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Chapter 215 Senior obsessive-compulsive disorder?

'When the smoke rises, the country looks north.'

'The Dragon flag rolls, the horse neighs, and the sword is like frost.'

'My heart is like the vast Yellow River. Who can resist me for 20 years...'

Doctor Shen raised his knife against the strong wind and immediately stood on Qishan.

Looking at the looming Xiqi city in front of me, I smiled, and my heart was full of pride and freedom.

If nothing happens, this will be my place to bury my bones.

Of course, there will be no accident at all.

Dr. Shen is confident and fully prepared.

The journey to the West was extremely smooth, and there was hardly any obstruction.

In the eyes of our doctor, Shen Gongbao only deserves to go to Beihai nursing home.

Now I have only a stupid adoptive son and a more stupid fox around me. This situation is really God's help.

Dr. Shen now has 18600 ways to die. He doesn't even need to teach the immortals here.

Alas, lonely, invincible.

When he really pulled out his sword, he looked around and felt excited.

Thinking that Dr. Shen finally looked at Xiqi city just a short distance away, he shouted out directly.

I'm happy because the atmosphere is here.

'He Xi died a hundred times to report his family and country. The great man fought in the battlefield and returned with his horse wrapped in a shroud.'

'I would like to defend the land and reopen the frontier. Weiwei Yinshang wants all sides to congratulate him!'


The sound pierced the sky and startled the birds.

At this time, Dr. Shen was immersed in his own world, and it seemed that he didn't find out what psychological impact he had on the soldiers behind him.

The five thousand soldiers behind them were standing steadily in the same place, and they looked at the figure of the heroic dry cloud who raised his sword and immediately started.

I was suddenly shocked.

All the soldiers couldn't help but savor this exciting song slowly. They only felt that they were iron and steel, and the sword was shining on their faces.

A desolate, magnificent and magnificent battlefield appeared before our eyes.

The country is full of war smoke, rebellion, flags on the battlefield roll up in the wind, horses roar fiercely, sword light is as cold as ice, and the figure of serving the country and the people faces the north.

Then, the song sang the voice of the soldiers at that time: the heart is like the vast Yellow River. Everyone's determination to defend their country, suppress rebels and kill thieves is like the vast Yellow River, firm and persistent.

'Over the past 20 years, who can resist?'

Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, heroes are nowhere to be found. I think that in those days, when Qi swallowed thousands of miles like a tiger, who in the world could resist?

Xiqi, beichong, Donglu and Nanchu are all defeated generals under doctor Shen, and they can't stand being enemies.

And the last words are even more exciting.

Why should a man cherish his life and die? He should serve his family and country. Even if he is wrapped up in a shroud, he has no fear.

Dr. Shen's heroic ambition is not only to defend the territory and quell the rebellion, but also to conquer the four directions and make the eight wastelands surrender.

Only I, the honor of Yin Shang, let other people come to congratulate me!

After hearing this, Huang Tianxiang couldn't help but raise his long gun. As Dr. Shen looked up at the sky, he said with excitement:

'My son is willing to be a soldier in front of my adoptive father's horse, pacify Xiqi, expand the territory, and let the barbarians come to our Yin Shang to worship!'

Huang Tianxiang's words are sincere. His voice is stirring, ringing in the ears of all the generals, like the jingle of golden daggers, which is enlightening.


The voice of Chang Ge's lifting kept ringing, and the soldiers behind him were red in eyes. They looked up at Dr. Shen and looked forward to him.

Who doesn't want to make contributions, who doesn't want to clear the enemy and expand the territory? Fighting among ourselves is just a small fight. Only by letting the four sides congratulate can we show our Yin Shang power.

'Well said!'

The little fox's tail tilted disorderly, his chest trembled slightly, and his eyes seemed to turn into a Wang of spring water. He could only blend in that figure in his eyes, and wanted to blend himself in.

'Although I don't know what they are shouting, I just want to shout after them, Dr. Shen NB!'

Dr. Shen felt puzzled when he heard the soldiers behind him roaring and screaming under the leadership of Huang Tianxiang?

Well, you're excited because you're going to die. What are you excited about?

But it didn't matter. He didn't intend to study deeply, but with a wave of his big hand, he quickly rushed to the foot of Xiqi city with the screaming people.

I don't know how long later, dozens of miles away from Dr. Shen and others, another team of soldiers and horses silently turned out. They folded their flags and wrapped their armor, clamped their horses in their arms, and were as silent as ghosts.

Quietly following behind doctor Shen was Yu Hua, the Deputy General of sishuiguan.

His eyes widened, and he looked curiously at the mountains and forests that were constantly startled by flying birds. His eyes showed surprise.

