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Chapter 209 Dr. Shen of vaxiqi (above)

In the Yin and Shang Dynasties, there were nine halls.

there are two civil and military teams, all the officials are in uniform, and the mountain calls for worship.

this is the first time King Zhou came to the court after he felt that drinking and lust mislead people and made up his mind to quit drinking.

don't say that after I quit drinking, except that my eyes are still dark and my steps are a little vain, it seems that my spirit is much better.

king Zhou sighed with emotion.

alas, thanks to the lonely Shen Aiqing, how could I know that this wine is so harmful without his advice.

it turns out that my weakness is due to this wine. I said that I was always in good health and strong. (certified by Jiuwei fox Daji.)

nodded and regained his self-confidence. After praising Dr. Shen every day, King Zhou immediately changed his look and scanned his eyes seriously to all the ministers in the hall.

king Zhou is going to the court today to let all officials scold him and see if he can promote some loyal officials.

it's really cool to be a fool for a long time. Even if you don't do anything, you can't even serve the court. There are a lot of capable ministers to deal with government affairs, and nothing will happen at all.

in the future, isn't it said that you can go back to the harem to paddle at will?


I, the Ming emperor of King Zhou's generation, can keep the country in peace with his writings and stabilize the country with his martial arts. How can I be so greedy for the personal feelings of my lover's children in the world and be so indifferent to business?

as for Daji? She doesn't count. Daji is not human.

king Zhou sorted out his mind, looked at the front, and said softly, 'Dear Aiqing, I have two things to announce to you today.'

'the first thing is that last night, I met an outstanding person from outside the world and became a true immortal. This person has the ability to transcend heaven and earth and the skill of immortality.'

'Gu is going to make him a great merchant and national teacher, build a temple, follow him to find immortals and visit the Tao, and learn the art of longevity.'

as soon as king Zhou finished, he waited quietly for the reaction of the following ministers. He didn't say that Shen Gongbao was the talent recommended by Dr. Shen to help him govern the country.

instead, it was vague and concealed so that it thought it was a heresy that misled the country, and wanted to see the reaction of the people.

he was very satisfied with the result, and the whole court immediately came out like a frying pan, making a lot of noise.


'Your Majesty wants to cultivate immortality? Indulge in evil? Isn't this nonsense?'

'evil spirits harm the country and disturb us. Please think twice and put the country and the country first.'

there is so much anger in the eyes of the public. Now having Daji in the palace is enough for these ministers to have a headache, let alone another Taoist priest.

as loyal officials of Yin merchants who followed in Dr. Shen's footsteps, they certainly wanted to stop him for Dr. Shen.

even Wen Zhong frowned and stared at King Zhou.

there is obviously something wrong with my complexion, and I can't help but come forward to advise.

'Your Majesty, I don't know where this Taoist priest is. How can he dare to take over the position of national teacher?'

good guy, King Zhou was very satisfied with the reaction of all the ministers in the Manchu Dynasty.

sure enough, so many people came forward to question and oppose the first thing. It seems that the situation is very good.

after Dr. Shen killed Chonghou Hu, he completely intimidated the curfew. Even such a cunning villain as Fei Zhongyou Hun was completely honest and dared not flatter him.

thinking of this, King Zhou waved his hand, and the Imperial officer beside him immediately shouted:

'Your Majesty has an order to announce that Shen Gongbao, the state teacher of the great Shang Dynasty, will go to the temple to see you.'

when the words fall, the officials look different and their expressions are uncertain, but everyone looks in the same direction.

Wen Zhong was more dignified than Gan and others. Dajina took advantage of master Wen's expedition to the North Sea to become the queen of the Yin Shang Dynasty, which took part of Yin Shang's fortune.

under this protection, if King Zhou did not abolish it personally, even Wen Zhong would have no way to take her.

but the Taoist in front of him wants to see who is so bold and dare to bewitch the king.

everyone is thinking, a floating figure has entered the noon gate, crossed the Kowloon Bridge, and came slowly with a duster in hand.

this man is wearing a hydrated Taoist robe, a straight blue scarf on his head, and his long beard flutters in the wind. He really looks like a fairy. This appearance alone has convinced most of the courtiers.

Shen Gongbao nodded to all the officials around him, and then made a toast to King Zhou, saying:

'poor Shen Gongbao has seen your majesty.'

before King Zhou spoke, Wen Zhong's eyes narrowed and he looked forward, showing surprise.

to be honest, King Zhou said that he invited a fairy back. He didn't believe it at first. According to King Zhou's stupidity and vision, it is estimated that the one who invited back was probably a female monster who went to the harem to warm his bed.

but now, unexpectedly, after meeting Shen Gongbao, Wen Zhong found that he seemed to be wrong, because the national master in front of him was not an imaginary evil cult, but a real immortal who had achieved Taoism. He might even surpass himself in terms of strength.

this can not help but make it dignified.

so he stepped forward and asked Shen Gongbao: 'I don't know where this Taoist friend is practicing in Xianshan mountain. What's the matter with coming to my Chaoge?'

after that, he stared at the front.

