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Chapter 145 I should understand the master's real intention

The north wind is blowing one by one.

scratches my eyes and divides my heart.

the rain is pouring down, and my tears are also flowing down...

the above is from a sentimental literature.

doctor Shen's sad heart is very distressed, but there is nothing he can do.

things have happened. According to Ji Chang's thirst for talents, he can only be forced to be safe.

it is estimated that you will not be in any danger within three days.

thinking of this, Dr. Shen sat in the tent with some loss.

Lao Huang found something wrong with the young master.

he said that he understood very well that a wise man like a young master would not give up easily if he was a king with ideas.

it is just like Shennong's Chang sang, Xuanyuan's Lao Peng, Huangdi's Feng Hou, and Shang Tang's Yi Yin.

one hand can support the king, and the other can calm the people. Cutting the head of a general among the three armed forces is like looking for something from a bag. Governing the country and the world can ensure that the king has no worries.

with its presence, such as facing the central pillar stone, it can help the building to fall.

however, the more talented people are, the more they will be envied by mediocre people and hurt by villains.

it is obvious that in the Xiqi military camp, the young master's appearance is too bright and excellent, and his danger has always existed.

Lao Huang thought for a while, but decided to remind him that not all the soldiers in Xiqi were sages, and there were disputes where there were people, and politics was even more mixed among the courtiers.

'young master, you must be careful at the banquet after three days, and never offend the ministers of Xiqi.'

'eh?' Shen Xin felt Lao Huang's meaning, and instantly became interested. He asked:

'what do you mean by this? Is it difficult that someone will harm me?'

Lao Huang nodded: 'young master, it's good that you know. Xiqi is not a monolithic city. It's even more impossible for our Shen family to cover up the sky. Although King Wen can protect you, someone might as well do it secretly.'

'if the argument between Prime Minister Jiang and young master in the rain comes out today, I'm afraid someone will be against you.'

Lao Huang is really worried about the young master, and even he can secretly feel that some people seem to move.


it seems that someone is going to kill me?

Shen Xin is a little confused and feels a little unbelievable.

but the next second is.

happiness really comes too suddenly.

although Shen Xin is not very clear about what the Shen family did in Xiqi, he still has some understanding from the side.

after all, the Shen family is a rich man in Chaoge. It is normal for a hundred footed insects to die without being stiff. There are many details.

even Lao Huang has become the general manager of the first army in Xiqi, but I wonder how far he has developed.

similarly, the Shen family has offended many enemies.

well, if people want to prevent Shen Xin from joining Xiqi, I'm afraid that the banquet will be the last chance in three days.

because no one wants to see the Shen family become the first force in Xiqi.

so it's not surprising that even the ministers of Xiqi jumped out to stop it.

Shen Xin ponders for a moment. His reaction is to directly reject Lao Huang's proposal.

'it's just a bunch of small people!'

Lao Huang is surprised. What does the young master think.

the Shen family was sent to Xiqi by the young master. Moreover, Ji Chang is so courteous and virtuous that his treatment is much better than that of King Zhou.

what's more, young master should want to live and make contributions one day?

'young master, do you have any special instructions? Please give them clearly?' Old Huang's eyes showed doubts.

he has already seen the young master's idea of free will.

it's normal that your head can't keep up.

without hesitation, Dr. Shen said directly:

'how can a loyal minister serve two masters?'

'it is true that Ji Chang has given a lot of conditions, and he is also a hero.

he is even more likely to overthrow the Shang Dynasty and establish a new dynasty. I, Shen Xin, can also become a hero of the founding of the country.'

'but not all people care about fame and fortune.

as a doctor in the court, he should be able to wear official clothes. He should be people-oriented and people oriented.

he should not become a tool in the hands of some people to dominate the world, nor should he be influenced by fame and fortune.'

'think about it. Xiqi and the war will bring misery to the whole world. I believe that in order to gain some fame, I will help them fight for hegemony. How can I deal with the thousands of people after I rise up?'

Dr. Shen's expression was somewhat distressed, as if he expected that Xiqi of the Shang Dynasty would fight to dominate the world.

but it is the common people who suffer.

'if I join Xiqi, I will not only become a two faced and three faced minister, but also bring war to the world.'

'in this case, Shen Xin might as well die.'

'as the saying goes, life and death in the army are not strange. I am not afraid of death like a child.'

'and let me shed the last drop of blood.'

Lao Huang was shocked, and Lu Xiaobing beside him was also shocked. Dr. Shen was so loyal to the king and the country, and he was even more concerned about the world.

my focus is on fame and wealth.

Dr. Shen's focus is on the world. Is this the difference between people?

after a pause, Shen Xin continued to offer sincere consolation:

'however, you are different from me, that is, you are not a courtier of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, nor do you bear the thoughts of the people.'

'in order to survive, I need to live.

keep silent in the face of danger, young master will not blame you.'

'even less sad about my death.'

