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Chapter 222 Shen Gongbao offers a plan to capture Shen Xin

The towering Kunlun Mountains are the ancestors of thousands of mountains, the source of thousands of waters, and the ancestors of heaven and earth in the wilderness.

from a distance, it is even more boundless, with its head held high in the sky, stretching over 18000 miles from east to west, and 3.6 million jade dragons flying.

let's say that Jiang Ziya borrowed the earth to escape to the foot of deqilin cliff. He fell into the earth, and his brand-new Taoist robe swayed against the breeze.

in front of the cliff, several idle Taoists are playing chess. When Jiang Ziya meets them, they all take the initiative to check in, salute and joke.

'elder martial brother Jiang has not seen you for many years. How are you recently?'

'it is said that I have long been worshipping the prime minister in Xiqi, and I am a great Minister?'

Jiang Ziya frowned after hearing this. He didn't dare to be slighted. He quickly saluted back and said:

'I'm joking, junior brothers. The common affairs in Xiqi are complicated. Nowadays, it's even more dangerous. It's better to practice quietly in the mountains.'

sighed after saying that he was telling the truth. It is really difficult in Xiqi nowadays.

although Nezha won one match, the Yin Shang Dynasty had a strong national strength, and he never hurt his bones or muscles. Otherwise, how could he go to Kunlun Mountain for help.

many Taoists were surprised when Jiang Ziya said this, but after a while, they laughed one after another, stroked their sideburns and said:

'Ziya, don't worry, this is a small matter. According to elder martial brother Antarctica, recently, the master wants us to go down the mountain to Xiqi to help you.'

'eh?' Jiang Ziya's heart moved when he heard the words, and his face was instantly overjoyed.

'young martial brothers, is this really the case?'

I was even more excited when I got everyone's nod.

secretly said that he had not come to Kunlun in vain this time. As soon as Fang entered the mountain, he got great news.

today, there are many teachers and brothers who help us. How can Shen Xin and Zhang Guifang be afraid.

immediately thanked the public.

then chatted a few words. Knowing that Jiang Ziya had something important to do, they said goodbye in a hurry.

Jiang Ziya is refreshed at the moment, and his depression in Xiqi is empty.

but after a while, I met several senior brothers in front of the cliff. There are some who know and some who don't.

the faces are also strange. It seems that many people are new to the mountains.

Jiang Ziya didn't think much about it. Maybe it's just that the master is still thinking and ready to open the mountain gate to Everbright.

after talking with several Taoist brothers, he got the same answer, and immediately he had no worries. Jiang Ziya suddenly sighed at the sight of Kunlun.

sighed in secret:

'it's been about ten years since I left this mountain. Now it's here again, and the scenery feels new.'

Jiang Ziya is deeply attached to me, but I am not in a hurry. I appreciate it along the mountain road.

all the way up along Qilin cliff, the towering and undulating peaks of Kunlun Mountains are scattered with clouds, the sun and the moon are shining, and the sky is like a fairy in the clouds.

pines and cypresses are everywhere, evergreen for thousands of years, and the forest is even more smoky. From time to time, dew drops form water, graciously moistening the grass stamens.

the flat peaches on the ridge are red and the brocade is rotten, and the velvet grass at the entrance of the cave is long.

every time I hear the cranes chirping, every time I see ruiluan Aoxiang. When the cranes are flying, the sound vibrates nine high and the sky is far away; Ruiluanxiang's place, Mao Hui's five color cloud light.

Jiang Zi's teeth are filled with emotion all the way. In this world, there is no freedom from Kunlun mountain.

I will go back to the mountains to practice hard after the end of my divination in the future, in order to achieve the right path.

after crossing Qilin cliff unconsciously, he finally came to yuxu palace.

but before I walked in, I saw that the white crane boy had been waiting for a long time.

seeing Jiang Ziya's doubts, he quickly opened his mouth in advance and said: 'Sir, I know that martial uncle is coming. I don't need to report it. I can go myself.'