Wen Zhong may not know Shen Gongbao, but Shen Gongbao definitely knows Wen Zhong.

Wen Zhong, as a disciple of Jinling Madonna, one of the four greatest disciples of the jiejiao sect, and as a grand master of yin and Shang Dynasties, can be said to be a leader of the three generations of disciples of the jiejiao sect and a serious disciple.

this is also why he can make friends with those ordinary second-generation disciples.

why can we invite a strong Luo Jinxian like Zhao Gongming.

seeing Wen Zhong looking at himself carefully, Shen Gongbao certainly dares not to neglect him. However, it is not easy for him to tell his identity as a disciple of elucidation at this moment. After all, he is now in a state of apotheosis and has not completely broken with elucidation.

then he turned his eyes, pinched his beard, and said with a smile:

'I've met the grand master, but I'm no more than a monk in the mountains. I've made friends with doctor Shen and become good friends. I'm specially invited by the doctor to help Ming Jun in business.'

hmm? Dr Shen?

when they heard Dr. Shen's name, they were shocked, and then their eyes lit up instantly.

the officials were obviously relieved, and their attitude towards Shen Gongbao was much better.

as I said earlier, it was our own people who caused the trouble. We thought it was some evil and alien ways that caused trouble to the king. But if you were the person recommended by Dr. Shen, it would be different.

after all, everyone knows that Dr. Shen is devoted to the country, loyal, righteous and righteous, and his kindness and righteousness are unparalleled. What can he recommend wrong?

impossible. If there is a mistake, it is obviously our own fault.

as for Shen Gongbao's reputation of posing as doctor Shen? That is even more impossible, because it will definitely be exposed at any time.

as soon as people saw this, they immediately lost a lot of hostility. Even Wen Zhong nodded seriously and didn't choose to continue questioning in the court.

because I believe Dr. Shen will give him a reasonable answer.

on the throne, I finally saw that the ministers gradually stopped admonishing, and King Zhou silently remembered these people.

these people dare to go to Cambodia. They are all loyal officials of our Yin Shang Dynasty. They must be put in important positions in the future.

king Zhou, who was in a good mood at the moment, gradually said the second thing in his mind.

that's preparing to send troops to Xiqi.

Xiqi has always been the heart and soul of King Zhou. Although it has just been defeated in beichong and robbed by doctor Shen's hundred cavalry, it still has enough information to threaten the Chaoge.

in addition, the name of Jichang's benevolence and righteousness has spread all over Xiqi, and the people in Xiqi only recognize Jichang, but do not know the songs of the dynasty. Such a wanton act of buying people's hearts is definitely more dangerous than the two princes in the southeast who only know their courage.

what's more, Xiqi still has strange people and strange people to help. Not to mention Jiang Ziya and others, it is said that the expert who can save Jichang's life at Wen Zhong's hands this time cannot help but be ignored.

since King Zhou was able to wake up from his stupidity, he naturally saw it thoroughly. Xiqi not only wanted to levy, but also brooked no delay.

so he said: 'Jichang's traitor is dead. Xiqi has experienced the defeat of beichong again. Now it's time for weakness.'

'if we don't take advantage of this opportunity to send troops to fight, we will be in great trouble in the future. We should quickly start a teacher to ask questions and correct the national law!'

as soon as king Zhou said this, all the ministers frowned. There were both supporters and opponents.

in the Shang Dynasty, the swords and soldiers are in chaos, the world is full of wolves, all the princes are against it, and the people are suffering unspeakably.

although Xiqi experienced defeat, it was also one of the four great princes. A hundred footed insects died but did not freeze. If the war was unfavorable and fell into a stalemate, the situation of Yin Shang would become more and more difficult.

'Your Majesty, please think again. Maybe Xiqi can be pacified. After we have calmed down the two roads in the southeast and wiped out the rebels, we can launch a large army to suppress the border. In this way, Xiqi will break through without attack.'

'it is absolutely forbidden to fight on multiple fronts in an attempt to consume national strength and cause disaster to the people.'

the old Prime Minister Shang Rong hurried out to worship.

today's Yin merchants are hardly on the right track, and everything is booming. If they launch a war at this time, it will not only waste people and money, increase the burden of the people, but also return all these good situations to their original shape.

Lu Xiong, who is also the chief officer of the general army, also said: 'I will inform your majesty that Jiang Wenhuan, the eastern Marquis, keeps fighting year after year, which makes Guan Dourong, the wandering soul, painstaking and laborious; Hou Eshun, the southern Marquis, is at the three mountain pass every month, which destroys the living beings and makes Deng Jiugong sleep uneasily.'

'Marshal Huang went on an expedition to the East China Sea, and now there is no news for a long time.'

'although Xiqi was defeated, it also has a profound foundation. Your majesty can appoint a general to guard it and strictly guard it. It is expected that Ji Fa will start his army, and there will be five barriers in it. There will be Qinglong and Jiameng on the left and right. Jiang Ziya can't do anything even though he has great skills. Why bother your majesty?'

