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Chapter 198 The world is uncertain, why is it home (seek to collect! Seek to read!)

Ji Chang's death is not a trivial matter, because doctor Shen knows that his second son Ji Fa will inherit the throne next.

that is to say, King Wu of the Western Zhou Dynasty who will fight in Mengjin in the future, which will defeat the Yin and Shang Dynasties and force King Zhou to burn himself in Lutai.

similarly, Ji Chang's death also means that the list of deities is about to appear. The robbery of deities has begun, and the battle of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties is imminent.

Dr. Shen smiled and found the target in an instant.

if he used to take the sheep intestines path for his death, it was winding, but now there is a bright road, wide in front of him.

'nobody can save me this time.'

Dr. Shen sighed with difficulty.

the layout of elucidation should have been laid out very early. The fate of heaven and the prosperity of Zhou are also the development of the original world.

it is slowly like a huge weaving net, which gathers countless people and monks from the Yin and Shang Dynasties, Xiqi, jiejiao and elucidation.

from then on, the next war will not stop at ordinary people, but countless immortals, gods, ghosts and monsters will appear.

one after another, the disciples of elucidation went down the mountain to protect Zhou and attack Zhou, with the intention of complying with heaven's destiny and completing the killing and robbery. The disciples of interdiction also wanted to help Zhou to attack Zhou because of righteousness or calculation.

the final result is that the first force of the three worlds, which is known as the immortal coming to Korea, intercepted the religion, fell apart in the midst of disaster, and ended up in misery.

although elucidation was successful, it was also a disastrous victory. Not only were the twelve golden immortals cut off by three flowers, the five Qi in the chest was closed, and the thousand year old Taoist practice was dispersed in one move.

others jumped out of the door and threw to the West.

you should know that the first emperor of heaven was harsh in accepting disciples, and the number of disciples he valued was just a few, even from the beginning of his teaching to the present disaster of being sealed off by God.

this is one of the reasons why the founder of the Yuan Dynasty tried his best to pull the sect into the water and broke with Sanqing.

it's a pity that in the end, there was no real winner between the two sides, and everything they fought for was a wedding dress for people.

this result must be enough to make Yuanshi feel distressed.

'now I only need to be killed on the battlefield to survive and become a saint. What a simple thing.'

Dr Shen smiled.

'I don't believe this doctor. Even Zhao Gongming and Sanxiao, such as the great Luo Jinxian, can be listed on the list. Can you, a mortal, still live in such a dangerous battlefield?'

'so there is no need to worry at all. Just be steady enough to die.'

of course, Dr. Shen thought it was necessary to hurry up, because he was afraid that the Western excrement stirring stick would get involved in advance. '

maybe it's a good choice to be listed as a God among ordinary immortals, and if you want to choose one to go to the West.

at least your life is still in your own hands, and there is still a chance to break through in practice. People are very free in the West except for being a little barren.

isn't this joyful Buddha fragrant?

isn't it fragrant to use a bus for private use, or to go whoring for nothing?

Compared with that, Tianting is really a pure ox and horse. Of course, for those immortals who have the chance to achieve enlightenment, their lives are not only in their own hands, but also in their own lives every day. Working until death is no good.

of course, Dr. Shen's goal is to be listed as a God. For him, this faceless shit stirring stick will definitely be his enemy in life.

think of Kong Xuan, think of the three thousand mortals who were ferried to jiejiao.

in case of being liked by them, a 'Taoist friend has predestined relations with the West.' If he can't get on the list of gods when he goes to the west, he will lose a lot, and his underpants will be lost.

in the lobby, looking at Dr. Shen's meditative figure, Wen Zhong smiled and comforted him by saying:

'Ji Chang, the traitor, has died, and Jiang Ziya, the prime minister, is asking for his own death. Xiqi has no worries. Dr. Shen can rest assured.'

'in fact, the grand master need not be so optimistic...' Shen Xin sighed and opened his mouth leisurely.

'Dr. Shen is joking. Today's Yin merchants have already taken on a new look, and the evil and insincere have been swept away.'

'even your majesty is preparing to make a change. With your help and mine, the world can be settled.'

obviously, it is different from Dr. Shen's worry. In Wen Zhong's eyes, this is undoubtedly a great good thing.

Jifa, Xiqi children are also insignificant.

Jiang Ziya, just an old man by the stream, is not a worry.

the only thing that makes it solemn is Jichang.

he has a virtuous name and does benevolent and righteous things, which is deeply loved by the people.

such a person is good at forbearance, and his wolf ambition is obvious.

today, it is because Dr. Shen destroyed the Zhou army in beichong, which not only broke Xiqi's plan, but also made Jichang finally depressed.

this is a great credit, a great credit.

the happier Wen Zhongyue thought, the more he could not wait to laugh.

