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Chapter 150 Governor Huang Da applied to go online

The warriors around him pressed their swords. Ji Chang squinted and looked thoughtfully at the people present.

suddenly sighed. He shook his head and asked:

'manager Huang, general Lu is a loyal man!'

'Dr. Shen is even more loyal and righteous, and has the ability to understand the world.'

'Your Majesty is far from being virtuous and good, and he is friendly to small people. He has placed treacherous sycophants in the court, and there are many evil spirits in the harem.'

'if the doctor returns to Chaoge, he will be killed by the villain. He will die for ten years without life.

only Xiqi is willing to treat the talents with kindness and respect, but why does the doctor refuse to enter our Xiqi?'

what Ji Chang said was sincere. Everyone knew that King Wen was serious.

the ministers were not surprised.

Dr. Shen is a wise person in the world. The name of King Wen's love for virtuosity has spread all over the world, and he will pay attention to everyone who goes to Xiqi.

however, doctor Shen fought with his ministers as a prisoner today and angrily shouted that Ji Chang was a traitor.

not only did he not get angry, but he was more courteous.

in addition to his talent, I'm afraid it's also because of today's upright and unyielding performance of integrity and determination to die.

Ji changneng can't help but be admired for doing this for the sake of talents.

and such an excellent person as Dr. Shen deserves the admiration of any monarch with great talents.

today Ji Chang even showed his attitude. Even if Shen Xin and Xiqi were enemies, even if doctor Shen refused to surrender, he would still treat them with courtesy and would not kill him.

hearing Ji Chang's words, Dr. Shen felt a little bad. He looked ahead and wondered what Ji Chang liked about him?

I take a bath without drinking coffee.

what do you like about me? I can't change it.

of course, if it's because of handsome and talent, it's really impossible. It's not my fault at all.

Lao Tzu also hates me. Is it a mistake to become a handsome man?

why do you want me to bear the pain that is not suitable for my age.

doctor Shen felt the unfairness of heaven,

so he firmly refused Ji Chang's solicitation and immediately spoke with righteousness and seriousness.

'a scholar should have integrity, or be faithful and die of integrity, or be' honest and unquestioning. '

'life is happy, and death is without regret.'

'the existence and death of the country can not be remedied. As a minister, he has more than one sin to die. How dare he have two hearts and live a life?'

at this time, we must make a firm statement, otherwise Ji Chang will not kill him if he still has hope.

in case there is any accident, Huang Tianxiang really breaks into Xiqi, and the fox asks for some reinforcements...

then something big will happen!

Shen Xinyi threw off his sleeves and robes and faced Ji Chang. His eloquent words moved everyone.

'I am in an official position and can not save the country. It is right for the world. The army is defeated and the country is humiliated. As a prisoner, I should die for a long time! I have been held for a long time, and I want to make a decision. Today, when I have the opportunity, I should go south to worship and die.'

slowly, Dr. Shen straightened his spine and asked himself to die. His integrity shocked people.

Ji Chang looks forward with shock.

Jiang Ziya looks ahead.

Lao Huang looks ahead.

the ministers and officials are looking ahead.

the people were silent for a long time and deeply shocked.

die for the national disaster, and die as soon as possible.

if there are really loyal people in the world, only doctor Shen.

after carefully examining Dr. Shen, Ji Chang stood up silently and made a big salute to the front.

sighed that the Yin and Shang dynasties had only Dr. Shen, and his loyalty was not only motivated by a moment, but also strengthened by a long time. His noble spirit won glory with the sun and the moon.

those who are benevolent and want to extend their righteousness to the world should not be moved by success or failure.

'the loyalty of the public is great, and the people in the corner of the sea still know and admire its name.'

'the presence of Dr. Shen is a great fortune for our country and the world!'

at this moment, everyone is looking at Jichang with shock.

Dr. Shen is not afraid of life and death. He is brave for the country and the people.

those who refuse to surrender in the face of high officials and high salaries and life and death deserve the admiration of Ji Chang and the world.

he really shocked Jichang and became the hottest person in his eyes, but he could not ask for it.

in any era, loyal officials, loyal officials who would rather die than surrender, deserve respect.

because all those who died in the face of the butcher's knife are those who have backbone. The result of loyal officials is only death, while those who survive are all servile.

are loyal ministers ridiculous?

no, it's not funny in Ji Chang's eyes. It's the only one who died through hardships. These people represent integrity.

they are admirable.

over the years, Ji Chang has raised his hopes and aspired to the world. He hopes that people like Shen Xin will help him.

now the world is in chaos and the flames of war are everywhere. This is the opportunity that Jichang has been waiting for.

overthrow the tyrant to establish a new dynasty, gather talents, sweep the four sides, and step on the world.

Yang Wanli's national prestige is also the aspiration of Ji Chang.

Shen Xin leaned over. He didn't accept the worship, but slowly opened his mouth.

