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Chapter 189 How dare you use this to test cadres?

Daji has always been very confident about the terms he offered.

she believes that the other party will make the right choice.

you should know that the Chaoge is not so stable nowadays, and the turmoil caused by Shen Xin's killing of Chonghou tiger will not be calmed down easily.

let alone King Zhou, who committed a monstrous crime and hated him to the bone, even the remaining sins of Chonghou Hu's subordinates would not easily give up the idea of revenge, and wanted to kill them quickly.

at this moment, I have the opportunity to reconcile with myself and offend less powerful enemies. I'm afraid no one will refuse me at all, and I will even wake up from my dream.

although Shen Xin is not afraid of death, who wants to die deliberately if he can live?

Daji smiled. It was she who grasped this point and grasped this deep faith.

however, she hasn't started to feel proud, but what Dr. Shen said next shocked her.

'no, I choose to refuse.' Doctor Shen shook his head.

a clear and firm voice sounded beside Daji's ear, which made him unbelievable. His smiling face snapped and changed color instantly

'why?' Daji asked in shock.

originally thought that Shen Xin would agree without hesitation, but who thought he would refuse?

just when Daji looked puzzled, Dr. Shen continued to speak.

'because I'm different from you. Since the fox is willing to follow me, I'm willing to protect it no matter what happens, even if I pay my life, but it's definitely not because of a bullshit bet.'

'Daji, it seems that the fox didn't choose you, which is a very correct decision.'


when doctor Shen's voice dropped, I heard a cold hum.

it was inexplicably cold again in the star picking building. Daji was very angry and excited. He could only feel a breath in his chest.

she is convinced and wants to kill.

'OK, you are really toasting and not drinking. Don't think I dare to kill you now because I have some scruples.'

Unfortunately, I'm a natural drinker.

kill if you want.

I really want to die.

Dr. Shen was not afraid of Daji's threat at all. Instead, he disdained to say:

'I'll try to help the little fox tide over the disaster, but I don't need you to let me go. I'll kill him if I want. Shen Xin was never afraid.'

do it quickly, don't waste time.

Dr. Shen counted the increase frequency of Daji panda, but Daji didn't let him down, and he laughed angrily.

'believe me deeply, don't think you can do whatever you like in Chaoge. Don't forget that I am the queen of Shang Dynasty now. If you offend me, you will have countless ways to die.'

at the end, Daji's eyes showed a threat.

'you said that now you and I are living in the same place. If your majesty bumps into you, does Dr. Shen think your majesty will listen to your explanation?'

said that Daji loosened the hairpin, and a pair of jade hands slowly pulled the gauze on her body. It was obvious what she wanted to do.

looking at Daji's behavior, Dr. Shen seemed to sigh. Daji's body is indeed perfect.

cut shoulders and thin waist, slender body, plump and just right where it should be.

the thin place is thin without any excess.

in addition to the charming expression from time to time, it is understandable that King Zhou's fans are confused.

but do you just show a little?

use this to test cadres?

no cadre can stand such a test!

Dr. Shen only felt that Daji had no sincerity.

although Daji is not sincere, I still have to thank the other party for giving me a dead end.

he remembered that Boyi Kao was framed to death in this way.

under such circumstances, if the picture in front of you is really seen by King Zhou, don't explain it. I'm afraid you can't tell it clearly.

king Zhou would not believe that nothing had happened between you two and would kill himself without hesitation.

Daji was blatantly framed in this way, but it was exceptionally easy to use.

but she didn't think that this kind of poison trick, which is not satisfactory after a hundred attempts, was a godsend in Dr. Shen's eyes.

I am worried that I have no chance to die.

now, come on, my little baby, eonbaby.

come on, send me to the list.

thinking of this, Dr. Shen took off his robe and went to Daji with a shout.

'Daji, put on your clothes quickly. I deeply believe that you are not that kind of person.'

Dr. Shen is going to explore the fox's lair alone in order to be on the list.

hold the initiative firmly in my own hands and seek death. I am serious every time.

at the same time, Dr. Shen also scanned the outside of the building, looking forward to King Zhou's coming.


Daji was stunned by this operation. She was caught off guard by doctor Shen.

what happened? Shouldn't I frame him?

but now I feel like I am sending experience.

inexplicably fell into passivity.