Until the latent scouts came to report, he finally knew that it was Dr. Shen who had made an impassioned song on Qishan, which triggered the overwhelming momentum of the army.


Hearing this, Yu Hua couldn't help exclaiming: if Dr. Shen had been born ten years earlier, the world might have been different.

Then he shook his head and ordered the elite of the five thousand people to rush into Qishan, and finally disappeared without a trace.

Let's say that after Dr. Shen passed through Qishan, he could clearly see Xiqi city.

In addition, the 5000 soldiers he led were all elite soldiers who crossed mountains and mountains like walking on flat land, so they came to the camp of Zhang Guifang's army not long ago.

Seeing Dr. Shen's flag, the soldiers dared not neglect it and immediately went forward to report it.

'Eh? Shen Xin, doctor Shen?'


Zhang Guifang, who had been sitting in front of the case holding the military book, suddenly stood up, her eyes full of disbelief.

'No, it's impossible!'

'How did Shen Xin come so quickly?'

We should know that the movement of the army is slow, not to mention that there are hundreds of thousands of people, and there are countless supplies of food, grass, armaments and so on.

Zhang Guifang originally thought that she could break Xiqi before Shen Xin arrived, but now her plan can't catch up with the change! '

But now that I'm here, I'd like to meet this legendary doctor Shen. If he really doesn't have a strategic plan in mind, I'll fight with him. I'll never let military power fall into the hands of those who do harm to the country.

Thinking of this, Zhang Guifang first put down the bamboo slips in her hands and put them in order.

Then he put on his armor, held the blade in his hand, and walked out of the gate with the wind forest.

Dr. Shen stood outside the gate, dressed in a beautiful robe. His posture was upright and his demeanor was brilliant. Huang Tianxiang and the little fox around him were like door gods, closely guarding him from left to right.

Zhang Guifang, who had just walked out of such situations, frowned at one glance and could not help but look like the bottom of a pot at the second glance.

This doctor Shen let him down. It's really better to be famous than to meet. The only hope in his heart has completely dissipated.

First of all, as a general, the commander of the first army doesn't even wear armor. He wears such dazzling clothes that he can't wait to tell his opponent that you are a big man. Come and kill me.

We should know that on the battlefield, swords and swords have no eyes, and hidden arrows are difficult to defend. How many generals died under the enemy's sneak attack? Shen Xin's move is undoubtedly related to seeking death.

Another point, which makes Zhang Guifang's angry eyebrows jump wildly, is that in such a dangerous place as the battlefield, you still have a woman's family, and what's more, you're a fox girl?

Too much, too much.

Do you think that wearing armor can make the fox demon pretend to be a general? Who are you kidding with this little trick? I can see at a glance that you two have an improper relationship.

Moreover, the taste is really unique, which makes people disagree.

Are you Shen Xin treating this battlefield like a family home? This kind of wantonness is ridiculous, ridiculous.

Zhang Guifang could not help cursing in her heart.

However, when he saw Huang Tianxiang and the thousands of elite people behind him, his expression was bright.

These soldiers are the elite of the elite. They have a high momentum and are like wolves. What is more shocking is that Zhang Guifang sees faith in their eyes, an unspeakable faith, which even he can't help but praise.

These talents are real soldiers and pillars who can withstand the security of the country.

Alas, Zhang Guifang sighed secretly. It's a pity for these soldiers. In the hands of such incompetent generals as Shen Xin, this kind of elite really shines brightly.

At this point, Zhang Guifang and Fenglin looked at each other, nodded decisively and got an answer. It seems that this is the case. This doctor Shen is really not good at running the army.

Not far away, Dr. Shen didn't know that the first time he met Zhang Guifang and Fenglin, he left a hat that was greedy for beauty and had a bad style.

However, at this time, he was also looking at the humeral Minister of King Zhou, who was later named as the bereaved star on the list of gods.

With a silver helmet and a plain armor, a white horse and a long gun, Zhang Guifang's face looks like ice and doesn't seem to smile. Zhang Guifang's face is very serious and meticulous.

All the things on his body can clearly be seen that the owner is very neat and clean.

As for the one beside him, forget it, I won't describe it.

His appearance is too low. It's OK to know that his name is Fenglin. Dr. Shen quickly moved his eyes.

The two looked at each other again and remained silent for a moment.

Zhang Guifang is thinking about how to stabilize Shen Xin, prevent him from interfering in Xiqi's military affairs, and then deceive his elite troops to help him.

What Dr. Shen is thinking about at this moment is how to stabilize Zhang Guifang from intervening to save himself, and then transfer the group of bodyguards behind him who are in the way to become saints.

With the passage of time, more and more generals came from outside the gate, but the surrounding voice was very quiet. A pair of eyes stayed on Dr. Shen and Zhang Guifang, and no one dared to speak first.