Jiang Ziya looks serious, carefully arranges his clothes, dares not to be slighted at all, and walks slowly into the yuxu palace.

more aware of the most important etiquette of Yuanshi Tianzun, he was busy falling down under the Bagua stage and said:

'disciple Jiang Shang wishes the teacher a holy life!'

a mysterious Taoist horn sounded in the yuxu palace. Purple gas loomed in the palace, and the Bagua Taichung was surrounded by clouds.

a middle-aged Taoist sits on the stage, with Qingyun on his head and elegant clothes. His face is serious and his eyes are deep. When he shakes the dust, the world shakes.

seeing that his eyes did not move, he said softly:

'Ziya, it's just right for you to go up the mountain today. I'll ask the South Pole fairy to take the' list of gods 'with you. You can go to Qishan to build a sacred platform.'

'put up a 'list of gods' on the stage, and finish your life.'

the words fell, Jiang Ziya only felt that there was a towering momentum around him, and dared not refuse.

but at the thought of the purpose of his coming today, he quickly knelt down on the ground carefully and asked:

'master, I have a doctor Shen Xin and Zhang Guifang of Qinglong pass who are fighting against Xiqi with the skill of the left way and the door. The disciples' Taoism is very weak and can't be cured. I hope you will be merciful and promote your disciples.'

Yuanshi Tianzun remained motionless and said:

'you are the Prime Minister of the world and enjoy the state's benefits. You are called the 'prime minister'. How can I control everything in the world?'

'Xiqi is guarded by virtuous people. Why should we be afraid of the left side of the road? When things are in danger, there will be experts to help. Don't ask me about it.'


Jiang Ziya nodded blankly. The Master seemed to say something, but he didn't.

what should I do? Can I just lie down?

however, even if she was confused, Jiang Ziya dared not ask again, so she had to kneel down and kowtow and prepare to leave the palace.

when Yuanshi Tianzun saw his puzzled face, he went on:

'this time, go to Xiqi. You can't answer anyone who asks you. If you answer him, there will be 36 expeditions against you.'

'there is another person waiting for you in Donghai. Be careful.'


but Jiang Ziya was even more confused after listening to it. She was quite shocked and cried bitterly.

this Shen Xin Zhang Guifang almost fell to Xiqi all the way. Unexpectedly, there will be 36 more times. How can he stand so many twists and turns.

Jiang Ziya hurriedly prepared to ask for advice, but Yuanshi Tianzun seemed to be in a state of understanding heaven and earth after he finished, and ignored it at all.

so he had to bow respectfully again and withdraw silently.

but Jiang Ziya didn't know it. Just a moment after he left, Yuanshi Tianzun suddenly woke up from the Bagua platform with his eyes flashing slightly.

looks at the direction outside the sky, slowly spits out a name, and then the yuxu palace is silent again...

outside the yuxu palace.

the South Pole fairy steadfastly hands a golden scroll to Jiang Ziya, and earnestly instructs:

'Ziya, you should do your best in this matter, and you must not be slighted!'

'senior brother, I dare to ask.'

Jiang Ziya nodded solemnly after receiving the list of deities, and asked his doubts:

'elder martial brother, I went to the mountain to visit the teacher and begged for guidance to withdraw Shen's letter. Zhang Guifang, but the teacher refused to be merciful. What can I do?'

the Antarctic fairy shook his head and said back in a mysterious manner.

'God's number is fixed, but it can't be moved. Who is Shen Xin? Don't care.'

if someone calls you, you must not answer him. It really matters! '

' I can't send you far away, so go by yourself. '

after that, the Antarctic fairy has left silently without any answer.


Jiang Ziya is even more curious after listening.

can't my curiosity be satisfied if I play charades one by one?

I just want to know how to deal with Shen Xin and Zhang Guifang. Now, there is not only no result, but also one more question, that is, who wants to call me?