Daji only wanted to scare Shen Xin, but didn't really want to kill him at this moment.

after all, we still need to make use of him to show our sainthood in front of the fox and take back the heart of the little fox.

but the current situation is not developing as she expected.


Daji scolded angrily.

'what do you want to do if you believe me? You know my identity. Don't come here.'

let Daji's face change constantly.

Dr. Shen is still walking forward without hesitation.

and continued to take off his robe to show that he was willing to cooperate.

misunderstanding, let the misunderstanding be more fierce.

Dr. Shen looked at Daji, but found that Daji's eyes were evasive.


Daji looked at the approaching figure, and his breath began to be a little short.

in fact, I can't blame her. As a beauty party, it's normal to be attracted to Dr. Shen.

Dr. Shen has always been the idol of YY in the hearts of girls.

in particular, Junlang's appearance and mysterious temperament attract more fans.

now it is the first time that the two are so close.

Daji's face suddenly turned red and her fingers trembled for some reason.


this time, she had to admit that she was not the opponent of the person in front of her, either in action or in words.

people don't care about the conspiracies and tricks they think. It's like hitting cotton with a punch. There's nowhere to borrow.

even Daji realized a truth at this moment. If you want to kill Chenxin, you must not hesitate to take direct action.

otherwise, I will regret it.

Daji hesitated because of the little fox.

then she lost.

at this moment, doctor Shen is holding the robe in his hand and is still slowly approaching.

until two people are less than one foot apart.

he moved.


the robe in Dr. Shen's hand fell directly, and then 'bang' hit Daji's face heavily.

'this is evidence. Keep it.'

'I'll wait with you for your majesty.'

in the face of doctor Shen's behavior of hitting her in the face, Daji blew her hair again.

who the hell could have thought that Shen Xin would suddenly make a move, and would be so brave.


Daji's eyes were red, and he could no longer bear it. He not only doubted whether the water was going against him today?

anyway, she absolutely doesn't want to see the man in front of her at this moment.

otherwise, the fox must have died early.

with a wave of her jade hand in anger, the wind in the star picking building rose everywhere.

roaring sound.

doctor Shen only felt a flower in front of him, and then took off like a cloud.

almost instantaneously fell to the star picking downstairs.

for a moment.

doctor Shen Meng opened his eyes.

couldn't help pointing his middle finger at Daji.

shit, I'm not dead?

Daji in the building is still staring at the front angrily at the moment. Although the purpose of searching for sink letter has been achieved today, she just feels uncomfortable.

very unpleasant!

Daji firmly grasped doctor Shen's robe and made up his mind.

as long as the little fox survives the robbery, she will kill Shen Xin regardless.

not only didn't leave the whole body, but also gave him the ashes.

endure, I will endure for a few more days.

I believe you wait, wait!

Daji's face became more and more ferocious.

didn't see Daji's roar. Downstairs, doctor Shen showed his penetrating eyes.

'as expected, what I thought was right. She, the fox, was still peeping at my body.'

'I advise handsome book friends, especially such handsome people, to be careful when going out.'

'the world of monsters is still very dangerous.'

doctor Shen sighed helplessly.

although he did not die at Daji's hands for the time being, Dr. Shen was not discouraged.

he can clearly feel Daji's intention to kill.

she specifically mentioned today that the little fox will have a disaster in the near future. There must be a calculation in it.

Dr. Shen thought for a moment. Daji might not have given him an opportunity.

natural disaster?

I don't know if this disaster is serious? Can you kill me?

Dr. Shen quickly reached a conclusion.

Yes, and absolutely.

natural calamity is the calamity set up under the heaven. Once someone wants to go against the heaven, it will bring disaster to them.

and the demon family's delusion of turning the body of a monster into a human form is against the sky.

there is terrorist power in the thunder robbery. Those who can't get through it will turn into robbery ashes and return to the origin of heaven and earth.

if Dr. Shen's body at this moment encounters the transformation of a little fox, let alone go to the center, I'm afraid that he will probably die after being swept by the overflow Lei Wei.

this is a great opportunity.

thinking of this, Dr. Shen warmly looked at the figure who was rushing towards him, and slowly outlined a smile at the corner of his mouth.

'don't worry, little fox. I can help you.'

feeling the warm eyes of Dr. Shen, the little fox was very warm, but then he was full of worries.

he took a careful look at the angry star picking building and was instantly startled.

the mother seems very angry, and the consequences are very serious.

it rushed to Dr. Shen and asked anxiously.

