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Chapter 241 Prime minister, Shen Xin is calling for war in front of the camp.

In the first watch, the moon shines on the gate.

everyone was very anxious. Standing under the camp, they looked carefully.

knock the window edge in the second watch.

shout: 'friend, don't shout loudly. Open the door quickly and smile and come out to greet me.'

the third watch...

the third watch, Wang Mo rushed out with a black face and anger.

with a knife, he pushed these exceptionally simple Taoist brothers into the camp.


Wang Mo is almost angry at the moment. What he clearly said at that time was that he had something important to discuss at the third watch tonight.

everyone, go into the village quietly, and don't shoot.

but look at these three, who are coming quietly, with their bodies several feet high, wandering in front of the camp gate.

with such a big goal, I'm afraid that others don't know what they're going to do at night. There's no professionalism at all.

Wang Mo couldn't help shaking his head in secret. It's very strange that the people in the Four Saints of Kowloon island all seem to have low IQ.

among the four people, he is a smart man.

strange, it's very strange.

while thinking, Yang Sen and others on the side are staring at Wang Mo with big eyes, feeling a little confused.

just watched Wang Mo frown, pace and walk back and forth.

every step I take is to mumble in a low voice. The voice is too small to hear clearly, but I always feel that there seems to be something wrong with him here (referring to his head).

seeing Wang Mo for a long time, he didn't mean to stop. Yang Sen finally couldn't help interrupting him and immediately asked.

'Taoist brother, it's three ten o'clock now. You asked me to come here. What's important to discuss?'

after that, Yang Sen still roast in his heart, 'really, what do you want us to do this big night?'

several great men outside stood in front of your camp for so long that we finally got to the third watch. Do you know how many questioning eyes we experienced?

do you know?

although our brothers have good feelings, they are easy to be misunderstood.

several people looked at each other, and suddenly they were a little disgusted with each other...

'please don't be impatient!'

when Wang Mo heard this question, he also reacted. He immediately found a place in the account to sit down and launched the chess board he played with Dr. Shen today.

pointed to the top and spoke loudly:

'several Taoist friends, can you understand what the black-and-white pair on the chessboard means?'

'what does this! Accident smell like?' The people were stunned and gathered around. After studying carefully for a long time, they still didn't understand Wang Mo's meaning. They had to tell the truth:

'brother, we don't quite understand what it means. We just know that you lost to Dr. Shen, and you still lost miserably...'

'this doesn't matter!' Wang Mo clapped his palm.

how dark is his face again? How hard is it to say that a good person is hard to break up?

although he despised these Taoist friends, he still played with the chess board and explained to the public with a frown.

'there is a great truth in every square inch of the chessboard, which I just thought of today.'

'Dr. Shen now has the help of four of us and hundreds of thousands of troops from Yin and Shang Dynasties. If you want to destroy Xiqi, it's just like a chess game at the fingertips, with obvious advantages...'

'but why can't this chaotic situation be settled for a long time?'

Yang Sen and others pondered for a moment and replied: 'it is natural that Dr. Shen is virtuous and does not want to see Xiqi suffer misery.'

here, several people seem to have caught something.

'yes, virtuous!' Wang Mo slapped the chessboard again and repeated it again.


'this is the biggest mistake Dr. Shen made.'

then he continued in a high voice:

'Dr. Shen is resourceful, strategizing, and benevolent. What he wants is to make Xiqi defeat itself.'

'but I don't know that this is exactly Jiang Ziya's plan. Now the war is deadlocked and the fight is timid, which enables Xiqi to cultivate and live without hesitation, close the city to a truce, and have the opportunity to use his secret skills to kill Dr. Shen!'

after hearing this, the people nodded deeply. Although Dr. Shen had a plan, his shortcoming was that he was too soft and kind.

nowadays, on the battlefield, victory and defeat are decisive, and life and death are decisive.

the Yin merchants had such a great advantage that they could destroy the city regardless of everything, but they did not send troops to attack. It was simply too kind of women.

is it difficult to pacify Xiqi and let the other side accept surrender?

little did he realize that Jiang Ziya would only be left with the opportunity to use insidious means and overturn.

alas, if Dr. Shen hadn't stopped me, I would have killed in Xiqi city with my temper.

sighed at the king's evil way:

'Dr. Shen lost because of his integrity, but he didn't realize that the longer he delayed, the more complicated the situation would become.'

Yang Sen agreed. The more he spoke, the more people felt that Wang Mo had some truth. Jiang Ziya was really a curfew. He even used spells to deal with Dr. Shen.

although I don't know why Dr. Shen has not been harmed recently, there will be endless tricks in the future.

now that the enemy is dark and we are clear, how can Dr. Shen resist it?

it seems that Yin Shang's failure is just around the corner.