Lao Huang and Lu Xiaobing looked at each other and nodded fiercely:

'young master, we finally understand.'

Dr. Shen silently looked out of the account and said with profound meaning:

'since this is the case, you should not worry about my life and death, but focus on your own affairs.'

'if you want to think about why you live, you must have family and friends in your heart, and you can't follow me to the road of death.'

old Huang's face was troubled: 'but young master, how can we watch you go into danger and remain indifferent? How can we face the master and the Shen family when we return to Xiqi in the future...'

Shen Xin shook his head gently and looked at them with determination in their eyes.

'all these are my personal decisions. Shen Xin has long regarded life and death as thin as paper.'

Lao Huang opened his mouth as if he wanted to persuade, but he was silent for a long time.

the look of the young master has already explained everything. He will not live his life in troubled times, nor will he live for fame and fortune.

'OK, young master, we understand!' Old Huang nodded heavily.

Lu Xiaobing is in a hurry as an observer. He wants to speak, but Lao Huang directly stops him and drags him out of the camp.

after seeing them off, Dr. Shen finally settled down.

ok, I still have hope.

and Lao Huang was also stabilized.

only these two people in Xiqi will sincerely protect themselves and have the ability to rescue.

Shen Xin can vaguely guess that many people want to deal with him.

I'm afraid everyone except Ji Chang would like to see him die.

Jiang Ziya's bottom line is to plan for Xiqi and ensure the smooth progress of the worship. He will never allow any accidents.

all Xiqi generals have families behind them. For the sake of interests and survival space, they will not let Shen Xin join Xiqi safely.

of course, there may be some people who may protect themselves, but this does not need to be considered at all. Unless there is a strong external force, Xiqi will be defeated and returned, and everyone will flee in panic.

but how is this possible? How could a hundred thousand troops be easily defeated.

the chance of winning five million lottery tickets can only exist in dreams.

doctor Shen did not believe it, and he persuaded Lao Huang and Lu Xiaobing not to appear at the banquet.

in this way, the possibility of being saved is cut off. After all, those who want to kill him won't do that.

besides, when people are wandering in the Jianghu, there is no one who doesn't get stabbed. It's only a matter of a few inches. It's totally a paediatrics.

if I was stabbed, I wouldn't blink.

Dr. Shen is relieved to think of this.

out of business account.

Lu Xiaobing threw Lao Huang's hand away in disgust, glared at him fiercely, and then drew a knife, as if you would cut you to death with three knives without explaining.

since Dr. Shen was caught by him in Xiqi, Lu Xiaobing felt that he had done the biggest and stupidest mistake in the world.

I've been thinking of asking for punishment.

however, Dr. Shen didn't mean to blame him at all. Instead, he kept comforting and praising him. This made Lu Xiaobing feel a little ashamed and could not help but sigh.

Dr. Shen, Dr. Shen. You are indeed the greatest sage in the world. You are so kind and generous.

even said that sentence.

'there is nothing strange about life and death in the army. I am not afraid of death like a child.'

such great people who are not afraid of life and death and do not care about fame and fortune are really hard to find in the world.

thinking of this, Lu Xiaobing is more determined to follow Dr. Shen and go through fire and water to protect his safety.

that's why he was angry with Lao Huang.

however, Lu Xiaobing angrily questioned here, but found that the people opposite him were not in a hurry, but were looking at him with a smile.


something is wrong.

at this time, the fire will burn Dr. Shen's ass, and people will die. Can you still laugh?

Lao Huang was the first group of Shen family to come to Xiqi. During this period, he also began to understand Xiqi.

because of his excellent ability, he became the general manager of this army.

however, Lao Huang's real dream is to hold the sword to the end of the world, step on the flying sword, take the head of a person thousands of miles away, and then fall from the sky like an immortal to save the young master in danger.

well, we'll talk about this later. Now the life and death of the young master are the most important.

Lao Huang is slowly thinking about the young master's recent words at this moment. In his mind, countless threads are flashing like fragments.

'I think I should be able to understand the real intention of the young master...' Lao Huang looked at Lu Xiaobing confidently.

'eh?' Lu Xiaobing was shocked when he heard this. 'What are you talking about? Why didn't I understand?'

Lao Huang's smile became more and more obvious, and he said with great certainty: 'the young master sent the Shen family to Xiqi. I'm afraid it has a big meaning.'

'what is the implication? And what is the relationship between this incident and the danger Dr. Shen will encounter three days later?' Lu Xiaobing said anxiously.

in fact, he wondered why Dr. Shen chose Xiqi instead of running Chaoge for several generations.

but after listening to Lao Huang's actions, is it difficult for Dr. Shen to have another meaning?

Lao Huang frowned and analyzed carefully.

'I have to say that the master's plan is really unpredictable. Even I was kept in the dark.'

'I also heard the young master's repeated hints recently, and finally guessed vaguely what he had done recently.'

'I think the young master predicted long ago that Xiqi would rebel in the future, so he made a good response.'

