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Chapter 143 Doctor Shen is the only hero in the world (please collect! Please subscribe!)

Jiang Ziya's eyes and attention were entirely on Dr. Shen.

He seemed to be examining.

Shen Xin nodded. He could clearly feel the serious atmosphere.

It's very good. It's worthy of Jiang Shang and Jiang Ziya, who have been in charge of Fengshen for eight hundred years. At first glance, they are farsighted.

Never forget the temptation.

Jiang Ziya is just trying to see Shen Xin's performance today. Qingmei's drinking was premeditated.

Taking the opportunity of drinking, Shen Xin secretly thought:

If you take advantage of the situation at this moment and show a little heroic spirit, you can threaten Xiqi.

Jiang Ziya probably won't tolerate it any more and will kill him immediately. '

Thinking of this, Dr. Shen suddenly became interested. He glanced at the person in front of him. He was silent for a moment in front of Jiang Ziya's eyes, and then straightened his spine.

He asked in a loud voice:

'Does Prime Minister Jiang think there are real heroes in the world today?'

Jiang Ziya pondered for a moment and then slowly said:

'Naturally there are.'

Shen Xin looked up at the sky, his eyes full of laughter and sarcasm, and said sternly:

'But according to Shen, all the princes in the world are dead bones in the grave. They are mediocre and do nothing. They are not afraid at all.'

His words were so arrogant that he regarded all the princes in the world as nothing, and no one could put them in his eyes.


Jiang Ziya's heart trembled when she heard this.

The first impression is that he is so arrogant and arrogant that he has begun to speak arrogantly.

You are a mere mortal, and you are nothing more than how a young man can swallow the world like this.

Are you just young and frivolous? Are you crazy after drinking? Ignorance and fearlessness?

Jiang Ziya's eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and then continued to say:

'Nowadays, there are wars in the southeast and chaos in the four seas. I still hear the names of various princes. Please give me some comments.'

Jiang Ziya wanted to see if he was a man who shouted justice and had no idea.

Can Huangkou Ruzi really talk about the world in front of him.

Seeing that Jiang Ziya's eyes had been attracted by him, Shen Xin stepped forward, smiled, opened the wine pot on the table and drank.

Like drinking too white, the long whale swallowed the plum wine like water. After a sigh of praise, the wine pot was thrown away.




After three good words, Shen Xin's full of wine began to radiate. Originally, the two had already drunk a lot, and now they are drinking more.

With the shouting inside the tent, the guards and soldiers outside the tent were dignified. Wu Ji was holding a long sword and wanted to reprimand, but he was nervous for no reason.

Everyone wondered what Shen Xin would do to comment on the princes in the world? Treat people as nothing?

Are you really qualified?

At this moment, the rain in the sky is getting heavier and heavier, and the black clouds are becoming more ferocious.

The world seems to be in darkness at this moment.

But Dr. Shen didn't care. His eyes flashed bright and his pride soared.

He walked slowly to the tent and pointed to the clouds in the sky and the rain that was pouring.

The face of Qingyi and dust-free is full of pride of overlooking the world.

Jiang Ziya looked at the man in front of her, and her eyes were moved for some reason.

Shen Xin didn't pay attention to him, but then the wine evaporated in his heart:

'There were eight hundred princes in the Yin and Shang Dynasties, but few could be called heroes.'

'Although Jiang Wenhuan of the eastern Lu is said to be brave and good at fighting, he is not brave enough. He has hundreds of thousands of armor and thousands of generals under his command.'

In my opinion, although he is brave, he has no plan. He is only a general with warm blood, not a great success. '

Shen Xin's exit was a shock. Among the four great princes, Jiang Wenhuan was the strongest and the first to rebel against the Yin Shang Dynasty. He made a great effort to fight in the land of East Lu. The great momentum shocked the princes.

But in front of him, Dr. Shen said that he was just a brave but not a wise man.

They were silent and thought carefully.

It seems that

Jiang Ziya's eyes gradually changed wonderfully. At first, he was just trying to find out whether this person was just making a name for himself.

Now I can't help but mutter in my heart that Shen Xin's evaluation of Jiang Wenhuan coincides with his own. He is more than brave and is not a great success.

'The southern Marquis Eshun has a vast territory and abundant grain. He occupies a favorable land. Can he be a hero?'

At this moment, Wu Ji suddenly asked a question. Outside the tent, he saw that Shen Xin was so rampant that he regarded heroes in the world as nothing.

So I couldn't help being the first to open my mouth and wanted to embarrass myself.

Jiang Ziya stared at Shen Xin, but did not stop him.

Hearing this name, Shen Xin even smiled with disdain:

'Southern Chu and Eshun have mediocre qualifications. They are greedy for work and cherish their lives. They are not heroes. They cherish their bodies when they do big things, and forget their lives when they see small profits.'

