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Chapter 259 Come out, my baby!

'The whole army rushed to kill the Yin Shang camp and went straight to the faithful bear!'

with Jiang Ziya's palm pointing, Dr. Shen seemed to look forward with feeling.

seeing Jiang Ziya riding a four unlike figure under his hip, holding a sword and carrying all the pro army guards, he ran straight towards him.


doctor Shen's mouth trembled and his body trembled, but he was happy instead of afraid.

I was so happy that I almost fainted.

happiness comes suddenly.

he originally wanted to go straight to the battlefield to look for opportunities, but before he started, magic red used his magic weapon, that Hunyuan umbrella, to cover the sky, and the sky became dark.

the situation in Xiqi has changed rapidly.

even more startled the generals in the hall. They had no idea that Mojia IV would have such a powerful magic weapon.

murihong just stood in the air, then named one by one with the Hunyuan umbrella, and took away the weapons that the people relied on...

under this carelessness, Xiqi suffered a big loss.

originally, Dr. Shen felt that there was no hope, because this battle was destined to be a great victory for the fourth general of the magic family.

however, after seeing Jiang Ziya's reckless behavior, he was instantly excited because someone finally thought of him.

the guards beside Jiang Ziya are all elite. With their strength, they can definitely tear a hole in front of the army and rush to their own front.

and Dr. Shen now has two choices, one is to drive the iron eating beast forward regardless of everything, face Jiang Ziya, and choose to anoint him in the front.

let them see what a real man is, and have a fight between the masters.

however, although such an idea seems to be the best choice, the effect may not be ideal.

after all, the fourth general of the Mojia family is extremely brave at present. The magic weapon is just like the open one. Even jinzha and Nezha can't compete with them. The Yin merchants have an overwhelming advantage.

it is still very difficult to die with the four generals of the magic family.

therefore, it is a wise choice to run away at once and escape from the sight of the four magic generals.

attract Jiang Ziya to chase him, so that no one will disturb him and he is most secure.

after all, now the four generals of the magic family are all blocked by Xiqi people. Even if they defeat their opponents, it will take some time.

leaving the battlefield alone can not only evade a few people, but also create a great opportunity for Jiang Ziya. With the strength of the guards in front of him, he will be able to chase them quickly.

everything will be ready in an instant.

you can't have accidents when you're far away from the battlefield...

so turn around and leave. Dr. Shen didn't hesitate.

on the battlefield in the distance, the shouts of killing still resounded.

the magic ceremony green sword crossed and jumped out of the array. Just there, he looked at Wu Ji with a smile.

Wu Ji's scalp was numb, and he swallowed his saliva three times. He couldn't help but shout:

'evil thieves fight whenever they want. Why laugh at me?'

muriqing raised his sword and pointed to the sky:

'look at the sky!'

Wu Ji shook his head quickly. You think I'm stupid. I can't be fooled by you if I look at the sky. At the moment, the battle field is extremely dangerous. The slightest mistake is to die.

I'm a disciple of prime minister takeyoshito Nishiki. How can I fall for such a trivial plan as yours?

muriqing noticed what he meant, smiled angrily and reminded:

'are you sure you don't want to see it? You'll regret it if you don't!'

'Oh!' Wu Ji gave magic green a big white eye. He was alert all over and looked at the front without moving at all.

anyway, he has made up his mind that he will never be fooled no matter what the other party says.

Wu Ji knows that his strength is far from that of people in this practice, and he doesn't expect to win the battle. Of course, Jiang Ziya thinks the same.

the task given to him by master is to try his best to entangle Mo Liqing without dying.

however, Wu Ji has only completed half of his task now, and can only ensure that he will not die...

so the initiative is in the hands of Mo Liqing. People can fight whenever they want, and he has nothing to do.

however, in the situation of obvious superiority, the other party suddenly stopped, and Wu Ji suddenly felt nervous. Especially when Mo Liqing looked at his eyes, he always felt something was wrong.

seems to have some inexplicable meaning.

is it that the other party is interested in his talent and wants to make him throw away the light and turn to the dark?

it is reasonable to think so.


although he practices hard, he knows a few things in his mind. He can't be called a genius, and even his mediocre qualifications are a bit too much.

is not worth the attention of the other party.

but he doesn't deserve the attention of the people in front of him. Why does the other party want him to laugh?

and he laughs so ugly.

wait a moment. A bright light suddenly flashed in Bukit's mind.

what if, what if this demon Liqing is not only interested in his own talent, but in him?

touched his strong body and dark face. Is it difficult for anyone to like his type?