'general Lu, how did you catch the young master?'

'young master has no real Qi and no strength. How can he fight against the enemy and be captured by you?'

'I wonder if the young master is deliberately undercover in Xiqi and wants to get in touch with us.'

Lu Xiaobing nodded frequently. What Lao Huang said was very reasonable, and it was impossible to refute.


' why didn't you tell us clearly that you and I were not allowed to participate in the banquet three days later? '

Lu Xiaobing interrupted.

Lao Huang proudly shows his two scorched front teeth and sighs.

'this is perhaps the master's cleverness. He is ready to draw a line with the Shen family by his own behavior, so that we can continue to spy in the Xiqi army.'

'I'm afraid that the young master's idea has been so big from the beginning that we can't imagine it, even with my strength.

he may want to play the role of the Shen family at such a critical moment.'

'as for not allowing us to participate in the banquet after three days, there may be other arrangements.'

'are there any arrangements?' Lu Xiaobing rubbed the black circles under his eyes and was puzzled.

'yes, there must be other arrangements. Think about it. What did the young master say just before he left?' Lao Huang suddenly asked in reply.

well, Lu Xiaobing was a little confused for a moment. He suddenly felt a little brain burn. Could it be that Dr. Shen had a hidden meaning in every sentence?

but why didn't you hear it?

Lu Xiaobing grabbed his hair and tried to understand, but for a moment he only caught a large number of broken hair.

well, he has been forgetful recently.

Lao Huang laughs when he sees Lu Xiaobing's embarrassed expression:

'well, general Lu, why do you think that Lao Huang can lead the Shen family to gradually grow in Xiqi?'

'first, because of the full support of the young master and the incomparable trust in big and small matters, the Shen family was entrusted to me.'

'the second is that I, Lao Huang, is the person who knows the young master best in Yin Shang. Even what kind of fart he farts, I know what the young master wants to eat tomorrow.'

'because of this, the young master is most relieved of me.'

Lao Huang grasped Lu Xiaobing's arm again and said confidently:

'young master, let us put our minds on our own affairs.

this sentence has clearly stated what we should do.'

'my duty is to run the equipment, food and grass of the Xiqi army, and your duty is to protect the safety of the young master.'

'now the way to save the young master is at hand.'

'you think, you think!'

Lu Xiaobing finally understood this time. It seemed that ten thousand horses were galloping in his mind. He opened his mind in an instant and even more tightly grasped the long knife in his hand.

it turns out that Dr. Shen is not only fearless of life and death, but also so intelligent.

'since Dr. Shen has made a decision long ago, why don't we act quickly?' Lu Xiaobing frowned tightly.

the golden dagger in his hand kept shaking, and he calmed down as he pressed it with his legs.

but a moment later, he suddenly opened his mouth with a flash of inspiration.

'a certain person once visited the camp in Xiqi. He was very strict and methodical. He thought of a plan to help Dr. Shen escape from Xiqi. I wonder if he can? I also ask general manager Huang to make a decision for me.'

Lao Huang thought for a while and said with a smile: 'general Lu, please stop talking. Each of them wrote in his own hands. It is different to see the same.'

Lu Xiaobing was overjoyed. He taught him to get a pen and inkstone. He wrote it secretly first, but sent it to Lao Huang; Lao Huang also wrote in secret. The two of them moved close to each other, each showing the words in their palms, looking at each other, and then laughing.

could not help exclaiming: 'Heroes think alike.'

the character in Lu Xiaobing's palm was 'fire'; In Lao Huang's palm, there is also the word 'fire'.

'if you want to save the young master, you should use fire attack.'

'when the army is in chaos, we will send our confidants to escort him back to Chaoge. It's so carefree.'

Lao Huang continued: 'since what we see is the same, there is no doubt. Fortunately, there is no leakage.'

Lu Xiaobing held the gold knife on his leg and arched his hand and said:

'this is related to the life of Dr. Shen. There is no reason for leakage.'

'since the plan has been made, general manager Huang should have been prepared, but he must be careful.'

'for fear of being detected by people in Xiqi, let alone revealing their identity.'

'the general should also be careful and must protect the safety of the young master.'

the two people looked at each other with a smile, said to each other to take care, and quietly dispersed.

time flies by.

Ji Chang followed the words of Ziya, and fasted for three days. On the fourth day, I bathed and dressed with great sincerity.

then I saw the three armies in the camp in Xiqi, the troops and horses were arrayed, the five colored flags were waving, and the music was ringing.

a team of majestic Xiqi soldiers.

Ji Chang sits in the center, with his teeth on the side, the four sages and eight horses, and the civil and military officials on the left and right. Everyone's eyebrows are stretched and their faces are happy. It seems that their hearts are extremely happy.

however, if you look carefully, everyone's eyes are somewhat strange, and they fall in the same direction.

And the protagonist, who attracted everyone's attention, finally appeared at this moment.

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