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Chapter 146 Doctor Shen's tongue battle with Xiqi

I've waited for a long time, and finally today.

I waited a long time and finally realized my dream.

Under the complicated eyes of the soldiers around, Shen Xin proudly walked towards Shuai Zhang.

Before his figure arrived, the army in Xiqi was already surging with undercurrents.

In three days, it was enough for King Wen to hold a banquet to seek talents to spread throughout the military camp, and it was also enough for Shen Xin's name to reach the ears of every soldier.

Around this matter, countless people were shocked because even Prime Minister Jiang did not have this treatment.

One hundred thousand troops, all the officials of the Manchu Dynasty, moved because of one person.

But Dr. Shen soon found that the faces of the people in front of him were not so friendly.

That's right. It's impossible for everyone to sell the face of the Shen family to protect themselves. It's related to their own interests and is no different from the enemy.

Although Jichang is the leader of Xiqi and is thirsty for talents, there are many people who want to die themselves.

Doctor Shen saw the danger here. I'm afraid it's difficult to get out of the Xiqi military camp today.

Thinking of this, Dr. Shen's mouth touched a smile.

The place of the banquet is arranged inside the gate.

Ji Chang tidied up his robes early and led all the civil and military officials out of the gate. He greeted them and said excitedly:

'I have long admired the doctor's name. I was ungodly before, and I knew that I was disrespectful. Now I am fasting and feasting. I am really lucky to see your honor.'

As soon as this remark was made, all the courtiers on the scene were crazy.

Ji Chang's heart is too pious. Even if Shen Xin is so arrogant and treats the heroes in the world like grass and mustard, he will bow down and invite them.

This degree of attention is obviously more frightening.

Dr. Shen felt the feelings of the people and had already responded to today.

In any case, we should create more opportunities for everyone.

So Shen Xin directly refused.

'Xin was a minister of the Shang Dynasty. Although he was in trouble in Xiqi, he also knew the word loyalty and righteousness.'

'Now that we have become the king and defeated the invaders, only when Shen Xin dies and kills himself can we live up to the emperor's kindness.'

Shen Xin didn't hide his death seeking words in the slightest. He had clearly told his ministers that as a man of Yin Shang, he would not surrender to Xiqi, let alone care about his death.


As soon as he said this, everyone looked at Shen Xin in shock.

I keep frowning.

The man in front of the secret road is really brave. Now all the civil and military officials in Xiqi are fasting to invite you. King Wen is even more generous.

If you really accept people, I'm afraid you can't take him.

But now, he went to the door to find his own death, and directly refused, offending King Wen.

This is a great opportunity. At present, some people want to take advantage of this opportunity to make trouble, and one after another open their mouths to reprimand.



'Facing our Lord, I am so unreasonable!'

But Ji Chang didn't have any anger at the moment. Instead, his face and smile remained unchanged. He didn't mean it, but waved his hand and said:

'It doesn't matter. Doctor Shen is a wise person in the world. Why not be arrogant?'

Ji Chang's words were already reminding the ministers that he would not be angry.

Nor will he punish Shen Xin for this.

Today's grand scene has proved his sincerity and determination.

Since Ji Chang spoke, the ministers did not insist on it.

Because they knew that this alone could not shake Shen Xin's position in the heart of King Wen.

Jiang Ziya next to him looked at Shen Xin in front of him. His eyes were deep and his face was calm. No one could see what he was thinking. He just opened his mouth respectfully and said:

'My Lord, why are you so worried? I'm ready for the banquet today. The civil and military officials are here. It's better to invite Dr. Shen to the table first and then talk about it.'

Ji Chang nodded and suddenly said:

'What the prime minister said is absolutely right, doctor!'

Shen Xin didn't refuse. Anyway, today's danger has just begun.

With so many enemies, if Shen xinruo does not make a good performance, isn't he sorry for everyone's expectations.

Now the banquet has begun.

As the main character of the banquet, Shen Xin was deeply respected by Ji Chang and was naturally listed at the top.

Old Huang and others who were sitting beside him were also present,

As a Xiqi official and a member of the Shen family, he was arranged beside Dr. Shen.

However, Dr. Shen didn't care, but scanned his body.

In front of Xiqi's tent, there were many celebrities, four sages and eight steeds. Many of them were generals and courtiers of Xiqi that Shen Xin had never seen.

Shen Xin picked up his eyebrows and felt their bad intentions with a smile on his face.

These ministers and generals also found Shen Xinwang's smiling eyes.

The total feeling is disdain, and it seems to be the ridicule of the other side.

He could not help being angry, his face was blue, and he snorted coldly from time to time.

Even Jiang Ziya became serious. At the moment, he was staring at Shen Xin and seemed to want to guess what he was thinking.

Kunlun has been practicing Taoism for decades. Although I have not learned much about Taoism, it is also comparable to extraordinary people.

But it was a pity that he could not see through the people in front of him.