Shit! Riddler, get out of Kunlun mountain!

of course, although Jiang Ziya accused the Antarctic fairy of being shameless in his heart, he dared not offend him at all on his face, so he had to smile carefully.

and after the suggestion of Yuanshi Tianzun and the Antarctic fairy, he really wants to know who wants to call him.

can I borrow 36 people? Are you kidding? Why don't I believe it?

after Jiang Ziya thought about holding the 'list of gods', he walked straight ahead to Qilin cliff and prepared to drive to Xiqi.

suddenly heard someone shouting at him:

'Taoist friend, please stay!'

Jiang Ziya paused when he heard this sentence, and a sudden surge of cold air rushed to the ceiling.



you can call me when you want. Is that true?

Jiang Ziya only felt that there was such a coincidence in the world, and secretly said: 'since senior master and senior brother Antarctica have reminded me, I must not answer him.'

immediately hardened his heart and continued to walk.

but the voice behind him did not give up and still shouted to himself.

'Jiang Ziya!'

'Prime Minister Jiang!'

'you bastard!'

'I'm your old father!'

he shouted three or five times, but when he saw Ziya, the man shouted:

'Jiang Shang! You are so ungrateful and forget the old! You are the prime minister now. You are a great minister. You don't want to learn Taoism with you in the yuxu palace for 40 years. Today, I call you several times, but you should not!'

Jiang Ziya scolded secretly when he heard such words. How can you take advantage of me?

you are my father and I am your grandfather.

immediately looked back discontentedly and saw a Taoist standing behind him, staring at him closely.

I am familiar with this person. It turns out that it is my younger martial brother Shen Gongbao.

Jiang Ziya was unkind, frowned angrily and said:

'younger martial brother, you've gone too far. How can a monk's speech be so vulgar?'

'and I don't know if you called me. I was only asked by the master, but I must not answer anyone who asked me. So I didn't agree. I offended him!'

Shen Gongbao laughed and grabbed Jiang Ziya's arm and apologized repeatedly:

'don't blame me, senior brother. I'm just anxious for a moment. Seeing your back from afar, I feel that you are very kind. I only feel that you and I have a predestined relationship in the previous life, so I opened my mouth to talk about old times.'

Shen Gongbao explains, but his eyes are shining.

he was really surprised to see Jiang Ziya. Originally, he was going to go to the mountains to find some Taoist friends to help Dr. Shen attack Xiqi.

but unexpectedly, he met Jiang Ziya on the road, which immediately attracted Shen Gongbao's attention. He immediately followed him, ready to help Dr. Shen find out what happened next in Xiqi.

just because he didn't dare to go to yuxu palace, he waited in front of Qilin cliff to prepare Yin Yibo Jiang Ziya.

the two talked about the old times for a while. Shen Gongbao finally pacified Jiang Ziya with his three inch tongue. Then, he asked with a wink.

'I wonder what elder martial brother is holding in his hand?'

Jiang Ziya is usually wooden. Although he has a strategy in mind, where is the opponent of big deception? He only feels that the younger martial brother in front of him is very kind and does not think about it. He directly replies:

'it's a 'list of gods'.'

Shen Gongbao nodded and asked, 'where are you going now?'

Jiang Ziya replied: 'go to Xiqi to build the Fengshen platform and hang it on it.'

after a moment's reflection, Jiang Ziya said:

'younger martial brother, I'm now in Xiqi to help king Baowu. I met a man named Shen Xin. It's really difficult.'

'I wonder if you can help me. If you can persuade him to go to Xiqi, it will be Tianda's credit.'

Jiang Ziya said this with consideration. Shen Gongbao's Taoism is strong and he is eloquent.

he is also a disciple of his teachings. He is born of his own. If he can get his help, would it not be beautiful to ask him to go to Xiqi and say that he was a general who subdued Yin Shang with his three inch tongue?

especially Shen Xin, if you can persuade this person, Xiqi can achieve great things.

so I opened my mouth and invited.