Wang Mo is now reckless and emotional, and continues:

'so we must find a way to break this situation.'

'but... But Dr. Shen ordered the whole army not to fight...'

Wang Mo did not care after hearing this, but suddenly shook his head with a smile and said: 'no, no, we are not subject to this restriction.'


'Dear Taoist friends, what Dr. Shen ordered was the general of yin and Shang Dynasties, but we were the Qi practitioners invited by grand master Wen to protect the doctor. Naturally, there were no restrictions.'

Yang Sen thought for a while, it seemed that this was the truth. How did he manage our Qi practitioners in the West Sea as a general of the Shang Dynasty??

what's more, I and others are under the jiejiao sect and have no affiliation with Dr. Shen, so I can naturally disobey orders.

as long as a few people take action next, can Xiqi be destroyed at any time?

thinking of this, Yang Sen and several others asked:

'I wonder if there is any way to break Xiqi, Taoist brother?'

Wang Mo stroked his beard and laughed:

'it's not easy.'

'as long as we directly enter Xiqi city at night and capture Jiang Ziya and Ji Fa in front of Dr. Shen, isn't this all over?'


after hearing this, the people shook their heads in disappointment and sneered with disdain. Originally, they thought you wang Mo had a long speech, but that's all.

didn't you just enter Xiqi? Everyone can think of it.

where is a good way.

when Wang Mo saw that his ideas were questioned by several people with lower IQ than himself, he immediately felt a little angry.

how can they question themselves?

quickly explained:

'the trick lies in the word' fast ', just because everyone can think of it, but nobody can think of it.'

'if you were Jiang Ziya, would you think that we would suddenly be killed in the city tonight?'

when people think about it, it's true.

this matter was decided by several people on an ad hoc basis. Even Dr. Shen didn't tell them, and even they didn't decide before this moment.

it was definitely a surprise attack.

how could Jiang Ziya have prepared for this raid long ago.

therefore, if you can kill in the city, it is really possible to achieve great success. Then Dr. Shen sees the fire in Xiqi city and sends a large army to meet it.

in this way, we can not only capture and kill Jiang Ziya, but also help Grand Master Wen and Dr. Shen to pacify Xiqi. This is simply once and for all.

several people carefully considered Wang Mo's plan, which was quite powerful.

high! Very high!

seeing the expression of admiration, Wang Mo enjoyed it. He smiled calmly and waved his hand.

'all Taoist friends, set out quickly!'

in the camp, Dr. Shen is preparing to wash up and go to sleep, but after learning that the Four Saints of Kowloon Island killed Xiqi alone at night, his expression is confused.

as for why Dr. Shen could know, it all depended on the loud voices of those people. The soldiers on patrol did not want to eavesdrop at all, but the voices of these people were so loud that they had no choice but to hear them.

but when I heard it, I felt that the matter was a little big, so I hurried to report it.

Shen Xin frowned.

speaking of big brothers, don't worry!

isn't Jiang Ziya trying to curse and kill me after waiting so long.

let's wait a little longer, give him a chance, and give ourselves another chance.

as long as I die, the Terran can not only add a saint, but also the next soldiers don't have to fight in the battlefield. Isn't this a win-win situation?

and you will definitely die this time. Are you blind when you are the first emperor?

he has long been concerned about it, and has arranged for his disciples to guard it.

many people have done it against Xiqi.

for example, Luo Xuan, LV Yue and Dapeng all had this idea, but none of them succeeded without exception.

looking at Xiqi City, Dr. Shen always feels that these four are looking for death.


looking for death?

when Dr. Shen thought of this word, he suddenly lit up. It seemed to be a road he had never imagined. He had been misled by Jiang Ziya before, thinking that he would die if he waited to curse himself.

but now it seems that the effect is not ideal.

but if you attack Xiqi and attract the experts of elucidation, it will not hinder your death.

he was greatly inspired by the Four Saints of Kowloon island.

Dr. Shen immediately had an idea in his mind.

chase! I must catch up with them!

Dr. Shen must not let anyone die. It is disrespectful to him to die in front of him!

said that, in spite of the people's obstruction, he galloped down to Xiqi City alone.

in Xiqi City, in the prime minister's mansion.

chongheihu is a little weak now. His steps are flimsy and his face is pale. It seems that he will fall in the wind.

but he didn't care, but his eyes showed joy.

because the black tiger has been worshipped in the secret room for 49 days, and the blood in the gourd is full.

and tonight is the last time. As long as Shen Xin's sacrifice is finished, he will die immediately.

at midnight, chongheihu came to the prime minister's mansion with the red ladle in his hand. Jiang Ziya got the news early.

is excited in his heart, and his face is not half as happy as that of black tiger. In order to arrive today, he specially called all the generals to witness.

of course, he didn't dare to summon old Huang, Lu Xiaobing and other Shen family members. After all, he was still guilty of secretly harming Dr. Shen by this means.

but it has to be done.

seeing chonghei tiger coming slowly and trembling, Jiang Ziya hurried out of the house to meet him. After the people had exchanged salutes with each other.

chongheihu held a maid and couldn't help laughing:

'Congratulations, Prime Minister! Congratulations, Prime Minister!'

