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Chapter 172 King Zhou: it's too difficult for me (block the chapter and reissue it)

Imperial City, nine halls.

king Zhou was at the top, half squinting, tapping the seat with his fingers, making a 'click' sound.

after a while, he said faintly: 'have all the officials arrived?'

Chen Qing, the imperial official, is carefully accompanying him at the moment. Hearing King Zhou's question, he nodded and said in a respectful voice:

'Your Majesty, the ministers have arrived and are waiting for the audience outside the hall.'

'in that case, let's announce it.' King Zhou stopped the movement in his hands and opened his eyes violently, with a little dignity between his eyebrows and eyes.

'I didn't expect that the news brought by Shen Xin would always be so amazing. It seems that there are some people in the court today.'

Chen Qing was surprised and immediately bowed her head. She didn't answer, but she was worried about Dr. Shen from the bottom of her heart.

today's incident is so big that he has no chance to help.

king Zhou continued, 'I've ordered the forbidden army inside and outside Chaoge not to be too alarmed or too nervous and wait for the results of today's meeting.'

'go.' King Zhou waved his hand.


Chen Qing's body trembles and his eyes lift quietly. Somehow, he always feels that King Zhou today may be different from the past.

however, he may have read it wrong.

in the Jiujian hall, all the civil and military officials came in a hurry after hearing the proclamation, but they were shocked to find that King Zhou was already at the top.

after all, for so long, your majesty has not taken the initiative to go to court for a long time. He lingers among the harem every day.

it's been a long time since I saw you. This once mighty emperor is more and more eroded by wine and lust. His steps are vain. His figure seems to be a little fat, and his eyes are black.

fully display an image of a blind monarch who is addicted to wine and lust.

well, everyone was not surprised.

you should know that if you sing all night long, you can't stand any kind of body. King Zhou has been persistent for more than ten years. How can it be true.

there are only tired cows in the world. How can there be fields that are broken?

of course, although King Zhou has become more and more vain, recently the Daji lady has become more and more charming and beautiful.

many people are angry and subconsciously look at each other and nod.

king Zhou glanced at the people and said lightly:

'you must have known the news from beichong. What do you think now?'

hearing this sentence, the expressions of the ministers below suddenly changed. They were different from each other, but they were obviously divided into two factions.

Feng Ji waited outside the hall for a long time. He can't wait. Since he fell into Shen Xin's hands two times ago, he has never dared to look up.

even King Zhou alienated him a lot.

I used to be called Feng Aiqing, but now love answers nothing and becomes a familiar stranger.

and after hiding in the toilet for a long time, he also wants to come out standing instead of being supported.

at present, Shen Xin has done such a big thing in beichong. He suddenly feels that this may be a great opportunity for him to stand up.

quickly and respectfully saluted.

'I report to your majesty that Shen Xin, the doctor in the Tiantai, has committed a heinous crime. The following crimes include forcibly seizing the military power of the north and privately detaining the North marquis. This is a heinous crime.'

'since the establishment of the Yin Dynasty, there has been no such thing as a flagrant rebellion. Beibohou has guarded beichong conscientiously and dares not make any mistakes.'

'but now I have been humiliated by this. Please learn from it. I can't chill the loyalty of loyal officials.'

after that, he glanced at the top of the Wen Chen and felt a little relieved. As expected, he was more confident to deal with Shen Xin than Prime Minister Gan was not there.

however, before he smiled, someone stepped out without hesitation and interrupted.

'Your Majesty, I have something to tell you. What Dr. Feng said is actually a Miao theory.'

when people ask for reputation, it's doctor Xia Zhao.

many people know that Xia Zhao claims to be the second son of Mr. Shen, and he is most willing to reason with people in his life.

therefore, his reputation is very bad. No matter which courtier saw him, he would be reluctant to avoid him for fear of being entangled by him.

but everyone knows that if there is a need to be reasonable, there will be Xia Zhao.

of course, there is no exception this time.

Xia Zhao comes forward to salute, but proudly holds his head high and speaks loudly.

'Your Majesty, I'd like to ask for the merit of Dr. Shen first. I'll stop Zhou's camp with a hundred horses, and my merit will shock the world.'

'breaking through one hundred thousand is an unprecedented victory. It not only protects beichong, repels the chaotic army of Xiqi, but also frightens the world's princes and maintains the rule of our Yin Shang Dynasty.'

'such great merit deserves reward!'

after Xia Zhao finished, he raised his head and looked at Feng Ji with his nostrils. He continued with disdain on his face.

