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Chapter 214 Zhang Guifang (Xiqi)

Outside Xiqi city.

Zhang Guifang didn't dare to be slighted when she received the fire command arrow. She immediately ordered 100000 troops and left Qinglong pass.

I traveled all the way from dawn to night, crossed the state capital and county roads, and came in a hurry.

although his face is dusty and his face is slightly tired, his eyes are expressionless and he looks coldly at Xiqi.

before the expedition, Chaoge had reported that Shen Xin, a doctor on the Tiantai, also led 100000 troops to help. Now Chaoge has been published and will arrive soon.

Zhang Guifang frowned at the news.

standing in the barracks, while looking at Xiqi, he held a military book in his hand and flipped it carefully. He looked serious. Feng Lin, the forerunner beside him, stood beside him with an angry face.

Fenglin is the forerunner under Zhang Guifang and the descendant of Feng Miao. Its strength can not be underestimated. Zhang Guifang relies on it deeply.

a moment later, he moved his fingers and pushed the military script in front of him. After he placed the bamboo slips one by one completely, and all the objects were symmetrical, he finally opened his mouth calmly facing the wind forest.

'even though I am far away from the border, I have heard of the reputation of this doctor Shen. He exhorted his majesty to protect the north, to kill Hou Hu, and to smash Zhou camp with hundreds of cavalry. He is awe inspiring. I am afraid he is very brave.'

'Fenglin, what do you think of it?'

Zhang Guifang's eyes fell on Fenglin and her fingers moved slightly.

suddenly becomes very serious and throws the problem away.

but Fenglin didn't care about Zhang Guifang's expression. He smashed a huge mace into the ground, splashing a large amount of dust. He spoke seriously.

'judging from my many years of experience with the general, I think there must be something strange about this matter.'

'although this doctor Shen has a great reputation, and what he has done deserves the admiration of all people, I can't agree with him about his ability to lead the army.'

Fenglin stared and shook his head with disdain. He always said something straight.

Zhang Guifang once again carefully arranged the bamboo slips in front of her, turned around and looked at him, and gradually clenched her fingers.

'tell me why?'

after listening to this, Feng Lin immediately came to his senses, shook his head and started to analyze it with the huge mace:

'marshal, I admire the character of Dr. Shen very much. I don't have to say this. If I were him, I would also unscrew the head of Chonghou Hu and make it as a night pot.'

'however, I think there is a lot of water in the matter of beichong. Dr. Shen won it entirely by luck.'

after that, Fenglin pulled Zhang Guifang to the battle map beside him and pointed to beichong.

'it is said that at that time, your majesty had sent four routes of reinforcements. They were the 5000 elite cavalry led by Li Jing, general of chentangguan pass, the Allied forces of northern princes, Hou Suhu of Jizhou, and the main force of Chaoge led by grand master Wen.'

'in addition to the tens of thousands of garrisons in Chongcheng, the pressure Xiqi has to face can be imagined.'

'such a powerful reinforcements are coming, and Xiqi has been attacking Chongcheng for a long time. Seeing that its momentum has been exhausted and surrounded by our troops, it must be a panic and defeat.'

Zhang Guifang looked at the Fenglin with twinkling eyes and asked, 'although Xiqi will lose, it should not lose so fast. They have enough time to escape from the siege.'

what Zhang Guifang said is exactly the point. Yes, Xiqi has every chance to break away from the siege, leave before all the Yin and Shang armies gather, or attack them separately.

however, the result was that the defeat was unusually fast, and 100000 troops were lost overnight. How could this be possible?

don't say 100000 people, even if there are 100000 pigs, Shen Xin can't catch them all in a few days.

can hundreds of riders really rob the camp?

Feng Lin shook his head with a puzzled look. Obviously, there is a lot of water in it. Shen Xin can never be as powerful and strategical as the legend of the world.

because this doctor Shen had already gone deep into the enemy camp and was captured by Xiqi, he could not do anything at all.

Feng Lin hesitated for a moment, but did not think of the result. He could only pinch the stick in his hand and ask questions.

while Zhang Guifang beside her nodded thoughtfully, as if she had caught something.

saw him pacing on the map and slowly said:

'it seems that this situation does not conform to common sense, but according to our general's experience in many years of war, the defeat of Xiqi must be caused by the roar caused by the fire.'

'Ying Xiao?'

'yes, yes, that's yingxiao.'

'Jiang Ziya was defeated here.'

Zhang Guifang is still expressionless, but his fingers have become fists. He said:

'Jiang Ziya should be confident that he can break through the fifth Route Army and seize Chongcheng, but he must not have thought that the soldiers have been mentally exhausted under the pressure of the coming army and the siege in recent days.'

'and a little spark is the last straw to overwhelm them. Therefore, the defeat of Xiqi was caused by the howling of soldiers.'

