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Chapter 127 Shen Xin is here. Who dares to fight me to the death

The momentum of terror was as deep as the sea, and all people were afraid to move.

But the next moment an accident happened.



The general in armor touched his body and looked under him. It seemed that there was not a hair missing?

Bah, I can't help but scold, 'it's hard but not strong. It's a silver wax gun head.'

I was startled.

Just now, Shen Xin was under the terrible pressure, but the fear from the bottom of his heart really startled him,

Although the arrow did not hurt, it attracted everyone's attention.

However, it's a pity that everyone didn't pay attention to this matter. Looking at Shen Xin is like looking at a fool.

Because they have never seen a bow without an arrow that can kill people.

This is not a joke. Shen Xin's behavior is like stabbing people with a gun without a gun tip.

There is no threat at all, except for the pain of stabbing people and the cry of discontent.

I don't know where the fool came from. He's cute.

The sergeants think so. They are reading Shen Xin's jokes.

Now it is.

The general holding the medium and long guns was even more disdainful. His eyes were ferocious, his mouth slightly cocked up, and finally he began to laugh.

'Ha ha, you fool, what can you kill without an arrow?'

The power of that arrow almost scared him to urinate, but now it's my turn.

I want his body hung on the tip of the gun to frighten the lowly refugees.

After the general laughed, the gun point with dark red blood had already fallen in front of Shen Xin.

But Shen Xin silently raised his eyes without warning, smiled in his mouth, and said word by word:

'Who says you can't kill people without arrows?'

There is no arrow in the hand but an arrow in the heart. A little righteousness can hurt people.

After hearing this, the general suddenly spat blood, and the long gun in his hand fell heavily on the ground.

He widened his eyes and pointed at Shen Xin, but his mouth was vague:

'You... You...'

His heart was cold.

His blood is cold.

His people are also cold.

The general opened his mouth and then looked at Shen Xin with shocked eyes.

'Can a bow without an arrow really kill people?'


No one could answer because he was dead.

Huang Tianxiang rode his horse and hurried to keep up with Dr. Shen.

He was worried about the safety of his adoptive father.

Those iron riders in front of us are not ordinary people. They are the elite of the elite.

Faced with such soldiers, the adoptive father is too dangerous.

But when he tried hard to get to the battlefield, he saw his adoptive father drawing a bow and shooting arrows there.

There is no fear in the face of thousands of elite iron riders.

But at the moment, Huang Tianxiang did not feel happy because his adoptive father was so powerful. Instead, he showed a bitter smile.

'Adoptive father, adoptive father, you are too aggressive this time.'

'The other side has thousands of cavalry here. If they fight, they can't be stopped.'

'Moreover, he knew that the arrow he had just shot depended on the power of the heaven and earth bow, and that doctor Shen's body would die if it was stabbed.'

What's more, Huang Tianxiang has discovered the origin of this group of troops, and the flag on it has already told him,

This flag is the northern Marquis, Chonghou tiger.

'Adoptive father, don't go any further. They are worshippers.' Huang Tianxiang shouted.

Shen Xin nodded. He knew, but

Instead of paying any attention, he walked slowly towards the driven people.

Shen Xin saw an old man kneeling down. He was beaten to the ground by the arrogant cavalry.

He also saw a girl in rags, who was wantonly teased.

He also saw many children crying in their parents' arms.

At this moment, Shen Xin's body slowly radiated light, and he came to the crowd with the power to kill the general.

He walked proudly, and no one dared to stop him at the moment, because they were afraid.

'Sir, please go quickly. You can't handle this. Don't lose your life in vain.'

The speaker was an old man, dressed in rags, kneeling on the ground, full of scars.

At this moment, he is pulling Shen Xin's clothes, and with despair in his eyes, he shakes his head heavily.

'These soldiers are from beibohou. They are cruel and cruel. You can't control them.

Run away. '

At this time, countless cavalry slowly surrounded Shen Xin.

They were frightened, roaring, and their eyes were cold.

A general died, and he was still in full view of the public. This man dared to break into the army. It was too arrogant.

