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Chapter 16 You will be in great trouble

'Yes, sir.'

Lao Huang answered in a low voice, and his sweat dripped slowly from his head.

at the moment he was about to step into the door, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

the experience of the past few days suddenly came to my mind. I hesitated, but I didn't know which foot to take first.

in his impression, the day before yesterday, Mai was punished for cleaning the yard because of his left foot. Yesterday, Mai was punished for washing the whole house's rags because of his right foot. Today

you can't use both feet. You should avoid these two human tragedies.

during this hesitation, he found that the young master had already entered the house, and it would be too late to keep up.

but Lao Huang is also quick witted. He quickly came up with a good idea.

he said in his heart, as long as my two feet are together, I jump in, so the young master can't punish me for which foot I take first.

the more I think about Lao Huang, the more satisfied I feel. I'm really a genius.

just do it. Lao Huang lifted his feet and jumped across the threshold.

Oh, it's quite neat.

Shen Xin looks at it unexpectedly.

looking at the young master's expression, Lao Huang finally relaxed. It seems that he succeeded this time. The young master did not punish me.

pockmarked face wrinkled into a ball and began to cry:

'master, my servant is wrong! I really know he is wrong.'

Shen Xin walked slowly to the house, sat on the chair, crossed his legs, drank tea leisurely, and was tired of crying for a long time before he said:

'tell me, what's wrong with you?'

'I... I...' Lao Huang hesitated for a long time without saying a word.

hum! Looks like I'm going to teach you a lesson today.

Shen Xin shouted:

'you should cherish your life since you were born.

you are not only living for yourself, you also have your family, wife and children.

you have died a hundred times, but what do they do? From then on, the old mother is lonely, no one cares for them.

the children have no father and are bullied.

you should not give up the whole family for me. I will not be grateful, but I will be shameful.

Because your sacrifice has no value!

Shenxin's words were as deafening as huangzhongdalu's, and Lao Huang was immediately moved.

after a while, Lao Huang stared at Shen Xin and said seriously:

'young master, you are right. If I have parents and children, I should naturally cherish my life and protect myself.

Unfortunately, my mother died and my two sons died early. Although there are more than a dozen concubines, they are only Guanbao's friends.

in my heart, they are not as important as young master.

if others are in danger, they will leave far away

but young master is different. I am willing to die.'


did I say it in vain?

Lao Huang did not see the situation clearly at all, He continued to be moved there and said:

'master, you don't have to pretend to alienate us to protect us. You underestimate me.

although I'm not as good as you, I'm willing to learn from the master to benefit the Yin Shang world and save the people.

I know that the master is afraid of hurting us, so I let us move to Xiqi to avoid your Majesty's anger.

But what you have done, young master, is too obvious. Huang is not afraid of life and death, and the Shen family will not be slaughtered. '

at last, there was an indefinable light on Lao Huang's face.

there was a feeling that righteousness lies in life and death.

' young master, I know how you treat me. Don't worry, my old Huang is willing to die for the young master and take care of the Shen family! '


more and more talk, more and more addictive is it?

labor and capital don't want you to die for me, just want you to roll away.

' young master, you put... '

your heart was directly interrupted before you said it.

hum! It seems that you haven't realized the mistake. Shen Xin put the tea cup on the table, raised his foot and kicked Lao Huang.

Lao Huang cried, his tears fell, and knelt at Shen Xin's feet.

Shen Xin said with an unhappy face.

'you kneel on your left foot today. You obviously don't respect the young master. You will be punished for cleaning Shen's house for a week.'

old Huang Meng was stunned. He couldn't help lamenting that he should come or should come.

but I have been punished for cleaning. The young master must have made a mistake. In this case, I have the chance not to be punished?

thinking of this, Lao Huang had a little expectation. He raised his pockmarked face and accompanied him carefully:

'that... Young master, you punished me the day before yesterday.'

Shen Xin waved his hand carelessly.

'Oh, change your rags for a week.'

'yesterday. Yesterday was also fined.'

ouch, you are so fucking proud. Shen Xin is upset.

'then go and clean the toilet.'

Pa, Lao Huang wants to suddenly give himself a mouth and let you talk more.

seeing the young master's firm eyes, Lao Huang knows that it's useless to say anything, and walks out with a cry of despair.

Shen Xin is in a good mood now. He feels really good about revenge.

I asked you to come back to save me. Revenge will not be late, but will come earlier.

Shen Xin wants to stay with Lao Huang for a few more days now. Appreciate his desperate expression and see if he dares to save people casually.

'no, no!'

it's safe to send him away quickly. This time, it's a big problem for me. Next time

can he have another time?

we must find a way to keep him in Xiqi completely.

Yes! Shen Xin suddenly remembered something.

didn't Lao Huang always want to marry the 16th concubine? It is said that she is also an old lady who sells heartless vegetables?

what a waste. As a licking dog, he licked others' hands for months without licking them.

just pack them up and send them away. I don't believe he can come back and save me!

Shen Xin is ruthless, showing the cruel expression of the villain on TV.

Lao Huang! Lao Huang! Don't blame the young master. He doesn't want to.

but I can't help it. I'm going to kill my family today!

shenxinmo takes out his small book and puts Lao Huang's name first.

suddenly, while writing, Shen Xin heard someone shouting outside.

of course, this is not surprising. Since Dr. Shen wrote a poem at the Meridian Gate, his reputation as a loyal businessman has soared. With the spread of the people, it soon spread all over the court song, attracting thousands of people to follow.

outside the gate of the Shen mansion, people from all over the world are visiting to see Dr. Shen's righteous face.

at present, it is estimated that he is just a fanatic fan. Shen Xin shook his head helplessly. I am also very upset. I just want to die now.

so he was in a bad mood until the servant outside the door came in and reported.

'young master, there comes a bad mouthed Confucian scholar outside. He has been scolding at the door for trying to break into Shen's house. He says that you are going to have a big disaster. You don't know it.'

'now we have sent people to teach us a lesson and drive them out of the mansion.' The servant said angrily, as if very angry.

Shen Xin nodded subconsciously: 'well, you did it.'

before the good words were exported, Shen Xin immediately responded.

wait, do you mean someone thinks I'm going to be in trouble?

unexpectedly! There is such an understanding person in Yin Shang. He is my confidant.

thinking of this, Shen Xin felt that he must have a long talk with him all night, hoping to give himself a dead end.

'hurry... Invite someone to the mansion!'

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