'good death, good death. All the things in Xiqi are the work of Dr. Shen.'

he stepped forward, staring at Dr. Shen, watching constantly, full of admiration.

but Wen Zhong's enthusiasm obviously makes Shen Xin uncomfortable.

he said with a wry smile: 'old master, have you ever thought that Xiqi will be more...

' it's not urgent. Xiqi's business is not urgent. ' Wen Zhong directly interrupted Shen Xin and said:

'Dr. Shen has a more important matter in front of you and me, which is more important than Xiqi.'

Wen Zhong looks forward with a smile. His long beard flutters. A pair of big hands directly touch Shen Xin's shoulder, which makes him feel full of pressure.

he asked directly:

'doctor Shen is not young now, is he?'

'er...' hearing this sentence, Shen Xin suddenly had a bad feeling, like coming home for the new year and his parents urging him to marry.

I became nervous for fear of hearing the following words.

do you have a partner?

so old or single?

do you have any intention of coming back without a partner?

as expected, the old master really meant something and listened to him slowly.

'Dr. Shen has made such great contributions now, but the reward given to the officials is still less. If you like any girls, please tell me.'

'I will go out of my way to protect a matchmaker and ask your majesty to marry the doctor.'

'you should know that when you were your age, my children were already running around in the palace.'

Wen Zhong sighed. As he spoke, he pinched his fingers and counted them.

'a great sage like Dr. Shen is not worthy of being appointed by ordinary women. This is not considered.'

'today, your majesty has a sister who is kept in the deep palace. She is generous and reasonable. Her appearance is also stunning. Why not...

' ah? ' Seeing that the other party's words are getting more and more outrageous, Dr. Shen looks at Wen Zhong and feels a little bad. He shivers and says:

'no hurry, it's really not hurry.'

'what's not urgent? It's urgent. Come on, let's talk about it in detail.' Wen Zhong directly takes doctor Shen's arm and refuses to refuse. He is ready to talk about his marriage again.

Shen Xin is not in a hurry. He hears that Zhong is in a hurry. Now the Shen family is in Xiqi, and Shen Liang's son of a bitch has also gone to Xiqi. What if Xiqi makes another beauty trick? Doctor Shen is young and energetic. What if he is confused?

this is OK.

a knife at the beginning of color, how many heroes fell under the pomegranate skirt.

just as it is said that anticipating the enemy is the first opportunity, Wen Zhong decides to settle doctor Shen's marriage in advance.

it's better to hit the sun than to choose a day. We'll talk about it later.

Wen Zhong smiled. I am in the sky.

'well, if the doctor doesn't like the emperor, there are other candidates.'

'it's said that there is an only daughter in the family of doctor Zhou Fang, who is twelve years old. She has been gifted since she was a child and is fond of poetry and calligraphy. She is a talented woman who is well-known in the court. She has not yet come out of the cabinet. She is also a match for the doctor...'

'ah, she is only twelve years old...' doctor Shen clenched his teeth and waved his hand hurriedly. Master, this can't be done. This can't be done. She's not fourteen years old. She'll be in prison.

starting from three years, the highest death penalty.

China has a complete criminal law!!

when Dr. Shen thought of this, he cried out in his heart and immediately rejected it in a solemn and righteous manner: 'old master, let's not talk about this again for the time being. It's so-called that the world is not settled. Why is it home?'

'a man should make contributions to the country. How can he cherish the gentle hometown?'

'as the saying goes, wine and lust are charming eyes, and lust is a knife to scrape bones. When Shen xinruo is in danger of the country, he thinks about his children's private affairs. What's the difference between him and your majesty, who is a faint king who is not eager to make progress?'

Dr. Shen's voice was deafening, and countless people in the audience were excited.

Yes, a man should make contributions to the country. How can he cherish the gentle hometown.

the little fox's legs and feet are soft, his eyes are full of little stars, and he sighs in his heart that he has a good eye for people.

Huang Tianxiang couldn't help yearning for what Dr. Shen said. He vowed to become a real man like his adoptive father.

Yang Jian's blood was even more surging, and his whole body immediately gave birth to endless pride.

'Alas, Dr. Shen is such a good boy.' Similarly, Wen Zhong's eyes lit up and he couldn't help admiring.

'look at this consciousness, look at this momentum.'

'the world is uncertain, why is it home?'

a few short sentences are really magnificent words.

also shows Dr. Shen's determination to calm the world, make the world live in peace and make the people work happily.

Wen Zhong was deeply moved and shocked. However, he suddenly had a problem.

'it seems to be stipulated in the laws of the Shang Dynasty that once a man becomes an adult, he must start a family and business, otherwise he will be punished.'

'hum!' The old master's eyes glared and his beard blew. He said angrily:

'son, don't scare me. Can't you resist the order?'

but when Wen Zhong reacts, Dr. Shen has already taken advantage of his shock to break away from his arm and said hurriedly.

