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Chapter 125 Handsome people have to die! (two in one)

The flower path has never been swept by a guest, and the forest has been opened for you ever since.

The black forest is very dark.

All the branches and leaves inside are black.

Even if there is faint sunlight, it will be absorbed by the black in the forest.

In addition, the ground is full of dilapidated and unbearable, which makes people feel more mysterious.

In such an alien atmosphere, a white fox gradually intruded into the picture.

On the fox's back sat an independent young man.

He is handsome, strangely handsome and handsome.

Every step seems to be natural and unrestrained, without taking away a trace of dust.

Even if there are any monsters and ghosts in the forest, I'm afraid the first idea is to silently appreciate the handsome face and forget your destination.

The most important thing is that his speed is still very fast, too fast to be fuzzy.

Shen Xin lay on the fox's body and slowly felt the cold wind beside him.

He recently found that the fox seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

Even that bad luck was more terrifying.

It seems to have been upgraded. Originally, I was unlucky and the people around me were unlucky, but it was harmless and at most I was in a mess.

But now the situation is that bad luck seems to have learned to accumulate, as if it is brewing a big trick.

You may randomly choose one unlucky egg in the range.

Shen Xin asked the fox, and the answer he gave was that he might be very close to the demon clan.

Shen Xin nodded. I see, so Shen Xin backhanded the fox in front of him and put it on the danger list.

The kind that needs special precautions.

Considering that it will become stronger and stronger in the future, Dr. Shen decided to find an opportunity to return the fox to Daji in the future.

Minimize the protection around you.

After making up his mind, Shen Xin finally had a chance to look at the forest ahead.

Although it looks very dark here, there is no danger at all.

I don't know where Huang Tianxiang's strange premonition came from.

Good. It seems safe here.

But I just don't want to follow the normal path. I have to create my own danger without danger. Shen Xin smiled.

Although there was no enemy behind him, he still had to act like a little to train the soldiers behind him how to escape.

He patted the fox's buttocks, provoked a groan of discontent, and then made a full sprint.


The little fox with a 36 cylinder engine runs at full speed, and it only takes 0.01 second to accelerate 100 kilometers.

The leaves around are flying wildly, and even the air is buzzing. It's almost flying.

If Shen Xin had decisively exceeded the speed limit in a previous life, it's a pity that there was no traffic police.

Just as Shen Xin was about to take off, he found something wrong ahead.

There seems to be a faint and strange figure in the forest.

There was nothing wrong with people in the forest, and it was no surprise that there were demons, but at that moment.

Outside this shadow, a faint blue light suddenly burst out, and the momentum around was getting stronger and stronger.

Shen Xin has seen this kind of light.

This is someone exercising magic power.

Normally, no matter what kind of skill is, the longer the power is accumulated, the more brilliant the light is, the more powerful it will be.

Especially for those who need to chant and prepare for a long time, they will be earth shaking when they are put into practice.

According to the current situation, it should be a large demon in shape. He was preparing some powerful spells and used all his strength to strike.

At the moment when Shen Xin thought, the big demon was already holding the blue light in his hand, and then he rose to the sky.

Resolutely blocked in the middle of the road.

His goal is precisely Shen Xin.

How horrible!

As the commander of shrimp troops in the West Sea, Xia Qi is the right-hand man of tiger Jiao and often collaborates with him.

Recently, his boss tiger Jiao died. He was shot to death by an arrow because he killed people.

It even caused the aquarium to panic, and the Dragon King of the four seas was angry. The water flooded the Chentang pass.

Such a big thing happened. Under normal circumstances, he should hide as an accomplice.

No, he won't.

Because tiger Jiao is dead, he thinks he can do it. I, shrimp seven, should also be a general.

However, who knows that the Dragon King of the West Sea trusts qingjiao, who has no complete hair. Such a young man dares to shit on him and command himself.

This could not help but make him angry.

But the situation is stronger than people. In the world of demon clan, the strength is greater than everything.

Although he was unwilling, he was ready to lead his troops to beichong in the face of the threat to his life.

Because I can kill people.

Xiaqi is ready to vent his anger at qingjiao on the human race.

He is cruel and murderous, especially fond of killing people. Watching the life slowly dissipate from his hands, shrimp seven will be extremely excited.

But no matter how many people he killed, he never felt that what he did was wrong.

Isn't killing just for fun?

And with one move of magic, they were blasted into cinders. This feeling is too happy.

Every time he kills Peng Qi, he has to use his most powerful magic, because he likes to do his best and never reserves his strength.

In his dictionary, bad people can't talk nonsense. They must be resolute in killing people, otherwise there will be accidents.

How many of the predecessors of the Hai nationality had an absolute advantage in the early stage, but they were killed by human blood because they talked too much.