Someone shouted angrily:

'We are the guards of the northern Marquis!'

'How dare you kill general Chen today! If you want to live, you must surrender quickly, or you will die.'

Countless evil spirits came to Shen Xin, and the people around him fell to the ground in a hurry. Facing the desperate situation, they could not help crying.

But Shen Xin, who was in danger, did not care.

Instead, he slowly lifted the old man up, held his hands, and whispered comforting words:

'Don't worry, you will be all right with me, and no one can take you to resist the Xiqi army.'

Shen Xin held the old man's hand heavily.

He saved these people today, doctor Shen said.

In any case, he can't see Chonghou tiger to do such things that people resent.

Only animals can resist the enemy's sword with innocent people.

Shen Xin's words gave the old man and the people around him a glimmer of light. But when he saw the approaching iron horse and the shining long gun.

Everyone was in despair.

Because this is impossible.

How can we fight against these thousands of elite cavalry by ourselves.

Huang Tianxiang is constantly approaching his adoptive father. The enemy in front of him is knocked down by him like chopping melons and vegetables.

All the way, there was no enemy.

At this moment, he also heard the words of his adoptive father, and there was a touch in his heart.

Adoptive father, you are still so kind and righteous, facing the suffering people and ignoring the danger.

But what should you do yourself? Huang Tianxiang was worried.

Sure enough, the next second Shen Xin moved again. Looking at the frightened people around him, he looked at them with grave eyes and shouted:

'Don't worry, I believe that I will take care of things that ordinary people dare not take care of. I believe that I will take care of things that princes dare not take care of.

No matter who he is, because the heaven is brilliant, the world has its own justice! '

As soon as he said this, countless people looked at him with a trace of expectation in their hearts.

At this moment, Dr. Shen's body is shining, as if there is a trace of magic in his words, which makes people trust from the bottom of their hearts.

In contrast, the soldiers around are becoming more angry and provocative, which is a naked provocation.

'Dare to fight against the thief, Ann dare to speak disrespectfully!'


Countless soldiers surrounded and killed the generals. There were only two situations, either the morale was low, the army was scattered, or the mood was excited and the generals were determined to fight to the death.

But Shen Xin is too arrogant to face the three thousand iron cavalry alone.

He only has a long bow in his hand, even if he is strong enough to kill several people.

Besides, you are arrogant. You dare to speak up and want to save these waste people.

The Marquis of our family is behind us. If something like this happens now, we will definitely receive a report.

When the general died, they could not escape punishment. How can Shen Xin be so arrogant.

Only by killing him can we make up for our mistakes.

I don't know who gave a shout.

'Let me kill you!'

Shen Xin didn't hide, but sneered in his heart. No wonder Xiqi has a chance to win the world.

It turned out that the princes of the Shang Dynasty were rotten to the bone.

Treat people like grass and mustard, and people like nothing.

But it's not just Daji who caused chaos in the palace. There are countless crimes in the world.

Huang Feihu, Bigan, Li Jing and others whom Shen Xin contacted before are still officials who work. But when he came to Chonghou Hu, he really saw what it means to accumulate evils and brutalize the people.

Even when beichong lived or died, the Xiqi army was outside the city, and he thought of such a vicious strategy.

Shen Xin also understood why Xiqi attacked Chongcheng so smoothly.

Countless people are excited to welcome them because they are famous for their starting.

Obey the people.

It is precisely the saying that those who win the hearts of the people win the world.

Today, the Yin and Shang Dynasties are besieged on all sides. The eastern Marquis Jiang Wenhuan and the southern Marquis Eshun have turned against each other.

Today, the northern and western regions have become shaky.

As soon as beichong was lost, the Yin and Shang Dynasties became four battlefields and were exhausted to cope with it.

At present, the Shang Dynasty seems to be strong, but in fact it is extremely ill. The general situation of Xiqi is irresistible.

The people have become numb. They can not resist the tyranny.

Under the rule of Chonghou tiger, white bones were exposed in the wild, and there was no cock crowing for thousands of miles.

