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Chapter 166 Doctor Shen is really a wonder of the world (please collect! Please subscribe!)

Quietly he left, just as I came quietly.

he waved his sleeve and did not take away a cloud.

doctor Shen extended his hand and wanted to stay, but qingjiao did not look back.

although I was very angry, Shen Xin quickly got out of his grief.

after all, he is a future saint with a firm mind.

accidents are everywhere. Failure to grasp them is excusable.

as for going back to Chaoge?


Dr. Shen frowned, and the fox's words immediately woke him up.

Yes, he can't die now. Chonghou Hu, the evil thief, has not been taken to Chaoge for trial, and the innocent people in the world have not claimed their grievances.

Shen Xin doesn't know what the danger in the fox's mouth is, but it doesn't affect his determination at all. He says in his mouth:

'I will not only return to Chaoge, but also go back in a big way, so that everyone in the world will know!'

'no matter who is doing evil, even if he is a vassal whom everyone is afraid of, he will also pay the price for what he has done.'

when the fox heard Shen Xin's words, his heart trembled.

the calf 'plop' almost fell to the ground.

'what if I said I would die if I returned to Chaoge?' The fox asked nervously.

Shen Xin looks at the direction of Chaoge with deep eyes, but after a moment, he resolutely nods.

'where the heart moves, where the body goes, even though he has died nine times, he still does not regret.'

'this is for the sake of all people in the world and for the sake of bringing crimes to justice!'

the little fox was black in front of him and turned pale in an instant.

back to Chaoge, Dr. Shen will surely die.

and what he is going to do now will cause a great shock.

the world may change.

northern Marquis, what is this status.

one of the four great princes.

the largest vassal in the north.

in beichong, there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and no one in the government or the public is afraid.

Chaoge Beidi has been in business for decades and is deeply trusted by King Zhou. He is also close friends with Fei Zhongyou Hun and other crafty sycophants.

such a person has a stable position and a complex influence. No one can move him at all.

Dr. Shen's visit will not only lead to the crazy frame of the courtiers in the court.

the most important thing is that the little fox also knows that as a millennium fox demon, her mother will certainly do what she says.

personally kill Dr. Shen without hesitation.

with its strength, it can't stop the Niang and save Dr. Shen's life.

the little fox is worried.

'Shen...... Dr. Shen, I mean, in case, in case a person with high cultivation doesn't allow you to return to Chaoge, I will kill you as soon as I see you...'

Dr. Shen is puzzled and doesn't understand what the fox is saying there, but if someone wants to kill himself?


isn't that a great thing!

I'm afraid Dr. Shen will laugh to death in his dream.

immediately waved his hand and said without any concern:

'how can I be strong, even if I am a immortal? Have I ever been afraid?'

'even if the road ahead is long and there are thousands of risks and difficulties, I will go on. '

Dr. Shen's words are echoing in the fox's mind.

it's almost dying of anxiety.

Dr. Shen, Dr. Shen, how can you still be so righteous.

is it difficult for other people's lives to be more important than your own life?

the little fox knows that he can't keep silent like this.

Her resolute words are still ringing in my ears. It has no doubt that as long as Dr. Shen dares to appear in Chaoge, he will never leave alive again.

'Dr. Shen, you must not go back to Chaoge.'

'today I can save you with the magic weapon in my hand, but I made a promise with my mother.

I will never see you again from now on, and I will practice beside my mother.

otherwise, if I return to the Chaoge, she will kill you!'

the little fox wants to make the danger clear, because Daji's action will really kill him.

after hearing this, Dr. Shen smiled with pride and no fear.

'Daji didn't play against me, but the result was that I was still alive.'

in the eyes of ordinary people, Daji's threat is absolutely a life-threatening charm.

because people can't fight demons, let alone a millennium old fox.

I'm afraid that releasing some magic power casually can kill people.


in the face of this threat, Dr. Shen is not afraid.

I can even hope Daji is more crazy.

come on, North nose of science and trade.

don't be polite. Don't leave me a chance.

Dr. Shen pinched the fox's face and comforted him.

'the purpose of going to the court song is to argue with evil thieves. As a courtier of the Shang Dynasty, I have a heavy responsibility.'

'there are hundreds of thousands of people in the north. Some of them are old and some are young. Countless people are displaced.

many people did not die in the hands of the enemy, but were killed by the iron cavalry led by Chonghou Hu.'

driving people and guarding the city are like demons.

what Dr. Shen saw with his own eyes, I wish I could break my teeth.

'don't worry, let alone worry about me. I will practice hard in the future and strive for the right results.'