'the black tiger is lucky enough to live up to his fate. The secret art is about to be worshipped. Shen Xin will definitely die today!'

'if the prime minister again takes advantage of the opportunity of the Yin Shang Dynasty to attack the military camp at night, the world will be settled. It can be said that he is very happy!'

Jiang Ziya sighed after hearing this, and then thanked chongheihu deeply:

'if it wasn't for Taoist brother's boundless magic power, how could he get Shen Xin's death.'

'it's getting late. Let me give Dr. Shen a ride.'

the black tiger held the red ladle and the letter stained with blood.

opened his mouth and explained: 'until midnight today, after the worship is finished and suppressed with this blood, Shen Xin's soul will be sucked into this boundless sea of blood and die from then on.'

people waited in the mansion for a long time. When they reached the third watch, they didn't realize that yin and Yang officials came to report:

'the third watch has arrived!'

chongheihu immediately cleaned his hands, took the knife and bled. He can't wait.

fill the red ladle thoroughly, then seal it in your hands, and recite obscure spells in your mouth.

at last, there was only a 'boom', and everyone seemed to see an endless blood red river in front of them.

at this moment, chongheihu only feels a blur in front of him. If he had not been supported by someone nearby, he would have fallen to the ground.

I've been a little weak recently. If I persist, I'm afraid I'll die before Shen Xin.

but it doesn't matter. This day has finally arrived. In order to kill Shen Xin, chongheihu has now paid at least half his life.

but he never regretted it, and even thought it was worth it.

because Shen Xin is the biggest enemy in his life, the hateful guy in the first battle of beichong completely destroyed his dream.

the position of northern Marquis was missed.

chongheihu's eyes turned red at the thought of this, and he threw Shen Xin's handwritten letter into the river of blood without hesitation.

only a moment later, he was swept into the river bottom by the surging river.

and the black tiger couldn't help roaring when he saw this:

'Shen Xin, die!'

with a cavity of resentment and anger, the black tiger finally showed his last resort.

Jiang Ziya in the crowd still sighs at this moment. At the moment of worshiping the black tiger, he seems to be missing something.

Oh, yes, because Shen Xin is dying.

Jiang Ziya has been looking forward to this day, but when the day comes, he still doesn't adapt.

not only sighed in his heart, but Shen Xin was an enemy, but also an admirable enemy.

drinking from the emperor in the upper hall, scolding ministers in the lower hall, suppressing rebellion, beheading Hou Hu, pleading for the people's grievances and lives, and being loyal to the emperor and patriotic, working hard and dying.

even I have been defeated by him time and again.

Jiang Ziya vaguely sympathizes with each other about this, as if he is missing not only an opponent but also a confidant.

but at this moment, he is even more impressed that everything will be over.

it is extremely scary to worship the black tiger and call the bleeding river. Once such a powerful secret method is released, Shen Xin will surely die. Even if he has the protection of immortals, there is no reason to escape.

Jiang Zi found her confidence at this moment, because if she goes against the sky, she will surely lose.

today, Xiqi is heaven. Even if it is as strong as Shen Xin's unparalleled wisdom and unpredictable, it is also irresistible. No matter how strong Yin Shang is, it is illusory.

at this moment, Xiqi is already ready.

after Shen Xin's death, he can attack the business camp at night.

the commercial army outside the city must be headless and fight in melee.

by then, we will be able to defeat the enemy in one battle.

think about it in the distance. If you curse Shen Xin, it means that if Yin Shang loses a pillar, the building will fall.

then Xiqi can gather all the princes in the world, and with a call of arms, they will surely respond.

attack the five passes, cross the Yellow River, and fall into the song of the dynasty. King Zhou has no power to return to heaven.

Jiang Ziya can't help smiling while feeling sad.

but as soon as the corner of his mouth turned up, Wu Ji, who was beside him, interrupted Jiang Ziya's fantasy in a disappointed way, pointing to the sky and saying in horror.

'master, look at the sky!'

Jiang Ziya turned his head and asked with eyes?

but before he could react, he suddenly heard soldiers shouting in a hurry in the distance:

'prime minister, outside Xiqi City, Shen Xin is calling for war in front of the camp!'

Jiang Ziya: 'hmm?'

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