People are regarded as slaves and prisoners, and the world is regarded as private property. They are greedy and greedy and collect wealth, and they are arbitrary.

He is only greedy for money and enjoyment, and does not treat the people as people. Perhaps a fatuous emperor would like such a servant, but he is harmful to the country and the people.

With such people in the Shang Dynasty, how could they bring people to live and work in peace and contentment?

Shen Xin frowned at the iron horse and the people around him.

Now, if I want to save everyone, I can't do it with the heaven and earth bow in my hand, nor can Huang Tianxiang behind me.

The only way to save everyone is to die and become holy.

Only in this way can I gain the strength to suppress these people.

At the thought of this, Shen Xin glared at his eyes fiercely, his body was full of righteousness, and he angrily shouted:

'Shen Xin is here. Who dares to fight me to the death!'

As soon as this sound came out, it was like a giant thunder, and the world resonated. All the soldiers around heard it, and they all shuddered.

Countless people were frightened to stand up, and dared not approach them.

Shen Xin:??

Shen Xin was surprised to see that the cavalry on the opposite side was not moving. He felt that the other side might not have responded.

Don't panic.

I'll give you another chance, so Shen Xin summoned up his strength again and shouted:

'Shen Xin is here. Who dares to fight me to the death!'

Seeing signs of movement, Shen Xin quickly showed excitement in his eyes, holding a bow and drinking:

'Why not fight and retreat and not retreat?' The shouting was not stopped. Several cavalry soldiers were so frightened that they broke their livers and fell into the horse.



Plop! Plop!

In an instant, there were several horses that had fallen off.


The crowd looked around and saw the tragedy of their teammates.

This is simply divine power. How can a god stop it in the world.

That's not a person, but an immortal.

At last, the generals did not care to kill any more. They hurriedly ran after looking at each other.

Huang Tianxiang rushed to doctor Shen's side at this moment. His face was red and his mind seemed to have changed greatly.

The adoptive father is too strong.

I am really a God and a man.

Similarly, Dr. Shen's feat was reported in later generations, and some people praised it:

Outside Chongcheng, there is a murderous spirit. Holding a bow, he immediately opened his eyes. With a sound like a thunderclap, one million soldiers of Chonghou retreated alone.

Shen Xin's voice not only shocked countless people, but also spread far.

Behind the three thousand iron riders, a large and luxurious carriage slowly followed. After hearing Shen Xin's angry shouts, the horses pulling the cart were immediately confused and fell to the ground.

And the carriage was almost overturned, which attracted several women's calls.

'What happened!'

Chonghou Hu's face was solemn and his heart was tight. He could not help looking forward and drinking.

With the anger of Chonghou tiger, a guard immediately reported:

'Lord Marquis, I met an anti thief on the way when the army was moving forward.

The anti thief is extremely arrogant. He not only killed General Chen, but also talked wildly. Now he is being arrested! '


Chonghou Hu leans against Meiji and plays with her. At last, her eyes flash and she says:

'I'd like to see who dares to be presumptuous in my north. Let's get a horse.'

With a command, Chonghou tiger, holding a long sword, turned over and mounted the horse. As the Lord of Chongcheng, he was also the four major princes.

Chonghou Hu is also in his prime. Although he is decadent, he still has some martial arts accomplishments.

Holding a knife, he immediately became as powerful as a rainbow, so he took the guard alone and stopped the confused cavalry.

I couldn't help but glare and shout: 'now I'm here alone, why should I be afraid!

You are so frightened that you are so confused. Hurry back to the army with me. The evil thief can be captured! '

Chonghou tiger was very aggressive. He cleaned up the remaining soldiers and took the lead.

When he saw the figure standing proudly and looking down at the four sides, he felt somehow familiar.

The people in front of Dr. Shen were desperate.

Now that chongthief comes in person, what should I do.

How did the hero in front of him contend with the Prime Minister of the two hundred northern princes.

Even if the other side wants to kill people, how can we resist in this time of chaos.