Wu Ji had an epiphany on the spot.

it is not impossible to say that.

although he is not as handsome and unrestrained as doctor Shen, he can attract little girls.

but picking firewood every day seems to be more majestic and powerful, and the hormones are violent, so... I attract big men...

if you think so, everything can be explained.

what is special about the sky? The other party just wants to attract his own attention and achieve his secret.

Oh, damn broken sleeves.

the person who gets me won't get my heart.

Wu Ji admitted that he had seen through the purpose of magic green, and then his mouth was turned up, and he could not help but prepare to start mocking.

but before he could speak, the sky suddenly darkened. The long gun in his hand radiated colored light, and a huge and incomparable suction fell on it.

even if he exerted all his strength, he could not hold it tightly and flew away in a moment.

Wu Jifang was in a trance all the way. At the moment, he didn't react at all. Until the weapons in his hands disappeared, his face finally showed shock.

just looked up, and then saw that magic green looked at him with a fool's eyes, and continued to show his smiling expression.

this time, Wu Ji was scared, and he was so shocked that he had no time to react.

at this moment, there are only two words left in my mind,


then his feet flew around, and he ran faster than the rabbit with a 'boom' and disappeared in a twinkling of an eye.

seeing that Wu Ji was making trouble, Muri Qingchao sneered around, quickly sacrificed Qingyun sword, and waved it in the sky for three times.

in the evening, the black wind rolled up, and thousands of swords and spears roared past. The whole sky was covered with endless wind blades.

not far away, the marihai saw his brother wielding the Qingyun sword, and also pulled up the pipa in his hand.


the deafening sound penetrated Xiqi and covered the endless cries of killing.

immediately after that, strong smoke and black fog surged under the ground, the fire in the sky was merciless, the Golden Snake stirred in the air, the red light soared all over the ground, and Xiqi suffered another disaster.

murishou and Lu Xiaobing, who are fighting fiercely, finally see the strange image of the sky. After the two fight for several times.

at the same time, he shouted loudly, crossed his weapons and left the battlefield in an instant.

Lu Xiaobing Meng looked at the battlefield at the moment. He was suddenly surprised, and then he couldn't help but be slightly pleased.

he didn't expect that Dr. Shen's staff, who seemed full of personality, would be so strong.

the battle of Xiqi was unexpected and seemed to be about to be defeated.

Lu Xiaobing took a deep breath. As an undercover agent hidden in Xiqi, he naturally sided with Dr. Shen.

at this moment, the situation is obvious. It can be said that Xiqi is no longer capable of World War I. Lu Xiaobing wants to show his identity and return to Dr. Shen at this moment.

report to him that his task has been completed.

however, at the moment, his mind was clear and bright, and he quickly thought of various ideas in his mind.

although Xiqi was defeated, Jiang Ziya was not dead. As long as he was there, I'm afraid it would not be so easy to completely break through the city.

Jiang Ziya's importance in Xiqi is just like that of doctor Shen in the Shang Dynasty.

with him, Xiqi will not really perish.

now the best choice is to continue to go back to Xiqi to determine whether Jiang Ziya is dead for Dr. Shen, and then act according to the plan.

just as the so-called undercover work has not been successful, comrades still need to work hard.

as for murishou in front of him, Lu Xiaobing smiled slightly. Because he was ready to withdraw, it was no longer necessary to play with this guy.

so take advantage of this opportunity, the wind is tight, pull it!

at this time, murishou also smiled inexplicably at Lu Xiaobing.


