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Chapter 177 Your majesty, what's wrong with you?

Dr. Shen looked up. He looked at the sky under the scorching sun again.

At this moment, the endless golden light enveloped the world. It and Dr. Shen added radiance to each other and seemed to break through the darkness of the world.

It not only makes people feel excited, but also makes real evil nowhere to hide.

In the hearts of those people, they saw the blue sky and justice.

Even the dilapidated Yin Shang Dynasty deepened a bit of luck in the dark.

Perhaps the avenue is invisible, unspeakable and inexplicable.


The long knife with blood sank into the ground and moved in white with the wind.

Shen Xin's eyebrows and eyes are slightly raised, and his eyes sweep to the crowd and the afternoon gate.

Facing the dark crowd and the shocked officials, he said loudly:

'Today, the bandits have been ambushed, but I want to tell you that the sword in my hand only asks about guilt and innocence, not about the relatives of the emperor, princes and officials.'

'If a thief violates the law, he should be beheaded. Whether he is an official or a vassal, he should be beheaded.'

'If you don't accept such a decision, you can go to the court and tell your majesty that if you are condemned, Shen Xin will bear it!'

Heaven's justice is clear, but retribution is not good.

Chonghou tiger has become a Dharma, and the sage should return to his throne today.

Being reasonable, doctor Shen now hopes that King Zhou will get angry and drag himself out to be beheaded.

After all, King Zhou and Chonghou Hu colluded with each other and had deep feelings. Now that they get the news, they will definitely do something.

Have a good time. I'm really having a good time today.

One after another, they looked at the front with shock. At this moment, it was silent, and no one dared to reply.

Because Dr. Shen is so handsome and courageous today.

'The justice of heaven is clear, and the retribution is not good. The sword in my hand only asks whether I am guilty or not.'

Behind Dr. Shen, Li Jing looked ahead, his eyes were a little stagnant. He read aloud and seemed to speak silently.

Yes, God's right is clear, and there is retribution. Is this your persistence, Dr. Shen?

This is simply saying what countless people dare not say and doing what countless people dare not do.

Li Jing admired me.

Before the officials, Prime Minister Bi Gan glanced at the crowd behind him, and he clearly felt the faith of the people.

When Dr. Shen's knife fell, Bigan's whole life suddenly became bright and there was no more distractions.

He realized that the world might usher in new hope from now on.

General Bigan slowly took off the official cap on his head, held it in his hand, and walked forward in this way.

Step by step.

The officials and the people around me don't know what they are doing, but when they see this respected old prime minister, they still let him come out one after another.

In the end, Bigan came to Dr. Shen without any extra words, just a deep courtesy.

In the crowd, Huang Tianxiang held his long gun tightly.

Behind him were hundreds of cavalry soldiers, but tears flashed in his eyes. He was shocked by the madness of the scene.

But more excited.

The traitor of the country has a right way to die. If he doesn't die, how many innocent people will he kill.

Good killing, good killing!

The long guns were shining, and the cavalry behind them was silent. They slowly grasped the scabbard, but they were inexplicably nervous.

But in my eyes, it is a great honor to follow Dr. Shen to destroy Xiqi, kill chongthief, and justice for the people in the world. Even if I die, I have no regrets.

Behind Dr. Shen, a little fox quietly looked at a place in the imperial city. His petite body trembled and tears poured out.

It seems to be talking to itself and telling someone.

'Madam, madam, my choice is correct.'

'In my eyes, Dr. Shen is a saint in the world. I don't regret it, let alone regret it!'

The fox's eyes slightly turned, and he continued to look at the independent and proud figure. His heart pounded, and finally he was a little crazy.

Somewhere on the street corner, a little girl in a red coat excitedly said, 'Daddy, look, look, that's Dr. Shen.'

'I finally saw him. He's really handsome. He's even more handsome than I dreamed of.'

The little girl's eyes showed joy, and she held her father in her arms and said coquettishly.

Wang San did not speak, but silently touched the forehead of the children beside him and whispered:

'It's good to see him. He never disappoints people.'

'Father, why are you crying?' The little girl did not seem to understand why her father shed tears.

'It's nothing. Maybe the wind has blinded us. Maybe we won't see anyone really pleading for the people's lives after today.'

Yes, maybe Dr. Shen killed that Chonghou tiger, which made countless people happy. But maybe they would rather suffer evil than Dr. Shen at this moment.

Because Dr. Shen may be in great danger and even lose his life.

No, it must have cost you your life.

He is good at killing princes and carrying a knife at the afternoon gate, which can be called rebellion.

How can we live?

Can't live? That's right.

Dr. Shen never thought of living. He even wants to increase his weight now.

Only because King Zhou's reaction speed is too slow, no order to arrest him has been sent.

