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Chapter 129 Don't fight. You can't kill people like this (two in one)

With the soldier's report, Shen Xin raised his eyes and looked north. However, a professional funeral team came.

the soldiers in front of them, wearing black helmets, black armor and black robes, covered with black faces, hurried to Chonghou tiger with orderly steps.

in that case, it's almost impossible for Chonghou Hu to carry a coffin.

but when I think of his next ending, it's almost the same.

as the flag opened, Shen Xin saw two generals.

one of them has a face like the bottom of a pot, a red beard under his jaw, a flying cloud crown on his head, and a lock armour. He rides a flaming golden eyed beast on his crotch and carries a huge red gourd behind him.

next to him is a small general in Jinjia. His face is slightly gloomy and his expression is slightly arrogant. He is holding a flaming gun.

it is not necessary to think that Shen Xin knows that these two people are chongyingbiao, the son of chongheihu and chonghouhu.

now that the two brothers are together, Chonghou Hu can't help but smile. He hurried forward and said in a loud voice:

'I'm glad that you have come to help me.'

'where, where, big brother joked. I don't know if this is......'

chongheihukou hurriedly declined, but his eyes kept looking at Shen Xin. Obviously, he was somewhat surprised and defensive against strangers.

'second brother, this is doctor Shen, who is famous in Chaoge. You must have heard of his deeds.'

general Chonghou Hu introduced Shen Xin, biting the four words 'famous name' very hard, and the tone also seemed close.

lick, it's hard to lick.

as expected, Chonghou Hu met with Fengshi rudder and was worthy of being a red man under King Zhou.

two of the four great princes died and one was arrested. It is not without reason that only he is alive.

when he heard Shen Xin's name beside him, he worshipped the Black Tiger God and looked at him subconsciously.

fortunately, fortunately, the legendary doctor Shen is just a mortal, without a trace of force.

insufficient is fear, insufficient is fear.

chongheihu slowly breathed a sigh of relief.

on the contrary, Huang Tianxiang beside him attracted the attention of black tiger.

this son is strong and seems to be difficult to deal with.

when chongheihu was thinking about how to deal with it, chongyingbiao beside him showed disapproval.

his family is the head of the 200 princes in the north, and his status is high.

Moreover, as the young master of Chongcheng, CHONGYING Biao was young and took the army in his hand to fight.

now in Beidi, it is not that Chaoge, it is his biggest.

so it's normal for Shen Xin to be arrogant in the face of his lack of accomplishment.

he opened his mouth, raised his eyebrows and pointed to what Shen Xin wanted to say.

eh! Shen Xin's eyes brightened.

good guy, I met a dandy when I came up. Chonghou was soft, but there was his son.

young people are always rebellious and unruly, and their hearts are higher than the sky. It is impossible for them to be as tolerant as their parents.

is it difficult for me to have a chance?

Shen Xin is looking forward to the young man's actions.

but the next second, it was found that CHONGYING Biao did not move, but Chonghou tiger moved.


the sound of falling heavy objects.

Chonghou Hu kicked his son directly and killed his family.


countless soldiers unconsciously looked over.

this mysterious operation puzzled everyone. It was very strong! Don't you understand? Do not know why?

however, I was greatly shocked.

what is the situation!

why did Chonghou suddenly have a wave of Xun Zi? What kind of routine is this?

chongheihu frowned and raised his vigilance to countless levels. Could it be that his plan was discovered by big brother?

is he playing me now?

thought of this, he stepped back carefully for two steps at once,

then said with concern on his face:

'what's the matter with big brother? Why do you beat your nephew?'


Chonghou Hu didn't explain, and went forward to mend his feet.

he knows his son's virtue. In case he offends Dr. Shen by exporting again, the grandson he just pretended to be is not in vain.

in this wave, he directly prepared for the rainy day and took preventive measures. He predicted CHONGYING Biao's prediction.

Chong yingbiao: 'I am special!'

Chonghou Hu looks at his son who is crying on the ground. He can't help but feel happy. Then he secretly looks at Shen Xin's direction from the corner of his eyes.

secret way, my acting skills are invincible.

at the moment, Dr. Shen is kind-hearted. He can't bear to see others beating children. He hurried up to persuade them to fight.

Shen Xin directly drew out a long sword, tenderly handed it to him and said:

'don't fight, Chonghou, don't fight. You can't kill people like this.'

cough! Cough! Cough!

Chonghou tiger almost coughed. Facing doctor Shen's sword, he did not take it or not.

in an instant, Bengbu was in the same place, and the old face was red.

he looked at the underground CHONGYING Biao and said secretly that he could not really kill his son.

fortunately, his idea did not last long and was interrupted.

chongheihu hurried to the round ground and said in his mouth:

'doctor Shen, the Xiqi army is at the foot of the city now. My brother is coming from afar. It's better to go to the city to rest and think about ways to retreat the enemy.'

in fact, he was still a little flustered. After all, he had to deal with his big brother.

it is better to take action as soon as possible to avoid complications.

with his younger brother's steps, Chonghou Hu naturally wants to follow them down, explaining in his mouth.