'there are two places where the fighting is still going on. Why do we have to fight in this place? We have to look for a lot of things. Besides, the Treasury is empty and the money and food are insufficient. We should still consider it. As the ancient saying goes:' a general must fight and defend the wise, and only then can we secure the world. '

as soon as Shang Rong Lu Xiong said this, people immediately thought deeply, and even King Zhou began to hesitate.

if Shang Rong says anything, he can't listen. But Lu Xiong is a veteran on the battlefield. His skills are superb. No one can control the battle array.

even Wen Zhong had to ask for advice. Would it be so difficult to give up attacking Xiqi and settle the southeast chaos first?

then king Zhou looked at Wen Zhong and Shen Gongbao who had not yet stated their position.

Wen Zhong is also hesitant. Today's Yin Shang Dynasty is really riddled with holes, chaotic armies emerge in endlessly everywhere, and the princes are rebellious. Moreover, he has to take charge of Chaoge to guard against the evil spirit in the palace. To tell the truth, he really lacks skills.

immediately thought for a while, and then went out to ask Lu Xiong:

'although the old general's words are true, I still fear that the western land will not abide by its duties. If there is trouble and chaos, I am safe and unprepared. Besides, Xiqi Nangong is suitable for running through the three armed forces, scattering is suitable for life, and planning is a hundred things. Jiang Shang is a moral person, and can't help but guard against it. There is nothing empty. How can I regret digging a well when I'm hungry!'

Lu Xiong opened his mouth and replied: 'if the grand master hesitates, he can send one or two generals out of the five passes to inquire about Xiqi. If he moves, he will move; if he stops, he will stop.'

Wen Zhong nodded after hearing this. Lu Xiong's words are intended to be stable. It can be considered as a compromise method now. You can try it.

then king Zhou reported:

'Your Majesty, I think what the old general said is very correct and can be adopted.'

after saying that he belongs to his own class, he obviously agrees with what Lu Xiong said.

as for Shen Gongbao, he has never spoken. Now he has just joined the Yin Dynasty. Although he has won the position of national teacher, he can not convince the public at all and is not suitable to speak on the golden hall.

of course, in his heart, he naturally hoped that King Zhou would send troops to Xiqi, not to mention his gratitude and resentment with Jiang Ziya. In the current situation, Shen Gongbao naturally knows the inside story of some expositions. Xiqi will definitely be the biggest opponent of Yin Shang in the future.


but now even Wen Zhong supports watching first, and he has no choice.

so all the ministers followed suit:

'Your Majesty, what the ministers said is reasonable. I expected Ji Fa to be a yellow mouthed child. Jiang Shang is just a magician. What can I do?'

'now the trouble of Yin Shang lies in the southeast. Please clear the border trouble before dealing with Xiqi.'

king Zhou sat on the court, frowning and silent, obviously moved.

because what people say is not unreasonable, he also understands the truth that it is better to break one finger than to hurt one arm in a concentrated attack.

king Zhou knocked on the seat beside him with his hand, and finally made up his mind:

'since all the ministers of love have such plans, they should calm down the southeast first, and then...

before King Zhou finished speaking, the forbidden guards hurried to report:

' Your Majesty, Dr. Shen came into the palace again with a knife. He said that he had a badge to read and had something important to see your majesty. '

king Zhou opened his mouth and was shocked when he heard what he said. Dr. Shen came. Why do you say that? Well, it doesn't matter.

because he was already excited, doctor Shen came, and naturally Yin Shang had hope, and he also had hope. So King Zhou immediately said:

'declare Shen Xin go to the temple.'

the Imperial officer Feng next to him raised his head and was about to speak. Well, there is no need to announce it, because Dr. Shen has come. The forbidden army can't stop him at all. He's used to it.

and the first words of Dr. Shen were:

'what the old master said is wrong, and those who destroy the Yin and Shang Dynasties will surely prosper!'

'although hair is young, Jiang Shang is resourceful. Nangong Shi and San Yisheng are all resourceful and brave. We must take precautions.'

suddenly, he shouted loudly, which moved all officials. All of them looked at Dr. Shen in unison.

just outside the hall, Dr. Shen has heard some discussions.

what Shang Rong and Lu Xiong said might be the right choice in ordinary times. First, we should calm down the world, save enough troops and horses, and transport enough food and grass. No matter how powerful Xiqi is, it can't compare with Yin Shang.

but don't forget that Xiqi's back is elucidation, which has broken away from the boundaries of mortal struggle. Everything in the face of immortals is like talking on paper.

Wen Zhong and others have not realized the seriousness of the problem.

if you don't play, you will be forced to play by elucidation. It's only a matter of time. It's better to take the lead.

so Dr. Shen faced King Zhou and said earnestly:

'Your Majesty, I think the problem of Xiqi brooks no delay, and this battle must be fought.'

'now the minister, together with the' example of sending a teacher ', is willing to lead a large army out of Qishan in the west, eradicate evils for our Yin Shang Dynasty and conquer Xiqi.'

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