It's just like some book friends.

Short, weak, and inferior.

When Dr. Shen thought of this place, he looked at the Imperial City in front of him and said without accident:

'Where is our fatuous majesty, the forbidden army ahead?'

'Since he dare not see me, I will go to see him.'

'This fatuous king also has an unshirkable responsibility for today's affairs.'

Shen Xin's voice was not loud, but his voice shocked the audience.

Crazy? Dr. Shen is crazy.

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief, as if they had misheard.

I've just killed one of the princes and the hall staff. It's shocking enough. Now I'm not running away, but I have to go to the palace to face the saint?

Bold, too bold.

This bold man can scare people to death.

Dr. Shen, let's talk it over and save our lives.

At this time, whether it is Li Jing, Huang Tianxiang, or a contest, of course all of them must come up to stop it.

As a despot, Huang Tianxiang did not hesitate, desperately pulling his adoptive father in front of him to resist him.

Even the fox in the back of the body understood, directly and without hesitation lay on the ground, skillfully pouted back, and was very familiar with the process.

The expression was even more urgent. Dr. Shen, come on, come on.

At this moment, the forbidden army all over the city pretended to turn a blind eye and looked up at the sky silently, indicating that they didn't see anything and didn't know anything.

I just beg Dr. Shen to leave quickly.

Hum system.

In the face of the people's good intentions, Dr. Shen was not only not moved, but also prepared to scold them directly.

'As a courtier, I should be loyal to my country. I just killed a traitor who was harmful to my country. Why should I be nervous?'

'Now I'm a doctor who has been ordered to enter the palace. By the way, I'd like to ask the foolish king how he became the leader of the Shang Dynasty. Why not?'

Doctor Shen said directly.

Yes, why not... Ask King Zhou how he became a confused King

After hearing this, the people around me were a little silent, but they still didn't react.

'If you kill someone's favorite minister, you should ask them if they killed him wrongly...'

Dr. Shen, you are really bullying your majesty.

I'm afraid your Majesty's violent temper and mediocre state will never return.

The people stood in their places dumbfounded. They really didn't know what to do.

'It doesn't matter. I believe our majesty will realize his mistake.' Dr. Shen waved to the people and held them directly in front of him.


The long knife was pulled out of the ground with dust and blood on it.

But Dr. Shen didn't care, but directly resisted his shoulder and marched forward.

Dr. Shen's figure was longer and longer, and now all the figures facing Dr. Shen began to be shocked.

Shen... Doctor Shen, you... You don't want to stab the king.

Don't fight like that. We're alive.

You can't live if you want to go to the temple with a knife.

Li Jing sighed. He knew that he might not be able to save Dr. Shen's life at all. Not to mention King Zhou, no normal monarch could endure the assassination of the king by his officials.

Everyone felt that Dr. Shen was not trying to argue with his majesty at all. He was trying to force King Zhou to confess his guilt and admit his stupidity.

Now he has even ignored life and death.

He's ready for Soha.

Dr. Shen is Dr. Shen. He is worthy of being the man who dares to take off his clothes and fight monsters outside Chaoge. His courage is incomparable.

In the hearts of many people, Dr. Shen's figure is inexplicably elevated.

The little fox was in such a hurry at the moment. When he didn't feel Dr. Shen's back again, he was immediately upset.

It silently stared at the imperial city and could feel the smell of the empress inside.

Today's situation is completely out of control. If you see Dr. Shen, your mother will certainly take action.

It is not sure to save people from the mother.

However, despite this, Dr. Shen and the little fox are still willing to try.

At least we can't give up, even if there is a chance of one in ten thousand, we should seize it.

However, Dr. Shen's figure is getting farther and farther

In the face of that indomitable figure, the people who blocked the streets silently bowed their heads, and they didn't want to move aside.

Because they don't want Dr. Shen to die.

'Dr. Shen, go back...'

Countless people knelt in place.

'Don't go any further...'

There was no noise, no noise, and everyone spoke spontaneously.

The movements may be different, but the heart is the same.

Dr. Shen looked at the scenes in front of him and was in a trance. He slowly stepped forward to help him up, but there were too many people.

'Everybody, who am I going to?'

'The human race has not been easy since ancient times, and the poorest and kindest people in the world are the poor people today.'

'We work at sunrise and rest at sunset. All we ask for is three meals of food and clothing. Now I can't bear to be deprived of this small request.'

What Dr. Shen said was resounding and made countless people tremble.

Dr. Shen is Dr. Shen.

In the face of the immortals and the princes and officials, what they admire is their status and strength.

But only Dr. Shen is respected by the people.

Because only Dr. Shen is sincere in serving the country and the people.