'yes! Yes, Dr. Shen, let's go to the city first, lest we meet the people of Xiqi.'

don't look at the brothers and sisters of chongheihu, but Shen Xin knows that he has laid an ambush in the city for a long time, waiting for his brother to come back and hit him on the waist.


my intuition told me that this might be an opportunity. Shen Xinteng immediately raised his feet. He found a shortcut to death.

anyway, everyone is on the list of gods, and it is not death to die in the hands of anyone.

chonghei tiger has sent the knife, so it's a waste of his efforts to survive.

so Dr. Shen prepared to wait and see the change. He turned waste into treasure. Treasure can't save his life.

in this way, I can have the strength to hand over the chongjia father and son to the people for trial!


Shen Xin greets chongheihu and takes the lead to Chongcheng in spite of the people's obstruction.

Xiqi, Jiang ziyaju will be promoted.

this expedition to beichong was a personal expedition led by Ji Chang. Nangong Shi was the vanguard of the army, Xin Jia was the deputy general, and the four sages and eight steeds were escorted by the court.

more than one month has passed since the mighty army of 100000 troops stationed outside Chongcheng.

although the front has won several battles, and chongheihu has secretly become an insider, the longer the time, the greater the pressure on Xiqi.

not only be careful about the actions of Chaoge, but also pay attention to Chongcheng at all times.

seeing this situation, Nangong Shi immediately took the lead and reported:

'prime minister, the army has been in Chongcheng for more than one month now. The daily consumption of food and grass by the 100000 army is not a small amount. The Chonghou tiger......

only saw his eyebrows wrinkled and he was obviously worried.

Jiang Ziya sits at the top of the table. Although the army is in a dilemma, his face is still calm. He sits there with silver beard and white hair, holding the sword in his hand, as if he were a fairy, and he is confident.

facing Nangong Shi's question, he stroked his beard and said with a smile:

'Nangong general, don't worry. Beichong is already a dead place, just like what we have in our pockets.

' I have ordered general manager Huang to prepare for the army in Xiqi. With the help of the Shen family, I think the food and grass will be available soon. '

' as for the reinforcements of Chaoge, there is no need to worry. The troops are marching, consuming food and waste. It will take half a month to prepare food and grass and rectify the troops and horses. '

' it was too late to arrive at Chongcheng when the Yin Shang reinforcements were dispatched. '

' can be captured only when Chonghou tiger returns to the city. '

' now the general situation is in me, and the destiny is in me. Don't worry about the general of Nangong, and don't worry about the king. '

Jiang Ziya speaks with confidence. He has already sentenced Chonghou Hu to death in his heart. Of course, he is not relaxed at all. This beichong is his first battle, and it is a good opportunity for him to stand up in the battle field. It must not be missed.

Ji Chang nods his head. He naturally has unconditional trust in Jiang Ziya, because he knows that Jiang Ziya has done nothing wrong.

almost all situations are taken into account, and there will be no accidents.

There are no fools present. Naturally, they all understand that the destruction of Chongcheng is just around the corner.

thus, the kuakua group mode was opened in the account.

at this moment, a soldier came running and reported in a loud voice:

'to the king, to the prime minister. (PS: the original book is the king.)

there is a strange man outside Yuanmen, who calls himself the general of the West Sea, and he is willing to help us break down the Chongcheng city with the Shui army. '

' Oh? West Sea? '

the people in the account looked at each other in surprise.

Jiang Ziya also frowned when he heard the words. He did not know the people in the West Sea. Now how did he know that we were going to attack Chongcheng and came to help? It was strange.

seeing this, he could not help but look at Ji Chang. After receiving the instructions, he ordered the soldiers to invite the strange man into the account.

The green Jiao is carrying a peerless sword, and the black armor and red robe are hunting in a cloak. He is still cold and cold.

follow his footsteps.

all the generals on the scene turned pale, and somehow they showed a little fear.

qingjiao didn't care about the people. Instead, he looked up and saw Ji Chang and Jiang Ziya. He arched his hands and said coldly.

'I'm a general of the West Sea. I heard that Xiqi is attacking Chongcheng. I'd like to help you. In seven days, our aquarium will be able to break through Chongcheng.'

Jiang Ziya frowned again. The man in front of him was very fierce and murderous. He was also known as the general of the West Sea. He should be a demon.

but why did this person come to help me in Xiqi?

Jiang Ziya was puzzled. He didn't know if he dared to let this person join, so he opened his mouth tentatively.