'old master, we'd better take a long-term view of this kind of thing. Think about your majesty who doesn't want to make progress. Think about his appearance now. Wine and lust mislead people. Wine and lust mislead people!'

'now I have something important to do, so I won't give you any more hospitality. Please help yourself, master. Let's discuss it again and again...'

waved his hand, and the future sage hurried away. His steps were so fast.

Wen Zhong is looking at Dr. Shen's back doubtfully at this moment, and also looks at the little fox who has also left not far away.

white hair, red eyes, animal ears, fox tail. Is it true that Shen Xin has unique taste and likes excitement?

impossible, impossible. Dr. Shen is definitely not that kind of person. Wen Zhong quickly sweeps out his immature ideas and starts brainstorming.

'don't like talented women? Don't like the kind of ladies from big families. What kind of people can you like?'

'this is a big problem.'

'is it difficult for Dr. Shen not to love red make-up and armed? Does he like special women?'

well, it's not impossible. Wen Zhongyi patted the table, thought he had found Hua Dian, and suddenly raised his head. He hurriedly shouted to Dr. Shen's back: 'doctor, Deng Jiugong and a woman at Sanshan pass...'

before he finished, Dr. Shen ran faster. He disappeared directly outside the mansion.

'hmm? I'm very excited. Is there a play?'

Wen Zhong thought to himself, 'Dr. Shen even asks so much of his other half. Good, good, good, we should choose a woman from the girls' middle school. Only in this way can we be worthy of such a great person.'

Wen Zhong stroked his long beard and smiled. As expected, he was compared with a sage like doctor Shen, and King Zhou was instantly eclipsed.

the old master angrily pointed at the front and scolded:

'Dixin, you are a blind monarch who does not want to make progress and is addicted to wine and lust. When the country is in danger, you still think of the gentle land. Wine and lust harm people. Wine and lust harm people.'

hearing Zhong's anger, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became. He shouted directly behind him: 'Ji Li Yu Qing, go back to your residence and take my King beating Golden Whip. I want to meet your majesty.'


in Shouxian palace, King Zhou, who was doing vigorous exercise and thinking about life, sneezed without warning.

then I shook my head violently. How can I always feel that someone is calling me?

in the face of Wen Zhong's Yuelao model, Dr. Shen was defeated in an instant. For the first time, he felt that he had no strength to fight back.

you can't beat it, and there is no danger.

this makes Dr. Shen feel helpless.

but I can't afford it. Can't I hide from it? As long as I go to the Yin Shang army to attack Xiqi, it's not a good opportunity for me to show my strength?

and there is no need to be anxious. Some people are even more anxious than him. I hope Yin Shang can start early.

up to now, all forces are only testing each other, and there is no real move, and the struggle between saints has not really begun.

but Dr. Shen knows that there is a shit stirring stick behind it. He peeps at the three realms every day and wants to fight Yin merchants every day. He is a human trafficker himself.

in this case, Dr. Shen decided to push the boat with the current, and with his strength, he died unknowingly.

then I will surprise everyone quietly.

I didn't expect that, everyone.

I have a showdown. I'm a saint. I won't pretend.

at the thought of the horrified faces of those saints after they knew the truth, Dr. Shen smiled again.

but now that Dr. Shen is out of the mansion, he is going to spend a lot of money today and go to the Chaoge wine shop.

no, it should be the saints who wear clothes to understand the people's feelings.

it is said that there are the strongest wine and the most handsome people

of course, this time Dr. Shen went out to disguise himself, at least to make himself less conspicuous and easily recognized.

after all, Dr. Shen can clearly remember the scene that caused a sensation in the whole city. It's frightening. It's too frightening.

he was almost eaten by crazy girl fans.

in order to prevent accidents, Dr. Shen carefully selected a relatively quiet restaurant, and immediately pushed the door and went in.

the restaurant is not big. There are five or six tables and chairs, which are slightly broken, but they are placed in order.

and the shop owner is slouching with the wine bowl in front of him. Obviously, the business in the shop is not busy.

when he saw Dr. Shen coming in, the shopkeeper's eyes lit up instantly, and he quickly called out.

'what would you like, my guest?'

what's coming? What are you asking me for? Immersed in the joy of becoming a saint, Dr. Shen stepped on his chair and immediately shouted:

'shop, serve the best wine.'

'the strongest and most expensive.'

'Ouch!' I'm here for business. I'm here for big business. As soon as I heard what Dr. Shen said, the shopkeeper immediately laughed and replied:

'OK, just a moment.'

Dr. Shen nodded casually. As soon as he found a vacant seat here, he tidied up his clothes and sat down. He heard another shout from the door:

'shop, serve the best wine.'

'the strongest and most expensive.'

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