Dr. Shen was thinking about how Jiang Ziya would do it when he heard someone standing up and asking.

'Wang is a scholar in Xiqi. I have heard for a long time that the doctor's name originates from the song of the court. He was once a courtier in the temple and scolded the emperor at the noon gate. Is it true?'

Shen Xin watched these people's performances calmly. As expected, some people could not help but jumped out to kill him.

I was afraid that I would agree to Ji Chang's words and rob everyone of their interests in Xiqi.

This is the case in the world. Wealth moves people's hearts and interests kill people.

The existence of the Shen family firmly bound the civil and military officials in Xiqi.

Presumably, more and more people will jump out next.

He wanted to see what the other side could do to kill him.

I nodded and said, 'this is what I did.'

LV Gongwang is one of the four horses of Xiqi. He is both happy and afraid of the existence of the Shen family.

I'm glad that Xiqi has this kind of help, so it has a lot of confidence to compete for the world.

I was afraid that Shen Xinzhen would come to Xiqi at the invitation of Ji Chang. The Shen family was unstoppable and posed a great threat to the ministers of Xiqi.

So he specially prepared to let Shen Xin make a fool of himself in front of Ji Chang to dispel Ji Chang's thoughts. LV Gongwang said:

'I thought Dr. Shen was a doctor and a righteous man, but now it's just like that.'

'The revered Marquis tiger bullied the people and ravaged the people. Although the doctor scolded the king and the officials, he could not help the tiger. Is it not that he only spoke of benevolence and righteousness, but in fact he did not distinguish between black and white?'

Lu Gongwang pointed to the pain point. He knew that Ji Chang had a good name and was extremely cautious about his reputation.

If Shen Xin really was such a villain who fished for fame and fame, regardless of black and white, he would never want to worship him in Xiqi again.

Sure enough, both Ji Chang and Jiang Ziya frowned when they heard this.

Why Shen Xin came to Chongcheng and why he appeared on the battlefield is a mystery.

Many civil and military officials seem to see hope and are ready to attack Shen Xin.

After a while, seeing that Shen Xin seemed to have not refuted for a long time, LV Gongwang nodded to the ministers. It seemed that this man was not as just as he said.

To help Chonghou tiger has already ruined his reputation.

Kill people and kill people. Today I will prove that you are a villain.

'I believe in doing things all my life. I don't need to be evaluated by others. I just want to have a clear conscience.'

'I am a courtier of the Yin Shang Dynasty, and the north is the land of the Yin Shang Dynasty. How can I sit idly by and ignore the attack?'

'Chonghou tiger is an evil thief. Now I'm going to Chongcheng to arrest him. I'll be escorted to the court song and punished for the crime.'

'On the other hand, you are a great traitor to build an unknown teacher and do rebellious things. How dare you speak out here?'

The calm voice was clearly heard by all.

Everyone heard it clearly.

This remark shocked the whole audience.

Everyone looked forward in disbelief.

What is he talking about? Chonghou tiger has been captured? And the court song should be escorted and punished?

How can this be? You are joking.

After all, Chonghou tiger is a vassal of one side. Holding tens of thousands of troops in Chongcheng, can it be captured by one person?

Do you have to make a draft for lying and bragging?

Not only did LV Gongwang not believe it, but all the people present did not believe it.

Lao Huang and Huang are also worried about Dr. Shen.

But before he opened his mouth, he heard the ridicule of everyone in the field.

'Ha ha! I didn't expect that Dr. Shen not only has amazing courage, but also has a unique ability to boast.'

'Is it difficult for a doctor to compare with our 100000 elites?'

'The Chongcheng city has solid walls and is guarded by tens of thousands of elite soldiers. Chonghou tiger has been operating in the north for decades and is a trusted person.

Not to mention the doctor alone, there are hundreds and thousands of people. There is no reason to survive in Chongcheng. '

I can't imagine how I can do such a shocking thing. '

Lu Gongwang even burst out laughing and opened his mouth in disbelief:

'Ha ha, if there is such a thing, I, LV Gongwang, would like to be a servant in front of your Shen mansion!'

'How can you prove that, Dr. Shen?'

As soon as LV Gongwang's voice fell, Jiang Ziya, who was not far away, said solemnly:

'I believe it is true!'


The people's faces suddenly looked a little wrong. LV Gongwang seemed to have eaten shit.

Then they all looked at Jiang Ziya.

Jiang Ziya asked, 'since Dr. Shen Chonghou tiger has been captured, I don't know where the Marquis of Caozhou is now?'

'Naturally, they have also been captured in Chongcheng.' Shen Xin didn't need to deliberately hide such things. Jiang Ziya's strength estimated that after chongheihu broke off contact with Xiqi, he had a clear understanding.

I probably guessed it long ago.

Jiang Ziya was really expressionless after hearing this, but sighed.