'don't talk too much about King Wen's words. Shen Xin is a minister of yin and Shang Dynasty and will not betray other countries.'

after hearing Shen Xin's words, no one will be surprised at this moment. After all, if this person wanted to drop, he would have dropped.

but they still changed their faces. They were both happy and worried, even with a third of awe and fear.

I'm glad that Shen Xin probably won't come to Xiqi and won't compete for their interests.

worry is that Xiqi has such an enemy, which is the luck of Yin Shang and the misfortune of Xiqi.

as for awe and fear, it is because of the integrity and ability of Shen Xin.

Ji Chang was even more excited, and the longing in his eyes was undisguised.

it was a great loss for Xiqi that he did not get such outstanding people. He immediately said:

'if one day Yin Shang could not accommodate the doctor, he would definitely come to Xiqi.'

'even if the orphan is not here, the gate of Xiqi will always be open to the doctor, and the orphan's children and grandchildren will respect the doctor as they do today.'

Ji Changyue became more and more excited. His eyes turned red and he almost shed tears. Trembling, he stepped down from his seat, stretched out his hand, grabbed Shen Xin and stared at his eyes.

'the doctor will remember, the doctor must remember.'

for a time, the general of Xiqi could not help crying.

King Wen is really the Lord of benevolence and righteousness.

'we are willing to learn from Dr. Shen's ambition, and we are willing to die for Xiqi and serve the king's grace.'

the ministers of Xiqi opened their mouths one after another and bowed to the front.

worships both Jichang and Shenxin.

just as the saying goes, 'a woman who pleases herself and a scholar who is a confidant will die', the performance of Dr. Shen and Ji Chang completely shocked all the civil and military officials present. One is loyal and clear minded, and the other is devoted to talents and talents.

now I can't help crying to show my loyalty.

if King Wen could do this for doctor Shen, wouldn't it be more beneficial to them? It's really a blessing to follow such benevolent kings and wise masters.

Ji Chang's agitation and sadness were always upheld until Jiang Ziya came to remonstrate.

Jiang Ziya is a great deity, and he has already known it in his heart. When he went down the mountain, the original God said that he was born with a thin life, and it was difficult to achieve immortality, so he could only accept the wealth and honor of the world.

now he is over 80 years old, and he is already old in the world. Now King Wen is so grateful, and once worshipped him as prime minister, and he followed him in everything. What he said should not be wrong, nor should Jiang Ziya be moved.

King Wen's benevolence and righteousness, Ziya didn't know how to repay him. He helped Ji Chang and went to Shuai's tent.

'Lord, take care of yourself.'

'Alas, although I didn't get Dr. Shen, I was lucky to have the prime minister beside me.'

Ji Chang raised his head, looked at Jiang Ziya seriously, and said:

'Ziya, do you know why Gu did this to Dr. Shen?'

Jiang Ziya was stunned, but did not speak. As the prime minister in Xiqi, he was deeply responsible and respected. In fact, he was below one person and above ten thousand people. His relationship with Ji Chang was not ordinary.

Ji Chang said in a heavy voice: 'I am very well versed in fate, and I also know mysterious numbers. Now I am seriously ill and old. I am afraid I will die soon...'

'what should I do if I want to show my lifelong ambition and doctor Shen is a loyal and righteous person?'

after hearing this, Jiang Ziya immediately bowed down and said: 'the Lord is a man of destiny. How can I say this unknown word?'

after that, Jiang Ziya understood that the Lord wanted to let Shen Xin go. He was immediately alarmed.

secretly, Shen Xin is a great talent. If he returns to the Shang Dynasty, he will be like a dragon into the sea. He must be our enemy in Xiqi.

this is absolutely impossible. I think of a plan and report it to you:

'I know what the Lord has planned.'

'I wanted to use Wu Ji's sword to assassinate Shen Xin, but now I can't do it again.'

'Shen Xin is a talent who startles heaven and earth. He has the ambition of not fearing life and death, but also the heart of benevolence and righteousness.'

'with the good fortune of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, it will be a great calamity for Xiqi for a long time. It is better to be foolish than to be trapped in Xiqi.

Sheng is used to build a palace to mourn his ambition; send more beauties and play well to amuse his eyes and ears; make a favor to him, and keep him away from the Yin and Shang Dynasties. Then, he can persuade him, and the big thing can be settled.'

'if you indulge in this, you may fear that the dragon will get a cloud and rain. If the Shang Dynasty adds an arm, it will not be a thing in the pool. I hope the Lord will think about it carefully.'

Ji Chang was deeply shocked by what he said. For a moment, he was speechless and looked at the ministers beside him. Suddenly, a man arched his hand and said:

'the prime minister's plan is just what he intended. However, Shen Xin got up and became rich. The Shen family is even more rich. If the Huatang building and the children's gold and silk are used to make him enjoy it, he may not be able to disturb his mind.'