Chonghou Hu and other evil thieves can't do it.

Shen Xin is also waiting. Waiting for a dead end.

As long as he dies today, he will fight back against Chonghou tiger.

When Chonghou tiger arrived, the 3000 iron cavalry in front of him seemed to have a backbone.

Facing Shen Xin's momentum, he finally recovered.

I can't help feeling ashamed that my 3000 people were scared by a hairy boy.

What a shame!

What's more, go home and make baskets.

Even now the Marquis is in front of them, and they are extremely ashamed.

Now, it's no doubt that the marquis will die when he comes. Countless people are looking forward to looking ahead. As long as Chonghou tiger gives an order, he will never hesitate again this time.

I will certainly kill the man in front of me.

Chonghou Hu frowned. His angry face turned from blue to white and then from white to red.

He seemed to remember who he was.

He quickly widened his eyes and finally showed a peaceful smile.


What's the matter with the Marquis? He used to kill people without blinking an eye. Now he laughs.

Is it possible that he is abnormal?

The people suddenly looked at Shen Xin with pity.

But the next second was an incredible shock,

Seeing the abnormal marquis in their mouth, they quickly put away their weapons and shouted.

'Dr. Shen! Dr. Shen, are you here? Your majesty is looking for you so hard!'


At this moment, everyone's eyes are full of question marks. I didn't react.

Even the guards beside Chonghou tiger subconsciously shouted 'kill!'.

But just a few seconds after he shouted out, he saw that his Marquis could not wait to rush forward, and then

And then he saluted respectfully.

What the fuck is this?

You are the leader of the 200 northern princes, one of the four major princes.

How can I treat a young man so courteously.

Chonghou Hu doesn't want to, but he doesn't want to annoy the people in front of him, and he can't afford to.

Can you imagine that everyone in Chaoge is talking about one person at this moment?

The most important thing is that every thing Shen Xin does is too big, whether it is scolding King Zhou in the court, or writing poems at the noon gate, or fighting demons outside the Chaoge city.

This fucking thing is not what human beings can do.

Either a madman or a madman, it is not enough for such a person to die ten times or a hundred times.

But he survived and was still alive.

Even when he was not in Chaoge, it was all his legend.

Your majesty will scold him several times when he has a headache, but he still has a smile in his eyes.

It's horrible.

It can be seen that this person has always been deeply in the heart of the emperor.

In addition, when the old master Wen Zhong returned to the court, the identity of Chonghou tiger became more and more embarrassing, for fear of being regarded as a thief by the grand master.

He worshipped Hou Hu for the sake of power and power. He could give gifts to Fei Zhongyou and Hun, the two financial fans, and build the extravagant deer platform for King Zhou.

It's certainly not too much to please Shen Xin, who is the heart of King Zhou.

The most important thing is that now that he hears of Zhong returning to the court, he will surely hold an important position. I'm afraid that even Fei Zhongyou can't compare with him.

If I kill him, your majesty, master Wen, the people and officials all over the world will have to fight with me.

So Chonghou tiger is very important.

However, his actions now have caused a great shock.

Not only the guards present, but also the people, even Shen Xin asked.


Suddenly, some people opened their mouths fiercely and looked unbelievable.

Because I was shocked just now. Although I heard the name, I did not associate it too much.

But now, after calming down, they thought of a man whose surname was Shen, who was also a doctor, who could shock Chonghou Hu so much.

It is said that this man is ten million feet tall, towering, with three heads and eight arms, like an immortal.

This is Shen Xin, doctor Shen.

I see. I see!

Countless people were excited and even shed tears.

'Dr. Shen, Dr. Shen came to save us alone!'

'We are saved.'

'Doctor Shen is a God.'

The old man beside Shen Xin was the most excited. His scalp was numb just now, but he was fortunately deaf and blind.

He was more excited than anyone else.

I quickly shouted:

'I finally met Dr. Shen, who serves the country and the people. He is alive. He has not forgotten us!'

'He's alive!'

Shen Xin: I have a mouth now. I don't know if I should vomit

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