Wu Ji heard this and wanted to refute it, but he was speechless for a long time. Eshun sent 200000 troops to attack Sanshan pass, but he was defeated repeatedly. Facing Deng Jiugong, he had no chance to win.

It can be seen that this person is indeed a mediocre person, and even less so than Jiang Hengchu.

In the face of Shen Xin's disparaging enemies of the Shang Dynasty, all the soldiers of Xiqi were unhappy. You look down on two of the four princes. Can you still respect the tiger?

Thinking of this, Wu Ji looked slightly cold and asked.

'The princes of the two southeast routes held high the banner of anti business and pleaded for the people's lives. You mocked me.'

Is it difficult that Dr. Shen thinks that the Chonghou tiger in beichong is actually a hero? '

Shen Xin shook his head, and his eyes flashed cold.

'The Chonghou tiger is greedy to bully the upper and lower levels, brutalizing the people, monitoring the deer platform and searching the people's fat, and driving the people in the north to defend the city.'

'Soldiers are like sieves, and they are as greedy as bandits.'

'I will escort him to Chaoge and kill him for all the people in the world!' The murderous spirit in doctor Shen's eyes suddenly appeared.

Such a remark was beyond the expectation of the people in Xiqi. His eyes were full of disbelief, and Jiang Ziya was also puzzled.

Because they thought that Shen Xin would defend and protect the Chonghou tiger.

After all, he was a courtier of the Shang Dynasty, and now he is helping the Chongcheng. However, it seems that the two sides are not of the same kind.

And Shen Xin is not a fool.

He even wanted to capture and kill the princes as a doctor and send them to the court song to condemn the people.

This can be called a great sage.

But Wu Ji on the other side was not angry. He had never seen such a reckless person before.

Do you think that Chonghou tiger is a chicken, duck, pig and dog? Kill me if you want.

We have been besieged by hundreds of thousands of troops for more than a month, but we haven't captured them.

How did you, a prisoner of Shen Xin, make wild remarks?

However, although Shen Xin was a bit arrogant, the expressions of many soldiers had changed a lot, and their faces gradually became somewhat respectful.

Buji still did not stop and continued to ask:

'What about Beidi Guifang, Yuan Futong, Donghai Pingling Wang and others?'

Shen Xin said without moving his eyelids:

'The ghost side is a barbarian outside the Great Wall, Yuan Futong, and the puppet of Pingling King's evil way. These ordinary people are nothing to mention.'

Shen Xin continued to comment, and the people's eyes began to change. They felt that the young man who spoke out loud did not seem to be bragging.

Instead, they really have the strength to comment on the princes in the world. When they were frightened, some soldiers began to struggle to remember what Shen Xin said and reported it to Ji Chang.

Shen Xin doesn't know what the people are doing, but the people know that there is still one person in his heart who hasn't commented, and they are not only looking forward to it.

Jiang Ziya finally opened his mouth. He began to remind:

'There is a man who is famous in Xiqi and knows the world with benevolence and righteousness. Can our Lord Wenwang be a hero?'

After that, the people outside the tent began to look forward.

Shen Xin nodded: 'Ji Chang has a good reputation in Xiqi and is half a hero.'

Hearing this, everyone was delighted.

But then Shen Xin said another sentence: 'but he is a person who is deeply scheming to usurp.'

Jiang Ziya's face stiffened.

I knew I wouldn't ask.

Isn't this pure help for your Lord?

Moreover, it is said that the present one also threw up blood and fell to the ground when the court minister scolded him.

It was a mistake.

'I don't want to admit it?' Shen Xin said softly.

Jiang Ziya repressed his anger. 'Our Lord is diligent in political affairs, recruiting talents, and being kind and benevolent.

He was granted by the emperor Bai Zhuo and Huang Yue to the king of Wen. He was granted special expedition. Now he attacked Chongcheng to ban violence and eliminate evil.

It is our king's work to show mercy, save the people from fire and water, help the son of heaven to correct evil and follow the example of Yao and shun! '

Facing Jiang Ziya in front of him, doctor Shen's eyes showed a smile.

Good fellow, it's shameless. Your rebellion is so obvious that it should be known all over the world.

What else are you hiding.

Jiang Ziya was speechless, but his face was unusually solemn.

At the moment, the atmosphere in the account gradually died.

Outside the tent, Wu Ji and others watched the two big men silently fighting. They were all forbidden to speak at will.

Shen Xin is not afraid at this moment. Instead, he walks to Jiang Ziya.

He could not hide his excitement in his eyes. He kept expecting Jiang Ziya to be angry and give his hand. He continued to speak loudly.

'It is precisely the so-called seeking the country that is nothing more than showing the name of benevolence and righteousness. The people speak of benevolence and righteousness, and the people are ambitious.'

