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Chapter 135 The plan is perfect


good. He was angry. He broke the defense.

Dr. Shen's words hit the pain point of the other side, and he obviously felt a killing feeling.

this will be my direct card.

you can't wait for me. How can you lose?

thinking of this, Dr. Shen immediately shouted excitedly:

'the thief will not go crazy, but dare to fight with me.'

even if he finds a flaw, he breaks away from the general's obstruction and rushes to the battlefield.

before the formation of the two armies, the strong wind of wild hunting scattered.

under the extreme anger, Lu Xiaobing's sword Qi reached the peak in an instant, and even the dagger seemed to be magnified countless times.

golden light!

the dazzling golden light seemed to occupy the whole sky. For a moment, only a golden dagger was left in the eyes of the people.

there was a moment of silence on the whole battlefield. Everyone opened their mouths and opened their eyes.

but a moment later, there were countless shocks, roars and unwilling.

because Dr. Shen did not know when he had rushed to kill him.

at the moment, everyone is worried about the safety of Dr. Shen. The murderous spirit of this knife is so heavy.

even Huang Tianxiang, who was present, dared not confidently say that he was completely sure to take this terrible blow.

with the strength of Dr. Shen, let alone resist, even it is extremely difficult to avoid.

once you are cut by that Sabre Qi, you will surely die without life.

is directly split into two sections, which is extremely miserable.

even though Huang Tianxiang and many generals of Chongcheng were about to split their eyes, there was no way. Everything happened too fast.

we have no time to stop it.

'adoptive father!'

'the thief returned my adoptive father's order.'

Huang Tianxiang stepped on his horse and rushed to the battle array. At this moment, his eyes were red, like a madman, and his tears burst.

he could feel that the adoptive father was deliberately trying to provoke the other side. There must be a plan he did not know.

it must be the victory or defeat of the battle of Chongcheng that makes the adoptive father so fearless of life and death.

'the whole army will attack. Follow me to avenge Dr. Shen!'

'for the sake of Dr. Shen, we will fight to the last in Chongcheng.'

'inherit Dr. Shen's will!'

countless soldiers are brave and fearless at this moment, and they burst out with infinite strength. They can't let Dr. Shen die in vain.

looking ahead, Huang Tianxiang was about to avenge his adoptive father when he suddenly discovered something unbelievable.

momentarily stood still.

similarly, everyone did not know what had happened, only saw the dazzling golden light and the ten foot long dagger.

as if withered.

slowly shrink, shrink, and finally disappear.

doctor Shen rode all the way into the enemy camp.

in front of the general.

come and go.

seems to be no different from his own family, leisurely, natural and free.

even the horses under the body still have time to eat grass slowly...

compared with the murderous dagger, this expression of mastering everything and being calm makes people deeply shocked.

it is like the enemy in front of us. No matter how fierce and murderous they are, they are like local chickens and dogs in front of Dr. Shen. There is no threat.

like ants and towering trees, the eyes are endless and incomparable.

and that powerful golden light, the golden knife that shocked tens of thousands of troops, was only brave once.

just a moment.

then seconds.

what exactly happened? Everyone was unbelievable and dumbfounded.

not only everyone, but even Dr. Shen is unbelievable.

he slowly circled around the general in front of him, trying to provoke him.

that's it.

Dr. Shen made a circle.

eh, nothing!

two circles, three circles.



ah, I'm worried. I've broken the defense. I'm like a child who can't find his home. I'm like a chicken on fire. I really broke the defense.

Dr. Shen patted the horse's head and stared at the front...

he looked at it fiercely just now. Is this guy really dumb?

this should not be. I clearly feel the powerful murderous spirit.

under normal circumstances, it should be inevitable that I will die. I have rushed forward in the face of sabre gas.

what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do!

your sudden surprise makes me sad.

Dr. Shen can't accept it. He has tried so hard.

but the next moment he seemed to know the reason.

'little ancestor, help!'

'hurry up and help me. Stop fighting. This is the battlefield. I will die.'

Lu Xiaobing is carefully holding the golden dagger in front of him and pleading for mercy.

the gold knife trembled slightly. It seemed to be very dissatisfied with his performance and did not want to talk to him.

it turns out that this Dao is really conscious and has its own intelligence.

what Huang Tianxiang said is also true. This is a magic weapon.

it just seems that there are some problems at present.