Zhang Guifang figured out everything and said it reasonably. Even Fenglin couldn't find anything wrong.

after a moment, he nodded, and finally couldn't help exclaiming: 'the general is really a god!'

feeling the little brother's praise, Zhang Guifang's face was still very cold. She waved her hand to say no. 6. Everything is basic.

the two men slowly speculated about the general situation of Xiqi's defeat, but they were not sure, but the specific things might be known today.

if Jiang Ziya, the MVP of the defeated side, is not in Xiqi now, just ask him in the battle array.

the corner of Fenglin's mouth on the side shows a smile and abruptly raises the mace in his hand. He not only praises this wave of him for being meticulous, but also seems to think of something and hastens to persuade him.

'general, we should be careful. Since Shen Xin's battle in beichong is luck, he certainly has no real strength.'

'but this man has a great reputation now. If we really join him, wouldn't we let him share the credit for destroying Zhou?'

thinking of this, Fenglin has some worries in his eyes, so he immediately hugs his fist and asks for his life:

'general, at this time, you must not hesitate. Fenglin is willing to challenge Xiqi first and do the work of destroying Zhou for our Yin Shang!'

hearing what Fenglin said, Zhang Guifang's heart really hesitated. What the other party said seemed to be right. Shen Xin's ability to lead the army really needs a big question mark.

because beichongmingming was Jiang Ziya's own mistake, it caused such a great loss, which has nothing to do with Shen Xin.

Zhang Guifang began to have some feelings about what Fenglin said.

however, he is not fighting for merit.

but he was afraid that Dr. Shen would be hindered by him before the battle to fight for military power.

although both of them were marshals Zhengxi who were ordered to beg for thieves, Shen Xin was obviously higher than him.

once the 200000 troops are commanded by a person who knows nothing about soldiers, the development of things will be very terrible.

this is the so-called incompetence of one general and exhaustion of the three armed forces.

Zhang Guifang should not only be responsible to King Zhou, but also to the thousands of soldiers on the front line. He must not watch the generals being pushed into the sea of fire by Shen Xin, who does not know the battle array.

then Zhang Guifang nodded and said with a dignified face:

'the wind forest obeys.'

'at the end!' Fenglin once again smashed the mace to the ground, and then suddenly responded with both hands clasping fists.

'I order you to go to Xiqi to meet the other side of the array in order to beg for leader Zhou. In the first battle, you can only win, not lose!'

the wind forest should drink.

'I will take the command!'

'within ten days, the general will capture naxiqi children alive and drink the wine of celebration with the general in Xiqi city.'

after that, Fenglin grabbed the mace on the ground and turned around to leave.

but before he took a few steps, Zhang Guifang frowned and called him back.


Feng Lin stopped at once, but seemed to have guessed something, and his eyes were full of fear.

then, in the next second, Zhang Guifang came to him indifferently and began to extend a pair of flawless hands to him.

Fenglin stood motionless on the spot, seemingly full of despair, and quietly begged for mercy.

'general, no... no, let me go this time, OK?'

a strong man with a height of seven feet seems to be weak at this moment, just like an innocent girl who is going through a storm. He is pitiful, weak and helpless.

but Zhang Guifang did not pay any attention to it, nor did she have any pity for her. She still grabbed it from Chao Fenglin's hands mercilessly.

'let go!'

with a sharp cry, Fenglin felt innocent and struggled in her eyes. But under Zhang Guifang's strong pressure, she completely gave up resistance and let the other party do it.

next, all the waterways were channeled. Zhang Guifang reached out and quickly snatched the mace from the wind forest. Then she stared at the bent iron spike and remained silent for a moment.

then the Qi surged all over the body, and the crazy outburst converged on the finger. A magical scene occurred.

under Zhang Guifang's finger, the crooked iron spike actually stood up slowly, like an angry Jiao lifting its head, and fiercely pushed up to the sky.

he, Zhang Guifang, unexpectedly pulled back the iron spike that did not follow an ordinary path with his hands.

pulled back...

after seeing all the iron spikes on the mace in one direction, he finally breathed out a breath slowly. The whole person seemed to get some unexpected satisfaction, and walked back to the place where he originally stood.

and Fenglin seems to have guessed. Although he feels pity for the fate of his weapon, he also starts to take it for granted. He fiercely puts a mace on his shoulder and counts Zhang Guifang's steps.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Yes, indeed.

Zhengzheng took seven good steps, exactly the same steps as Zhang Guifang when he came, even the same distance.

this kind of person's obsessive-compulsive disorder is simply terrible!

but Fenglin is a very casual person. He doesn't pay much attention to these things at all. If the iron nails are crooked, they will be killed.

but it met Zhang Guifang...

Fenglin had a headache and was about to open her mouth to say something.

Zhang Guifang, not far away, shouted at him:

'get out!'

Fenglin: 'OK...'

it is said that Fenglin is outside Xiqi city and shouts for war. The soldiers guarding the city immediately report to the prime minister's residence. They open their mouths in a panic and report:

'prime minister, there is a disaster. Zhang Guifang led 100000 people to camp in our south gate. Now they are challenging outside the city.'