'doctor Shen, isn't your mother bothering you?'

Shen Xin shook his head regretfully.

I wish she would put me in a difficult position.

not only embarrass me, but also kill me.

but obviously little fox doesn't think so. Dr. Shen and his wife are talking alone. They must have quarreled about me.

the thought that Dr. Shen would work hard to protect himself even in the face of the threat from his mother moved little fox.

Dr. Shen has done so much for me that I can't repay him in my life.

'don't worry, doctor Shen. When I become strong, I will protect you from any danger.' The little fox pinched his paw and said seriously.

'Whoever dares to hurt you, I will fight with him, and I will let him know what bad luck is.'

Dr. Shen was almost startled when he heard what the little fox said. Somehow, he felt a little flustered.

no, this kind of thinking is unacceptable.

if you are really blocked from your great opportunity by it, don't you regret dying.

we must stop the fox in front of us.

doctor Shen shook his head and said:

'you don't have to worry about my danger. Now you have to worry about yourself.'

'the calamity of transformation is the calamity that every monster must go through. If you get through it, you can practice as easily as a member of the same family. If you can't get through it, you will die. Now you must never slack off.'

the little fox felt doctor Shen's concern and was deeply moved.

in this world, only Dr. Shen and his wife are my true relatives, and only they are really good to me.

'doctor Shen, you don't have to worry. I'll be all right. When the disaster comes, I'll leave Chaoge far away. I'll never put you in any danger.'

the little fox seemed to think of something and said pale.

it is easy to say, but in its heart, it can feel that this disaster is very strange. With the blessing of bad luck, it is definitely stronger than the natural disaster of many monsters. I'm afraid this time it is a narrow escape.

it just doesn't want to worry Dr. Shen.

hearing this, doctor Shen rubbed the fox's head and said firmly: 'don't worry, I won't leave you. I will always be with you. It's just a small disaster. What are you afraid of?'

natural disaster is small, doctor Shen's safety is important, and the little fox has not come yet. Please try to dissuade him.

I saw several figures rushing in a hurry not far away.

at this time, the early morning had dispersed, but before the people left the afternoon gate, there was bad news.

Dr. Shen was invited to the star picking building by Daji.

this kind of thing made all officials feel nervous and anxious. They were worried about doctor Shen's safety, so they rushed here under the leadership of Wen Zhong and Bi Gan.



after seeing Dr. Shen standing there unharmed, everyone was relieved.

dangerous, too dangerous.

everyone knows who Daji is, and it is absolutely dangerous to be targeted by her.

I'm glad today that Daji didn't hurt the killer.

but what if there is another time?

after escorting Dr. Shen back to the mansion.

under the unanimous discussion of the people, in order to prevent accidents, the safety of Dr. Shen should be paid attention to, and more guarantees are needed.

then, under the increasingly dark face of Dr. Shen, Huang Tianxiang and his hundred cavalry soldiers moved into Shen's mansion with great enthusiasm.

Wen Zhong even arranged hundreds of forbidden troops outside the house, surrounded them like iron barrels.

it is forbidden for all people to approach.

what's more disgusting is that Li Jing still feels insecure. He even posted a list outside Chaoge city to prepare to find some capable people.

looking at the extremely serious figures of the people, Dr. Shen desperately tried to stop them, but they were ruthlessly rejected.

damn, doctor Shen looked at Shen Fu in despair.

because of Daji's action, he felt safe and wanted to cry.

the only thing Dr. Shen can do now is to silently look forward to the fox's rescue. I just hope that there will be no more accidents.

Yuquan mountain, Jinxia cave.

this is the ashram of immortal Yuding among the twelve golden immortals.

the mountains are shrouded in clouds and mists all the year round, the spring water is jingling in winter, and countless streams are intertwined and converged, eventually forming a huge waterfall tens of feet high.

the waterfall is majestic and magnificent. Under the strong impact of water flow, a deep green pool is formed below.


violent mana waves burst in the pool, and the sound of vibration resounded through the valley.

a young man in a Taoist robe walked out slowly as the water rose into the sky.

he has a brave face, holds a silver gun with cold light in his hand, his long hair floats behind his head in the wind, his eyes show perseverance, and then he looks at the distance with a little doubt.

'what's the teacher looking for me?'

'I've met senior brother. I'd like to ask you to go. There are distinguished guests in the mountain...

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