Shen Gongbao on the other side was dumbfounded and felt confused.

he wondered, are there really such honest people in this world?

before he opened his mouth, the other party began to explode.

let yourself be a national teacher of yin and Shang, and talk about the doctor who subdued Yin and Shang?

what kind of brain can think of this?

Shen Gongbao hasn't finished thinking about it yet, but Jiang Ziya has started to strike first.

'younger martial brother, don't hesitate?'

'I'm in Xiqi. I'm in the phase. King Wen supports the orphan. I'm King Wu. The world is divided into two parts. Zhou's land has won one of them.'

'eight hundred princes are happy to return to Zhou. We should protect King Wu and exterminate Zhou. We should go up to heaven to worship him. Don't you know that Feng Ming and Qishan are the masters of the true destiny. King Wu is virtuous and compatible with Yao and shun. He is benevolent and harmonious with heaven, and the Tang is prosperous and the Qi is gloomy. This is passed down. Don't hesitate, good brother. This is a great good thing.'

Jiang Ziya is full of confidence at the moment, and thinks that Shen Gongbao will certainly agree to his request, just because countless martial brothers had to go down the mountain to help him before he went to Qilin cliff.

Shen Gongbao is naturally no exception.

Shen Gongbao:...

if I go to xiqikeng, will I be too bullying.

but I'm sorry for not going.

finally, Shen Gongbao thought that since the pit should be long, he was ready to give Jiang Ziya some tricks to let him pit himself.

then looked at the front maliciously, pretended to think for a moment, and then said:

'what senior brother said is very true. Xiqi is destined to be prosperous. But junior brother has something important to do recently and has no leisure.'

Shen Gongbao said that he had no spare time. He had to go to the mountains and ask someone to help Dr. Shen attack Xiqi.

'in that case...

Jiang Ziya seems to have some regrets when he hears this. Just before he leaves, he hears Shen Gongbao say:

' although younger martial brother has no spare time, he has a plan to deal with Shen Xin. '

'Oh? What's the trick?' Jiang Ziya asked suspiciously.

'Shen Xin, as my younger martial brother has heard, is a handsome, charming, dignified and loyal person who serves the country and the people.'

'if it is a common law, it is naturally difficult to surrender it, but people have weaknesses.'

'I once knew that Dr. Shen was over 20 years old and never married. Now I'm afraid he's worrying about himself.'

'I heard that King Wu of Xiqi had a younger sister. She was graceful and graceful, beautiful as a flower. She grew up in her boudoir like a pearl.'

'if you can catch Dr. Shen in the future, you must not kill him. You can write to King Wu.'

'teach people to be a matchmaker, saying that Dr. Shen is coming to be a burden. I guess I can follow him by seducing him with beauty and treating his wife with kindness!'


Jiang Ziya's eyes brightened and he nodded with delight, as if it was a solution.

now the Shen family is also in Xiqi. If Dr. Shen is recruited again, I'm afraid it's really possible to succeed.

Jiang Ziya thought for a moment, and immediately thanked Shen Gongbao with an arch of hands:

'thank you, younger martial brother, for your advice and wisdom in capturing Shen Xin. The gate of Xiqi will be open to younger martial brother. Please come and help me.'

Shen Gongbao replied smilingly:

'it's a trivial matter. I'm here to help elder martial brother win.'

'I asked my younger martial brother for his auspicious words!'

the two look at each other and smile at the same time.

after sending Jiang Ziya away, Shen Gongbao clapped his chest and laughed wildly.

ha ha!

'Dr. Shen, once this plan is worked out, even if you are defeated in Xiqi in the future, you will have no worries about your life.'

'on the contrary, Jiang Ziya will lose his wife and his army.'

at the thought of this strange scene, I don't know why he is still looking forward to it!

'ha ha!'

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