Dr. Shen's words are warm and resolute.

after hearing this, the little fox finally couldn't stand it and kept tears in his eyes.

doctor Shen really has a just heart.

such a person is simply too handsome.

Shen Xin slowly looks around at the soldiers coming from Chongcheng.

Li Jing, Su Hu, Huang Tianxiang and others are all here.

it's not too late to return to Chaoge.

I can't let those northern enemies wait.

Dr. Shen has made all the preparations.

the evil of worshipping the Marquis and the tiger is never too bad to die ten or a hundred times.

the next step is to convict him and let him bear the proper charges.

this is what he has to do.

Yin Shang Dynasty, Chaoge.

dancing music resounds in the luxurious and high-rise star picking tower,

is now entertaining the ministers with a high-profile banquet.

king Zhou put his hand on his forehead, held Daji in his arms, and slowly tapped his aching head.

then looked at Bigan and asked casually.

'Uncle Huang, is there any news from beichong?'

this is the first time he asked about this news. As a blind ruler, if he pays too much attention to the war, he will cause unnecessary trouble.

but he really can't stand it today, not only for the battle against Chongcheng, but also for Shen Xin's life and death.

at present, Xiqi's army is pressing on the border, and King Zhou is not optimistic about beichong. If the city is broken and something goes wrong...

what should we do.

Yin Shang's hope has just risen. Should we be completely disappointed?

king Zhou is incomparably lonely.

obviously, in his mind, Dr. Shen is already dead and lifeless. How can a battle of armies be countered by manpower?

'Your Majesty, the latest military information of beichong has not yet come.'

Bi Gan bowed his head and said respectfully. His anxiety was not less than King Zhou's, and he had not really closed his eyes for several days.

there is no news... There is no news. King Zhou seems to have thought of this and sighed slightly.

'it's just a trivial matter. Ladies and gentlemen, please continue to feast and don't spoil the party.'

Zhou Wang Qiang squeezed out a few smiles.

'yes!' Bican bowed down to take orders, and sighed at the king of Zhou who was greedy for pleasure.

then seems to be explaining, and it seems to be comforting.

'Your Majesty is the Lord of the world. There are eight wastelands in the whole country. All the princes have sent their orders, and the grand master is leading the army.'

'it must have taken a long time to conquer Xiqi, but there will be a good news.'

after that, he was not quite confident.

I'm afraid the biggest possibility is the news of the fall of beichong.

Bi Gan is a little annoyed. He knows that beichong is in danger and doctor Shen is in danger. But now he is in Chaoge, and he can do nothing.

alas, Bigan sighed involuntarily.

little did he know that his actions were being watched.

Daji looked at Bigan maliciously and his eyes kept showing a fierce look.

then he thought of Shen Xin in beichong. He was even more upset and could not help but speak coldly.

'Your Majesty, Xiqi's strength can not be underestimated. Now it has been planning for a long time. According to my concubine, I'm afraid beichong has fallen.'

'Your Majesty may as well make preparations early.'

as Daji said, the preparation is to receive Shen Xin's corpse.

die, die quickly.

Daji can't wait to curse Shen Xin ten times a day. He has three incense sticks in the morning and evening.

only by throwing the wrong bones into the dust can we dispel our hatred.

seemed to feel Daji's mood. King Zhou's face froze, and he was secretly unhappy and glared at him fiercely.

but in the end, she had no choice but to grasp her hand and hold it forcefully.

means that it is obvious that you can wait until you return to your bedroom.


seems to feel the aggressive gaze of King Zhou. Daji curled her lips as if she were provoking.

but after looking at each other for a moment, he finally lost and bowed his head meaningfully.

alas, King Zhou did not pay attention to Daji.

instead, he scanned the court to find a worthy minister comparable to Dr. Shen.

there's no way. If Dr. Shen really dies in beichong, I'll see if I can find a replacement.

but after scanning for a moment, he was disappointed.

at present, none of your ministers can match Dr. Shen.

no, it can't be compared with all..

all the dead are plain meals, and the mediocre will harm the country.

accustomed to their flattery, King Zhou frowned deeply.

Shen Xin, Shen Xin.

