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Chapter 218 I have a senior general here in Xiqi

In the city of Xiqi at this moment.

Jiang Ziya slowly rubbed his forehead, leaned against the neat desk, and listened to the incessant shouting and scolding outside the city.

some are angry and some are powerless.

'what should we do now?'

'Zhang Guifang is still difficult to deal with, and it is difficult for Xiqi to have that Shen Xin nearby.'

I think I Jiang Ziya is an old man by the river. I'm fishing on the Bank of the Weishui river. I'm very grateful to my predecessor King Wen for lowering his rank and treating me with courtesy. I'm a counselor. I'm very grateful for what I've done in the current world and what I've said to support my loneliness.

however, when Xiqi is in danger, his Taoism is low and there is nothing he can do.

Zhang Guifang has both secret arts in the wind forest and Shen Xin is full of talents. They meet each other. I don't know what to do now.

when Jiang Ziya went down the mountain to assist Xiqi, he was in high spirits and talked with Ji Chang about the affairs of the world. It was as if the world was in his hands, which could help Xiqi achieve hegemony.

who knew that the Xiqi generals who fought in the first battle were scared and frightened, and sighed all over the court, which made him unable to calm down for a long time.

I was thinking about it when a soldier came to report:

'prime minister, there is a boy outside the mansion who wants to see me.'


Jiang Ziya looks a little surprised after hearing this. He knocks on the desk with his fingers and ponders.

he is a disciple of the Taoist school. He is under the tutelage of Yuanshi Tianzun in yuxu palace of Kunlun mountain. Although he has no cultivation ability, he respects his teacher and respects Taoism. He is very fond of Taoist people.

although I don't know who this child is now, I dare not forget my origin and busy Preach:

'invite that child.'

a moment later, the sound of footsteps outside the hall slowly approached, the red light loomed in the sky, and Jiang Ziya's eyebrows moved slightly, and a handsome young man of twelve or thirteen stepped into the hall.

the fire pointed gun in his hand flickers cold, and a face with a little baby fat is red lips and white teeth.

when Nezha came to the hall, he fell down and bowed down with a smile and said: 'uncle, I'm going to help you. My disciple Nezha has been ordered to help.'

Jiang Ziya didn't know Nezha, but when he saw that the other party came up, he wanted to recognize his relatives and waved his hand.

somewhat surprised, he asked, 'who is your master? Where do you come from?'

Nezha explained: 'my disciple is the disciple of immortal Taiyi in Jinguang cave of Qianyuan mountain. His surname is Li and his name is Nezha. I came down the mountain under the orders of my teacher. I came here to protect Zhou and subdue Zhou. I listened to my uncle's instructions.'

'good! Good!' Jiang Ziya laughed happily and clapped her hands.

it's really a long drought and a rainy day. I'm thinking about how to deal with Zhang Guifang. My elder martial brother sent his disciples to help me.

I couldn't help laughing when I saw that Nezha was so handsome and powerful.

at this moment, the sound of shouting and scolding outside the city began to ring again, and it was vaguely transmitted to the prime minister's office. Jiang Ziya's face turned black after listening to it.

Nezha quickly asked: 'martial uncle, who is fighting against Xiqi outside the city? How dare you be so arrogant?'

'hum!' Jiang Ziya frowned, showing resentment, and pointed to the road outside the city:

'there is a doctor named Shen Xin in Chaoge. Zhang Guifang, the chief soldier of Qinglong pass, led his army to besiege Xiqi outside the city. The day before yesterday, he saw the array. Zhang Guifang's left path was amazing. He captured two generals in a row.'

'we can't resist each other, so our life is hanging by the 'no Battle Card'.'

Nezha showed a strange look after hearing this, and hurriedly asked:

'is that Shen Xin the handsome and unrestrained, Yushu Linfeng, amazing talent, the most famous song of the dynasty, the most benevolent and righteous doctor Shen?'

martial nephew, are these words exaggerated?