'the general is from the West Sea. Why do you want to help me in Xiqi?'

'no other! Destroy the Yin Shang and avenge the father.' When the green Jiao finished, his evil spirit was even worse.

Jiang Ziya nodded. No matter whether he believed it or not, there was no reason to push out the help he got. No matter how much it was used up.

as for being cheated, I'm sorry, he didn't think about it. You should know that behind him is the elucidation yuxu palace. Anyone who dares to offend me will die.

and the worship of gods has been spread to all immortals.

some people want to kill and rob, and it's not impossible to fool around by the way.

immediately opened his mouth and said: 'the general Qi assisted the Lord Ming, and the brief article has been written for ten thousand years, and should be remembered in history.'

Qing Jiao nodded. He didn't care about his name in history. He only cared about whether he could kill someone. So he said lightly:

'prime minister, wait a moment. In seven days, I will lead the Shui army to Chongcheng.'

ok, I've added a backup for myself.

Jiang Ziya is still happy at this moment. Who would refuse to increase his winning rate? With the help of the aquatics army of qingjiao, he would not be afraid even if he worshiped black tiger.

stable, stable this time.

immediately smiled.

'Ziya is waiting for Taoist friends to show their divine power.'

qingjiao leaves with fists in his arms. He is not used to staying in the camp and the atmosphere here.

and he should always wait for shrimp seven to lead the aquarium army to join him.

after the green Jiao leaves, the horse outside the account will report again. This is another great news.

'Chonghou tiger has arrived in Chongcheng!'

when the news reached the ears of the people, Jiang Ziya slowly walked out of the handsome tent, looked to the north, slightly cocked up his mouth, and showed a confident smile:

'Chongcheng can be broken, and Xiqi is the destiny of heaven!'

Jiang Ziya's calculation is correct. What is happening in Chongcheng is related to Chongcheng.

as soon as Chonghou tiger and others entered the city, chongheihu quickly pulled out the sword at his waist.

only one order was heard. The ambushed generals on both sides rushed forward, pulled out their steel knives, took down Hou Hu and his son, and bound them.

even Dr. Shen was not spared. He was also held in front of him by a bright sword and tied together.

good guy, this binding is still professional.

looking at the knot above, Dr. Shen felt that he learned it instantly.

after facing the sword in front of him, he immediately shouted 'good to come', and then his eyes flashed with light without fear.

on the contrary, the Chonghou tiger was alarmed. His eyes widened and he could not believe it at all. Even after being bound, he still reported a little fantasy and asked:

'good brother, you don't want to break that Xiqi. How can you tie up your brother? Why?'

chongheihu's fierce light is showing now. He doesn't pretend and has a showdown.

I am waiting for this moment, Pointing to the Chonghou tiger, he angrily cursed:

'elder brother, you are an extreme minister, do not cultivate benevolence, confuse the court, kill and harm the surname Wan, pay heavy bribes and torture, supervise the construction of Lutai, and evil pervades the world.

the four princes want to work together to eliminate the surname Chong, and the Xibo Hou Shu Zhi will distinguish the good and the foolish for our Chongshi. Only then can we dare to bear the court, and we would rather take the elder brother to the zhouying camp for conviction.

I can only offend my ancestors, but how can I offend the world and bring about the disaster of destroying my family.

So I sent my brother to zhouying, and he said nothing more. '

chongheihu became more and more excited as he spoke. His words were cut into Chonghou Hu's heart like a knife.

the good guy even wanted to kill his own brother. Chonghou Hu was indifferent. He was in a high position, and his ability to observe his words and expressions had reached the extreme.

he didn't want to know what was true or false in his remarks, because he had nothing to say.

he sighed at once and did not explain.

' good guy, you are right, He worships Hou Hu and is used to being full of evil, but you haven't mentioned your selfishness at all. Who is '

'? Who's talking? '

chonghei tiger's eyes flashed wildly, and he quickly looked at Shen Xin in the crowd.

' doctor Shen, don't talk nonsense. I respect Hei tiger's upright walk and sit upright. This is for the benefit of the people in the world. '

Chonghou tiger's actions are not earthshaking to Shen Xin. It's a crime for him to kill his family.

Chonghou tiger's crime is unforgivable and death is his crime. But it's not good for you to worship the black tiger and monopolize Chongcheng.

it's OK for you to catch Chonghou tiger, but you haven't let go of his wife and daughter. It can be said that there are no families in the whole family.

is it hard for you to see that family affection is so unbearable, and will such a ruthless and righteous person really govern the north?

how much do you respect the black tiger for the world? How much for the people? How much for yourself?

perhaps for the people, the north is just another tiger worshiping the marquis.

so Dr. Shen came out and wanted to see what was going on in the heart of the black tiger?

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