Unfortunately, why did you go to beichong.

when beichong fell, if something happened again, Yin Shang would have no hope at all.

king Zhou sighed deeply and drank the wine in front of him.

holding the charming Daji beside him, he will turn to the harem.

but before he stepped out, the anxious footsteps of Jin Shi came out from the star picking building.

urgent report!

urgent report!

beichong urgent report!

king Zhou stopped and suddenly stared at the attendant. The tiger's eyes showed a strong threat.

the expression of terror made the approaching waiter tremble with fear, and he even slipped and fell to the ground.

seeing this situation, Prime Minister Kan became more nervous involuntarily. His breathing became heavier and heavier, and he even held the glass tightly in his hand.

he was afraid that this was bad news. It contained the news of Dr. Shen's death.

at this moment, King Zhou's face was tight, and he didn't care about the attendants on the ground. Instead, he grabbed the hasty news, and then his eyes seemed to be sad.

then the next second.

he froze.

the expression is unusually solemn, sometimes low, sometimes serious, sometimes laughing, sometimes silent.

in an instant, the drunken Emperor gave a performance to the crowd.

what is online face changing.

all the ministers around were stunned. They did not know what was said in the urgent newspaper.

one by one that is called eagerness.

'your majesty! But... But beichong has fallen?'

bican is, after all, the emperor's uncle and the Prime Minister of Central Asia.

he is now the leader of all officials.

seeing this critical moment, he finally couldn't help bothering King Zhou and asked anxiously.

'Xiqi lost.'

'Shen Xin led hundreds of cavalry to break through Xiqi, and killed and retreated 100000 troops of zhouying. They are already on the way to turn to Chaoge.'

king Zhou's words are a little bland. It seems that he has regained consciousness and is not at all shocked.

the imperial style is more prominent.

well, if it wasn't for the previous performance, Bigan would really believe it.

after that, he threw the memorial in King Zhou's hand to Bigan, which was very natural and unrestrained.


Xiqi was defeated...

Bigan took the memorial from King Zhou and thought in secret.

well, this is somewhat unexpected.

however, if Grand Master Wen can lead the army to arrive in time and meet all the princes, it is not impossible.

Xiqi lost, but Bigan could understand, but the next thing made him feel unbelievable.

Baiqi rob zhouying? Osaka Nishiki? Kill 100000 troops?

the first reaction of Bigan was Chonghou Hu's false report of the military situation.

how is this possible?

one hundred dozen hundred thousand, it's just a joke.

however, when Bigan saw Shen Xin's name, he was momentarily shocked.

then suddenly grabbed the notice and read it again and again.

the old prime minister, who was loyal and upright, showed unprecedented astonishment and shock on his face.

he can not believe other people's things, but Dr. Shen has always believed what he did.

after a few seconds, the wrinkles on the old face miraculously unfolded. He knelt down on the ground and shouted to King Zhou.

'Your Majesty is blessed. God bless Yin Shang. Dr. Shen is a sage in the world. This battle will last forever!'

excitement, sudden excitement.

Bigan felt at least ten years younger when he heard the news.

no, I'm twenty years old.

at least 20 years old.

Bigan knows what this war means if it is true.

miracles, historical miracles.

no one can surpass a hundred thousand.

is really unprecedented.

but now this impossible miracle has been realized by Dr. Shen. He is really a great talent in the world!

as for why he is so excited, there is also one point.

Bigan sees the future.

Xiqi's desire to swallow the world is obvious. Once it succeeds, the Shang Dynasty will be centrifugal in all directions, and 800 princes will not obey the orders.

nowadays, there are endless wars in the southeast and Xiqi. This war has stabilized the Yin Shang society.

pulled the Yin merchants back from the edge of ruin.

Bi Gan can't help but admire.

'doctor Shen is really a white jade pillar of our Yin Shang Dynasty, which stands on the purple and gold beams of the sea.'

'these achievements are enough to shake the whole world, and the hearts of all the people are shaken.'

'but how did... Succeed?' Bigan was shocked and felt incredible.

Dr. Shen said that I didn't know, so I won inexplicably.

Dr Shen is very upset.

while Bigan is still shaking, many courtiers below have already quarreled.

in their impression, although Dr. Shen cares about the people and serves the country and the people, he has not heard of any military talent.

how can such an exaggerated thing be possible?

their respect for Dr. Shen is due to his indomitable momentum and determination to defy life and death, but it is not his military talent.

now the ministers feel that the man already needs to look up to himself.

of course, there are many different opinions in the crowd. Once a person does too well, he can not help being envied.

and this one is really too shocking, which leads to doubts.

immediately a courtier opened his mouth and said:

'Your Majesty, I don't know whether these reports are true or not. We need to discuss carefully!'

'Your Majesty, I think this statement is untrue. I'm afraid someone will falsely report the military information!'

'Your Majesty, the northern marquis is the Lord of northern worship, which has a great impact on northern China. Perhaps the defeat of Xiqi may be related to the northern marquis. Please learn from it.'

the courtiers are bustling and arguing fiercely, but they don't know there is another report.

has quietly entered the palace at this moment...

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