Jiang Ziya didn't know the relationship between Nezha and Dr. Shen, and began to wonder.

I admit that Shen Xin is very powerful, courageous and strategic, but you praise him so much that he always makes me ordinary and like a villain.

'martial nephew, don't be ambitious. Although Shen Xin is powerful, he can't become a fairy after all. There are many injuries on the battlefield. I'm afraid he can't help it.' Jiang Ziya pretends not to care.


Nezha nodded thoughtfully.

martial uncle is right. What Jiang Ziya said reminds him that the adoptive father is a mortal body. It is too dangerous on this battlefield.

maybe any hidden arrow or magic will threaten his life.

as Nezha's adoptive son, how can I make my adoptive father disregard his safety? Is that what the son of man did.

then clenched his fist and said to himself, 'don't worry, adoptive father. Although we are in different camps, no one can hurt you even if Nezha is there.

determined his next goal, and then Nezha thought again. Although he was protecting Zhou and Zhou, he also wanted to protect his adoptive father's safety.

however, when I first came to Xiqi, I was afraid that people would speak lightly. I should make more contributions to help my adoptive father.

Nezha immediately raised his head and looked at the direction outside the city when he thought of it. He slowly focused his mind on Zhang Guifang. Isn't this the credit from heaven?

immediately turned around and bowed his hand to Jiang Ziya in a dignified manner:

'since I've come down to assist martial uncle, how can I stand by and watch without arms? It's not a good policy to hang the 'exemption card' now. I'd like to go to the array. Zhang Guifang can break it.'

Jiang Ziya on the side didn't know what Nezha was thinking. His face was instantly happy, but he still hesitated and said cautiously.

'martial nephew, Zhang Guifang has secret skills and the ability to call for fame and fall off the horse. You must not give a name when fighting against him.'

after hearing this, Nezha did not pay any attention and comforted himself by holding a pointed gun:

'don't worry, martial uncle. It's just a leftist skill. What are you afraid of? Look at me. I'll break him and offer a big gift to martial uncle!'

Jiang Ziya laughed after hearing this. He quickly came forward to hold Nezha and praised him:

'ha ha, martial nephew, get up quickly. It's really a drought in Xiqi. You can achieve great things.'

er, looking at Uncle Shi's eyes, young Nezha felt that he had an impure purpose. His face turned red and embarrassed. He quickly changed the topic:

'Uncle Shi, don't worry, Nezha will go now!'

after that, he hurriedly stepped on the wind and fire wheel to turn into a flame, and fled as if to leave...

in the main hall, Jiang Ziya nodded more happily when he saw Nezha's means, and at the same time, he observed silence for Zhang Guifang and Shen Xin.

I have such a great general in Xiqi. Seeing how you fight each other, I stroked my beard and laughed.

in the Yin Shang camp, Zhang Guifang, Feng Lin and others are discussing how to attack Xiqi.

after all, the other side is hanging high to avoid war, just like a turtle, which is really difficult to deal with.

in addition to continuing the siege, we really can't find a good way.

seeing that all the generals were at a loss, even Zhang Guifang frowned. With an attitude of trying, he came out and said:

'now, all the generals and men, Xiqi is high and free from war, and refused to leave the city. And our army is on an expedition. It is just like the saying that one drum up one's strength, one decline, three exhaustions, and no delay.'

'I have a way, or I can try it.'

when Dr. Shen opened his mouth, all eyes turned. Dr. Shen was right. If Xiqi really made up his mind to shrink back, it would definitely affect the morale of the Yin Shang army coming from afar.

however, Shuang convenience fell into a consumption and tug of war, which everyone did not want to see. It would not only make king Zhou doubt their ability, but also drag Yin Shang into the abyss of war.

at this moment, even Zhang Guifang, with a cautious face, hurriedly asked: 'I wonder if Dr. Shen has any way to break Xiqi?'


with a big hand, Dr. Shen said seriously:

'that is to form a death squad, led by me personally, to attack Xiqi.'