'in addition, I will also play the role of the northern Marquis Chonghou Hu. As a feudal lord of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, he was corrupt, perverted the law, brutally bullied the people, colluded with other nationalities, and framed the courtiers.'

hearing this, all the ministers looked at each other with dignity. The same eyes showed strange things. Dr. Shen's breaking of Xiqi and escorting Chonghou tiger back to Chaoge had already blown the public's knowledge.

these achievements can be called the existence of the God of war. With Dr. Shen's character, even his majesty dared to scold him without restraint. It seems that it is not surprising that he caught Chonghou tiger without hesitation.

and Chonghou Hu did many evil things. At this time, officials who considered themselves loyal officials should not hesitate to stand up for Dr. Shen.

carry the power of great victory, rectify Chongcheng, eliminate evil, and give justice to the people in the world.

what Dr. Shen has done is correct. All the ministers are extremely firm about this. Whether Chonghou tiger should die or not should also be very clear.

then, Xia Zhao listed the evil remarks made by Chonghou Hu. For half an hour, everyone was tired, but Xia Zhao still didn't finish.

killing people and setting fire, collecting money and doing evil are all children. Every one of the listed cases is enough to make Chonghou tiger die.

it is like a bamboo in the south mountain, and the book is not endless; It is a wave in the East Sea, and it is difficult to do all the evil.

it's just that he was in a high position before and was favored by King Zhou. No one dared to report it.

but now Xia Zhao's words are like a signal. What Dr. Shen did gave us strength instantly.

now speaking means fighting with the pawns of Chonghou tiger.

immediately became nervous.

king Zhou looked down calmly. There was no expression on his face, but a smile appeared in the corner of his eyes.

just as he was about to speak, Fei Zhong and Youhun looked at each other, and then Fei Zhong strode out.

respectfully said: 'Your Majesty, Shen Xin has repeatedly contradicted your majesty, and now he has done this great evil. We must not condone it.'

Fei zhongyouhun, you have to fight for your life.

no way.

otherwise, Shen Xin will not die, and Daji will never let them go.

when it's time to do it, it's still necessary to do it.

what's more, they accept money.

king Zhou was a little angry at the moment. He glanced at the two men who were about to fight. He couldn't wait to get off the stage himself. He hugged his sleeve and helped Shen Aiqing.

but he can't let him do this with the 'HunJun Renzhi' he has created.

if he ends up helping Shen Xin, there will be no problem.

but now Fei Zhongyou Hun, Chong Hou Hu and others are just small people.

but there was also Daji and the celestial gods watching from behind.

now he needs time, and his strength is not enough. He must not expose his cards.

king Zhou was so anxious.

a short court meeting seems to have become a game between various forces, but everyone is focusing on the life and death of Dr. Shen and Chonghou Hu.

king Zhou was in a dilemma. The next two sides refused to let each other. For a while, it was still unclear who would win.

'Your Majesty, please do justice to the northern Marquis and punish the evil thief Shen Xin.'

you hun saw the opportunity and stepped out.

however, he hides himself behind Fei Zhong. He is too careful.

'damn! You are really a good brother.'

seeing you Hun's movements, Fei Zhong twitched at the corners of his mouth and swore secretly.

although he scolded, he was very conscious and moved his figure behind Feng Ji.

looking at the smiling figure in front of him, Fei Zhong breathed a sigh of relief. He felt much more secure.

feeling Fei Zhongyou's movements, Feng Ji not only didn't get angry, but also smiled with more confidence.

because, Fei Zhongyou Hun, after standing behind him, many people echoed his voice.

Feng Ji glanced at it and found that many of the ministers present did not have a clear relationship with Chonghou Hu. If Chonghou Hu was convicted, they would come to no good end.

seeing this, his mouth turned up without showing any trace. It was very difficult for him to deal with Shen Xin, but now he has a great opportunity.

interests are above everything in this world after all.

don't Feng Ji know that he is being used by others?


no, he knows, but he volunteered.

what Fengji should do is to borrow the momentum, the momentum of Chonghou tiger and the momentum of Fei Zhongyou Hun. Only in this way can Fengji stand up again under the shadow of Shen Xin and be favored by his majesty again.

'Your Majesty, I feel that this matter should be discussed in the long run and should not be handled easily.'

at this time, the first voice supporting Chonghou tiger began to appear.

it was Fei Lian, a senior doctor.

Feng Ji's eyes brightened. Fei Lian is his own person. It's impossible for them to get along with each other.

the most important thing is that I have already given him a hint to muddy the water.

king Zhou looked at it from above and frowned, but he knowingly asked:

'what do you think of Aiqing?'

seeing Fei Lian stepping out, he suddenly became excited and shouted:

'the northern marquis is a vassal of yin and Shang Dynasties and a pillar of the country. This matter concerns 200 vassals in the north and the world. Now I hear that the grand master has not returned to the court. How can we make a conclusion easily?'


lick the dog!

Xia Zhao and others scolded angrily.

Fei Lian has always been unknown, but he is loved by your majesty and even keeps company with those treacherous ministers.

now he speaks very heavily beside King Zhou. Unexpectedly, he has also come forward.