'if you are a man, don't think about running away. Fight with me for another 300 rounds.'

Lu Xiaobing looked askance at him against the golden sword: 'ha ha, how dare you speak bravely, the defeated general.'

with a grim smile in murishou's eyes, he first pointed to the distance: 'this is my elder brother, murishou.'

then pointed to the sky: 'this is my second brother, magic red, and my third brother, magic sea.'

'yes!' Lu Xiaobing nodded, but asked without any concern.

'I'm not stupid. Of course I know they are your brothers.'

murishou licked his lips and said leisurely:

'you don't seem to understand the current situation...

' our four brothers have always been connected. No matter who the other is, we are four brothers fighting together. '

Lu Xiaobing frowned and asked suspiciously, 'do you want to fight in groups?'

'yes, congratulations on your correct answer, and there are rewards!' Murishou smiled.

'the reward is that the four of us will fight one of you!'

Lu Xiaobing was silent. Looking at the eyes of several people, he felt that the situation around him was a little bad... He swallowed his saliva in embarrassment and said without hesitation:

'can I apologize for my recklessness just now?'

a man can bend and stretch.

murishou replied expressionless: 'what do you say?'


before the voice fell, Lu Xiaobing had already started his steps. His legs were connected, and he flew toward Xiqi like a sharp arrow, quickly pulling up the afterimage.

his question just now was just to confuse marishou and buy time for his escape. Of course, he did not hesitate when he had the opportunity.

murishou did not hesitate when he saw the other party leaving. He was stunned at first, but then his mouth smiled again. Then he patted his leopard skin bag and shouted:

'come out, my little baby!'

'little baby? Oh, you are cute!' Lu Xiaobing mocked without hesitation in his heart.

'marisu, I remember you. I hope you don't fall into my hands in the future, otherwise I will let you know what a group fight is!'

Lu Xiaobing was thinking about it, but suddenly he felt that something was wrong ahead. Why are there two huge red lanterns on the wall of Xiqi?

when he got close, I couldn't help yelling:


what is the red lantern? It is clearly the eye of a huge monster.

this monster is as big as an elephant. Its shape is like a fox. Its mouth is like a blood basin. Its teeth are like sharp blades. It spreads its teeth and claws in the air. The most frightening thing is that it has wings under its ribs.

a slight earthquake is a flash of lightning and thunder, and a strong wind spreads all over the sky.

in addition to being unable to transform, this monster is actually useless to ordinary people, and its strength is even more powerful and terrifying. It's easy to burn mountains and boil the sea and drive thunder and lightning.

Lu Xiaobing can naturally cope with it when he exerts all his strength in ordinary times, but don't forget that there are four demonic generals around him with magic weapons.

he has no time to think more. His whole body is covered with energy and instantly protects his body. His speed has reached the extreme, just like a meteor rushing across the sky.

but just as Lu Xiaobing was about to return to Xiqi City, the ferret suddenly appeared, thundering and lightning in the air.

in a flash, he came behind Lu Xiaobing and kicked his ass.


an arc-shaped light 'flopped' into Xiqi.

Lu Xiaobing's scolding voice is faintly heard in the air!

'you little garbage, you can't afford to play, you don't have strength, you don't talk about martial ethics!'

at this moment, the war is near the end, and the four demons will gather together.

murihong faintly heard the curse in the distance, frowned and said coldly:

'fourth brother, why don't you let me kill the usurper?'

murishou shook his head and said firmly:

'this man is quite righteous. Obviously, he has had several opportunities to kill secretly, but he can't bear to hurt me. I can't bear to hurt him!'

'Oh, how can there be such a strange person?' Several people were obviously shocked, but murishou didn't want to explain. He waved his hand casually, but there was a feeling of sympathy between his eyebrows.

however, the battlefield is not a time for chatting, and several people continue to wield their magic weapons.

the earth fire, water and wind were in chaos at the same time, and the people in Xiqi screamed repeatedly.