Zhang Guifang was directly petrified.

he was confused.

the letter in my hand fell directly on the ground. Should it be so outrageous.

'Dr. Shen, war is not a trifle. You must not make decisions at will.' Zhang Guifang reminds me very hard.

even Huang Tianxiang and the little fox beside them were startled. However, they were worried about the safety of Dr. Shen, so they quickly opened their mouths and advised:

'adoptive father, this is too dangerous. Let's try another way!'

Dr. Shen is not aiming at nothing. In fact, there are still some chances. The general's taking the lead will greatly inspire the confidence of the soldiers. Moreover, Zhang Guifang, with the power of victory, dared not fight Xiqi. Now a strong attack may be a way.

of course, the most important thing is that there are still no immortals in Xiqi to help, so it is said that there is a great chance.

if we wait for all the twelve golden immortals to arrive, we will have no chance.

Dr Shen still wants to struggle.

'you guys, don't hesitate. We should make a quick decision to attack Xiqi without delay. As the first person, I will personally rush to the city wall and fight the bandits of Xiqi to the death. In this way, the morale of our Yin Shang society will be greatly boosted and Xiqi can be broken.'


the stimulus is a little big. We need to digest.

Zhang Guifang, who had just reacted in the petrochemical industry, picked up the letters and arranged them neatly.

then petrified.

he only thinks that he is too difficult. Dr. Shen really doesn't understand military affairs.

you are the commander of the expedition to the West personally appointed by your majesty.

although it's only a mascot, how could the commander-in-chief attack the city himself? It's too reckless.

not to mention that the soldiers who forcibly attacked the city lost a lot, but if the commander-in-chief really died unexpectedly, wouldn't it be a great chaos?

even if there is a one-in-a-billion chance that Xiqi has really been laid, no one dares to bear the burden of your majesty and grand master Wen's settlement after autumn.

how can I have such a commander? Not only can I not use troops, but I always go to dangerous places.

Zhang Guifang only felt that his burden was too heavy.


Dr. Shen is still giving an excited speech.

brothers, have a try.

what if it is really captured?

Huang Tianxiang directly held Dr. Shen's arm and began to persuade him with great concern:

'father, let's think again. There must be other ways, and we can't take such risks.'

'maybe we can ask for reinforcements?'

Dr. Shen said that the reinforcements are useless. What I want is adventure. Your pattern is too small.

once the doctor dies, he can be listed as a saint. If he doesn't die, he is still just an ordinary person. Do you think that my living is more effective, or that one more saint of the human race is more effective?

just as Dr. Shen was about to break away from Huang Tianxiang's obstruction, he was ready to persuade everyone again, but before he could speak, his whole body was tightly held.

the little fox thought that Dr. Shen's idea was too dangerous to let him realize, so he held him in his arms and blocked his mouth.

at the moment, I can't tell who is taking advantage of who, but we don't care.

praised the little fox for doing well.

this is correct, to the point, to the point, and to the point.

the little fox hugged Dr. Shen's head and explained to him: 'Dr. Shen may be angry recently. Let me help him to get rid of the fire and then come back to continue to discuss the military situation with you.'

after that, the little fox wanted to take Dr. Shen away, limit his ability for a while, and resolutely give up this idea of disregarding danger.

Dr. Shen said it with a try attitude, and I didn't think everyone would agree.

after all, there are so many ways to get on the list in the future, and there is no difference.

but after testing, he decisively found that Huang Tianxiang and little fox were the people around him who protected him.

this is a danger of back stabbing.

in the future, Dr. Shen's goal will be how to deceive these two mischievous guys at the critical moment, so as to lay a strong foundation for the next listing plan.

thinking of this, Dr. Shen directly pushed the panda away from the little fox, saying that he had given up the idea of attacking the city and paralyzed them first.

but he just reached out.