'I didn't think so. I thought Marquis Cao Zhou was planted in the hands of Chonghou tiger, but I didn't think it was Dr. Shen's plan.'

'Ziya has been taught.'

When they heard Jiang Ziya's words, they all took a deep breath. Even Ji Chang could not believe it.

At the moment, Lu Gongwang's face was even more ugly. He felt as if he had been acted.

What a coincidence.

I also blame myself. I'm a little overconfident. I sneer, that is, why should I talk too much?


He could not wait to bury his face on the ground and never lift it up again.

On the contrary, Lao Huang looked nervous and instantly became angry.

Grass! Looks like someone's trying to rob me of my job?

Staring at LV Gongwang, he could not wait to kill him with his eyes, and his angry palms kept beating the table.

It's obviously to keep one's position and to bear a grudge.

Shen Xin said in silence, I don't know why Chonghou tiger was caught, but the fact is so wonderful.

Seeing that LV Gongwang was ashamed and speechless, the ministers around him looked unwilling. At once, someone came out and asked loudly:

'Since Dr. Shen captured Chonghou tiger, why did he still act against heaven?

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of troops in Xiqi and thousands of soldiers in the battle line. The dragon and the tiger look at each other and break through beichong. What do you think? '

Shen xinguanzhi, who is also one of the four sages in Xiqi, sneered, looked around and stood with his hands down.

'Xiqi is a tiny place. At the moment, the soldiers are poor in beichong. They do not occupy the sky and are not in the right place,

Now I am in a dilemma. This is really a big lie. '

'Chao Ge's soldiers and horses have taken advantage of the chaos in the world and the fire in the southeast. Although they can succeed for a while, they will eventually perish.'

'How dare you wait here for the Chaoge army to fight to the death? It's ridiculous to say so.' Everyone looked at each other in silence.

What Shen Xin said is true. Today, Xiqi only takes advantage of the rebellion of the princes in the southeast and the East, so it takes advantage of the chaos to attack beichong, which is unpopular.

However, if they were allowed to touch the Chaoge army, they would be defeated and returned in an instant.

Another man stood up and asked:

'The doctor is the commander-in-chief of Chongcheng. How could he be captured alive by us? Why?'

The voices of all kinds of discussions rang out again, and this time the people began to feel strange.

When someone started, he immediately made a lot of noise and tried his best to smear and ridicule.

Even if you, Shen Xin, captured Chonghou Hu, how come you were not captured here and taken prisoner by us?

It's ridiculous to feel so wild as a prisoner.

In the end, everyone looked at him in a different way, and the sarcasm in his eyes was everywhere.

'Lord, Shen Xin is a prisoner of war. If you don't surrender, please kill him.'

Good guy, I said that I had already started playing Yin.

I really don't know how shameless these people in Xiqi will be for their interests.

'It's really a talent for the world!'


'Why should the doctor be so stubborn and unrepentant? My king and his ministers have been bathed in devotion and are very grateful to him for his dedication.'

'Today, there are many people who are calm and disorderly. Today, the son of heaven, far from being virtuous and near being sycophantic, indulges in immoral drinking and sex, and brutalizes the people.'

Why do you have to hide your intrigue and endure the misery of the people? Why don't you spread out your thoughts and mourn for this lonely place, and set it up for peace. The virtue of this gentleman is the benevolence of the world. '

Yisheng said: 'Sir, don't be too modest. My king and ministers are bathed in piety, so they are very grateful and devoted to hiring. Today, many people,

But now Shen Xin is so

A general Nangong Shi shouted:

'Our king was punished by heaven. Today, the revered Marquis tiger is greedy to bully the upper and lower levels and tyrannize the people. In fact, it is hard to say that he will die.'

It is precisely the saying that it will not lose the minister's integrity to set calamity and chaos while opposing peace. '

A few days ago, it seemed that cooking wine and talking about heroes in the world had offended many people.

And the place of the banquet is arranged in the gate, which is the main account of the Chinese army.

Lao Huang continued: 'since what we see is the same, there is no doubt about it. Fortunately, there is no leakage.'

Lu Xiaobing holds the gold knife with his leg and arches his hand

'This is related to the life of doctor Shen. There is no reason to leak.'

'Now that the plan has been worked out, general manager Huang should have been prepared, but he must be careful.'

'For fear of being detected by people in Xiqi, we should not expose our identity.'

'The general should also be careful, and must protect the young master's safety.'

The two people looked at each other with a smile and said to each other to take care of themselves, and quietly dispersed.

Time flies by.

According to Ziya's words, Ji Chang fasted for three days. On the fourth day, I bathed and dressed with great sincerity.

Then I saw the three armies in the camp in Xiqi, the troops and horses were arrayed, the five colored flags were waving, and the music was resounding.

What a majestic team of Xiqi soldiers.

Ji Chang sits in the center, with his teeth on the side, four sages and eight horses, and a hundred men of letters and martial arts

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