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Chapter 15 Lao Huang, close the door

Not to mention Shen Xin's hard-working propaganda, King Zhou, who was drinking at the star picking building, suddenly received a letter from an internal official

that Daji was seriously ill.

the news seemed like a huge hammer, which smashed into King Zhou's mind. In a moment, he threw his glass and hurried down the star picking building.

'Your Majesty, your shoes!'

the hurried internal officer chased after him with golden boots in his hands, with fear in his eyes.

when he hurried to Shouxian palace, King Zhou looked at Daji painfully and shouted at the doctor.

'waste, a group of waste!'

'find a way quickly. If my royal wife is ill, all of you should go to the funeral!'

Wei Nuo, the medical officer below, did not dare to say anything, and bowed his head like an ostrich.

the driving attendant trembled and began to play: 'Your Majesty, my mother was afraid of being frightened and suddenly contracted a severe disease, which made her seriously ill.'

after hearing this, King Zhou ignored these medical officials and hurried to the bedside to take care of Daji.

at the moment, Daji's face is like gold paper, his lips are like white paper, and his breath is bleak and gloomy.

seeing the anxious look of King Zhou and the feet of King Zhou, I felt a little complicated but warm, and unconsciously drew a sweet smile.

try to get up, but be stopped.

'Royal wife, what's the matter? Yesterday's illness was under control. Why is it getting worse today? If you make a mistake, you can tell me what to do.'

Daji is silent. How can I know? I feel targeted.

she had no disease before, but because she was the key to Jiang Ziya, she made a fairy tale to tempt King Zhou to build the deer terrace.

this is a joke.

but who knows that the son of a bitch, Chonghou Hu, really built the Lutai. King Zhou wanted to see the immortals in the sky, so he pretended to be ill for a reason.

just pretended to have been ill for two days. Who would have thought that Xuanniao, the divine beast guarded by Yin Shang, woke up today.

now, don't pretend. You are really ill!

Daji thought bitterly that if he wanted to let me know who was communicating with him, I would kill him.

but now I can't. my evil spirit has been broken by Xuanniao. I'd better stay calm for a few days. I thought I'd gasp: 'Your Majesty, I'm fine. I'm just scared. I'll have a rest.'

'but now I can no longer serve your majesty. My concubines are suffering.' After saying this, he pretended to cry and attracted a wave of sympathy.

however, King Zhou was so shocked that he immediately hugged him in his arms and comforted him. He also said to Daji with tears:

'it's my thoughtlessness that makes my wife unhappy. My wife doesn't have to feel so guilty. You can have a rest here. After you get well, you can invite the gods to come to Lutai.'

I didn't escape

Daji reluctantly closed his eyes and gave a light, um, yes, yes.

king Zhou saw that his arms became tighter and tighter. Then king Zhou comforted him again. He stayed up all night and never left.

Daji looked complex in her eyes and wanted to say something, but she was speechless.

finally, it can only turn into a helpless sigh.

with King Zhou's company for several days, Daji's complexion finally improved a lot, but he was still secretly surprised and worried about the sky on that day.

on another day, King Zhou left, and his confidant Gong Chi donated money to catch Daji.

Daji got up lazily and sat on the embroidered pier, showing off her career line, and suddenly gave a long sigh.

the maid in waiting beside her is a thoughtful person. Seeing Daji's abnormal worry, she asked, 'my mother has been absent-minded since that day. What's the trouble?'

Daji was upset and silently said, 'I was resting in my room that day, but I was shocked to the ground by the earthquake.'

after hearing this, he felt thoughtful and thought of something: 'it is said that the vision that day was the work of Dr. Shen Xin, the emperor of Tiantai.

Dr. Shen wrote a poem on the Meridian Gate, which attracted the admiration of all the people. His majesty wanted to kill him, but somehow he changed his mind.'

after that, he looked at Daji carefully and said tentatively:

'doctor Shen said.'

'what else do you say?' Daji suddenly became interested and took the cake beside her and put it to her mouth.

'it is also said that there are demons entrenched in the imperial palace. It is a millennium old fox spirit. It has been widely said that doctor shen wants to clear the monarch's side and kill the demons!'

Peng! ! The cake was crushed and scattered on the ground.

he quickly knelt down and dared not speak.

Daji has a dangerous arc hanging around her mouth.

'hmm? Did he really say that?'

what evil spirit do you secretly scold in your heart? Fox, isn't that me?

I almost gave you my ID number!

seeing that Daji was angry, he hurriedly came over to express his loyalty: 'if you are upset with this person, you might as well give the next imperial order. Why can't you worry about revenge?'