I felt a little shocked in Dr. Shen's eyes,

this... This is unscientific!

wait a minute, it's so big.

a little fox dressed in white light armor, with white hair reaching to the waist and a small tail cocked up disorderly, is charming and heroic, and looks very normal.

but why is my heart so big? You can't see it from the outside.

is she still my little fox? Should it be?

the little fox proudly supports the panda. Obviously, she has no good intentions. It seems that she has premeditated!

after a brief eye contact, Dr. Shen finally confirmed the situation.

I forced myself to pull myself out of the gentle country, and I would degenerate if I went on like this.

but it's really big.


seeing Dr. Shen give up his crazy idea, Zhang Guifang and Feng Linru are relieved.

finally put his heart in his chest.

in the face of brave people like Dr. Shen who are not afraid of death, they are really powerless. They only hope that Xiqi will be defeated as soon as possible, and then let themselves go.

when everyone is recovering from the shock just now.

the soldiers outside the camp hurried to tell Zhang Guifang about what had happened in Xiqi:

'I report to several generals that Xiqi suddenly took off the' exemption card. '


Zhang Guifang, who was arranging the letters in front of him neatly, suddenly became interested.

after thinking carefully for a moment, it seemed that he came to a conclusion.

he hurried to the wind forest and said:' Jiang Ziya refused to go to war for days. Today he suddenly took off the 'exemption card'. It is estimated that there are rescue soldiers in the city, You can go to Taizhan to inquire about the reality. '

Fenglin just promised to leave the camp, but was stopped by doctor Shen next to him.

he thought more deeply than Zhang Guifang.

went to the war exemption card?

doctor Shen suddenly felt nervous. Zhang Guifang might be right. Xiqi should have come to help, and this reinforcement is most likely Nezha?

Because Nezha was originally the first to go down the mountain to assist Xiqi in the worship, and his lotus incarnation was very restrained from Zhang Guifang's leftist skills.

immortal Taiyi has no reason not to send him down the mountain.

and maybe it's time.

seeing that Fenglin was ready to fight, Dr. Shen quickly stopped him:

'Fenglin should not fight. You are not your opponent.'

Feng Lin is puzzled. He doesn't know where Dr. Shen came from.

how can I say that I am not Xiqi's opponent if I haven't even seen the other side's people?

after hearing this, he held the mace tightly in his hand, frowned, and said with some resentment:

'why should Dr. Shen increase the morale of others and destroy his authority? Nangong Shidu, who worships black tiger, has been captured in front of the account. It is expected that there will be no generals in Xiqi.'

'even some reinforcements can be easily captured.'

after Feng Lin finished, even Zhang Guifang didn't care.

obviously did not pay attention to the other side, because if Xiqi really has some capable people, how can he still hang high to avoid war.

Zhang Guifang couldn't help persuading.

'don't worry, doctor Shen. The strength of Feng Xianjun is fair. There is no one in Xiqi to stop it. Now go to test it. Maybe we guessed wrong. The other side has no reinforcements at all.'

'but whether there is one or not, this great opportunity can not be missed.'

Zhang Guifang is also right. This opportunity can't be missed.

Dr. Shen has no reason to stop him. He can't say that he guessed. It's estimated that some people will regard him as a fool.

but no matter whether Nezha came or not, Dr. Shen still told him:

'general Feng, if you meet a 12-year-old boy in Xiqi, you must not be fond of fighting. Go back to the camp quickly to find me, so as to ensure safety.'

Feng Lin laughed: 'Dr. Shen is too cautious, and can you predict the future?'

'if any child can defeat us, we will regard Dr. Shen's remarks as a sacred edict. From now on, we will be oxen and horses. We will work hard and bear no complaint. We will never make any false statements.'

Shiji's face was full of questions: 'are you going to rob me?'

after Fenglin finished, he secretly said that if he really met someone who even Fenglin could not beat, he would also be looking for general Zhang.

what's the use of looking for Dr. Shen? He can't hear you if you don't speak.

this is a battlefield, not a Chaoge...

Fenglin casually curled his lips. It seems that he didn't pay attention to it at all. He took a big step with a mace and walked out of the gate...

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