This kind of arrogance is absolutely unacceptable.

Just because he learned to be resolute and ruthless, Xiaqi was able to kill many elders who were stronger than him and firmly occupy the position of leader of the shrimp family.

Now, even if he is facing an ordinary mortal, he does not hesitate to open a big move, go all out, and do not give the other party any chance to live.

The people in front of him were his appetizers. After a long time of choosing shrimp, he finally chose the person who was the leader of the white fox.

There's no special reason. It's because he's so handsome that handsome people will die.

Looking at his ignorant expression, I'm afraid I can't count myself dead at all.

It's just a group of ordinary human beings. It doesn't affect his killing. In front of all strength, all resistance is futile.

Shrimps hold the water of the West Sea in one hand and carry it behind them with the other hand.

The momentum on my body is towering, just like the God of heaven.

Countless waters of the West Sea gathered in my hands, and the rumbling sound resounded through the sky.

At this moment, his figure becomes incomparably grand, and he is the last to kill.


I hold the water of the West Sea in my hand and carry the peerless Dharma. At this moment, I am peerless in the world.

No one can live under the disappearance of this sea water, and all people must die.

Looking at Shen Xin and the cavalry behind him who are getting closer and closer in front of him, Xia Qi's hands are slightly turned, and the corners of his mouth are already cocked up.

He had thought of the people struggling and being crushed in the sea.

Death blooms in the slaughter.

There is nothing happier than killing people.


At this moment, Shen Xin is in a hurry. The speed of the fox under him has just soared to the extreme. Before he could see the movements of the people in front of him, he collided with the shrimp seven.


The two men collided.

Shrimp seven's hands moved slightly, and then he suddenly raised his head and opened his eyes. Then he saw a white figure, and suddenly stepped on his face.

Then, the demon force gathered in the hands of shrimp seven and the water of the West Sea were in a state of chaos, as if they were out of order, and they could not lift any magic power.

The four snow-white claws stepped into the ground without hesitation. When Shen Xin passed quickly, he had disappeared.

Shen Xin frowned. Eh? I seem to have hit something?

But because he is too fast.

He felt as if he was pressed against a stone. Although it didn't have much impact on him, he felt bumpy.

Shen Xin slowly slowed down, then looked back and saw nothing!

But just now he clearly felt that someone on the road was exerting powerful skills, and he even bumped into it.

As a result, the other person disappeared.

Ah, is it true that my eyes are dazzled and I was hallucinating just now?

Shen Xinyi grabbed the fox tail under him and asked:

'Xiaobai, did you see something that stepped on your feet just now?'

'Did we bump into someone?'

The little fox stopped, looked up and thought for a long time. Just now, he was only happy and didn't pay attention. He could only mumble back.

'I don't think so. I just feel like I stepped on a stone.

It's quite hard. I wasted a lot of effort to step on it'

I see. Shen Xin breathed a sigh of relief. I wish I hadn't stepped on anyone.

It seems that the guy who wielded the magic power has gone, so I don't know why he did it.

After thinking about it, Shen Xin had to come to the conclusion that this man was a great demon in the hidden world. He was seen by others because of his cultivation of martial arts.

However, after seeing his appearance, he felt ashamed and did not come out to meet him.

This must be the case.

These monsters have changed one by one in strange shapes. They must be very confident.

Alas, poor thing.

Shen Xin Ran again on the fox. This time he slowed down.

I was so fast that I almost had an accident. I didn't react.

We must be careful in the future.

Never allow it to happen again. It doesn't matter if you hurt yourself.

If you accidentally kill someone, you'll be guilty.

At the thought of this, Shen Xin could not help feeling afraid. He even taught the fox.

'Xiaobai, you still need to practice your skills. We almost overturned.'

The little fox curled his mouth and rolled his eyes.


You can blame me for this. Aren't you in charge of the direction? The speed is according to your requirements. '


Shen Xin knew he was wrong and quickly changed the topic.

Patting the fox under him, he slowed down and waited for Huang Tianxiang and others.

Save me! Save me! help!

help me!

Who can help me!

Shrimp seven struggled to emerge from the ground.

For the first time, he felt flustered, and the shock in his eyes was simply extreme.

Darkness, terror, oppression, and then a weak dizziness hit him.

Then there was a sharp pain, and the whole body seemed to be crushed.

It seems to have broken several sections.

The most important thing was that the magic power of his whole body seemed to have been reversed. He did not listen to his command and ran around in his body.

It seems that this is what people say: the magic power does not work smoothly and is possessed by evil!

How is that possible? How is that possible?

How can he be so unlucky? He has never missed this skill for so many years!

But now his body was damaged and his demon power was out of control, which made him gradually despair.

If we don't find a solution, we may die underground.


This result is simply unacceptable to shrimp seven.