Daji is holding Xiumei, but she thinks about who Shen Xin is? Isn't it some great disciple?

you should know that even Yun zhongzi, who was an expositor, dared not reveal her identity. Isn't Shen Xin afraid of Nu Wa Niang's blame?

associating Shen Xin's abnormal performance in these days, he cursed the ministers and King Zhou. The Meridian Gate poem caused the heavenly phenomena, as if he were not afraid of death...

thinking of this, Daji decided to be more cautious. He must not do it himself to avoid offending the wrong people,

at last, she looked at her maid with great interest and said:

'Shen Xin is just an ordinary official, and what he said is more elusive. There is no evil spirit in the imperial city of heaven and earth.

can it be said that I can't do it?'

Qian Qian shook his head crazily and hurriedly said:

'it's impossible. How can a person like Niang be a monster.

it's impossible!'

Daji nodded with satisfaction:

'however, Shen Xin dared to frame the palace, so he had to be punished.

if you have a plan, you will be rewarded a lot.'

she knows what her mother wants, but she doesn't want to offend Shen Xin easily. After all, his reputation is at its zenith. Even the harem is talking about him. I'm afraid it's hard to provoke him.

and she also has a heart to guard against Daji. The mother is cruel. If she is too conspicuous, she may not be afraid.

it may be hard to tell if you know too much and turn your face ruthlessly one day.

she needs a plan. After thinking about it for a while, she pretended not to know and said:

'we are all female, and our slaves are no more than a servant's ears. We have a lot of foresight.'

'if you don't invite Fei Zhongyou and the two doctors, you can have a good plan.'

Daji pondered for a long time, but Fei Zhongyou was able to use his heart. They had a lot of talents and were loyal to themselves. You can have a try.

he opened his mouth to Qian Qian and said:

'when the emperor comes to the Imperial Garden tomorrow, I will secretly spread a decree of justice and announce Fei Zhongyou Hun to the palace.'

'at that time, you will tell them to work out a clever plan. If Shen Xin is harmed, he will be allowed to occupy a prominent position and increase his rank and salary. He has always been a talented man and has always taken care of himself. He is infallible.'

it's natural to say yes. Anyway, it has nothing to do with you. You should prepare for it without mentioning it.

everything in the palace is in order. If shenxinruo knows that Daji and his wife are pulling their limits, he must be too excited to sleep. He spent the night drinking with them and became a confidant.


since the young master came back from writing poems, the tragic cry has never stopped.

several servants trembled every time they passed by, and dared not look around.

after walking through the young master's courtyard, he whispered with fear on his face:

'it is said that the young master, in order to express his gratitude to Huang Bo for saving his life, deliberately delayed the schedule of moving to Xiqi.'

'young master is really a good man!'

a servant wearing a round hat whispered in doubt:

'why do I feel that Huang Bo has offended the young master these days?'

'it is said that Huang Bo was punished for cleaning Shen's house for a week the day before yesterday because he first stepped into the young master's room with his left foot.'

'it's not over yet. Yesterday, he was punished for washing his rags for a week because of his right foot.'

suddenly he wondered, 'do you think Huang Bo offended the young master and was retaliated?'

'Peng! !'

the leading servant hit him hard. With great respect in his tone, he shouted:

'it's impossible. Don't talk nonsense. How can you do such a thing with your young master's character?'

he is upright, for the country and the people. He is our idol. Be careful when you talk nonsense. '

the beaten servant was aggrieved and wanted to refute, but when he thought of what the young master had done, he suddenly felt that he was not a gentleman with a villain's heart.

the pattern was smaller.

the young master must have made sense to do so, even for the great interests of the country.

hoo, several people thought of this place and were silent, afraid to guess, for fear of delaying the young master's important events.

' look, the young master is coming. '

with a sudden exclamation, several people felt even more ashamed of themselves in the face of the handsome and calm young master, and silently repented for what they had just thought.

seeing the respectful eyes of the servants ahead, Shen Xin resolutely changed direction. These guys may have that serious disease.

it's better to stay away from the infection to avoid disturbing my listing plan.

when the young master left, several servants were stunned at first, but reacted the next second.

Young master must have heard our talk just now.

but he not only didn't punish us, but also pretended that he couldn't hear us. He must have thought of us.

young master, you are really kind and righteous!

several servants are more and more admired.

but they didn't find that Lao Huang's feet were trembling, hesitating, and his face was pale as if he were going to the guillotine.

for a moment, it seemed that he could not bear the pressure in his heart. Just as he was about to turn around and leave, he heard a voice from the young master's house that could not be refused:

'old yellow comes in and closes the door.'

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