of the tent:

'tell the general, tell the doctor, 100 elite cavalry are ready to start at any time!'

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