The two commanders of the expedition to the West looked at it carefully. After a while, they suddenly spoke in unison:

'Doctor Shen's name is like thunder.'

'General Zhang, I've heard a lot about you.'

At that moment, the atmosphere suddenly seemed relaxed, and the soldiers and generals around finally breathed a sigh of relief.

.. How can I have the illusion of a close call? For a moment, Huang Tianxiang thought that the two commanders were having some strange ideas, and they seemed to be at odds.

However, now it seems that everything is calm, and there is no unexpected development.


Looking at his adopted father's calm appearance, it is estimated that he has come up with a unique plan to break through Xiqi now.

In any case, I should give my full cooperation.

Huang Tianxiang thought of this, but found that the scene at the moment had changed again.

'Dr. Shen, it's hard coming from afar. Why don't you go to the camp first and have a rest, then we can discuss the military situation together?'

Both of them were generals of the expedition to the west, but Zhang Guifang issued fire brand arrows, which could mobilize troops and horses, while Dr. Shen held Bai Zhuo and Huang Yue, which had to be dedicated to the expedition.

In this case, even Zhang Guifang had to be cautious in front of Dr. Shen.

When they came to the military tent, all the generals sat down. Dr. Shen looked more and more surprised.

Neat, everything in the military tent is unexpectedly neat. Even the many generals in the army say that they stand one by one, and seem to have an extremely fixed position.

Is there a problem with Zhang Guifang?


Senior obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Zhang Guifang seemed to notice Dr. Shen's expression and explained:

'Don't blame Dr. Shen. He just likes everything around him to be clean and tidy. Otherwise, he will be very unhappy.'

Then he took a look at Fenglin, who was digging his nostrils.

It's good that he doesn't explain. When he explains, Dr. Shen suddenly subconsciously thinks of a sentence: the room is clean and odorless. It's either fake or gay.

Well, thinking of this, Dr. Shen quickly turned his eyes to the little fox and prepared to return blood.

Animal ears, white hair, tail, giant panda, after a careful scan, he finally came back to life full of blood.

When Zhang Guifang and Dr. Shen were thinking about how to trick each other.

Outside the gate, there was a sudden rumble of war drums, followed by soldiers rushing to report.

'I'd like to report to all the generals that Prime Minister Jiang Ziya of Xiqi has come to Yuanmen to get the battle report. He wants to see doctor Shen by name and meet with all the generals!'

'What? Jiang Ziya just died. How dare you be so arrogant?'

Hearing this, Feng Lin, the pioneer beside him, looked up with disdain.

After having a look at Zhang Guifang, he immediately stood up with a mace, laughed and said to the front:

'Dr. Shen, if you don't bother, Xiqi can be easily captured.'

'You came all the way here and worked very hard. So you had a good rest in the camp. When the end of the day comes, you will have a duel with Xiqi. Please invite the doctor and the general to drink in the city.'


After hearing this, Dr. Shen was puzzled. Why is he so arrogant

However, a moment later, Dr. Shen's eyes brightened. Isn't this a great opportunity?

The only way is to transfer the guards around you first, and then try to sneak into the battlefield


Dr. Shen had an idea in an instant. By the way, he also reminded that Xiqi was not so simple and could easily be defeated. He immediately said.

'It's better for general Feng to be cautious. There are many talented people in Xiqi. I'm afraid that the general's expedition will be disadvantageous. I've brought five thousand elite soldiers, each of whom can take one as ten. Now I'll let them help the general and achieve success...'

Doctor Shen's voice dropped, and several exclamations came from his side.

'Adoptive father, these five thousand soldiers are sent by your majesty to protect you. They must not be transferred easily.'

After hearing this, Dr. Shen immediately waved his arm and said solemnly: 'these five thousand elite soldiers should make contributions on the battlefield and give full play to their due strength. Can they protect me for private expense?'

'Don't try to persuade me again. General Zhang has entrusted all his five thousand soldiers to you. Don't let your majesty down!'

After that, Dr. Shen took Zhang Guifang by the hand and gave him the talisman solemnly.

Zhang Guifang, who holds the amulet, has a question mark on her face: '

Well, I haven't started yet.

The five thousand elite were cheated so easily? Why does general Ben have no sense of achievement at all?

After a moment of bewilderment, Zhang Guifang still reacted,

Since the other party sent it to the door, he could not take it away. He smiled and said:

'Thank you, Dr. Shen.'

Dr. Shen nodded and smiled.

Then Zhang Guifang was afraid of Dr. Shen's going back on his words. Hearing him yell, she hurriedly ordered all her troops and horses, and quickly went to the gate of Yuanmen

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