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at one time, Xiqi's army was defeated like a mountain, and the fourth general of the magic family waved his troops and rushed forward. The poor three services are crying bitterly, and the generals are wounded.

countless people are in a flurry. They have lost their spirit, and the big and small generals have scattered the array.

trampling on each other, they are in trouble, they can't control the front camp and the back camp, and they can't distinguish the southeast from the northwest.

hurried to Xiqi city and was defeated.

seeing Xiqi retreat, Huang Tianxiang, who is not far away, dances his spear and just killed an enemy general.

but when he turned his eyes, he was suddenly shocked, because he unexpectedly found that his adoptive father had disappeared in front of the array.

this is a big deal!

Huang Tianxiang was so nervous that his palms were dripping with sweat. He looked very anxious and shouted at the front:

'the four generals quickly sent people to look for doctor Shen's trace, fearing that his adoptive father's life would be in danger.'

'little general, don't worry. General Zhang has already set up a series of horse arrays outside Qishan. Jiang Shang is suicidal to chase doctor Shen.'

Mo Liqing heard the shout and quickly came to Huang Tianxiang to explain.

'eh?' Huang Tianxiang was obviously confused when he heard this. He didn't know how many people had arranged it.

'what big brother said is right,' murihong also followed suit and said:

'last night, we had already made a complete arrangement. General soldier Zhang secretly set up a chain of horses and taught 3000 elite horses to make a line. Every 30 horses were a company, but they linked the iron rings.'

'this armour is not ordinary armour, but the black iron armour of the North Sea. It is invulnerable to weapons, water and fire.'

'this person is not an ordinary person either. He is a martial artist who is born with martial arts. He can release his energy externally, and his strength is infinite.'

'I saw Dr. Shen lead that Jiang Shang to Qishan. I'm afraid he had already expected this.'

'calculate the time, and now you're done!'

well, it turns out that all this was expected by my adoptive father.

Huang Tianxiang sighed incomparably in his heart, but when he thought about it carefully, he naturally understood that how could his adoptive father leave the army without any reason? He must have a bigger plan.

his goal is not only Xiqi, but also Jiang Ziya!

thinking of this, Huang Tianxiang and the fourth member of the magic family will immediately leave for Qishan, ready to witness doctor Shen's powerful and domineering figure...

March, early spring.

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the cloudy sky is grey and black, with heavy depression. It seems that someone spilled ink on the rice paper. The ink soaked the sky and stained the clouds.

The clouds are overlapping and blending with each other, scattering crimson lightning, accompanied by rumbling thunder.

it's like the roar of a God, echoing in the world.

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the earth is hazy, and there is a ruined city. It is silent and lifeless in the faint red rain of blood.

the walls and walls in the city are broken, everything withers, collapsed houses can be seen everywhere, and black corpses and broken meat, like broken autumn leaves, wither silently.

the bustling streets in the past are now bleak.

there is no noise on the sandy road where people used to come and go.

only the blood mud mixed with broken meat, dust and paper can't be separated from each other, which is shocking.

not far away, a broken carriage is deep in the mud and full of sorrow. Only an abandoned rabbit doll on the shaft of the carriage hangs on it and sways in the wind.

the white fluff has been soaked into wet red, full of gloom and eerieness.

his turbid eyes seem to have left some resentment, and he looks at the mottled stones in front of him alone.

there, a figure lying prone.

this is a teenager of thirteen or fourteen years old. His clothes are broken and full of dirt. He has a broken leather bag tied around his waist.

the young man squinted and did not move. The biting cold penetrated his shabby coat from all sides, attacking his whole body and gradually taking away his temperature.

the website is about to close, download the love reading app to watch the latest content for free, but even if the rain falls on his face, his eyes do not blink, and he stares at the distance coldly like a hawk.

looking along his eyes, seven or eight feet away from him, a gaunt vulture was eating the decaying corpse of a wild dog, and sometimes watched around cautiously.

it seems that in this dangerous ruin, if there is no wind or grass, it will fly into the air instantly.

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after a long time, the opportunity came, and the greedy vulture finally buried its head completely in the abdominal cavity of the wild dog.

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