'now the Shen family lives in Xiqi. I heard that doctor Shen once saved his father alone in order to protect the life of the Lord of the Shen family. Both of them are really kind and filial.'

'Lord Shen is with him in Xiqi. It's better to persuade him with affection.'

Jiang Ziya nodded beside him and hurriedly advised him.

'the Lord can act quickly according to this plan.'

Ji Chang heard that he was silent. He naturally wanted to let Shen Xin go. However, the facts tell him that what they said is the most correct choice now.

if Shen Xin is let go, Yu Xiqi will suffer greatly.

after a long time, he sighed helplessly:

'the prime minister has full authority over this matter!'

'respect the order of the Lord.'

Jiang Ziya smiles and bows to take orders.

Jiang Ziya knows that the sword wielding assassination of Shen Xin has been seen through by Dr. Shen, and Lu Xiaobing will lose his surprise.

Shen Xinding will be more defensive.

if this matter is made big, the loss will outweigh the gain caused by the chaos in Xiqi.

Jiang Ziya sighed. Once the great opportunity was lost, I was afraid there was no need to take this risk.

so he thought for a moment. Shen Xin came here to deal with our Xiqi army.

if you break all his plans in front of him, you will be shocked and shocked by the strength of Xiqi.

without the support of Chongcheng, without the rescue of the reinforcements, his hope was cut off, and he was trapped in Xiqi, so he should have no worries.

Jiang Ziya was thinking and came to Dr. Shen. Every time he saw Shen Xin, he would deeply sigh that his determination was not the same as ordinary people.

he looked at the front for a long time and finally said:

'does Dr. Shen really want to be an enemy of Xiqi?'

'of course!' Shen Xin raised his head and said without hesitation.

Ji Chang left inexplicably after paying his respects, leaving behind those inexplicable words.

Dr. Shen's attitude is about to collapse.

the gate of Xiqi is always open to me.

all future generations will respect me.

he just wanted to ask, Jichang, what are our two enemies?

we didn't know each other.

when seeing Jiang Ziya coming, Shen Xin clenched his teeth and asked, 'Prime Minister Jiang, are you here to kill me?'

Jiang Ziya shook his head. I want to kill you, but the Lord didn't allow it. So he changed the topic and said:

'doctor Shen is a guest of Xiqi. How dare anyone harm the doctor?'

'however, Ziya already knew what the doctor meant by coming here.'


Dr. Shen has some doubts. You know nothing.

you can kill me. This is my final purpose. But unfortunately, I met a Ji Chang.


Jiang Ziya carefully observed Shen Xin's expression, but the other party's performance was quite unexpected.

I guessed your plan. Shouldn't you panic?

what do you mean by disdain?

Jiang Ziya misunderstood and thought that Shen Xin was saying that the strategy he had guessed was wrong. He could not help being unconvinced.

today, what Xiqi and the Shang Dynasty are fighting over is North worship and Hou tiger worship.

if Chongcheng is broken, the northern princes will be afraid to wait and see, and the Yin and Shang Dynasties will catch fire, and Xiqi will gain fame.

if Xiqi fails to attack, it will greatly lose the hope of the world, and the morale will be affected. The northern territory will be completely controlled by the Yin Shang Dynasty.

therefore, this war is extremely important.

Jiang Ziya had to play games because of this. Originally, he responded by worshiping the black tiger. This Chongcheng should be readily available, but Shen Xin's appearance broke his plan.

even Shen Xin made Jiang Ziya attach great importance to him, and vaguely regarded him as an opponent in his life.

so he said directly:

'doctor Shen, don't continue to hide. You and I are both wise men. The battle of Chongcheng is related to the victory or defeat of Xiqi in the Shang Dynasty.'

'we besieged Chongcheng with 100000 troops in Xiqi. Doctor Shen used a trick and was eager to break it. So he thought of pretending to surrender and acting as a spy to get information and prepare to rob our barracks. Is that right?'

Shen Xin was stunned when he heard Jiang Ziya's words.


doctor Shen is a good guy in my heart.

Jiang Ziya is a persecution delusion.

what are you talking about? Although I can't understand it, I always feel very strong.

but the next second, he felt a headache.

do you want to explain.

however, Jiang Ziya did not give Dr. Shen this opportunity. Instead, he directly interrupted with great confidence:

'Dr. Shen's plan has been broken. After we have won Chongcheng, we can have a drink with Dr. Shen in Xiqi.'

'Dr. Shen, let's see.'

when Jiang Ziya said this, Lao Huang and Lu Xiaobing next to him looked at each other. Their eyes lit up and they reacted.

Yes, exactly as we thought.

master has a big plan.

originally, they were guarding Dr. Shen. They were worried about what Ji Chang would do to him.

but now I'm thinking about how to set fire when there is no way to go, so as to protect the young master from the chaos.

when he was thinking, he saw Jiang Ziya's confident expression and smiled at the corner of his mouth. His wisdom had been worked out.

governor Huang Da applied to go online.

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