The forbidden army outside the afternoon gate, seeing the figure coming, did not know what to do for a while.

They can't pretend they don't see it anymore. At present, it's neither stopping nor stopping.

But fortunately, someone helped them out.

'Dr. Shen came to the palace by your Majesty's order. It's your Majesty's will.'

Well, the commander of the forbidden army said to himself, standing there, he didn't mean to stop at all.

'Wow.' The forbidden army seemed to understand, so they put away their swords and halberds one after another and retreated like the tide.

He watched doctor Shen enter the afternoon gate until his figure elongated and farther away.

Now in the imperial city.

Fei Zhongyou and Hun are anxious to find King Zhou. The tense atmosphere outside the afternoon gate is really frightening.

Therefore, seeing that things were bad, the two of them even slipped away early and dared not be present.

It's mainly a little afraid.

However, I felt a little more comfortable when I entered the Imperial City, because I'm afraid there is nothing more reassuring in the world.

With countless forbidden troops guarding, let alone Shen Xin, even a bird can't break in.

As long as he waits for a moment and informs his majesty and his mother of Shen Xin's evil deeds, he will surely die.

They wanted to hurry to Shouxian palace to meet King Zhou, but they were blocked by the forbidden army.

I only heard the man say:

'The two doctors are here at a bad time. Your majesty and your mother are now resting. If you have nothing important to do, don't disturb them.'

Fei Zhongyou and Hun stopped and looked at each other with doubts on their faces.

Especially looking at the sky, how can we rest when the sun is shining in the daytime?

Um! Isn't that right?

But no matter what's wrong, I have to interrupt. At this time, my eyebrows are burning.

Even if he knew that he would disturb King Zhou's elegance, he could not care.

Fei Zhong immediately stepped forward and said to the bodyguard in a deep voice:

'Please inform your majesty quickly that something big will happen. Shen Xin is crazy. He dares to escort Bei Bohou to the afternoon gate.'

The forbidden army received the order of King Zhou's death. As long as no one broke into the Imperial City, it didn't need to pay attention to the earth shaking outside.

Although what Fei Zhong said was urgent, it did not reach the point of rebellion.

What's more, he was not happy with the two traitors, so with a wave of his hand, countless warriors around him marched forward.

'Shua' drew out his weapon.

'I'm sorry, two doctors. Just outside the afternoon gate, there are no rebels. We can't disturb your majesty and your mother's rest.'

'If you have nothing else to do, please leave, doctor.'

After that, he stood aloof and did business.

'I'm special!'

Fei Zhong was almost scolded when he saw that the bodyguard didn't let oil and salt in.

Shen Xin took Bei Bohou outside the afternoon gate. Isn't it urgent enough?

Is it a big deal if Chonghou Hu let Shen Xin cut him off?

Damn asshole!

However, no matter how they curse in their hearts, it will not help. After all, this is the order of King Zhou.

In desperation, Fei Zhong had to give the bodyguard a deep stare.

Then I was ready to turn around and leave.

But Fei zhongyouhun was just moving.

Suddenly, a forbidden army, shouting loudly in the distance, rushed from the noon gate.

'No, it's not good. Doctor Shen killed Bei Bohou outside the afternoon gate. He has already broken into the palace gate with a knife. He's looking for your majesty now!'

'Quick! Quick report to your majesty!'

The soldier didn't care about Fei Zhong and the two men in front of him, so he directly bumped into them.

Keep moving forward, and keep drinking.



Shen Xin killed Bei Bohou outside the afternoon gate?

Hearing the shocking news, Fei zhongyouhun, who was knocked down by the soldier, was speechless in surprise.

I didn't even care if I fell down.

They only feel that they have heard the wrong news?

Then isn't Shen Xin going to take Chonghou Hu to Chaoge to condemn him in the court?

I didn't see your majesty here. Why was he killed at the noon gate?

It was beyond Fei zhongyouhun's expectations.

In particular, it was more shocking to hear Shen Xin enter the afternoon gate with a knife.

But before they woke up from their shock, the next moment, they heard the temple door behind them open in a hurry, and the scene inside suddenly appeared, which seemed to have an intoxicating atmosphere.

Our king Zhou appeared in front of the people, holding the door with one hand and the waist with the other. He didn't pay attention to the front, but first looked at the sky silently, and then exhaled loudly, which seemed to consume a lot of strength.

Especially after hearing the anxious cry of the forbidden army, his eyes were full of inexplicable excitement.

He asked with a little urgency:

'Where is Shen Xin? Where is he?'

Fei zhongyouhun, not far in front of him, was shocked when he saw King Zhou's weak appearance.

I rushed to my side and helped him up, with concern in my eyes:

'Your Majesty, your majesty, what's wrong with you?'

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