Dr. Shen didn't bother him. He was looking at all this quietly.

in order to die, he can wait.

when Lu Xiaobing saw the gold knife in his hand, he completely forgot his old feelings. He gritted his teeth and stamped his feet. He hardened his heart and said directly:

'I'll promise you what you want. I'll stay with you for another night.'

the soldier's soul on the gold Sabre seems to swallow saliva, but it is still unmoved.

it is obvious that the conditions are not enough, and the code shall be added.

when Lu Xiaobing saw the greedy look of the other party, he jumped to his feet and pointed to the front with a slight trembling in his hand:

'don't go too far, don't go too far, I can't meet your requirements!'

'one night! One night is the limit!'

good guy, there are big melons in it!

at this moment, the fire of the eight diagrams of Dr. Shen suddenly ignited, as if he had found something strange, and he shouted loudly.

'shit, you're really not a man. You're a man with a knife!'

Dr. Shen's eyes are bright. Now he has forgotten that he is on the battlefield.

I was shocked.

thinks that he is a knight of the dead, a hero of the grass, a combination of heaven and man, and a small skill of carving insects. Today, he has opened his eyes again.

there are people playing with knives, animals, animals!

Lu Xiaobing seems to feel the shock in Dr. Shen's heart, his ugly face and trembling hands.

he doesn't want to! But I couldn't help it.

'if I say I was forced, do you believe it?'

in other words, it was a sunny night, but then it was a stormy night.

Lu Xiaobing is also an ordinary medicine hall clerk. He goes to the town across the river to deliver medicine.

on the way back, there was a sudden storm. Fortunately, Lu Xiaobing took an umbrella with him and was not drenched by the rain.

but when he was preparing to go to the other side of the river by ferry, he unexpectedly met a young girl. It seemed that she was not very old, and Xiao He only showed her sharp corner.

green and tender, it seems to be a little scary.

unable to come and go in the heavy rain, Lu Xiaobing was kind-hearted and lent her her her umbrella. The two of them were in the same boat to avoid the rain and fell in love at first sight.

a few days later, the woman came to return the umbrella. Not only did she invite him to go out again, but she also led him home to play games.

Lu Xiaobing wanted to refuse when he saw that it was too late, but it was raining heavily again. Under the candlelight, he became more and more excited about the shy beauty.

after half pushing, he followed.

that night, he was drunk.

that night, he did not refuse.

that night, something happened that shouldn't have happened.

when Lu Xiaobing woke up again, he found a huge gold knife beside him.

he was startled and suddenly realized.

I fell asleep with a knife!

Moreover, the other side insisted that he was the main one, and the raw rice had been cooked. Lu Xiaobing reluctantly accepted this fact.

since then, Lu Xiaobing's chance has come. He has become stronger, but also weaker.

at the beginning, he could still fight with the other side again and again, but the more he went on, the less he could do.

because children want everything, adults know that I can't stand it.

at present, this damn golden knife is becoming more and more dissatisfied and wants to sleep with him.

today, taking advantage of the battlefield, he made threats and talked about the conditions.

is what can be tolerated.

if you agree to the other party's terms and stay with her for a few nights, I'm afraid Lu Xiaobing will die in vain sooner or later.

therefore, he absolutely cannot accept such unreasonable demands.

'come on, master, you stay with me for three days. I'll help you get rid of these bad guys!'

'the younger you are, the more you need to mend. I will help you mend.'

'don't be afraid, I won't eat you!'

bah! You lied to me.

you just want to cheat my body.

hearing these heartless words, Lu Xiaobing trembled with anger.

I'm a big man. When can I... Forget it, I can't stand up.

this knife is deadly.

today, I, Lu Xiaobing, would rather die in battle than lose my dignity and satisfy your evil thoughts. You can't touch me.

Lu Xiaobing is proud and awe inspiring at the moment. Facing the temptation of the weapons in his hand, he has no compromise at all.

Dr. Shen: I hope you can meet her requirements.

when Shen Xin suddenly appeared in front of Lu Xiaobing, the gold knife in his hand seemed very happy.

looked between the two people, and then some shyness said categorically:

'master, I seem to want to change my master.'


pierced my heart!

Lu Xiaobing was silent and closed his eyes directly:

'this time, I admit that it's not humiliating to die in the hands of experts at the same level.

it's better to die on the battlefield than to be eaten by a knife, so kill me, and then take this knife and fly away.'


in the face of people who covet their bodies, Dr. Shen directly and categorically refuses. You are thinking of farting.

who likes a knife? I don't have that special hobby.

now it is important to die and become a saint. When Dr. Shen turned his eyes to Lu Xiaobing.


what if he doesn't move?

'be serious, this is a battlefield!'

the corner of doctor Shen's mouth twitched when he spoke. He threw a shot at him?

you are a general of Xiqi. No one can beat you within three sabres.

how can you be so decadent? You should cheer up.

what about your heroic words!

he didn't expect this result, but he had to make it.

you can't decide whether to die or not.

you don't want to kill me, but you still have to die here. Dr. Shen is preparing for a backup plan.

back off, I'm going to start.