Fei Lian's words had just dropped when an enchanting figure appeared in the main hall.

'Your Majesty, what the doctors said is reasonable. We must not let beibohou be innocent'

in the clear footsteps, there is a faint fragrance. The woman is wearing a light veil, and the proud Jiao body is faintly visible. (about 3.5 rocks.)

a pair of stunning faces have a certain charm, and the light in their eyes flashes, as if they can attract people.


unexpectedly, Daji walked to the hall.

it is necessary to know that there is no custom in the Shang Dynasty that the harem should not interfere in politics, and even the queen has the same rights as the emperor.

Moreover, King Zhou favored Daji and trusted him everywhere.

his or her appearance completely cast a shadow on many ministers.

'Royal wife, why are you here?'

'didn't Gu let you rest in the harem? I'll come to you later.'

when King Zhou saw Daji, he immediately changed his expression and held him in his arms with a smile.

'Your Majesty, I heard that Shen Xin was treacherous and had the audacity to detain princes, so I wanted to complain for your majesty.'

'do you think this country is your Majesty's country or that of Shen Xin?'

'why, even punishing the minister requires him to act without authorization.' Daji gave a snort, and the tone was dissatisfied.

king Zhou listened and began to be silent.

your highness, Xia Zhao, Weizi, Jizi and others are even more evil.

Daji said this, grabbed King Zhou's hand, covered his chest, and sighed.

'since I took the heart of Shen Xin and made the medicine guide, I don't know why I always feel stuffy.'

'I'm afraid he hates the pain of gouging out his heart and is unwilling to do so. Now he's going to secretly harm his concubine and your majesty.'

Daji's remarks are really annoying.

Xia Zhao is angry and livid. He looks at the unbridled Daji and feels very angry.

I will complain for Dr. Shen immediately.

pointed directly in front of him and shouted: 'demon... Demon... Wuwu...'

but before he said anything, he was held down by the ministers behind him, and he was not given a chance to speak at all.

don't... don't stop me.

I want to learn from Dr. Shen, scold evil spirits, and spray this fox spirit into the sky!

when all ministers saw Xia Zhao's appearance, they only felt their scalp numb.

elder brother, Dr. Shen has not been saved yet. Let's not send him any more. If we send him off again, he will be supernatural.

for Daji in front of him, the loyal minister Fang was silent, because the other side was superior to him in strength and rank.

what do you spell? It's completely useless except for giving heads.

'how's the Royal wife? Is the Royal wife better?'

'come on, don't move. Let me rub it for you.'

king Zhou was there in love with Daji.

the ministers below bowed their heads in silence, and their mood sank to the bottom of the valley.

however, Fei Zhongyou Hun and others began to get excited and were extremely happy.

the chance of Shen Xin's death will be much greater if his mother comes out.

even those so-called loyal ministers, no matter how hard they fight, can't compare with the words of the empress.

sure enough, after comforting Daji.

king Zhou stood up angrily and stared at the distance with a cold face.

his brow was frowned, and his anger seemed to have reached the extreme.

with one hand, he violently sweeps away the memorial presented in front of him.


the memorials rolled and scattered on the ground, and the ministers' hearts beat with fear.

king Zhou's vicious roar was heard in the main hall.

'Chonghou tiger is an isolated subject, and his royal wife is an isolated heart. Now Shen Xin wants to harm these two people, isn't it like cutting my hands and feet and gouging out my heart!'

'doctor Zhong's conduct and discipline listen to the order. I ask you to take Shen Xin to the palace as soon as possible and wait for his decision.'

king Zhou was angry. For a moment, he was angry and angry. At the moment Daji appeared, he knew he was going to make a statement.

finally, with a big hand, he chose Fengji.

this... This... Discipline couldn't help being stunned. He didn't expect that King Zhou would put himself in such an important position.

is this the chance to revenge?

why can't I react too quickly?

king Zhou nodded in secret and seriously. Yes, it's you. Yes, it's you.

because no one in the court is more useless than you.

judging from your achievements.

I don't choose who you choose. Anyway, I don't pose any threat to Dr. Shen.

ignore the excited customs there.

king Zhou turned his eyes to Daji.

as for Daji...

he frowned. This is a bit difficult to deal with. After all, he is not an ordinary person.


king Zhou sighed fiercely, and his expression gradually became serious.

for Shen Aiqing's sake, I'll go out and fight this fox.

as long as I wait for master Wen to return to Korea for a few days, this problem can be solved.

but he may sacrifice his own waist, which will be sour next.

but king Zhou did not hesitate. He was willing to do it for Dr. Shen.

king Zhou took a deep look at Daji, then resolutely took the beauty in his arms and walked to the harem.

the steps are slightly heavy.

a few days.

he paid too much.

Dr. Shen, master Wen, remember to save the orphans...

Shen Xin:??


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