How could I die!

I'm the leader of the shrimp clan in the West Sea. I hold the water of the West Sea in my hands and have a Dharma behind me.

In all these years, no one has ever let me fall into such a situation.

Shrimp seven really didn't expect such a result.

When that horrible figure fell on him riding a fox, he had no room to resist.

The water of the four seas on his hand unexpectedly went wrong, and the demon force was eaten back.

Why? Why? Your luck will be so bad.

If it were a few seconds later, the outcome would be different.

Shrimp seven is extremely unwilling. He is trying to recall the scene at that time. How could such a thing happen.

A moment later, in his scattered memory, he seemed to see the fuzzy face of the man on the fox.


I feel so familiar!

Suddenly, the mind of Xiaqi burst.

There was a great terror between life and death, and he suddenly woke up.

Those handsome faces are getting clearer and clearer.

It's him! It's him! It was him!

Alone, he retreated 100000 aquariums, shot General Hu Jiao, and angrily denounced the God of heaven.

Meet this horrible existence.

I, I die unjustly.

Shrimp seven fiercely spit out a mouthful of blood, and the demon force in his body is still raging, destroying his body bit by bit.


Pang Qi kept looking at the earth above his head, and his heart was already in despair.

Now he really felt that his death was coming. No wonder that man did not hesitate to face himself and rushed forward.

Maybe all his actions were expected from the beginning to the end, and the other party didn't care at all.

I'm afraid even my strongest means can be easily broken.

People who really dare to challenge the heaven seem to be watching ants.

There is no comparability between the two.

How can an ant shake a tree? How can a mantis arm be a cart!

Therefore, the man did not move to avoid, nor did he hesitate to leave.

It is only because of the existence of such terror that I went to Beidi and why I met him.

General Hu Jiao died in his hands, and I also died in his hands. Is this life?

What a pity! What a pity!

I can't take the aquarium army to slaughter the Chongcheng anymore, nor can I enjoy the pleasure of killing.

What can I do now when I encounter such horrible existence?


There's a problem!

Qingjiao, this is all the fault of the evil thief qingjiao.

It is even possible that he arranged all this.

I was wrong in the beginning.

If I didn't promise him to meet here, how could I come to the black forest?

If I don't come to the black forest, how can I want to kill people.

If you don't want to kill, how can you meet that horrible existence.

If I didn't encounter that horrible existence, how could I be in a desperate situation.

So, is it difficult for qingjiao to kill with a knife?

Then he cheated me and other aquatic people to Xiqi, trying to kill me and take over the military power of our shrimp people?

Shrimp seven knew that qingjiao had been dissatisfied with him, and even showed his intention to kill him from time to time.

Good means, qingjiao. You are more vicious than your father.


Shrimp seven looked at the north.

impossible! I can't let you succeed, nor can I let you transfer the slightest bit of the aquarium army.

Shrimp seven decides what to do after this blow.

a moment.

He violently spit out a mouthful of blood from his mouth. The blood slowly wriggled and finally turned into a bloody shrimp.

Shrimp seven attached a thread of his mind. He decided to inform the Dragon King of the four seas and countless Aquariums of the evil things that qingjiao had done to him.

Let them see the ugly face of the villain.

'Qingjiao is dangerous, beichong is dangerous!'

Shrimp seven sent the shrimp to the West Sea, which was his last obsession.

What beichong? I will not let the evil thief qingjiao succeed.

Pang Qi began to laugh.

Finally, they were drowned by the rumbling sound of horses' hoofs.


I seem to hear someone laughing?

Huang Tianxiang fired a gun and immediately stopped, slowly wondering on a small earth bag.

A moment later, he looked carefully again, but found no one at all.

He hurried away with his cavalry again.

The rumbling iron horse rolled up the smoke and instantly leveled the small earth bag under his feet

Shrimp seven pawns.

After passing through the black forest, it is the fiefdom of 200 northern princes, of which beichong is the leader.

Although Shen Xin does not know how the war between Xiqi and Chongcheng has reached.

But as long as we go north, we can catch up.

After all, a large-scale war can not be completed in a few days. In particular, Jiang Ziya has to wait for Chonghou tiger to return from Chaoge. This time will not be short.

Of course, there is another point, that is, they are faster.

Shen Xin and others walked for several days, and they were getting closer and closer to Chongcheng.

Soon the news came from the scouts.

Shen Xin looks at the panic in Zhou Xing's eyes and suddenly feels better.

'What's the matter?'

'Doctor Shen is in an urgent military situation. He found a large number of iron cavalry more than ten miles ahead. It seems that those who come here are not good.'

Zhou Xing looked nervously at the distance, and then carefully suggested.

'Shen... Doctor Shen, let's... Run away quickly!'

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