'come on, take...'

Lu Xiaobing was holding the knife in his hand and was about to pass it to him when he heard a loud cry.

'ah! Good thief general, what a terrible skill, it can hurt people invisibly...'

'ah, I can't, I'm injured, I'm going to faint, I'm going to faint!'

Shen Xin immediately carried his sword around Lu Xiaobing for several times.

then he suddenly covered his chest, shook and pointed to the front and shouted.

in the end, the whole person fell down in front of Lu Xiaobing.

watching Shen Xin's acting burst, Lu Xiaobing was shocked.

what did I do?

is this really what I did?

his face was full of disbelief. Then he looked at the knife in his hand and at Shen Xin, who fell to the ground.

why do you suddenly feel unreal.

the person with the strongest strength of the other side fell down like this.

before he thought it over carefully, he listened to the soldiers in Xiqi behind him shouting the tsunami, and was overjoyed.

although I don't know what happened, the leader of the other side made a few circles around general Lu, and suddenly fell to the ground. He was captured alive.

this is simply a great victory and a great contribution.

the deputy general who was not far away could not help but praise that general Lu was indeed a brave general.

don't say three knives, one knife will solve the enemy.

Xiqi is really lucky to have such a good general.

immediately tied Shen Xin up with his soldiers in a bravado and prepared to go to the camp to see the prime minister and general Lu.

this is simply a great contribution. General Lu absolutely wants to soar to the sky.

Xiqi is happy, but beichong is sad.

although it's a good thing that Dr. Shen didn't die, he was captured by the other party's magic.

now that the main general has lost, the morale of the people is low. Of course, there are countless people who want to kill Xiqi and save Dr. Shen.

but they were stopped by Huang Tianxiang one after another.

outside Chongcheng, everyone was puzzled, but Huang Tianxiang smiled and seemed to have a little insight in his eyes.

my adoptive father is indeed my adoptive father. I didn't expect that he would successfully enter the zhouying camp in such a way. Not only would he not be suspected, but he was also exceptionally smooth.

the plan is still in progress, and it is getting closer and closer to success.

although he could not guess what way his adoptive father would make the chaos in zhouying ignite and help to rob the camp.

but it can be imagined that the Xiqi army is doomed.

although the other side still occupies the advantage and surrounds Chongcheng at the moment, it is useless to have an adoptive father.

it's only a large army of more than 100000, and it will be wiped out by the adoptive father in the backhand.

our cavalry will be like a sharp knife, directly inserted into your heart.

it can be said that as the plan is implemented step by step, the image of Xiqi will become more and more obvious.

it is a war of genius to gain the greatest gain with the smallest loss.

but it's a pity that his adoptive father has suffered. He wants to go undercover in Xiqi camp, and his life may be in danger at any time.

Huang Tianxiang could not help feeling that his adoptive father was really unpredictable. All his means seemed to have no purpose, but they were the most important part of the whole plan.

and in order to win the final victory, he is willing to put life and death aside to paralyze the enemy.

be cruel to the enemy and even more cruel to yourself.

the little Xiqi is still in the dark. I don't know that the time of death is coming and that great disaster is imminent.

it is simply natural that such a person as my adoptive father should not succeed.

of course, Huang Tianxiang is not too proud and complacent at the moment. He has not forgotten what his adoptive father said on the wall.

be ready to contact Zhou Xing's cavalry at any time and wait for the latest military order.

and he can't slacken off. My adoptive father went to zhouying undercover, so I will make some perfect preparations and make some minor changes outside instead of him.

well, at this time, my adoptive father must hope that we can pretend to be anxious and rush to kill, and then return with a big defeat.

it is the so-called arrogant soldiers' complacency that makes Zhou Ying completely think that they have mastered the situation and that Chongcheng is readily available, so he is careless.

thinking of this place, Huang Tianxiang immediately found the generals of Chongcheng and asked them to lead the troops to attack zhouying regardless of everything and take back his adoptive father.

but only defeat, not victory.

after Huang Tianxiang's order was issued, the generals were puzzled and even cursed in their hearts.

but under the absolute force of oppression, the army still obeyed.

in fact, there is no need to perform at all. These people are not Zhou Jun's opponents in the face-to-face confrontation.

Huang Tianxiang smiled at the corner of his mouth and looked forward with confidence when he was defeated and retreated back to Chongcheng.

don't worry, everything is in the plan.

seeing that the soldiers of Chongcheng were beaten back, doctor Shen closed his eyes secretly.

also relieved.

I'm finally going to be on the list. Cool!

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