Jiang Ziya didn't dare to neglect him, so he quickly rose to the hall to gather generals and discuss the withdrawal strategy.

not long after, many literary ministers and military generals of Xiqi gathered in the prime minister's mansion. Ziya looked around at the people and asked:

'I don't know, general, who knows how Zhang Guifang used his troops?'

although Zhang Guifang is brave and good at fighting and is both literate and martial, no one has ever dealt with him, not to mention Jiang Ziya. He only spent a few years in Chaoge city and had been practicing Taoism in Kunlun before, so he never knew it.

when everyone is looking at each other in surprise, one of the generals suddenly walks out.

the man's face is dark, like the bottom of a pot, his eyes are staring like copper bells, and he is carrying a big red ladle one person high behind him.

he is the Marquis of Caozhou who was rescued by qingjiao in beichong. He worships black tiger.

when chongheihu saw Jiang Ziya's question, he immediately thought deeply and said:

'prime minister, I don't know. Zhang Guifang is a famous general of yin and Shang Dynasties. She is both literate and martial. It's really difficult to deal with.'

Jiang Ziya asked suspiciously, 'why did Marquis Caozhou say this? Is there anything strange about Zhang Guifang?'

Chonghou Hu replied: 'Zhang Guifang is a military strategist. He knows everything about military tactics and strategies, and he also knows the secret arts of the left.'

'what's the secret?'

everyone looked at the black tiger one after another, with a look of inquiry in their eyes.

chongheihu did not hide anything and told everything he knew:

'the prime minister and the generals do not know. This skill is very difficult to prevent.'

'whenever you engage in a battle with someone, you must first give your surname. For example, the Marquis is called chongheihu, and the battle is between the two sides.

as long as he shouts, 'chongheihu will not dismount until when!' then you will naturally fall from the horse.

such a secret skill makes it extremely difficult to fight. I also ask the prime minister to share the names of the generals, but when Zhang Guifang is engaged in a battle, you must not use the same name. Anyone who uses the same name will become a loser under him.'

Jiang Ziya listened, his face was worried and cautious. He kept pacing in front of the commander's mansion, as if thinking about breaking the enemy.

some generals refused to accept this and said with a smile: 'how unreasonable! How can anyone dismount when he calls a name? If so, all we need to do is shout a hundred times.'

Yes, that's right. Zhang Guifang bragged and boasted. All the generals and officials laughed. The atmosphere in the prime minister's residence became cheerful and the anxiety in the eyes of everyone dissipated.

at this moment, Jiang Ziya also tidied up his mood and recovered his composure. He shouted:

'since there are generals outside the city, it's natural to fight with them. I don't know which general would like to go to the front of the formation and make a contribution.'

before Jiang Ziya finished speaking, he suddenly stood out as a general. This man was Ji Shuqian, one of Jichang's hundred sons. He is irritable, his nature is like fire, and his temper is even more explosive.

just because he didn't agree with Zhang Guifang's words praised by black tiger, he wanted to frustrate the other party, so he came forward and asked for his life.

'prime minister, I am willing to go!'

Jiang Ziya was delighted to hear this. The world knows that King Wen has hundreds of sons. Although most of them are adopted sons, they are both literate and martial. It can be said that they can become generals when they get on the horse and govern the country when they get off the horse.

are all important talents of Xiqi, and they are also the starting foundation left to Xiqi by Jichang after long planning.

as for Ji Shuqian, who is the twelfth son of King Wen, his martial arts are very good and he is gifted. His marksmanship is very rare in Xiqi. If this person goes to war, he will certainly demoralize Zhang Guifang.

Jiang Ziya nodded confidently and said in a high voice:

'I have a son and a uncle. I can kill Zhang Guifang!'

after saying this, he ordered Ji Shuqian to fight. Ji Shuqian mounted his horse with his gun and rushed out of the city.

after a short time, Pegasus came to report: 'Your Highness Ji was attacked by the wind forest and killed with a stick. The head has been hung on the other side's gate!'


Jiang Ziya's old face was as black as carbon. He was hit in the face just after he said that. He was furious.

at the moment, when the generals in Xiqi heard that uncle Ji Qian had died, many of them were even more angry.

immediately rushed out of the city with weapons in hand to kill Fenglin and avenge Prince Wen.

Jiang Ziya was thinking about how to deal with it in the future.

another soldier hurried to report: 'prime minister, another evil has happened. Fifty miles outside the city, another group of Puma troops rushed to Xiqi city.'

'the banners and banners of the army are flying all around, and there are many soldiers and swords. On the banners and banners, there are also some bright characters.'

'Shen Xin, the superior doctor of the imperial expedition to the West!'

Hoo! Hearing this name, the originally noisy Nishiki Wenwu instantly lowered his head.

there was silence around, and all the movements stopped suddenly.

the name of a person is the shadow of a tree.

doctor Shen's name can stop Xiqi children from crying at night.

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