'I can bear what ordinary people can't bear. In the early stage, I was also loyal to the monarch and patriotic, and gradually I was in power. Later, I was suspected and my ambition was gradually developed.'

'I hope that the princes will not be too diligent in the king's work. They will be loyal and loyal to this dynasty. Their personal interests will be attributed to their own country. Finally, they will succeed the princes.'

'What we are doing now is nothing more than this. Only when we are honest and upright can we steal the country and rebel. I'm afraid that in a few years, when we have enough troops and food, we can't wait to command our troops to sing.'

'Is it true what I said?'

Jiang Ziya's heart was moved, and he had a vague idea that everything he did was completely seen through.

Because of this, I almost hit the mark.

Such plots are almost only in the hearts of Jiang Ziya and Ji Chang, and no one can know them at all.

But now, Shen Xin's words have revealed it.

Shen Xin looked up again, silently looking at the hidden sky, but seemed to be looking at a more distant place.

'Was the Apocalypse doomed long ago?'

'A saint? A saint? What is a saint?'

In the distant sky, there was no answer.

Jiang Ziya was suddenly shocked by the feelings of the people in front of him. He felt in Shen Xin a kind of arrogance that he was arrogant and arrogant, pointing out the country and seeing the princes as nothing.

At the same time, I don't know why, but I vaguely feel that this person has this qualification. Even if the immortals in the world bow before him.


This idea arose in her mind and startled Jiang Ziya. She could not calm down for a long time.

Fortunately, this kind of feeling disappeared for only a moment.

It seems to have never appeared.

Jiang Ziya shook his head in response. It's impossible. Only the sages of heaven and earth and the great power of immortals have such spirit.

Shen Xin's origin is clear. He is not a reincarnation of some great powers.

I'm afraid that today's wisdom may have something to do with the fate of the people and the fate of the Yin and Shang Dynasties?

Jiang Ziya finally can only attribute Shen Xin's strangeness to Qi Yun.

Shen Xin doesn't know what's happening around him. He still looks at the sky and seems to be searching for the answer.

If we let people know that this person in front of us is not only a reincarnated great power, but also a saint, I'm afraid we will be even more shocked.

'What Dr. Shen said is really an unprovoked crime. My Lord is really loyal to the son of heaven.'

Jiang Ziya's voice still trembled a little as she was not yet relieved.

Wu Ji and others who had been waiting outside the tent were shocked.

The prime minister is stable and rigorous. Why did he ever say such words? Why did he ever be so rude to people?

Is it true what Shen Xin said?

No, the people around do not want to believe it. After all, the name of Jichang's benevolence and righteousness has spread all over Xiqi, and the people of Xiqi regard him as a God.

I'm not willing to admit it now.

The doctor Shen at the side finally woke up, but he felt a little helpless. Jiang Ziya was too tolerant. He still didn't turn his face after all?

You're a toad drinking glue. I can't open my mouth.

Jiang Ziya was still staring at Shen Xin in shock. After a while, he shook his head and said:

'As Dr. Shen said, if our Lord can't be called a hero, who else can be a hero in the world?'

The words seem to be asking, but in fact they are negating Shen Xin's words.

After this, the important task outside the tent was finally awakened. Yes, the four major princes in the world can not be called heroes. Who else can call them heroes?

Shen Xin didn't answer. Instead, he felt thirsty and walked casually to the front of the case.

Fortunately, there is enough wine, and some soldiers have already been properly prepared.

'Dr. Shen, you haven't answered what the teacher said. Is it possible that you were just talking too much?'

After waiting for a long time, Buji finally couldn't help speaking.

But before Shen Xin answered, a calm voice came from behind:

'A man who is a hero has great ambitions, good plans, the opportunity to contain the universe, and the ambition to handle the world.'

After hearing this, Wu Ji always felt that the voice seemed familiar and turned back.

I saw several teams of elite soldiers, surrounded by a gray haired old man slowly coming. Although he was only wearing ordinary clothes and clothes, his body seemed weak, but when he looked around, he made people feel warm and kind.

It was the four great princes in the world, Xibo Hou Jichang.

Ji Chang didn't pay attention to the people, but went directly to the tent. He gazed solemnly at the front, believed with his fingers, and then spoke aloud:

'The only hero today is doctor Shen.'


With a crisp sound, Wu Ji was shocked. The long sword in his hand fell to the ground unconsciously.

Quiet, unusually quiet.

All of us could not wake up from this shocking speech for a moment.

I don't know how long it took. A thunder in the sky finally broke the silence of the world

Wu Jicai hurriedly picked up the long sword on the ground, slowly withdrew to the side, and looked into the tent with the eyes of an immortal.

The thunder fell and the rain stopped.

However, in this rush, several people rushed in.

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